Revolutionize Your WordPress Funnels with GoHighLevel – Step by Step tutorial

A fantastic funnel on your WordPress
side is not impossible or hard to do. We're going to use GoHighLevel and I'm
going to show you step by step how you can add a funnel on WordPress
without any hassle. So let's get started. The idea of implementing a funnel in WordPress is because your
WordPress side is super flexible. You can do a lot of things with it, but we can take advantage of it and add
our GoHighLevel funnel inside of there. So the idea is to show you step by step how we are going to do this,
and the funnel is actually really flashy. We can select any of the funnels
that are available on GoHighLevel. You can select the template
that they have. They are super cool and super nice,
and we're going to select one in a bit. The first thing that you have to do is obviously head on over
to your WordPress site.

What we're going to do is
jump into our admin section. In the admin section,
we're going to go into the plugins. From here, we're going to go into plugins. We're going to go add new, and we're
going to search for Lead Connector. Here we go.
It's this one right here. So located and install it now.
There we go. We're going to activate it
and we're going to go into the settings.

So on the left menu on WordPress,
we have this option, Enter API Key. This API key is located under this
section, which I'm going to show you. Okay?
So under your agency section, agency dashboard,
we're going to go into settings, we're going to go into API keys,
and we're going to copy this API key. That's the one we're going to need.
We're going to paste it here.

We're going to save it. That way it's going to read the funnels
that you have available in your account. In this case, we're going to create
a new funnel for this purpose. Let's get started. Like I mentioned before, we're going
to select one from the templates. Now, if you are on the agency,
when you log in, we're going to jump into our account
for the business that we're going to use. We're going to click on Select Switcher, Veeme Media in this case, and we're
going to go into the sites section. In the sites section, there's
a section on top that says funnels. In this section,
we're going to click on New Funnel, and we can select one from the template
library or create one from scratch.

In this case,
I'll select Template Library, and there's a bunch of flashy funnels
available with different type of steps and different situations
for any type of business. And if not, you can select one you like and just switch up a little
bit to make it your own. So in this case, I'm going to select
this one because I like it. Before you select it, you can go
ahead and preview this, test it out. And for this case, we're going to continue
and load this template. There we go. Let's go ahead and refresh
this to see the new template.

There we go.
Here's the new template. And one of the things that you
have to set up is the calendar. So for example, in this template,
I think it's a book of call. Here it is.
There's a calendar section here available. Now, to use calendar, first, I recommend
that you set up your calendar. So go into calendars
and you're going to go into calendar settings and we're going
to create a calendar. If you haven't done so,
do it to set up the funnel. Now, let's go back. Let's go into our funnel.
Here we go.

Let's go ahead and set it up. In Book of Call, we are
going to edit this one. Now, again, you'll need to edit this one to make it more customized
and make it obviously your own. Now, here you go.
This is where the calendar goes. I'm going to select it,
I'm going to edit it. On the left, there's a calendar config. I'm going to select the calendar
that I have created. Like I mentioned before, if we don't have a calendar created,
we'll need to do so first. There we go. It just loaded it up and we
are going to save this. There we go.
It's saved. Okay, and now the calendar is available. So the homepage is done. Book of call is done
and thank you is done. Again, you can customize each
one of these if you like. Now, let's go into our WordPress
site and add our funnels.

So in this section, again, Lead Connector in the funnels,
we are going to add a new one. Now, we're going to select one of the funnels that we've
created on GoHighLevel. Let's select it and we're going to choose
the step that we want for this one. In this case,
we want to start up with the home and the page display method will the full
iframe or redirect to a funnel URL. We want to do a full page iframe
so it loads inside of WordPress. No need for a subdomain,
no need for anything fancy. This is super easy. We'll include the tracking code, the FAB icon and the custom slug for this,
we'll say, we'll name it home. This is going to be our
slug for the homepage.

Let's go ahead and save it.
It's added. If I go and view it,
let's go check it out. There we go.
This is inside of my WordPress site. This is not going to a subdomain. It's not going to any weird link. It's going to my domain at home. Now, I can go through the booking
process, start the funnel. Here we go.
Someone's going to go through this. They're going to select
it from the calendar. They're going to schedule,
select time, and go for it. Now, another thing you can do in
the WordPress section here is we can add a section that goes directly
to the booking section.

Again, we'll select
the funnel that we created. We're going to choose this step. In this case, we're going
to go straight to book a call. Why? Because you might want to share this link
and they'll go straight to book a call. We're going to name this look booking. There we go.
Booking. Let's go save the page. Now we have a page that goes
directly to booking. So it's going to be you this page. And again, this is loading
on my WordPress site. It's not going to load
on a different type of link.

I'm going to go directly to this. So if I just go ahead and share the link
that finishes off with booking on my domain, it's going to go to that
page to go right away and start booking. You can go ahead and send them to the home, start the funnel,
or straight to booking. Now, there's the other option here on
the WordPress plugin from Lead Connector. You can enable a chat widget.

You'll have to create a widget
for that to go ahead and enable that. So that's going to be for another video. But in this case, that's how you're going to add a funnel that's great looking for
your WordPress site using GoHighLevel. But there you go.
If you want to grab GoHighLevel, go check out the link in the description
and get started with a free trial..

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