Say Goodbye to Shared Hosting: Embrace KVM VPS

Chances are you want to make the switch
from shared hosting to a VPS and you don't want to go all the way
to a dedicated server. Well, there's a service that's called VPS that makes VPS really affordable
and makes that jump not so hard. Now, maybe you want to jump from shared
hosting because you outgrown it, or maybe you want that flexibility
that a VPS gives you because you have some special requirements for a php
or a WordPress installation. Well, this can give you that flexibility. Now, in this case, I'm going to show you the plans from from Hostinger,
which are really affordable. I'm going to talk to you
what actually is. Let's jump over to my desktop right now. First of all, what makes
so affordable? When you see these plans and you're looking at these CPU cores, this RAM,
and this space for this price for a VPS, well, it jumps to our mind,
why is it so inexpensive? Well, the reason is because it's
a virtualization of a physical server.

What does that mean for us? Well, when there's a server that has
100 CPU cores, 100 RAM, 100 gigabytes of space just saying right
out there, they can divide these into different
VPS and that makes it affordable for us. That is . It's a virtualization of a physical server
and that's why we can get these plans. Now, what makes it interesting is
that these are dedicated to us. They are not shared as would
happen with shared hosting. These are dedicated. If I select this plan, I will have two CPU cores,
eight gigabytes of RAM, 100 gigabytes of NVME, disk space, two
terabytes of bandwidth, and one snapshot. So I get this. It's not going to be mixed around
what would happen on shared hosting. Why is this a good thing? Well, on shared hosting, what happens is that it's shared
between everyone in a shared plan. Now, they can fit a bunch of people inside
of each shared hosting account via NIP. That means that if someone is using a lot of resources, they can take away
from your site and it gets slower. Sometimes it's faster
and sometimes it's slower. With , VPS, that's not going to happen
because this is what you're going to have.

So it's a great option to jump
from shared hosting to a VPS. Now, if you want to grab a great price,
there's these plans available. In this case, I'll add this one to cart
just to show you that you can get an extra discount with the coupon
that I'm going to provide you. Let's check it out.
In this case, we have the option to select one month, which is
I wouldn't select that. Obviously, you see the price there. The idea is to jump to the 12
months and you get a $7.99 price. Now, if I use a coupon code, you can see the price right now,
it's $95.88.

If I use the coupon code SaaS Master and I apply it,
it's going to drop to 280,000. It's going to drop
to $280,000 with 29 cents. That's paying for the whole year and you
don't have to worry about it again. Plus you get great limits,
so it's a great choice. Now, once you grab your plan, you're going to be jumping into your
hosting your panel and there's a tool. That's when I select it.

I'm going to start with the set up
just to show you how easy this is. In this case, I'll start now and I'll
select the location for the new VPS. I have the option for Lutania, United States of America,
Brazil and France. In this case, I'll select United States, but you can select other one if it's
closer to wherever you need it. If your site has mostly traffic from,
I don't know, South America, then choose Brazil because it's
going to be closer to them. If it's in Europe, go to France,
so on and so forth.

United States, and we have three options. I can use OS with control panel. That means I can select or choose
a different one from here. If I need Plesk, if I need
CPanel and those, I can select. This is CyberP anel,
CloudP anel, and Hisia. In this case, I'll go back. There's a plain OS, which is what I'm going to select
because I am going to use a VPS manager. Now you have all these operating
systems that you can select. Again, let me go back really quickly. Or you can just go direct
and install a WordPress site. That means you're not
going to have any panel. You're not going to be able to fit several sites into that VPS,
and this is just one application. I would select any of these two. Now, I also like the plain OS for this video, and in this case,
I am going to select Select this one.

I'm going to continue. The VPS Hostname, that's fine. Secure Root Password. Let me write something down here. Okay, and you have the option for SSH Key. Now, I added a password here, which is something really simple,
and I'm going to continue. Here's the details.
I'm going to finish set up. There we go. It's going to initiate the set up
and let's wait for that to finish. Our installation is done. Let's go ahead and manage the server. Now we have the IP address,
we have the status of running. Remember, we installed this
running OS, which is a boon to you. 2204.
This can be installed on a VPS manager. Remember, this is not where
we're going to install websites. This is just our overview for our VPS, and now we're able to install
this on a VPS manager.

In this case,
I am going to use the IP address and the password that I generated to
install this on a VPS manager. Now, there's several options
available for VPS managers. There's free ones, there's paid ones,
and there's the expensive ones. I'm going to show you a really inexpensive
one which is called server Avatar. That's what I personally use. To connect a VPS on server Avatar, you're going to go into Connect a Server
and we're going to do a direct method. We're going to name the server,
so I'll say hostinger, VPS, . The IP address, let me add
password that I generated. The IP address and the SSH port is fine. I have the option to install
Apache NJIX or open Lightspeed. In my personal opinion, I like Open Lightspeed, especially if
you're going to install WordPress sites. Then you have the option for use
database MySQL and MariaDB.

Again, I'm more used to using MySQL, but depending on your needs,
you can use MariaDB if you like. I'm not going to install Node. Now, by doing that,
you are now going to connect your VPS with ServerPanel, in this case,
as the manager for the VPS. That's where we're going to be able to install websites
and applications and all of that. Now, over here back on hosting her
for the , you can see the VPS information,
SSH access, panel access, plan details, and if you need
to change the OS, you can do so. Let's go back into settings. Here's the main settings, root password. In case you forgot it for some reason,
we can go ahead and update it here. Be aware that if you install it on the PS manager and you change the password,
well, that changes some things. You need to go ahead and update
the password over there a lso. Dns resolve, reset firewall, SSH configuration, ip address,
emergency mode, SSH keys.

Let's go back into the operating system. In the operating system is what
we're going to be able to change it. Be aware, again, that if we change the operating system,
it's going to clean the server. So if you previously installed websites or done some customization to it,
it's going to clean it. So be aware when you do this
change of operation system. So be aware to choose the correct
operation systems from the beginning or before doing anything, and then
go install it on a VPS manager.

But that is the E VPS for Hostinger. Like I said, great pricing due to the
virtualization of the physical server. We get these great prices. So if you want to jump from shared hosting to a VPS, this is a great way to do it
because you're going to get a great price. Don't forget to use the coupon code that I'm going to provide
in the description and the link.

And that's a wrap..

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