Secure WP Testing: Create a Staging Site in No Time in Hostinger Hpanel

let me show you how to create a clone site without affecting your main site this is great for testing purposes website development plug-in development and so many other cases where you don't want to break your main life side this is called staging and we can do it straight from our hostinger hosting plan so let me show you how right now you have no idea how easy it is to create one of these staging sites here on hostinger H panel the idea is to create these clone sites to work with them and don't have the worry of breaking your main site that's actually live so this is my hostinger H panel and before I show you this let me show you their Shar hosting plans because there's an extra discount coupon code that I want to show you how to apply so jump over to the link in the description go to hosting go to web hosting and there's several shared hosting plant available here now my personal favorite is cloud startup because it has dedicated IP but if you're looking for a more affordable solution you got business and the premium plant available so in this case I'm going to select the business plan to show you how much is going to drop with the coupon I'm going to give you now hostinger is going to ask you how many do you want to pay in advance in this case I recommend 48 months it's going to give you the lowest price you're going to lock in the lowest renewal price and you're going to be good to go for 48 months now the price right now is this one right here but if you add my coupon code which is sasm and apply it the price is going to drop to $172 with 37 that's for 48 months so that's pretty affordable right now back to the actual staging so the site that I want to clone is this one right here so I don't want to mess with the life s side and I want to do a bunch of testing I want to mess with files I want to mess with the database install plugins Etc updates and I can do so with the staging of that website so go to websites select the website that you want to create the stage inside it's this one right here and I'm going to go to dashboard and dashboard I'm going to go to WordPress and I'm going to go to staging and in staging I'm going to be able to view all the list of the staging sites that I've created so in this case I've already launched this one I've created it really quickly and I made it live so I can use it so in this cas case name your subdomain of the staging site that you want to create so I can say I'll say test test and create so that's going to be created in a subdomain with everything that I have right now with the updates that I have missing with the WordPress plugins that I have the themes Etc the settings all are going to be created with this subdomain now I'm going to show you this one because it's already ready so we're going to go to manage staging and there's several options here available so you got your Force https maintainance mod light speed if you want to enable that object cache if you want to enable it flush cach WordPress updates and my staging admin panel that means that I can jump over there to the admin section without having to log in my credentials information like database PHP version the WordPress version I can update the WordPress version from here I can view the staging security for this particular staging site that I've created and again I can update I can enable automatic WordPress Core theme plugins updates the update log the installed themes I can go ahead and delete themes for right here I can work with them change it also plugins I can disable plugins or delete them this is a really good idea because if you break the site because of a plugin you can just come back here and disable it and the staging s's going to be working like it would all right so let's jump over to the back end of this site to show you how we're going to be able to mess with it without affecting the main side okay here we go we're on the staging side you can see the tester.

ltd. cellshop uh link which is with the subdomain and we have have for example this update pending that was not updated on the main site I can go ahead and test it here and update it my theme that I have installed the plugins for example they're right here I can go ahead and remove add whatever I need to do without affecting the main site I can also go to appearance theme file editor and I can edit these files right here so for example if I want to edit the header.php well I'm not worried about breaking the main site so I can go ahead and run my test here and if everything's working fine I can do the same thing over there on the main site so the idea is to create these tester sites so you don't break the main one so it's a great option to create your staging sites right here where it's super easy to do so so run test with these instead of doing it on the main side and that's how easy it is to create your staging sides here on hostinger H panel don't forget to use my coupon code if you plan to grab a hosting plan and that's around

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