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I'm going to show you bunny which has a really great CN plus you practically pay pennies for using bunnies so connecting the side is a really great and affordable way to speed up your website now like I said I'm going to show you how to install it on a WordPress site but before we get started let me show you the sponsor for this video which is hostinger I'm going to show you their affordable shared hosting PL that they have plus a coupon code that's going to give you an extra discount so check it out link will be provided in the description now if you go into hosting web hosting you're going to find their shared hosting plans now in this case they have several affordable shared hosting plans and you're going to see that they actually have a free CDN so if that is good enough for you you don't need to pay extra for using bunny but if you do plan to use bunny I do recommend it plus the Premium plan doesn't have a free seedan so you might want to connect it there so in this case I'm going to show you the Premium plan which is $2.99 a month and once you're here it's going to ask for the amount of time that you want to pay in advance I recommend 48 months you lock in the lowest price and the lowest renewal price plus you're good to go for 48 months now right now the price is $143 but if you add my coupon code which is sassmaster the price is going to drop to $129 with7 that means that you pay for that and you're good to go for 48 months so you don't have to worry about next payment okay let's go jump into the tutorial this is my dashboard for Bunny and if you go into pones at new pone you're going to add your website right here now in this case you can name it whatever you like in this case also say elic which is the site I'm going to install elic solar here we go and the origin URL is obviously my website so this is my website I'm going to select it there and then it's asking for two options do I want to use standard tier or high volume tier high volume tier is cheaper but obviously you don't get as much POP servers as you would with standard tier so I do recommend the standard one and then you're going to select the prizing zones if you select all these you're going to enable all the pops bunny has from all over the world that that means that when someone is surfing your website from Russia from China from Los Angeles it's going to get great speed because it's going to load it from a near pop from bunny okay but if let's just say that your site is only available for North America or you only care about customers from North America then go ahead and deselect these and you're going to save money okay but again these are pennies for the usage so I do recommend that you enable all of these so let's go ahead and add the pull Zone okay and then you're going to get the option to install this you got custom HTML WordPress Etc in this case this is a PO Zone name that we're going to use we're going to skip instructions and we got our host name now let's jump over to WordPress to show you how to install this now this is the site where I'm going to install it let's go into the back end in this case let's go into plugins at new plugin and we're going to search for bunny once you search for bunny it sure appear here here it is bunny net let's go ahead and install it now activate it and once it's active you're going to view it over here on your left menu which is bunny.

Net let me go ahead and select it and this is a pool Zone that I need to add right here so pone name elx solar so remember don't add this remember if you find it over here on your dashboard you don't need to add all of this just this little piece elx solar let's update our settings here we go we are now connected to bunny if you need to switch to advanced mode in case you need to exclude some of the files or if you want to include other directories because these are you added different directories you can right here okay then you go go ahead and update the CN settings and you're good to go now ax solar is now connected with a bunny let's go ahead and run it a few times so we get a hit on our bunny panel so you can see that it's actually working all right let's go and refresh it again and it should be fast to load go ahead and do it again there we go it's loading now let's go into our panel you can see right now that the traffic is 0 kilobits zero request Etc let's go ahead and re refresh this there we go traffic 71 megab so it's not even 1 megab right now on my test request 26 and cash hit 50% so that means that bunny CDN is now working and doing its magic I'm in Mexico right now and the server is in Los Angeles so that means it's going to serve from a near pop from here that means it's I think it's in Monterey or Mexico City so instead of loading from the or origin server in Los Angeles it's going to load it from one of the pop centers near to one the ones that bunny has so if I'm in Russia if I'm in China Etc it's going to load it from a near pop that bunny has so it's a really great way to speed up your site plus it's really affordable to use bunny it's only pennies to use unless you have like really huge traffic then it might cost you a few bucks but if not it's super super cheap so I do recommend that you check it out link will provided in the description and don't forget to use a coupon code if you want to grab a shirt hosting plan from hostinger and that's a wrap

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