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I want to show you three free WordPress cache plugins that you definitely want to check out now a cash plugin is a plugin that's going to help you speed up your site when it loads so that means that each time a visitor visits your site the files are going to be cached and by that I mean that the files are going to be loaded quicker because it has them ready to serve so cash plugins is a definitely must have on any WordPress site now the good thing about it is that there is a free plugin and that's the ones that I'm going to show you three free WordPress cache plugins so let's get started with this video what's up SAS Masters we're going to get started with the free cash plugins but I also want to show you our sponsor which is hostinger I am using their hosting plan and the cash plugins are going to be installed on that hosting plan now hostinger does have a cash system on some of the plans so maybe you want to use that instead of using a free cash plugin so let me show you the deal that's going on with hostinger if you jump over to their website with the link provided in the description jump over to hosting web hosting which is what I'm using right now and they have several plans that are really attractive so you have your single plan which starts off at 1.99 per month and all the way up to 9.99 a month now I'm using the business plan which has that cash feature that I was talking about before so if you don't want to go the route for the with the free plugin you can use the feature with this one so the business and the the cloud startup has the object cash or WordPress you see it's not available for the lower tier plans but on the business and the cloud startup it does have it okay so if you want to use that go ahead instead of using the free plugin okay now if you want to grab a deal that's going on right now I do recommend grabbing for example the business one which is the most popular one added to cart and in the card there's an extra discount that I am going to provide you so for example first of all you can have the option to select one to 48 months obviously if you select 48 months you get the lowest price and you lock in the price for 48 months okay now scroll down here and you can see it's 191 dollars with 52 cents but if you have a coupon code which is sass master you'll get an extra discount so apply it that's going to reduce the price to 272 dollars with 37 cents okay let's jump over to the plugins so first of all jump over to your WordPress sign and go into plugins at new and search for cash okay there we go we're gonna search for cash and there's gonna be several options available some of them are free and some of them are not so I would recommend any of these three because basically they have the most installs the best positive feedback and they differ in terms of like the extra features when it comes to cash they'll get the job done but some of these will back will will work better on some of the plugins that you have or some of the themes that you're using so it will depend there's no one size fits all okay so do understand that and a bit of a warning um if you use cash plugins it might break certain parts of your site or the whole site so you need to be careful what you enable and disable each thing that you enable I do recommend that you you clear cache and you check your website make sure that everything is functioning correctly because yes it will speed it up but sometimes it will remove files that you actually need for the site to actually work correctly okay so do consider that okay just do some um enabling disabling and testing with all the settings that you work with a cache plugin now they differ a bit in terms of settings when it comes to for example some of these have database optimizations some have image optimization and they vary in that sense one of the most popular ones is W3 total cash but it's been replaced by light speed cache so if I were to place these on a one to three scale I would go first with Lightspeed cache second I will go with WP optimize because it has those extra features with images and then with W3 total cash one of the things I don't like about W3 total cash it's kind of the lack of UI in the user experience with that okay now let's start off with enabling the number one which is Light Speed cache and it works great especially if your server if you're hosting in the server with Lightspeed server okay so if you're using a VPS that has an option that uses it's using light server that's going to work wonderfully okay so now I have installed this and a bit of a warning I'm just showing you the three plugins do not enable three plugins or two cache plugins at the same time okay that that's not gonna work correctly okay it's like it's kind of it's not going to load your site faster okay so like I said I've enabled light speed cache and you're gonna get started with the dashboard for this one okay so first first of all you're gonna get all the data that it has to do with the light speed plugin working so the page load time page speed score Etc and I do recommend like I said when once you start enabling these and disabling I do recommend that you check your page speed obviously you want to gain performance not lose performance and yes sometimes when you enable some of these settings you will lose some performance so you need to enable and disable like I said it's test enable and disable and test okay so I do recommend that you do your speed test on page speed which is what is Google testing so do get some great scores on it and GT metrics okay so use those as your parameters okay so like I said we're gonna go into the presets for this particular one and you have several options available so depending on how many optimization settings you want to enable you can do so like I said some of these might break your site so Advanced is the recommended one and this is what it's going to do so this is going to do everything from basic and plus plus all of this okay CSS JS and HTML notification font display optimization and everything that has to do with cash and some several settings it's going to optimize now you can just go ahead and go straight to extreme but do check your site everything everything is working fine if not jump to aggressive Advanced and basic so I like the way they set this up W3 cash total cash doesn't have this so I like this because it's easier it's more user friendly in that sense so I will apply the advanced one I'll go ahead and continue obviously it's giving me a warning about that okay that's applied the re the presets and something you have to consider is that there's a new icon here on the top and you can Purge all Purge LS cache which is Light Speed cache the CSS and J is cash and why is this well once you start enabling and disabling your settings you'll want to purge this every single time so it cleans that cache and it starts over again so you make sure that everything is working correctly another reason you want to purge all the cached files is when you are installing or disabling or installing doing things on your site like new plugins disabling plugins making some changes on your theme you might want to purge and then check your site that everything is working fine it might sound tricky and overwhelming in the beginning but once you set this up basically it's set and forget unless you do changes okay so in this case I've applied these settings and we can go into these settings going to General and we can check these one by one so these are just general settings and the tuning so automatically upgrade in this case I wouldn't recommend that I would do this manually and these are the rest of the settings so guest mode gets optimization server just some basic settings there but where we really want to set this up is in Cache so in cash is what we're gonna get into all the details so you can see that all these turned on basic ones right here for these because obviously we enabled it in the features in the beginning okay now like I said if you test something and it's stopped working you will want to turn some of these off for all of them and then turn these on one by one and just go all through all the settings here for example TTL The Purge exclude exclude all the cache plugins have exclude and there's a good reason for this because like I mentioned before some of the site some of the parts of your site might break and maybe a plug and stop working let's just say that you have a live chat and it's not loading or it's loading incorrectly with it doesn't have some images it's not loading something well you can exclude that from being cached so that plugin loads correctly okay so if that's why you have this and all of them have it okay s ESI the objects for example object cash method the browser Advanced and woocommerce settings for that okay that's for light speed then we have CDN so if you are using CDN you can use the quick.cloud CDN which is free you do have to sign up and there will be some limitations which is pretty cool or you can use your own CDN so if you're using cloudflare you can connect it here or if you're using something else like bunnycdn for example which I really love you can use the link from here and you can decide to include images CSS njs or all of them okay so you have those options for the student type the image optimization so this one does have some image optimization settings that can compress is create several type of dimensions for the images which is pretty nice that we have that image optimization settings so depending what you want to enable or disable just go ahead and enable these and on Rob webp is a really good one to enable so if you don't enable that Google loves webp images for mobile view so you will get a better page speed score if you enable webp Replacements okay so do enable that one page optimization so again more settings here the CSS settings this is where it's going to get more advanced I would say and more prone to break your site so CSS Minify so that's enabled because we enabled that in the beginning but then we can combine CSS but be aware this might break your side so you can see this the setting is passively on due to gas optimization so if we enable this third cache test side test speed and make sure that everything is obviously getting better and not worse okay and those for the CSS same thing goes with JS with the JavaScript files HTML settings medium you go through all of these okay database settings so like I said some of these have some database settings some other cache plugins don't have it you can clean the database you can post Provisions Auto draft traffic post spam comments trash comments so these are little things that help you that are going to save you time for example spam comments there are sites that get ton of spam comments and it's a big hassle trying to lead these one by one okay so this is a great option to have to just clean those spam comments and get rid of them right away okay so that is for the lightspeed these are other tools the crawler and toolbox which are kind of basic but they are there okay so like I said this one is my favorite let's go ahead and deactivate now we're going to go into WP optimize which is my second choice and this will vary depending if I activate or other activate other plugins that are doing for example image optimization then I don't need those kind of settings so I'll focus on cash okay let me go ahead and activate it here we go WP optimize it's over here here we go and we have the database settings to get started here we go and you got some optimizations that we can run you can just go ahead and run them all but again I do recommend that you back up your site and that should have been the first thing I would recommend to everyone back here back up your site first okay so you can optimize database tables clean up post revisions Etc just go ahead and do everything if you have a backup work with tables individually so if you need to remove some tables that are not being used for example if this is not being used anymore well let's go ahead and remove it because it's taking up space even though it's not a lot but you can get rid of it and the settings for database next we have the image optimizations for this one this is more based on optimization than solely on cash okay so compressed images yes we do want to automatically compress when newly images are added so when you upload a new blog post the images added there will be optimized okay so compression made a box on the images dashboard media page so we can see what it's been doing compress options create webp image web version of images like I mentioned before webp is loved by Google so yes to enable it I do recommend and then you have some premium features that are not in the free plugin okay next we have the cache settings so like the most important part for cache we have the page speed cache so we do want to enable page cache there we go purge the cache so again like I said all cache plugins have the option to purge okay cache settings the preload so this will preload files um what is that let me tell you when someone visits your site what the cash plugin is going to do cash those files okay it's gonna have them ready to serve for the next visitor but preloading does it beforehand so you don't have to wait for someone to visit the site to actually cash the files so that's what it that's that's what preload does okay the advanced settings for this against we we have your files that you don't want to Cache additionals Etc gcip compression right now it's enabled we can go ahead and disable that static file headers nothing set up there your Minify okay so we want to enable minute five files that means if there's several CSS several JS files it's going to try to combine them and it's going to Minify right so again do test aside once you set this up if you enable it Purge cash test site okay and the settings here we go for general settings and not a lot going on here so there's less options here you can see that it's less focused on cash but it gets the job done okay but you do get those extra settings for the image optimization and other type of tools okay so that is that one let's go ahead and deactivate it and the last one which is W3 total cash I would say it's one of the most loved ones when it comes to solely focusing on cash files but at the end of the day it's the less least user friendly from the three that I just mentioned okay so you got your dashboard to get started with W3 total cash you'll get some basic settings most of the things are on the Pro Plan but you get most of the settings for the Cash System okay we're gonna go into general settings to get started you got your page cast settings here for the general settings you got your cash preload settings here automatically Prime the page cache like I mentioned before the preload The Purge policy pays cash this is on the praised version advanced settings let's set that up next we have the Minify settings so for Minify you got these for example General you got your HTML and XML do you want to enable this yes inline CSS magnification inline.js some of these will be required to gain some page score on Google page speed so do test these out don't Minify feeds line break removal the JS settings enable combine and Minify or just Minify or just combine only Minify engine settings HTTP to push enable yes CSS settings if you want to Minify also the advanced settings and that's about it for that one database cache we can cache the database you have your settings here your object cache so I can see right off the bat you can see that this is way less user friendly like I mentioned before your browser cache settings your cache groups your CDN settings so again if you're using an external CDN you can go ahead and enable it right here with the settings right with the correct settings right there and the rest are just other things that that you might want to consider just check them out but if you're focusing solely on cash I do recommend W3 total cash if not I would definitely go first with light speed and if you want to go with the Least Complicated one WP optimize which has cash the database optimization and the image optimization so you have those three options to check out be aware that there's no one size fits all some of these cash plugins will work better on the other one than the other one so do enable disable and test all right and if you don't want to go through all the hassle of that remember if you are on the hosting your plan that's the business and the other one that I keep forgetting the cloud startup you do have the object cache enabled here which is in the performance if you don't want to go with the free plugins you don't want to have the hassle of you know updating them and setting them up you can use this with the page speed settings here it's super easy allies analytics and CDN so you have that enabled here with hostinger which is the sponsor for this video but there you go those are the three Cash plugins that I do recommend that will improve your website loading speed so go ahead and test them out and decide which one is the best for you if you think none of these are the best and you think another one is the best let me know in the comments and that's a wrap

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