Speed Up Your WordPress Site to Load in Milliseconds: Optimization Tips and Tricks

Getting a WordPress site to load
in milliseconds is not impossible. And no, it's not about buying
a super expensive hosting plan. It's about optimizing and using
the right plugins to accomplish this. What I'm going to do in this video is I'm
going to show you my main site and how I'm actually optimizing it to get a loading
speed of around 500 milliseconds. So that's almost half a second. Let's go check out my desktop right now. This is my WordPress site
and it's my main site. It's sasmaster.
N etand this is where I get the speeds and you can go ahead and test it out
yourself to see if I'm actually saying the truth or not because you're
going to see that it's fast. Okay, first thing I would get started.

It's not plugins, it's the DNS. The DNS that I use is Cloudflare. This is where my speed gains begin,
because getting a fast DNS to resolve the site from loading is one
of the crucial things for the site. Now for the settings,
I would go into speed, go into optimization,
and this is what I have enabled. Oh, be aware, this is the free plan from Cloudflare, so I'm
not even paying for this. I've selected Auto Minify
and I've enabled these.

I didn't enable these even though they are a good option, but it will depend on the
theme and the plugins that you're using. If you can enable these without having
a page speed drag, then enable these. These are things that you have to test and check to see if the speed
is going to be better. Like I said, you're going to enable these,
you're going to go into your page speed, do some tests and see if it actually
did a benefit for it or not.

So you can enable these or disable them. In my case, I disabled these. Also, Rocket Loader is great,
but I didn't enable that. Okay, so right now I only have enabled
these, the auto minify for the speed. And for the cash settings,
these are also important. I went to configuration
and show you what I've done. Catch level is standard,
browse catch for hours.

I configured, what else? Quilters, hence I didn't enable these. I have several of these disabled
because I have issues with the sites. So it's providing me less
page speed gains than what I get. But test these out. If you can enable these,
these are a super great option. So this is where I would get started. Next, I would jump into the plugins. Now, some of the plugins that I use are paid, but you can grab the free ones
and you can test around with them.

So the first thing I would
recommend is a cash plugin. I'm using WP Rocket and I'm
going to show you my settings. Now, be aware that I have several plugins installed on this and it's not
affecting the speed on my side. So some of the people might say, hey,
avoid installing these plugins, avoid doing this because the less plugins
you have, the faster it's going to load. That's what most people would say. And in some cases it is, but I use an additional plugin
that disables them in certain places. I'll go through that one in a bit. Let's get started with my cash plugin. Now, if you don't want to pay
for a cash plugin, go ahead and use… Oh, I selected the wrong one, WP Rocket. Go ahead and select a free one. There's several ones
available that are free. It's just a question of testing
and enabling and disabling. So for my settings,
let me show you really quickly.

This is what I have enabled,
File Optimization. This is the main settings
for the optimization. This is where the changes
are going to come into hand. So the File Optimization
for the CSS and JS. Now, this is what I have enabled.
Check this out. Let's draw a script. All these are enabled. And again, I do recommend… Oh, this is actually new. One click exclusion.
This is cool. So that wasn't available before. But this is what I have enabled. Be aware that you have to enable, clear your cache, and test the site
if it doesn't break something. But because these create
really big changes.

It might break a plugin,
some of the things might not load, or the page might load crazy,
and that's because of these settings. Enable and disable to see
what works best for you. During these enablements, you do check out the page speed
test and all those settings. Now I also have the media,
nothing enabled here. The preload is enabled, so active
preloading and enable link preloading. That means that it's going to preload
some pages so it already catches them. If you don't enable this,
that means that when someone loads the page for the first time,
that's when it's going to catch it.

But if I have enabled this,
it's going to do it previously. You don't have to wait for someone
to actually visit the site to catch it. That's the main settings for this. I do have the CDN enabled and this
is something that I'm using. I am using Bunny net for the CDN,
this one. I'll go into that one in a bit. But I do have it enabled inside of the cash plug in,
so I don't have to install an additional plug in to enable my Bunny CDN,
which is the content delivery network. I'll get to that one in a bit. And for the add ons, I only have
the Cloudflor addon enabled. Why? Because I'm using the Cloudflor DNAS,
so it ties in together.

In case I could tell you the cash,
it's also going to clear it over there. That is for that plug in. Another plug in that I use for the speed
optimization is WP Shifty. Now, before I show you this one, I need to disable my security because
it won't load it if I have it enabled. I'll disable Word friends just for now.
Okay, there we go. I'll be able to jump
into my settings for WP Shifty. Wp Shifty does big changes and that's
why I have to disable the firewall. But I make the changes
and enable it again. What WP 50 does,
I think it's pretty amazing because what it does, it disables plug ins that don't
need to load in certain pages. Let me show you this one. This is my front page
and I'll edit this one. You're going to see that's super easy
to use and super easy to set up. This is the main page.
It's loading here. I have a live view of the site and I can
disable or enable plug ins.

Why would I do this? Let's just say that I installed several plug ins, like, I don't know,
link whisper, snacks, word popular posts. I need these plug ins,
but to load in the post pages for the deals,
but I don't need it for the homepage. I don't need it for the contact page. I don't need it for several pages.

And what this does is it's going to avoid it from letting it load in those pages
and it gives me a super speed benefit. So let's just say I disable
Elementor just for testing purposes. And obviously the site breaks. This is not how it should look because I
have an Elementor section inside of there. I'll enable it because I don't want to do
it and boom, our site is back to normal. You can enable and disable these to see what you don't need to load
in this specific page. You can do so for different
type of situations. For example, I could disable it and check
if it's looking good on the phone or not. Now that's for the plugins. That's the whole plugin,
it's going to be disabled. But then you also have access to the CSS
of the plugins that you left on and you can also disable things that you
don't need from that specific plugin.

So for example, I left Elementor on, but maybe I don't need one of these CSS
files to load on the homepage, so I can disable it or overwrite
it to give me that speed benefit. So let's start s files loading
on the side, faster it's going to be. Just consider that. And same thing goes
with the JavaScript files. So you have your core files, your own known, the Bimber
from the theme that I'm using, etc. And you can disable what you don't need. Again, disable it and check if
it's not affecting your site. Also test it on live, etc. And if it works good,
then you leave it disabled. And that's one less thing that you have to load on your site, which gives you this
page speed benefit that I have right now. Okay? So like I said,
even if you are on a shared hosting plan, you're still going to get
that page speed benefits.

So that's the WP 51. And by the way,
I'll leave the links for all of these in case you want to grab it and use
the same settings that I'm using. Okay, what else do I
use for the page speed? So for the plugins, I use those two. Okay, so it's the cash and WP 50, which removes certain files
from loading that I don't need.

But then comes into hand the CDN,
which is the content delivery network. For that, I am using Bunny net. Be aware that you can use other services
if you'd like, but this is my favorite because it's super inexpensive and
basically it does a great job. How does it work? Okay, I added the link,
remember, in my cash plug in. Here in the settings, my WP Rocket,
I didn't have to install the Bunny net plugin, but if you want to do so,
you can do it through there. In the CDN, I've added
the link that it uses. What it's going to do is
enable it through there. Content Library Network is going to load
the file nearest to where someone is. Let's just say that your shared hosting or BPS is located in Los Angeles, but someone
in Japan is visiting your site. It doesn't have to reach over
to Los Angeles to see the files. What Boneynet is going to do is, Hey, I
have a location near Tokyo or Australia.

I'll pull the files from there because it's closer and it's going
to make it even faster. For example, for this, my settings for the
perma cash, I have it enabled everywhere. You can see the points where
it's going to load from. Like I said, if someone is in Japan, somewhere in Japan, it's going
to load the files from there. It's going to serve it really quickly. Instead of going all the way to Los Angeles for the files,
it's going to load it from here. If they're in Europe, I have all these
locations available enabled here.

There's also the other options
that I have is the Bunny net. Bunny net optimizer, I have this also enabled,
which will optimize the images for me. It's going to load with web page images,
which is what Google page speed loves. If you don't have that enabled,
it's going to give you, for example, I got this, it should be loading it,
but it's not doing it right now. Something is not loading there, but if
it loads it with WebP, Google loves it. I'm not sure why I didn't grab it, but if it did, I would get
a page speed of 98 here. Well, it's actually a score,
not a page speed. You can enable here. I don't have Minify or CSS or JavaScript
because I'm doing that with WP Rocket. These are the settings that I have. I'm using also storage from Bunny net. Like I said, I'm going to show
you the options that I use. This is what I'm using for SaaS Master
net, which is HSSD for the storage.

A gain, it helps me out. Let me show you the replication. It helps me load the files
from these destinations. Aside from the content delivery network,
I also have the storage replication. Again, it's going to load from all these sections instead of loading
from my hosting plan. It also helps me lower the bandwidth usage from my hosting plan and it's going
to improve it with this because it's going to load from here and not
from a hosting plan. Those are the settings that I use. Like I said, you can certainly get away with the shared hosting plans or
the BPS plans from Hostinger. You'll get really great page speed
loading times with these hosting plans. You don't have to buy a super
expensive one to accomplish it.

You just have to take the time and optimize your site with the
settings that I've shown you. I just recommend
the plugins that I'm using. But like I said, you can get away using free ones that are available
in WordPress already. If you add new, go to cash, for example, you'll see a bunch of plug
ins that they have available. For example, this is a great plugin. This is also a great plugin. You can certainly get away getting great page
speed improvements using these plugins, and you can use a free
version, totally free.

But there you go. I do hope you take the time to improve your WordPress siteand take these
tips to improve your page speed. And if you want to test my site, go ahead
and test my page, which is SaaSmaster. N ed.
And you'll see that you'll get really great results unless I'm working on it and
I'm doing some different things on it. But if not, you're going
to get great piece speeds. But there you go. That's the wrap for this
video and see you later..

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