Text-to-Speech Made Easy: Discover Murf AI’s Breakthrough Technology!

Me show you one of the best text to speech
systems that's available as of now. It's called Murf AI, and I'm going
to show you how to use it right now. Let me show you how easy
it is to use Murf AI. Now, if you want to check it out,
link will be provided in the description. Now, let's jump over to my Murf dashboard. On my Murf dashboard, I'm able to view
all my projects that I've used. In this case, I can create a new project,
save these in folders, or invite team members to help
me out with these projects. In this case, let's start
with a new project.

I'll say V2 for this and I'll
keep it in my folder. I have the option for audio and video. In this case, I'll use audio
and I'll start from blank. You can select any of the
ones you want from here. Let's go ahead and create a new project. Now, to get started, it's going
to load in the Murf Editor. Now, in the Editor, first thing I want to do is show
you the voices that's available. Let's go into Explore AI Voices. In this section, we're able to preview
the voices before we actually use them. Now, there's several languages available, including English, Spanish,
Dutch, Russian, Turkish, etc.

You can select in any of these and preview
the voices for each one of these. In this case, let's start
off with the English ones. If I click Play, we're able
to hear a message for them. Let's hear it. It only takes one voice. At the right pitch to start an avalanche. Okay, so that's Terrell.
There's also Natalie. Introducing Perfect Meal,
a special formula for your feline. Okay, let's try out Ronnie. We know it's. Such a drag having
to take the bus to work. Okay, so once you hear these, you're going to see if you like
it or not so you can use it. Now, we can filter these
out by male, female. There's also age groups. So if you want to have someone that's young or maybe a kid,
well, you can select it.

For example, Grace. I can never get a kid. make children's
books or convey holiday wishes, too. That sounds pretty cute, right? So there's a male if you want to have a male kid or if you want
to choose all the groups. Now, there's also filters here that are pretty interesting because you can select
it by use case, depending on what you want to use it for, because obviously,
if you're going to use it for documentary, you want someone who has that tone
of voice for documentary. Let's go ahead and select Terrell for now. We can go ahead and start writing here something, and it'll transcribe it into
text, into speech if you want to do that. Now in this case, I'm going to transcribe one of my videos and I'm
going to put it in here. Let's go ahead and go into Import script. I'm going to select the file. By the way, you can import
a TXT, a DOC, or an SRT. The SRT files are the transcripts that come with timing and I'm
going to show you one right now.

Let me go ahead and select this one. This is from a video I made. I'm going to bring it in here and it's going to load in all the text,
including the time frames for this. Here we go.
It loaded it in. It's using this voice from Tarril. Now, be aware, we're getting
the message on the left. Since this is an SRT file that comes
with timing, I'm getting some warnings.

Why is that? Well, let's say that this first sentence
normally is 6.57 seconds and the voice that I
selected for Tarril is 9.10 seconds. That's why I am getting this warning. Why is this important? Because if you're going to use this SRT file to load it in on a video that you
have already, then you need to consider speeding up the voice or selecting
another voice that talks more faster. In this case, I'm okay with these
warnings and we're able to preview this. Let's go ahead and select it.

Get ready to be more productive with your team and save time with this
browser extension. You are.
Going to… Okay, so this guy talks
pretty slow for this video. I speak fast, so let's
select someone else. I'll select the female for this.
I'll go crazy. Natalie, how does Natalie
sound with this transcript? Get ready to be more productive with your team and save time with this
browser extension.

You are going to accomplish that. That's how easy it is
to transcribe text to speech. Now, like I said,
there's sentence by sentence. In this case, I've selected
Natalie for this one. I can select someone else for this other one, and I'll go ahead and select Charles,
and I'll go crazy and select Ronnie for this one, and I'll keep
Terry for the fourth sentence.

This is just for testing, obviously. If you have several people speaking in a transcript, well,
it's a good idea to switch between them. We're good to go. We're going to use this for this purpose. Let's go ahead and click OK. Now they're loaded it in and you can see I
have one voice for each one of these sentences, and then
the rest is just Terryl. Now, what else can I do with this? If I select this, I can change
the promo style to conversational. I can be the pitch if I want to change the pitch, so if I go higher or lower,
I could change the speed for this. If I wanted to speak faster or slower,
add a pause in some of these sections. I can also emphasize in some words. So for example, productive, I can go
ahead and emphasize that and extension. I've emphasized these just
for testing purposes.

Again, it's going to load in, so it converts that text
to speech really quickly. There we go. Get ready to be more productive with your
team and save time with this browser. Okay, so maybe that emphasize was
too much. Again, I can edit that if I like.
I can make it lower. It's like emphasize, but not too much. Okay, keep it a little bit simple. I can apply it and again,
it's going to reload. Now, once I'm ready, I like the voice
that I've added, I have my text ready. What else can I do?
Well, we can import media. So if I want to add media from here, I can import my own or I can select
from the ones that's available as well. Now, I'm going to add some
stock photo here, video. I'll select this one. Again, just for testing purposes, I'm going to add it to the timeline
and I'm going to stretch this timeline here and you can see
the videos added there. I can add a second video,
a third one, a fourth, etc.

I can add some music to this so I can
select something from I don't know. Let's select this one. Let's go next. Let's add it to the timeline. Here we go. Here's the voice,
the video, and the music. Let's lower the voice for this and I'm
going to click on the volume mixer. For the music,
I'm going to lower it there. Again, you got to test that to see
what you want higher, lower, etc. The video, I'm going to remove the audio.

I don't think it has audio, but if it did,
it's going to remove it from there. In this case, it's only the speech
and the music, it's going to be low. I can also work with the
video settings here. If I want to change it to… Let's select square one, then AD
by 1080 P, and I can turn subtitles on. In this case, I'll turn it on and let's
go ahead and preview this. I just finished the render
for the preview. I'll go ahead and click Play. Get ready to be more productive with your team and save time with this
browser extension.

You are going to accomplish that.
Now. I'm a sucker for time savers,
so I'm really liking this theme. Okay, did you see that?
Now, obviously the transcript has nothing to do with the video,
but I can make a whole video with a transcript with something
generated from AI, etc. And create text to speech with video and start publishing on YouTube,
Facebook for ads, etc. Without me having to be on the video. Some people might be shy on video,
so this is a great option to do this. Now, once you have it the way you like it, with the voice, the videos,
images, the music, etc. You are good to go with the export. Now on the export, you have
the option to export a video. So MP4, Move and include subtitles in
the video, download YouTube codes, etc. Or you can export or just the voice only. And then you have the options for voice. You can select the type of voice,
the format, download ads, the quality. In my purpose, I would choose high. You want the highest quality, obviously. And the channel, stereo or mono,
voice plus music and script.

You have all these options available to start exporting your files
and using it the way you like. If you want to use just the voice,
go ahead and grab this and download. The export is going to start
and you are good to go. You have a text to speech system that is
really good with the voice that you selected and all the tweaks
that you made to it. But there you go.
That is Murf AI. I mean, it's super easy to use, so I do
recommend go ahead and check it out. Like I said before, the link will
be provided in the description. That's a wrap for Murf AI..

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