The BeTheme Advantage: Turbocharge Your WordPress and Woocommerce Store Now!

Building a WordPress site or
a Woocommer Store doesn't have to be difficult, especially when
you use a great theme. On this video, I'm going to show you BeTheme, which is a great option to build
your WordPress site or Woocommer Store. Now, let me show you what
I'm talking about right now. This is my B Theme that I just loaded into my demo site, and this was actually
loaded in in less than five minutes.

I'm going to show you how to do this, and
then you can customize it to your liking. Now, you can see I have a Woocommer Store
right here with products and everything. For example, this 5G phone that I can load in and it has the product,
I can jump into this and I have a really great looking store
that looks professional. Now, that's what you're
going to get with B Theme. Now, if you want to grab B Theme,
it's only 60 bucks as of this video. It has over 278,000 sales. You can't go wrong with a Theme like
this with a rating of 4.83. Come on. Plus it updated today. Now, one of the main features about this update, which is V27,
is performance improvements. It's all about speed. They've upgraded their theme, they've upgraded the builder,
and everything is faster.

So it's three times faster. Not two times, it's three times. Now, if you've previously bought the theme, update it so you get
obviously these improvements. And if you're going to grab it, well, you're going to have the benefit of using
this faster builder that they have. So your site is going to be
much faster with this Theme. Now, let's jump into my demo side. What I do once you download the Theme, when you purchase it,
you have to go into your WordPress site, go into appearance, go to themes, add new
and install the file that you grabbed. Once you install that, you're going
to go through the Setup Wizard.

In this case, I already set it up because
obviously I wanted to show you that. But I'm going to show you
how the Setup Wizard goes. This is going to be useful in case you want to change your mind
with a different theme from B Theme. Let's go into the B Theme options. Let's go into the Setup Wizard. In the Setup Wizard, this is where
you're going to get started. You have to go have two options. Start from a prebuilt website,
which is obviously my favorite option because you get started right away,
or start from scratch. In this case, I'll use prebuilt website. Let's get started. Add a title to it, a tag line.
Hit Next. You have two options again,
which is visual or code. If you are not an advanced coder,
do not select code, go for Visual. Hit Next. Select the categories that fit your
business or are similar to your business because they're going to give you
suggestions based on that for themes.

I'm going to select some product
technology, which is what I like, a design and photography,
and I'll keep it simple with that. You can select more. You can view more templates
and select from there. Now, we got two more options. You can use the built in system that they created, which is Be Builder,
or you can select Elementor. Now, my personal suggestion, if you don't have Elementor Pro
that you're paying for that, or if you don't have additional Elementor
plugins that you want to use, I recommend using the Be Builder because
Elementor free might be limited in some situations when you want to go
into further customizations.

In this case, I'll use Be Builder. Let's go next. Then we have the templates
that we can select from. There's a bunch of templates
and trust me, they look really good. For example, this one, I can go ahead
and select it right now or preview it. Just in case I want to see how
it flows first, check this out. That looks really nice.
Check that out. You can have this site right
now by just loading it in.

Let's go ahead and select,
I don't know, this one. Let's go ahead and select
this one. and preview this. Look at that.
That's a really nice looking template. It's going to depend on what
you're going to need it for. For example, right now you can see I have these two categories that I
selected previously. I can go ahead and disable this
and it's going to show me this. In case I want to view other categories,
on the left there's options. You got Layout options
and you got Subjects. In this case, if I want Woocomers ones,
then I go here and I'll remove this. It shows me all the Woocomers
templates that's available.

They have over six hundred
and fifty templates. It's crazy how many templates they have. Check this out, 692 ads of this video. You can go on and on and scroll and there's a bunch of templates that are
really great looking and that you can use. Once you select the one you like, in this case, I use that one, and you
can see you have two more options. You can complete the website, which is going to import all the media,
files, products, images, videos from that particular
template that I've just selected.

Be aware that it's going
to import everything. You're going to have to delete this once you start obviously
customizing it to your liking. I feel this is easier when you use it this
way because you just customize the products or delete the products,
but you know where they go. It helps you out. But if you just want to select
the data only, select this one. Let's go into Next. This is where the installation starts. If I click on Installation,
I have this option. If I want to remove media files from the upload and I understand what's
happening, let me show you what this is. What this is going to do is if you previously installed a theme,
plug ins, etc.

And you want to have a nice,
clean installation, use this. Remove everything and go for it. That would be my recommendation. But if you want to keep files that you have on your previous WordPress install,
then don't take this on. Skip it and it'll start the installation. In this case, I'm not going to do
it because I already installed it. Like I showed you, this is the site
right now that I installed. See that there? There's a ton of options
that you can start customizing.

Like I said, it's going to bring
in all the images, products, etc. If you have a Woocommer store, you're
going to be your products right here. It loaded in some products by default
that obviously the template has. I can go ahead and delete
this or edit them if I like. I would suggest first edit it so you can understand how the options
look and how to set it up. Next, I would recommend
jumping into the options. You got the options for the plug ins
in case you didn't install them in the beginning or you want
to install different ones. By the way,
this includes slider revolution that if you don't have this theme,
you would pay additional for this. This is included. You got layer slider, contact form, Yoast, Elementor, and all these
that you can install.

Next, you got the theme options. This is where the fun starts and this is where it's going to take
you the longest to set up. But trust me, once you set
this up, you're good to go. During this, you have all
the options for the styles. You have the general options for the layout,
the site with the backgrounds, the icon. The five icon is really
important that you added. That's the little icon
that's in the top tab. Then you have your logos at your
logos here, the button style. If you want to change the style, this is the ones that are selected
by default with this particular template. You can also customize it,
so font family, font, etc. If you want to change this because
maybe you like how it looks. But each one that you select, you have the options for it,
like colors, settings, fonts, etc. The image frames,
you can select that there. You got your sliders,
you got your navigation and share, your advanced options, your hooks,
header and sub headers. So if you don't like the style for the template that you selected,
you can change the style for this.

And there's a bunch of options. There's things that you will go through this and you'll really love that you
have all these customizations. So menu and action bar,
sidebars and all of this. You got your shop information. Again, if this is a Woocommerce store that you're setting up,
you have the options for that. Your pages, your footer, your search,
your responsiveness, your SEO options, your social, your ad on some
plugins, colors, fonts. Crazy. You even have custom CSS
for more advanced users. If you want to do some crazy optimization
or some changes in the style, you can do so with this,
with CSS and JS and backup and reset. Once you set all that up, you can go
ahead and check out the system status. Just make sure that everything is fine. In the system status, you want to make
sure that everything is green. If not, go ahead and tweak
it so it turns green. In my case, I had to change the PHP time limit to 200 because there was
120 in the beginning. Just those little things. You have your manners and support,
your change log.

Now, what if you want
to customize the pages? Let's go into pages. In the pages, you're going to see
that here we have the front page. I can go ahead and edit with B Builder. Remember, I selected
B Builder as my builder. If you select Elementor, well,
the option would be for Elementor. In this section now,
I can customize all this. Now, this is the header and
this is the footer. We are editing the page,
so the inner page.

If I select these elements, I can go
ahead and edit them with the B Builder. Here we go.
I can go ahead and select this. It's just typing it. I can go ahead and drag it if I like. Let's say I want it to the left. What if I want to add an element? We have all these elements available here. Now, like I mentioned before, if you are using the free version
of Elementor, well, that's going to be a bit limited
unless you're on the Pro version. Like I said, I would recommend this
B Theme builder since we're going to have more options and it's
not going to be limited. The prebuild sections, if you want to use these prebuild
sections, something that you like, you don't have to stick with what
you have or do it one by one.

You have some prebuild ones. There's the export and import, the single page import, and you
have a lot of options for this. I won't go in-depth into this because there's a lot of options
that you can go through this. That's how you're going
to edit all of that. Now, in this case, for the slider revolution, like I said,
it's included without any extra cost. You have access to it. This is the slider revolution
for the section in the beginning. Here we go. You can see I have the options
to edit this and move it around. Slider revolution is super,
super, I would say, not complex. I would say super powerful. You could do even a whole
page with this thing. It's pretty good. You can go ahead and edit all of this. You have the flow for this. If I click play, you can see how it flows. There's a timeline here
and you can edit all of that. All of that is included with your B theme. It's a super, really powerful theme that you can use on your
WordPress site or your WooCommer Store.

Trust me, for $60,
it can't get any better. It's a really customizable theme that's
really powerful with great templates that's going to make your website
look professional from the beginning. There you go. If you want to grab it, the theme link will be provided
in the description and that's a wrap..

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