Transform Chaos to Clarity with Scrintal’s New Features!

if you haven't checked out scrol it's time you do it's a digital canvas that's going to plaster your ideas into something digital so your team members and you can actually follow and be on the same page now they've added some new features like task new sidebar highlight text and much more so let's go check it out right now what's up SAS Masters like I said this is krto and if you want to check it out the link will provided in the description now the idea is to check out the new features because I've made some past videos if you haven't followed through my last videos I do recommend you watch the first video from scrol now for the new features let's actually check out this video now this is my scrin to digital canvas and I'm going to show you the new features so first off let's get started with tasks so they've added task to this feature so let's go ahead and open this up and now we're able to obviously have a digital canvas that's meant for task and that way your team members and you can actually follow through really easily so let's get started by creating a brand new task so let's go into one of our boards right here let me go ahead and open this one one up and I'll create a new card and in this card I am going to create a task so let me go ahead and open this up and I'll just name this make video for Friday and I'm going to add some task right here so let's go and add a task list and I'll say script then I'll add another task which would be for example recording and one more publish video obviously you would have a bunch of tasks but these tasks are going to be automatically added into the task section so let me go ahead and open this up and now we have neatly form our task right here so you can go ahead and view it in the board or the cards Etc or go into the task section if there's a task available so it makes it super easy uh for us to follow this through now you can go ahead and use Tas users date and then completed cards if you want to mark this you can view it here or expand it from here so it's a really easy way to use task now for the new Side Bar let's go into aboard again let's go into this one there's a new sidebar on the right that I'm going to click on it and it's going to make make it easier for us to navigate through our cards so for example I can search through links search through this search bar system the information for this one and actions for it so I can unstar the board share or publish copy link clipboard or delet it so it makes it easy for us to navigate another feature that they've added here is web links so let me go ahead and add the web link I'm going to select it and I'm going to add it right here I'm going to type in my URL so stmas net hit enter and now we have a web link right here I can go ahead and make it bigger if I like I can change the color I can open link in new tab copy link clipboard or just go ahead and delete it or toggle the layout if I want to change it so that's one of the features that they've implemented now another one is highlighting text so inside of a card we can highlight a specific section of the test this is super useful especially when there's a long text inside of a card so let me go ahead and open this one up let's just say that something's really important right here and I'll say music videos should be really important so let's go ahead and highlight this there's this little pencil right here which I'm going to select and now this is highlighted so if we click away and we jump into this card really quickly we can see it's highlighted and it's easy for us to locate it now that's some of the features that they've added into scrol and there's many more that they've added you can check these out in release notes and if you want to check it out scrol I do recommend that you jump into the link in the description and that's a wrap

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