Turn Your Google Sheets into Eye-Catching Tables with WP Table Live Sync!

let's face it we all love Google Sheets it's free it's easy to use you can use it everywhere it's fast and it's smart but there's a big downside to Google sheet it's nasty there's nothing appealing to it it's just rows and columns and for that reason there's a plugin that I want to show you that's called WP table life sync that's a WordPress plugin that you can display these Google Sheets in a really nice looking way so it's appealing and it's attractive for viewers to actually look at these tables so let me show you what I'm talking about right now what's up s Masters we're going to check out WP table life sync and they do have a free version it does have a few limitations as you can see right here but it's still really usable in the free version on this case I'm going to show you the play version so you can see the full features of w table Live Sync so let's go jump over to my WordPress site and like I said what we are what we're going to do is beautify our Google Sheets to display it on our WordPress site really easily okay so all you have to do is jump into the plugins add new and install sheets to WP table life sync once you have it activated you are good to go okay so once you do that this is what we're going to look at okay so this is where we're going to be able to add our new tables it's super easy right but let me show you how one of these actually display so if I open up this one that I created which is cloudways I'm going to be able to view our Google sheet right here so here we go so this is actually way better than what you see over there at Google Sheets PL to get additional functions like search bar downloads etc for example in the customization you have your themes so depending what you like you can go ahead and set it here dark mode ropes with colors Etc all that right here you can layouts style utility Etc okay so let's start off with a brand new one let's go ahead and create a table all it's going to ask us is for the Google sheet URL so let's go ahead and grab that right now so this is a Google sheet right here you can see it's a simple cloudways features l list right here and what I have to do is click on share make sure that this is on set to anyone with the link by default it's restricted so set it to anyone with the link copy this link jump over to our plugin right here on WordPress create a table and you're going to see loading the preview down here there we go let's go ahead and name this cloudways two in this case I already added one so we're going to be able to view our entries set by default by 10 15 25 Etc we're going to view the list the pages and a search bar it doesn't stop there this is just like the iene on the cake okay so now you can display this and embed it on your WordPress site but before we do that let's start off by be Define this table so let's jump over to display settings and first of all we have the tabletop elements so we have entries and search box so if I want to hide this see how it disappears or if I want to hide the search bar if I don't want to display that or if I do in this case I do want to have it or just just switch it around maybe I want the search bar on the left which I do again I can hi High title disable sorting table bottom elements so on the bottom we have the hide entry info you can see that which I don't want to show hide pagination I'll leave that on next we have is table customization okay so this really neat you hit you give the users the ability to download you want to give them access to excel Json PDF csb print copy depending what you want to use this display table as well you can enable these or disable them if you like okay link redirection Behavior so if they click on a link inside of here will it open in the current window or will it open in a new window so in this case by default open a new window cash tables for press loading time of course we want that okay next style in the style we have the expanded version or the wrapped version so depending how you want it to display you can go ahead and select this I recommend WRA when you have images on your sheet then wrap is better because if the image is bigger small Etc with wrap it's going to size it all to the same size so it's way better responsive style default collapsible style or scrollable style import colors and text styles from sheet so if you have colors displayed here it's going to import it so if this box was green or something like that it will display it over here okay next we have is the layout so how many rows do you want to show per page so in this case there's more than rows and that's why there's two pages but if I set it to 25 for example there won't be two pages once I save that okay default height do I want to leave it as is or what do I want to change it so I can set that there and once I save that it's going to obviously update next we have is theme you have your default style which is grayish with white we have stripe table see how it gives it another look dark table so if you want to go to the dark side this is the one to go Tailwind style colored column I like this one because when you have several columns I like how it looks with purple white purple white it's just really easy to read the table okay Hub style this case also like my favorite one colored column okay and then we're going to go to hide rows and columns so you have several options here you can hide columns for example on desktop or mobile view for example in this case desktop is selected so if I click on something like this for example this column um I'll just click on it okay this will not display on desktop this is the way I have it and if I don't if I want to do the other way around I click on this one okay if I want to get rid of this and I do want to display everything I leave that you can do this for rows and for sales so if I want to do a specific sell or there's a specific pricing maybe I can hide a specific sale so I'll just select this one and it's going to hide only that sell okay so I'm going to leave it like that just so you can see that in the preview so let's go ahead and save this there we go and we have our short code short codes are used on WordPress which is super easy to embed on any page that you want or post so this case I'm going to select this one there we go it's copied let's go into Pages let's go ahead and add a new page and this page just give it a title we'll just say table and we are going to add a code blog okay so short code here let's go ahead and select it add our short code let's go ahead and publish this right here publish let's go ahead and view the page and here we go we now have a live looking table that's really nice instead of this nasty thing over here which has nothing appealing to it we have a nice looking table with neat features so we have a search bar we have the downloads right here we have pagination we have the hidden field right here that we've selected so remember we can select what we want to hide so it's really good options that we don't have available on Google Sheets nor we can embed it on WordPress side there's also the pages here I can customize a table I have the this option because I'm logged in if I wasn't logged in I wouldn't get that option okay so we can beautify this instead of using the normal Google sheet thing we can use this that's going to make it look better now there's more tools to this than just that so let's go back into our settings here she the table so we're able to view all the tables right here grab the shortcat for the tables that we have but we can also create customized tabs based on different tables that we have so if we go to manage tab right here I've created one right here so I've created a tab for the cloudways Google sheet that I have and another versus sheet that I have in one single section so now I have a short code for this but let's go ahead and create one really quick so let's go back into manage tab manage new tab and in this case I'm going to name it uh new and we're going to add the tab first so tab one will be uh I can name it something or just leave it as tab so I'll say Cloud waste that's the one I have right now select the table let this one well select the number to here we go next tab is going to be the versus sheet that I have so I'm going to select it pcloud versus Ice drive and I can add more tabs to this and there's a few options here High tap Group by title or tab position before the table or after the table let's go ahead and save this I grab my short code again let's go into a page let's use the page that we just created let's go ahead and edit this let's replace this code or just put it on the bottom of this if you like let's go ahead and update it and let's go view our page here we go now we have a tabs section here which is tabs feature that we have cloudway and we have the versus check that out like this versus one that's let me show you the Google sheet for this one that's looks really bad and this one looks nice check this out so this is what I have right now so it's like I don't know it doesn't look good and then we show it over here and looks way better right so we have the information PE Cloud ice drive it's it's like a versus one that you can display so just like that we can create different tabs right here which makes things really interesting so if you have something that you need to display some data some charts some information for a company or just whatever you want to display that looks really nice you can do it with this plugin and using Google Sheets so you have the all the power of Google Sheets except looking nice and then you have this plugin that's going to make everything beautiful so you can display it on your WordPress site plus it's going to be really easy to embed it on yourself typ there's also the settings for the the documentation if you want to check those out the recommended plugins and the pro license like I said like I said I am showing you the pro license but if you want to grab the free version if that's enough for you go ahead and grab that in the WordPress repository which I'll leave the link in the description well that's a wrap for WP table life sync and see you later

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