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trying to respond to your clients from every single social media account is timec consuming you got Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Etc and trying to respond to these is just super timec consuming especially when you're trying to sell your products that's where an nni Channel option comes into play It's called chat breezes and it's going to be your social commerce Ally for this so let me show you what I'm talking about right now what's up sasms I'm going to show you chat breezes which is an omni Channel system that's going to let you respond to your social media accounts from one single account so all I have to do is connect to these accounts and you're good to go to respond to everyone okay so as of this video they connect to Twitter now X Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook WhatsApp and Shopify all from one platform now let's go jum over to my dashboard to show you how to get around now this is my main dashboard for chat breezes and the first thing I recommend is obviously to connect to your channels so the idea is to connect from one platform to connect with everyone that you have to okay so in this case you're going to select the type of platform that you're going to connect to in this case and for this video I connected my LinkedIn account and my X account so in this case I'm able to connect and respond to people who message me or comments on these channels that way I don't have to go to the X Channel I don't have to go to LinkedIn channel to Facebook YouTube Etc into individual channels to start to respond to everyone from there in this case I'm going to use this okay so let's go and check out the first one which is unprocessed these are the first Mees messages that are going to come into this Channel and you're going to be able to respond from here so in this case I had my wife send me a message from X and you're going to be able to view that I got she sent a video and a message test now the first thing I'm going to do is click on this because I am able to view the video from here so let me go click play on this test testing test testing so you can hear the voice note from here now one of the things that Chad Brees strikes for is to be your social commerce Ally that means you can have meaningful conversations to make sales here on chat breezes so you don't have to jump into another platform so if you're connected to Shopify you can directly sell products from here so that means that let's just say that we have this conversation okay so you can do a whole lot you can go ahead and respond straight from here and then you have some other options you can have emojis you can add a product link so that means that if I have connected my Shopify store it's going to find the products in your Shopify store and we can actually send the link straight from here now this is my Shopify store and I just created this product so it pops up on my chat brid chat and depending on the amount of products you have you can view them from here and you can actually filter these out to find the products in case you have a bunch of them so in case I want to share this product straight from here from chat breezes well I can do so by sending that out you can see it's loading there we go it's ready and the message has been sent so now they know the title of what I'm selling the price and the link to go straight to go buy that product you also have the option to use tax so in tax you can use for example potential leads test hello or manage tags and add new ones these are great to manage your customers or potential customers to sell them later on you also have your marked as done in case this is completely andone you're good to go now there's more options here so let's go ahead and reply to this one you also have your quick reply so that means that if you have answers that you constantly use like the same answers then you can go ahead and use Quick replies and save these to respond to customers with the same answer especially when you know for example what are your shipping terms or your refund terms Etc you have the same answer so you can go ahead and use Quick replies so you can add a new one straight from here if you like and there's also the option to upload files all from here and go ahead and send and you're good to go once it's done go ahead and save it or mark it as done now another cool thing that you can do is actually tag this person with the details that you need kind of like a CRM okay you have all the information so you can see I click on this message I can respond from from here also but I have all these details that I can fill out this is super useful especially when you have an e-commerce business going on why because we're able to know their first name last name company email phone country Etc and we start filling these out as we talk along with this person so when we come back and they talk to us again we have all this information that we can use to respond to these people obviously with a better support okay so you got all that there the next thing we have here is the all messages so first of all this is where have all your messages in this case you're going to be able to view the ones that I haven't unprocessed and the ones that I've processed before so these are my LinkedIn messages and again from LinkedIn you get different options as you see right here now we have a heart because we can like from LinkedIn we can't do it from X because they don't have a heart here so you have different options depending on the social media account so again we can respond from here we can tag it and we can save it okay and we can also filter all these out by channels by message type so if you have a bunch of channels connected to here you're able to filter these out super easily with that filter or you can use from the dates here tags the response here from newest or oldest we can also use multi select and refresh and also a search so if you need to search for independent person or particular message inside go ahead and search for it right there okay next we have save messages so as you saw right now we're able to save these messages because maybe you need to get to them back later or you have to save them for some purpose because maybe something important was said in those messages or comments well you can go ahead and save it there and then there's the automation tag rule I think this is a really great feature because we're able to automate the process of tagging the messages based on what they said so basically we can create a tag for a sales type of messages we can tag if they are I don't know if they're mad if they need a warranty or something like that we can tag them here so you can say that from these social media accounts you select which channel so I'll just say you know what I'll just leave my ex Twitter right here and and I'll say when it says warranty okay pretty simple and then it's going to tag it with warranty okay so let me go ahead and manage tags let me go ahead and add a new tag and I'll just say warranty confirm okay let's close this go back and now we're going to choose warranty from here so automatically If the message contains warranty in any place of that message it's going to tag it okay so I'm going to save this Rule and you can see all the message from x with the word warranty is going to be moved into the warranty tag this way I'm able to filter them out really easily now you can create these tags and be as Innovative or creative as you like to tag these and later find them on this I me this going to help you out to filter these messages out and know what they're going to be about so if there someone is who needs a warranty because something broke Etc will we filter this out somewhere else if they are just saying hello thank you for everything we'll filter them out to another type of section of tag okay and then we got reports so in reports we're able to create filters that know what's going on with reports like the conversations that we've had by Channel by message type Etc we can filter these out by date tags total conversations conversations right here with a graph right there distribution by platform this by message tag distribution and engage users all from here with the easil easily to find reports so that is chat breezes it's super easy to use it's an onni Channel system that's going to let you respond to everyone from one single platform I think the biggest hassle of this is doing the connections and once you connect which is super easy you're able to take care of all your messages from here from chat braces so now going back and forth to all these platforms and trying to log in or you forgot the password or you need to find the password Etc you'll do it everything from here super easily now if you want to check out chat Brees they have a LTD going on right now so if you want to check that out that's for a limited time that link we provided in the description and that's a wrap for chat breezes

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