Unleash Email Marketing Genius: Boost Your Shopify Sales with TinyEinstein in Minutes!

Said, What if I told you that you can set
up your whole email marketing campaign for a year in a few minutes
with TinyEinstein? Let me show you how,
on this video, right now. I've implemented already TinyEinstein
here on my Shopify store. Now, basically it's like cheating
for Shopify because it revamps your Shopify store with an email
marketing smart system. Now, to implement TinyEinstein,
you're going to click on apps and you're going to search
for TinyEinstein, and it's going to take you to this page right here
and we're going to add the app.

Once you add the app, you're going
to be able to view it right here. If you don't do that, you're not
going to be able to view it. Now, once you have it, we're going to click on it and we're
going to open up TinyEinstein's system. Here we go.
Now, to go into the initial process, we need to tell what we want
TinyEinstein to work with. We're going to click on the bottom avatar right here and we're going
to start with the set up strategy. In the set up strategy, it's going
to start off with three layouts. How do you want to put out your brand? For example, colorful,
minimalist or professional and we can preview each one of these
to see if that's what we like.

For example, Minimalist,
you can see that there or professional. In this case, I've selected professional. That's the one I like most
for this type of brand. Next we have is the set up tone of voice. Now there's this options available, which is formal, assertive, informative,
friendly, entertaining or uplifting. In this case, uplifting sounds fine because obviously the brand
is like color pop.

We want to be uplifting, right? And then it wants us to tell them, tell TinyEinstein, what the company
and product details are about. So in this case, we need to be really thorough of what we
want to output here because based on this, it's going to generate our
email marketing campaign. So we want to let them know what
the company is about and what we're selling or what we're offering
with this section of the details. Once you set that up, you are good to go. Next thing I would recommend is
head on over to the automations.

In the automations, we're going to see obviously the general
statistics for this, and we're going to be able to view the available
automations that we can enable. Now, each one of these automations gives us a preview to understand what it's
for and if we want to use it or not. So if we want to enable. Now, all of these are mobile friendly, so you can see it works
fine on mobile friendly. And we can also regenerate if we
don't like what we're looking at. So let's just say that this one, okay?
We don't like this one.

We'll go ahead and generate a new one. And TinyEinstein te is going to do its
magic and provide a new output. There we go. It provided a new output
and we're good to go. If we want to enable the Welcome Series,
we could go ahead and activate it. There's also an Abandoned Card
system to activate also. Again, it's based on that.
See? You left something behind. Again, we can enable this or regenerate it
if we don't like that email right here. There's also the Thank You Purchase. Again, we can go ahead and preview this. There's the Thank You receipt. We can go ahead and regenerate,
but we're not going to do it right now. Again, we can activate it if
we like and it's good to go. The browse abandonment,
this one is coming soon. Product review, we can enable
this one or preview it. Here's the product review. Leave a review, shop more. There's the win back flow. Again, we can preview this one.

There we go. And welcome series, 10 % discount.
Here we go. Let's go ahead and check it out.
Here we go. The 10 off discount and it's there. We can also regenerate it and again,
view mobile if we like. Now, those are the options
that we have for the automations. And there's also the campaigns. In the campaigns, we're able to view
the email campaigns that we sent out. For example, this is a previous campaign. We can view the preview
of how that email looked. Let's check this out.
Here we go. And we can also preview the information
for that specific campaign. So in this section,
we're able to view the total revenue that this specific email has generated,
the generated revenue, Gen conversation, email sent, email opened,
and email clicks.

We can also view the report for this. Obviously, there's no report for this one because it was just a test
email that was sent out. But you're going to preview these and see all the information that was
implemented into this. See this?
St. Patrick's Day with something special. This was generated automatically with TinyEinstein, which is super cool
because it saves you a ton of time. There's also the forms from TinyEinstein. There's the newsletter subscription, which
is pretty simple in my point of view. You can go ahead and view that there. There's the exclusive deals. This one does use the AI Generator
from TinyEinstein. See how it's right there. The stay in touch preview. And again, we can enable these
and disable them if we like. Once you're good to go,
you're going to see the audience.

You're going to see
everything flow right here. We're going to be able to view
the information for each one of these. This is just for test, so there's no customers, but we'll be able
to view the results for TinyEinstein. So right now, it's super easy
to implement this on your Shopify store. Just add the app and start going. Like I said,
it's a super easy to implement system that's going to take care of all your
email marketing campaigns for the whole year and just set up
in a matter of minutes. So if you want to check out TinyEinstein, do check out the link in the description,
and that's a wrap..

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