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You're looking for prospects,
LinkedIn is a great option, especially when you combine it with a
browser extension that's called Wiza. It's going to help you grab the contact
information from these profiles. Now, if you're a LinkedIn powered user that uses sales navigation, well,
it also integrates with that and you're going to be able to export a bunch
of contacts with this system. Let me show you how
in this video right now. Getting started with Wiza,
it's actually super easy. All you have to do is sign up for Wiza, grab the browser extension,
jump into LinkedIn or LinkedIn Salesforce Navigator,
and start pulling in that contact information so you can start
sending out your sales pitch.

That's how easy. Now, if you want to check it out,
link will be provided in the description. Now, like I said,
install the browser extension, which is obviously nothing hard
to do, and then jump into LinkedIn. Once you're LinkedIn, we're going to be
able to take full potential of Wiza app. There's a little icon here, and there's the browser
extension installed over here. So I know that everything is good. Now, let's start off by pulling some contact information from
some of these contacts. So I'm just going to scroll randomly here,
and I'm going to grab here, Jonathan. So let's click on Jonathan.
Here we go. And we have a Wiza icon here
on the bottom and the button. I'm going to click on it over here. Now, here we go. It says I want to find the email address and I have the option to grab
the phone if I want to. So let's just say I
don't do telemarketing.

Maybe I don't want to grab the phone. But in this case, I'll try to find it. So let's go ahead and reveal
the contact information. And Wiza is going to do its magic. Be aware that if it doesn't pull the contact information,
it won't deduct any credits. Let's wait for it with it to do its magic.
Oh, here we go. It's done. So in this case, it found
the email but no phone number. Let's go ahead and try another one. Luis here. Let's reveal his contact information
and let's see if it does his magic. Boom. Okay, so we got the email
and the phone number.

So we grabbed this information. Now that we have this,
I can go ahead and save it to a list. Now I have two lists here and I'm going
to send it out to my test for video. You can go ahead and create a list
right from here if you want. So I'm going to do it here.
Here we go. It's been saved to it. There's also information for the company like the name, the headcount,
the founded location, and the about. And on the bottom, we can see our
email credits and phone credits. Now, inside of this widget,
there's also the contact information for the list where you
pull in the information. So in this case, I have
someone in this contact list. And there's also the history
for the information. All right.
So now that we have this, I can go ahead and start sending this out
and push it to my email marketing system to start sending out,
obviously, my sales pitch. Now I can go ahead and start surfing around on LinkedIn and grab the contact
information one by one, which is fine.

But what if you can do this in bulk mode? Well, if you're taking advantage
of LinkedIn and you got sales navigator, you can bulk export a bunch
of contacts and let me show you how. So I'm going to use the Lead Filter
from LinkedIn sales navigator. Go ahead and close this. And for example, you can filter out
contacts by obviously using the filters. So in this case, we can grab contacts. I'm going to select medium company. So I want 51 to 200 and 201 to 500. So medium sized company. And then we have more filters available
here for in this case buyer intent. So we're going to use marketing
for this and video marketing software. So let's go Let's say that I have a video recorder software that I
want to sell out, sell to. I wanted to get people
who are interested in that. There's the spotlight information,
posted content. There's more filter in here by industry.

Let's select something by industry. Let's go in software development. Okay, that's good. So again, you can go through this and obviously fine tune it to grab
the right audience for your sales pitch. Okay, so here on the right, there's
a button for that the Wizza gives us. It's export leads with Wiza. We're going to click on that. It's going to open up this page. Now we have three options. One is I want to grab the information,
but I don't need email. That means I just want the full name,
title, company, LinkedIn URL, or location. This would be for reasons that you just want to save them and later contact
them or automate it for something else. The next one is emails only. It won't grab the phone. And if you need email
on phone, use this one. So in this case,
I want to make only email.

I want to do something quick. I'm going to name this test for video2. And then the folder, I'm going
to send it to my test folder. And the number of contacts
that I want to pull. So in this case, I just want
to pull five for demo purposes. And then we have the accepted email types. So we have the work emails,
which are custom domain. That means that are not
Gmail, Hotmail, etc. There's the personal ones where we do get
the Hotmails, the Gmail, etc. And the Generic just
for all type of emails. So in this case,
I'll leave three of them on. Let's go ahead and click Next. If everything is good, you like how it is,
go ahead and continue. If not, go back and fine tune it. But in this case, I'll start the scan now. So it's going to pull this information for me and it's going to let me know if
it's a valid, risky or all the emails.

So in this case, I'm not going
to wait for that right now. We already have a list that I've pulled
for five contacts and you could see that the five contacts
were valid on this export. I can also get risky contacts. That means that if I send out
an email, it might bounce. I don't recommend sending out emails
to these emails because you're going to affect your email reputation,
but it's up to you if you want to do so.

Then you can grab all the emails. If there's valid and riskiest,
you can grab all by clicking on the all. We can send out a push
to my Zappier because I'm connected. In this case, I can send valid and risky,
valid only, or all contacts. Just like that, I can send this
Zappier and start an automation. Now it just finished for the test we just
made and we got five valid emails also. It's a great email list
and it's super easy to use. Now, I want to show you the main
dashboard of how to use Wiza app. First of all, we're in the list section
and we're going to go into the folder and we're going to be able to view
all the folders that we've created. Example, this one, that's the test, sales,
NAF, my list, and we can create a new folder right here
and continue with this information.

Now I can go ahead and jump into contacts. So you're going to be able to view all the contacts that you've
pulled information from. That means that if you pull contacts individually in LinkedIn or all
the contacts from your LinkedIn sales navigator, we're going to be
able to view them here. We can take advantage of the filters
and we can export via CSV if you want to pull this into our email
marketing system manually. So that's possible. There's also the integrations. If you want to automate the process, you can connect to Salesforce, Outreach,
HubSpot, Pipedrive, Xepey, Zoho. For me, basically,
I would connect to Xapier because with Xapier,
you can connect with practically any CRM, any email marketing system,
or anything that you want to connect to. So Xapier would be the way to go. It's super easy to set up. All you have to do is click on this.

It will provide you an API key and you'll
jump into Xapier for the connection. So once you connect, which is over here, you're going to be able
to start a flow with Zappier. In Zappier, you're going
to connect with the trigger. Trigger is the thing that has
to happen first in order to start. The trigger is going to be a contact sync. That means this is going
to trigger the flow. What do I want to do with this? Well, I want to send out an email contact information to my Send In Blue account,
which is my email marketing system. With that system, I can do some automation to start sending out emails
however I want. I can do an automation or just
send an email right away. That's one of the ways you can do it. Or something really simple, connect it to my Gmail and
start sending out the emails. For example, with the two, that means
who am I going to send this out to? Well, from the Wiza email,
you set that up there.

From, obviously, we can put our email,
so it's going to be me. In this case, I'll select my email. From name, it could be,
for example, SaaS Master. Keep it simple.
Reply to, well, obviously me, same email. The subject, you can add whatever you want
and you can actually use the information from the variables that you grab
from the Wiza contact information and the body to start sending
out your sales pitch. Once you have that automation set up
and good to go, every single time that you push a Wiza contact into Zephyr,
it's going to start to flow and start sending out your sales
pitch automatically.

That's pretty cool, right? That's the way that you can automate. Now, another thing that Wiza
has is team members. So if you have a large team,
team members is a great way to take advantage of Wiza so you can
start using all the information. Now, it's pretty cool that you have the
option to pull emails and phone credits. So if you just want to send out emails,
well, just grab email credits. But if you have a telemarketing company, well, you want to take
advantage of phone credits. But it's a super easy way and easy system
to start grabbing contact information and start selling out sales
pitch to new prospects. So there you go.
That is Wiza app. If you want to start out, like I said,
link will be provided in the description.

Get started right away, start the test, and if you like it,
well, jump into a plan. That's a wrap for Wiza app. Thank you..

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