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bout is a marketing Beast with a bunch of tools packed into one now right now it's on a lifetime deal on app Sumo due to Black Friday so I definitely don't want you to miss out on it in case you need a tool like this now if you're watching this after Black Friday do check out the link in the description for the normal deal so let's get started with this video right now Bal is going to help you with your marketing campaigns because it has several tools packed into one now right now it's on a lifetime deal on app suumo for a limited time because of Black Friday and the deal page will be provided in the description once it goes live uh now the idea of bout is to create your campaigns for email create your landing page and create the popups and signups that you need inside of here plus also take care of your social media scheduling with bout so all of that is packed into this neat deal that's on a lifetime deal let's get started with the dashboard so first of all you're going to be viewing all your contacts automations landing pages and your funnels inside of here now I would recommend getting started either creating a landing page on bout or adding the code into your website that you have for all the automation processes now if you plan to create a landing page this is a great idea just go to create a landing page and this is included in the lifetime deal so take use it you got your general information here so set up your Fab icon project name Etc domain settings if you plan to use your own custom domain if not you can use this page a link that they provide which obviously I recommend you use your custom domain you got your style your track cooking compliance and once you're good to go with all those settings go ahead and save it and you can just sign from scratch or choose a template I love using templates because it saves me a ton of time now they have these templates available not a whole bunch of them but they do have really good ones so for example if I want to use this one that I like best real estate I'll just go ahead and drag it inside of here and it's going to add all the information once I like it I go ahead and select it start customizing it to my liking and once I'm good to go save confirm and if I want to go ahead and preview this I'll just click on it and and go into preview and browser and here we go see how fast that loaded with Bal so I think they have really great speed for these landing pages now that's if you plan to use a landing page but if you plan to connect this to your domain let me show you where you're going to go so let me go ahead on out of here here we go we're going to go into our Avatar go in settings and we're going to go into website tracking code so if you click here you're going to add your website and obviously connect it okay you got your goals popups leads and browser push to subscribers all from inside of here by adding this code you're also going to need your to add your domain sender verification so it verifies that you are the legitimate owner of the domain that's going to be sending out the domains obviously to avoid spam okay but for emails once you get started with your ending page and all that good stuff you're going to head on over to create campaigns for email now you can create a campaign and I'll show you the sample one really quickly because I can't jump to my real account to show you the emails but I'll show you from here so first of all you got your campaign name and the type so for example regular campaign where there's no AB testing or if you do want AB testing to test out first and then send out emails you do have the option here we'll send out a regular campaign subject line preheader from name from email reply to and the process normal sending chunk sending or predictive sending so this is like more advanced but it's not active right now so that means that it's going to predict when the best hours is to send out for particular email receivers in this case Okay so once that's set up we'll go to next then you set up your list so in this case select the list that you're going to use and you go next you got your preview of the email and then you can send out the campaign or send it the test email you can also do a Spam check to see if it's spammy in that case so you don't want spam emails because people are going to not click on it or it might go to the spam folder now you don't want that because it's going to affect your domain reputation so don't send out SP most next you got your automations let's go ahead and get on headed here and then you have your automation so for example I have my after sales Automation and then have a sample automation which I'm going to show you the automation is for sending out emails due to automations for example the sample is really clear right here so for example if someone joins a particular list it's going to wait 1 minute but in this case you can change it to something else like I don't know wait 2 days 3 days Etc and then send out the sample email so you got your sample email automation so all of this is going to be edited right here when you double click on it so if I want to select the email campaign that I'm I previously created I'll go ahead and select it and it's going to be sent out once someone joins this group now to create one of these automations is actually super easy because all you have to do is drag and drop for example these are the triggers and these are the actions the trigger is what needs to happen for the action to happen Okay so for example when someone clicks on a link okay and I want to do an action so I want them to First delay I don't want this to be uh automatic so I'll go ahead and connect this and after the delay let me go ahead and click on this it's going to be after 2 days for example save it and then what it's going to do I can send out an email I can use twio for an SMS I can add them to a list browse or push and a lot of these actions that I can use and again you can go ahead and connect this once you want it to get started so that's a quick way to understand how the automation works it's pretty straightforward once you start using it now let's head on out out of here there we go next we have is the social media posting now once you have connected your accounts for Facebook Instagram Tik Tok LinkedIn Etc you're going to be able to start scheduling and start taking advantage of the analytics for social media so for example if I want to schedule something on the 16th I just double clicked on it I have my LinkedIn sasm connected to it I can start my message here and I can generate content with AI you can also connect your open AI API to this so if you want to use that now you can add links add media designed from CA video title public private unlisted you can post it right now or you can schedule it so right now I clicked on the 16 so it's going to select that but I can also schedule from here if I like and it's going to obviously post it when I decide so it's a pretty good and straightforward system to manage your social media posting now if you don't have something else or if you're reaching something else this is a great idea to have it inside of one platform so if it has all the tools you need use this because you're going to have your email landing pages and your social media here now there's also streams to view everything that's going on right here you're going to view your post you can add a stream to the next one you got your analytics for this particular account in this case I've just connected this LinkedIn profile so I'm not sure I'll get any analytics oh yeah it did grab it so it did grab some of these analytics I don't use LinkedIn that much but you can see here's my demographics for this particular uh account your social Clicks in this case I don't have any clicks so you would view them here if you would have any clicks then you have your list so you have your contacts here you can create your list lead scoring your goals and your audience all from here and last but not least you have your tasks so if you want to use a task system here you can also do it for example you can create a new task you can create your goals your planning your analytics deals moderations Etc and have a have your team right here use the task for your organization okay but that's available with bout also so you get all these tools inside of this lifetime deal that like I said it's on a Black Friday deal that will be available once it goes live so if you plan to grab this and take advantage of the lifetime deal and not pay month-to month for bout I do recommend that you grab it because if not pricing 4 vbout is well it ain't that cheap so for example if you want to have all these limits right here it's $100 a month so paying for the lifetime deal is way cheaper than paying for this so there you go that is bout if you want to grab it link we provided in the description and that's a wrap

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