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I'm going to show you right now how you can make anything from 50 to 200 in the next one to two hours with step one you want to come over to Twitter click on to explore come up to the top here and search for I need a logo click on to latest and take a look at this 26 minutes ago 35 minutes ago you're gonna find people that are continuously writing I need a logo now all you need to do is reply back tell them that within the next one to two hours you can have a logo back to them for as much as fifty dollars from there you can come over to this website you can see here enter a company name you can enter something like smart money tactics click on to create logo and as you see this is going to create all these amazing designs for you the second option you have is to come over to canva.com type in logo design and look at the amazing designs that you can customize now the good news is you can actually scale this and make hundreds of thousands of dollars all you need to do is come over to platforms like upwork create yourselves a gig and you can see here this person has made over four hundred thousand dollars doing the exact same thing

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