(EXPOSED) How To Make $1,000/Day With YouTube 🤯 (Make Money Online)

this is how people are making a thousand dollars a day on YouTube and they're not even showing their face and I want to show you how they're doing this and getting hundreds of thousands of views and they don't even have a thousand subscribers yet the first thing that they're doing is finding a profitable keyword within their Niche for example something like Amazon must haves you can see that this is searched over a hundred thousand times every single month and from there what they're doing is they're putting that keyword in the title in the description and in the tags and what this is doing is telling YouTube where to push this content here is an example of that exact same keyword that someone is using with 5000 subscribers they've had 18 000 views in just one day and the third thing that they're doing is they're placing an Amazon affiliate Link in the description of that video for whatever type of product they're talking about in the video as you can see in this exact same video look at how many different Amazon affiliate links they have any time somebody buys they're cashing in now if you want to know how to grow a YouTube channel organically using these different types of keywords do this click onto the pinned comment in the description of this video or in the comments and watch this video over here we're going to teach you how to get Evergreen views make over twenty thousand dollars a month I'll see you there

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