How To Add Subtitles To a Video In Seconds!

this is how you can add animated subtitles just like this to your videos in a matter of seconds and stand out from the crowd just go to the Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for the blink app once it's downloaded simply go to new projects and click onto that plus icon to start your first project now all you need to do is Click onto Auto captions now select the video that you want to Auto capture and as you can see this app is going to Auto caption your entire video and it looks amazing now if you want to know how to take your videos to the next level and start making over twenty thousand dollars a month do this just head over to LinkedIn my bio and I'll teach you how to make over twenty thousand dollars a month all you need to do is watch this video to learn more for more amazing tips on how to grow your business and improve your videos and make a lot more money don't forget to like this video and follow

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