How To Make OVER $10,000/Mo Using Your Phone (Amazon Affiliate Marketing)

this is how you make over $10,000 a month using nothing but your mobile phone step one you want to create a social media account just like this guy and you want to do it on YouTube Instagram Tik Tok Etc as you can see he started this strategy in 2023 in February and now gets over 70 million views a month so step one you want to come over to the Amazon affiliate program and sign up to be able to promote products then you want to come over to Amazon and buy these simple little gadgets that you can use in your videos now you just want to use your mobile phone and create 5 to 10 second review videos on these different types of products now all you need to do is add your affiliate link inside the bio of your social media account so every time somebody clicks onto it they can purchase any of these products and this is exactly how this person is making thousands of dollars every single month but if you want to see a full tutorial on this this is what you need to do all you need to do is come over to my channel smart money tactics on YouTube and watch this video VI for a fully detailed tutorial now all that's left for you to do is to like this video and make sure you follow me for more

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