I Tried Affiliate Marketing For 5 Days From Scratch (Insane Results🤯)

over the last 5 days I tested a side housle called affiliate marketing from complete scratch in this 5day challenge I did not use any of my followers or my audience and I gave myself 5 days to see how much I could make and this is what happened step one I had to come over to a platform like clickbank.com from there I went over to their Marketplace to find a high converting product to promote from there what I did is I came over to my YouTube Studio went over to Promotions I created two simple videos on that product you can see that the status has now ended but it cost me $950 to OTE these two videos and I'm going to show you how much I made in a second now if you want an in-depth guide of how I make money with affiliate marketing go to www. incom positive. it's a free affiliate marketing guide it's going to show you exactly how I can do it and if you want to get a free tutorial on this strategy all you need to do is comment yes right now and let me show you how much money I made with this so if we come over here on the ClickBank dashboard you can see over the last 5 days that I've made over for $259 take away what we spent on ads which is $952 means that we made over $1,500 profit in 5 days

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