Make $500 Per Day With CANVA & ChatGPT On Autopilot!

about to show you the easiest way that you can make thousands of dollars a week by automating all your content using chat GPT and canva tip one all you need to do is create an account with chat jpt now just ask chatgpt to create 20 motivational quotes for social media related to business all you need to do now is copy this list now just go and sign into your Google Sheets account now all you need to do is save those quotes onto this sheet now you just want to sign into your canva account scroll down and click onto Instagram story now just go to the search section and type in quotes once you have picked the template scroll down and click onto apps now just type in bulk and click on to enter you can see this is going to ask you to upload that CSV file once you've downloaded that you want to come over you click onto the writing then click onto these three little dots go to connect data then click onto that file scroll down and click on to continue now all you need to do is click on to generate 19 Pages once you do that you're going to see that every single one of these quotes has been generated into canva to get the full step-by-step tutorial on this and learn how to make 500 a day comment yes right now and I'll create a fully detailed story for you on my YouTube channel

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