The No:1 Reason People FAIL To Make Money Online (Change This HABIT IMMEDIATELY)

do you want to know what the number one reason is that people fail to make money online and what you can do about it the reason is consistency you see too many people stop what they're doing because they think they're not good enough but the truth is when you first start out you're going to be terrible no matter what you do just go and take a look at my first video hi everyone it's Alan here again from Smart money tactics bringing you all the Smart Tips I'm making money online so even though my first few videos were terrible I stayed consistent growing and following isn't easy so if you want to grow a following here's what you do just pick a platform that you're going to create videos on it could be YouTube YouTube shorts Instagram Tick Tock Pinterest Etc the world is your oyster now what you want to do is go out there and find 10 people in that Niche that you can follow and get inspiration for to help you create these videos now what you want to do is you want to pick a niche that you want to go into preferably something you're passionate about or good at now the last bit in order to build this habit of consistency what you want to do is go out there and post 30 to 60 videos over the next 30 days and I guarantee you you build this habit and you'll come back in 30 days and you'll thank me

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