ZERO To $250 in 60 Seconds Using Other People’s Videos! (Make Money Online)

you could be making over 250 a day using Rumble without creating any videos this is how now make sure you like this video and save it for later because you don't want to forget this step one you want to go over to rumble now you want to create yourself an account you see unlike YouTube Rumble will actually pay you even before you have a thousand subscribers or any watch out so all you need to do is start uploading videos and you can be making money on Rumble this is where you get the videos from step two come over to Instagram search for funny animals and find profiles like this that have hundreds of different types of funny cat animal videos find a video that has millions of views and copy that link now come over to snap paste that URL in there and click on to download now just come back over to rumble go to this little icon and then upload that video you can see that these videos get tens of thousands if not millions of views now Rumble is going to pay you 60 of all the ad Revenue that you make from these videos if you want to make a full tutorial on this right now go down the bottom and comment yes I'll create a full tutorial all you need to do now is like this video and follow for more

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