How to scale agency revenue by adding social media services – webinar recording by PromoRepublic

great we should now be live and working okay i can see a couple of attendees just filing into the room which is great so welcome to today's session today we're going to be talking about how to scale agency revenue and also by adding social media services onto that if you can let me know that you're able to hear me okay you can see the screen share right now that would be really great maybe go ahead and use the the chat box in the zoom webinar to let us know kind of where you're watching this webinar from today i think that'll be a nice easy way for me to just make sure the chat box is working for everyone that everyone can see and hear things clearly and uh and then we can kick off today's session so welcome if you're just joining us right now today we're going to be talking about how to scale your agency revenue by adding social media services and some other expansion opportunities my name is dylan i will do a proper intro in a second but first of all if you could go ahead and use the chat section to let us know where you're joining from on today's session that would be really great and i already see the first couple of comments coming through here so welcome to um i think it's janus over there from greece and aleya from los angeles which is really cool good to see a varied crowd here already i'm actually based in and coming live from talon in estonia in europe today so i will i will give you all a full introduction to myself in a couple minutes we'll just give it another maybe 30 seconds or so to let anyone in who may be joining us a little bit later than planned and then we will kick everything kick everything off so thank you to everyone who is joining us right now here live if you're watching the replay of this or the recording of this session and do try your best next time to join us on one of these live sessions so that you can come along and can ask your questions and we can maybe guide and help you in real time okay i think there's enough time hanging around for everyone so we will get started hello to uh to gabriel from san diego as well good to see you here so today we're going to be covering a few different areas the the wider topic right is how to scale your agency revenue by adding social media services but we're also going to talk a little bit outside of just social media services as well i want to talk about in general kind of growing and scaling your agency and how you can expand out with different service offerings whether they're complementary services additional services and of course some of those are going to be social media services and social media related services but hopefully i'll be able to give you in this like 40 45 minutes or so that we'll spend together today hopefully i'll be able to provide you with some um deeper or wider context on growing your agency what services to offer how to make delivery easier and smoother and just a few of the core pillars to think about um when expanding out your business i would love to know from those of you here what kind of agencies or businesses you're running right now i'm just going to take these headphones off real quick because i have too much background noise coming through from them yeah so if you could let me know what kind of agency you're running or business you're running right now that would be awesome and then i will jump into telling you a little bit about me and kind of why i'm running today's session before we get into the the depth of things i'm going to be drinking a lot of water today i've been a little bit sick the last three or four days so i need to make sure i'm hydrating myself a lot so forgive me if there's a few extra breaks on today's today's session [Music] but yeah this is me my name is dylan i run my own agency so i am the one of the co-founders and the ceo of a business called hey digital and so we're a digital marketing agency uh that works specifically with b2b sas companies and we run their paid acquisition and creative projects that go alongside their paid acquisition so we're very much a kind of specialist niche focused agency officially the business has been alive for just over three years now and i would say we've experienced most of our growth over the last year and a half specifically we've gone from a team of two three people to a team of 14 right now we are a completely remote business and have been or planned to be that way from the beginning so we have people in 10 different countries currently and we work with now some of the leading sas businesses i don't know if anyone here is kind of involved or knows much about the sas space but we're working with companies like hotjar stream userly companies that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and financing and are growing very quickly we are the team that supports them or powers a lot of their paid acquisition programs a lot of the advertising creative that you'll see on social media landing pages etc and i also host a podcast although i haven't released an episode there for a few months now but i also host a podcast called the sas marketing show which is the number one sas marketing podcast had over 40 000 downloads in its first year where we were interviewing cmos and really smart marketers at some of the top sas companies in the world the reason i'm running today's session is that the team at promo republic are very much invested in providing learning training education for other agency owners and freelancers and consultants and i am part of that effort to provide ongoing kind of learning and training materials as well as a number of other people as well so we do a number of webinars and other sessions like this online events etc and i'll share a bit more information about those a little bit later on me personally i usually run webinars two times a month and we cover a variety of different topics for me when i'm doing something like this my kind of why i would do this or my core focus is i would really love to spend some time working through challenges or supporting some of you who are here on these sessions which is this is why i love it when if we can have like an interactive or an engaged audience i think i do the best webinars in that in that spell so if any of you are sat here today and you have specific questions about either what we're talking about and discussing or just challenges you're facing in your agency that you want to work through ideas that you need support that you need i really do encourage everyone to use the zoom chat box as much as you possibly can throughout the session don't wait till the end any questions you have get them in because i i would really love to provide some support maybe i'm not necessarily an expert agency owner by any means i'm going through my own kind of growth journey myself and but i can definitely share some of our learnings going from three people to 14 people um multi or millions of euros in revenue upcoming now and yeah some of the mistakes that we've made and learnings that we've had other training and influences that we've had from external people too so make sure you make use of this live time is what i'm getting at if you're here live because i wish i had more things like this when i was first getting started so that's a little bit about me that's why i'm here running these sessions today and this is a high level of what you can expect us to to cover today so before you can even consider or start to grow your agency there's a few things that you need to think about because we could just jump straight into okay um this is three or four ways to grow your agency or your business but i think it's really important to have a good baseline or foundation set and i wish i had the foundation of our agency built a lot faster than than i did and so hopefully hopefully i can share with you a few tips um here today so the first one is to think about what kind of agency is it you're building i've talked about this more in depth on a previous webinar and all of the previous webinars you are able to find pretty easily you can head over to i think it's growth.yeah over here and you can see all of the previous webinars from myself and other people all available on demand here a number of other resources etc but i've talked in a previous webinar about the different ways or setups of building an agency we did a whole session talking about niching down kind of pros and cons of running a niche focused agency so i won't kind of i won't run through all of the same information again however you do really need to consider what kind of agency it is that you're building before you even start thinking about how you're going to kind of scale or grow that agency or that business of yours right and so these are in my eyes the four core like different agency types or offerings that there are there's those focusing on one specific service offering for one specific niche of customer and so that's how hey digital started we're not exactly that anymore but at the very beginning it was okay we just do paid advertising and we just do it for b2b sas companies and there's a bit more depth to it than that but that will give you an idea in my mind that's one specific offering one specific niche of customer now some people focus on one specific offering but to multiple different types of customers so you could run a paid advertising agency but you may work with local businesses software companies um events all these kind of things right then there's focusing on multiple different service offerings but for one specific niche of customer so hey digital we're not necessarily at that point just yet however we have started to expand our service offering over the last year where now instead of just paid advertising for sas we've expanded to paid advertising and creative for sas and that is actually a kind of branch off of the success that we've seen with our working progress and system for our clients and i'm going to talk more about that in depth a little bit later on but focusing on multiple different service offerings from one specific niche that could be like okay we are the marketing agency for sas companies and we could do paid ads we could do landing pages copywriting email marketing um whatever else maybe content creation design who who knows so there's that and then there's focusing on multiple different service offerings for multiple different types of customers and so this is more of the quote unquote traditional full service marketing agency who could offer a wide range of services to a wide range of customers okay so number one think about what kind of agency it is that you want to be building i think this is really key i see in the comments gabriel says i run a digital marketing agency offering web graphic and currently focused in positioning mastering ad delivery and automized automized systems i think automized is that the right word i don't know but i know what you i know what you mean i know what you mean gabriel so if anyone else wants to share what kind of agency they're running that would be really great or any challenges that you've come up against when thinking about the kind of agency that you want to that you want to build then you have to think about service offerings based on what i mentioned earlier for this slide i just threw a few different ideas of service offerings or initial offerings onto the screen but there could potentially be hundreds or yeah there could potentially be tons of different offerings you could be offering let's say email marketing website design social media marketing like we're here to talk about a bit more today graphic design video editing podcast management i've seen this a lot more recently podcast management agencies there's podcast booking and guest booking agencies you could be running a copywriting agency or or business there's like video editing um there's so many different services that you can offer whether you decide to narrow down and offer one and one of those alone or multiple um that completely depends on the the kind of angle that you want to um position your agency or yeah what you want your agency positioning and branding to be like and more importantly what your service delivery is going to be like and that's what we're going to spend a bit more time talking about in depth later on is is how to build out this kind of systemized machine and how important that is for service delivery in order to scale and grow your scale and grow your agency um okay so you think about what kind of agency you're wanting to build in terms of from the from the operational side or the service offering side and you start to look at different services that you could potentially offer then in my mind one of the next steps or other things that's really important to consider is like who is it that you actually want to work with who are the best kind of clients for you and so this is going to vary depending on what kind of agency you decide to set up what kind of service offering you have which kind of companies you're going to work with we also did a previous webinar all about like uh expanding your agency or landing new clients for your agency of something along those lines and this is um part of a slide that i've pulled from that deck and made some changes too because i think as an agency one of the things one of the mistakes i see a lot of agencies making now fortunately hey digital we haven't made this mistake too often because i was very aware of this from the beginning but i see a lot of agencies taking on any potential work that comes to them anyone that looks like okay they have the budget to work with you you'll say yes to and people taking on too much work overloading themselves and their team but actually more often than not working with clients who you knew from the very beginning were going to be trouble or weren't a good fit for you and your team and your business i think one of the reasons that we've been able to see some good success at hey digital over the last year and more importantly one of the reasons why my team i believe is extremely happy and enjoys our working environment is because of how selective we are with the kind of clients we work with um we have uh an understanding or a list of like okay this is the characteristics or the traits of the kind of companies or kind of clients that we would like to work with and see success with and if you don't match those if you don't line up with those we're going to turn you away and not work with you we've turned away plenty of work actually just this week we had agreed to work with or got very close to agreeing to work with the company and then through the contractual process they were very challenging and difficult um and wanted lots of adjustments and changes and there was some other red flags going off and so we decided to actually pull out as an agency um even though we've been through a lot of work together to land that potential client so i think it's really really important to be very focused and specific with who you want to work with and don't say yes to every potential client that comes to you it's a huge mistake that agencies make i know you might want to pick up that revenue as quickly as possible but at the same time sometimes those quick wins can actually set you back significantly whenever we've had challenges with a client at hey digital and had to work through things has been a lot more difficult than um working with someone that we know matches our kind of core customer criteria let me know actually if any of you have also had similar experiences like i'm sure you've all got a story right of a client that you knew wasn't a right fit and you almost instantly regretted things or at some point you regretted things let me know how many of you would say that you've had issues with uh accepting or working with the wrong clients or not being selective enough in the past i would love to hear from some of you and thank you for bearing with me for the extra extra drinking of water today i appreciate it um so yeah this is something that's super super important and as i said at the moment we're just talking about some baseline stuff before thinking about how to how to expand but before you even think about adding new services or expanding or growing your agency i think these are some of the core pillars that you need to have need to have in line and so here on the screen i know i haven't actually talked through all of these bullet points but you've been able to read them because they've been here for a while and this will give you some insight as to like some of the some of the triggers that we view for like potential flags for good and bad um good and bad clients okay so you've got all that figured out then the next step is how are you gonna do great work now i think it was gabriel said earlier that he is working on yeah automating systems as an agency owner one of the things i wish i learnt sooner or not learned because i kind of knew about this but one of the things i took i wish i took more seriously sooner was how key quality systems are to building growing and scaling a successful business a successful agency especially so we have invested a lot of money now at hay digital in our systems and this all began about a year ago we worked with a consultant for a number of months um probably i think we maybe spent i don't know anywhere from 10 to 20 000 with one consultant on kind of our initial systems build out and then we worked with a specific business or agency that helped to set up all of our project management workflows and that was another significant like i think maybe even 15 000 euro investment and then lots of other ongoing stuff too um but the way that we are i think the reason our business has tripled in revenue in the last 12 months and is continuing to run at that same trajectory and the reason that we're actually having to stop taking on too many new clients right now is because of how much time and resource we dedicate to systems we always feel like we need to be improving our systems and always working on our systems but these are just key to building a scalable agency and when i say systems i mean like literally having documented process for like everything and then turning things that are repetitive into workflows so like our client onboarding experience is nearly fully automated or the steps that aren't automated are very well structured um what we do when we land a new client in our project management software there's all these different steps that get set up automatically based on different due dates and then get assigned to different people on the team um there's all these different things that we do and then from our project work and project delivery we have standard ways of doing things we have different databases for where we store things and everything else there's a there's a ton behind the scenes that goes into making an agency operate smoothly and you have to really think about how you're going to build quality service delivery systems and just internal systems for your agency team and culture and so that also means thinking about okay how's your agency or your team gonna be structured is it gonna be a remote team are they gonna be in person are you gonna have like a pod team structure a flat team structure a fluid team structure are you going to focus on hiring the best of the best or the highest quality you can or are you going to focus a bit more on bringing in junior level people training them up are you going to be working with lots of clients at low margin or are you going to work with a few clients at high margin like all these different things to consider um and and then like yeah i i'm going to go into this actually on this next slide so talking about some some tips for building this baseline for sustainable growth and expanding into other other service offerings and that's where we'll start talking about like my thoughts on uh expanding your business with offering social media services or other services we'll talk about those in a second but i do just think it makes sense to spend a little bit more time talking about um systems and tips for kind of sustainable growth does that sound okay for those of you who are here and if you have any systems related or agency related questions please please please start to get them in i just want to encourage you to to do that one more time i know you might get a little bit sick of that but i'm going to keep asking you just going to um i'm just going to pause this screen share for one second and pull up a couple of things that um i want to share that we do internally that hey digital that might help give all of you an idea for how we how we do things um so i'm going to show you a couple of examples in a second when i pull my screen sharing back on of um what some tools that you can utilize or some internal systems that we work on and build out i've just got to be triple careful that what i show is um isn't too sensitive right so i'm just i wasn't planning on on showing everything here but i think it'll be useful for some of you so let's do this real quick [Music] okay i'm actually going to go here okay so um to give you one example when i say hey we document and we like to build systems for everything we have some internal change happening at our agency right now where we are introducing a little bit of a new structure and that in terms of our internal team we're introducing a new position which is an account manager role and our account managers will be taking over communication or the responsibility for communication with some of our clients taking that away from me so that i have more time to be working on other other initiatives and so part of that means okay we need to decide what does good client communication look like or how do we how do we run communication and so we use it to a tool called miro which is a kind of planning and mapping board and so my operations team their first step when we decided to do something like this and make a change is okay let's build out an overview of how some of our communications work right now so what types of different communications do we have what different calls do we have what inbound messages are there outbound messages who are the current client facing people who are passive what do our call structures um look like who needs to be involved in those um and someone says i'm not sharing but i can see that it is sharing so hopefully you can you can see this and so we'll we'll take a board like this and start to build things out or what we'll do is internally we are going through a little bit of a transition like i mentioned and so we will do something like this where it'll be a case of okay this is a transition plan for when someone for what we need to do to replace someone specific on the team how many weeks we have in order to get it done what key things need to happen who's responsible for these and then who's going to take over on our team internally with our specific clients on the different client work etc and so we use these kind of flows and mapping structures for um for everything for the starting blocks of our the starting blocks of our um agency builds and so you'll see that we've transitioned from like day one of when we're building out and mapping out our flow of what the team may look like and then i can zoom out a ton and start to show you hey these are all the different iterations that we've been through of like okay what are what our updated team structure our new team structure looks like so over here this is what our team is currently looking like right now and so we're just like making sure we have baselines for everything and we'll take out a lot of these different boards as the first kind of planning point and this is one example of building out structure then we use a tool called tranial which i would recommend for storing your yours your sops statement um sorry what sort of standard operating procedures i would recommend you can either store them in like google docs or a tool like trainia which helps train your team and all of your different processes and how you utilize them um and then one other thing i wanted to share with you just to show the kind of depth of systems i'm going to just hit pause for a second whilst i open up something that's a little bit sensitive over here uh is can i show this i'm not sure if i'm gonna be able to show this let me see okay i can show this so click up which is our project management software in here we have what's called a process library over here on the left and inside this process library we have things for client process templates delivery which is our new client folder template client management client services growth all these different areas and so i could go to okay let's look at our new client a new client onboarding and so we would duplicate this and we have all of the tasks for new client onboarding all of the tasks all the sub tasks with all the different blockers and dependencies all the different labels for different people on the team who's going to manage this and so we have every step for client onboarding pretty much mapped out into a into a system and a process and we would hit launch on this it would automatically assign to the right people based on the delivery roles and we hit a due date for the kind of final day and it updates all of the due dates and so we've spent like so much time optimizing our systems like this to really build out this scalable infrastructure and so this is what's really important before you start looking at expanding with other service offerings and opportunities is like are you in a spot where your current service delivery is in a good place and operating well and are you in a spot where it's easy to replicate that by bringing new members onto the team and then once you have all of that in place your life as a agency here is going to be a load easier and your business becomes more valuable it becomes more scalable there are so many other things i could kind of share with you too but like making sure everyone on your team has defined resp roles responsibilities making sure everyone has sops for the different things that they do on a daily basis um all this other stuff yeah thanks angelina says it's it's awesome and intense yeah it is intense and uh i wouldn't be able to do this without my team my co-founder my head of operations the consultants we've worked with but um i feel like my life if i'm honest with you right now as we're scaling my life is a bit stressful i feel like i'm i'm not i don't know i feel like i'm a little bit all over the place and that's with all of this structure in place so i can't even imagine how i would feel um without this stuff so that's this now we're going to talk about expansion but before we do talk about expansion fully i want to give you a quick update or reminder about the next webinar so there's actually a webinar happening next week i'm going to show it to you in a second i need to grab the link again real quick because i thought i'd saved it but i haven't for some reason but there is a new webinar happening next week and not with myself it's actually with felix over here felix velarde and it is in a week from now and it's how to prioritize for business growth so how to prioritize tasks with the biggest impact create a robust growth plan delegate and empower your team and build momentum at scale at speed so kind of adding on to what i've just been sharing he'll hopefully be going a little bit deeper into how to do that and so if you want to join that i am going to put in the zoom chat right now a link for that webinar and i would really recommend you um yeah really recommend you take a look at this so felix here as you'll see started one of the world's first web design agencies in 1994 co-created headspace etc etc so i recommend checking this one out and then i will be back with another session in the not too distant future which i'm sure you'll maybe hear about on this session with them with felix so check that out and now let's spend a little bit of time talking about actual expansion i know that today's topic was how to scale your revenue by adding social media services so some of you might be thinking oh but we haven't talked about that too much just yet and that's because i don't think you should consider scaling by adding extra services until you have your baseline in place and until you feel ready to scale and i'll share that with my story so um i think you should nail one service first or work with like a high number of clients first so that you can learn what works and so for us we started with just paid ads then we realized that paid ads don't work as well if they don't have great ad creative um if they don't have great landing pages and the clients that we work with can be very it can be very hard for them to find designers or have enough people on their team internally to do that so a landing page or ad creative could take weeks or months and they couldn't create a volume and so we saw over time over the first i don't know 10 15 clients that we work with a common recurring issue is they need creative support so we decided to introduce into our service offering building and designing ad creators and landing pages and we do an awesome job at this so you can take a look if you were interested at our dribble profile forward slash hey digital and see a load of our creative examples here um we saw this gap of like okay this is a supplementary service to what we to what we are doing currently but makes our service better and makes our clients lives better so it started with ad creative but now it's expanding to like we work with some companies where we don't run their ads at all but we just do some ad designs for them some companies where we've just done some landing page designs for them somewhere we've given um like consulting on their creative performance then we started to see okay people's ads are running but their websites aren't converting or their conversion rate has dropped so we started to do some consulting around conversion rate optimization and ad creative optimization and some consulting like just yesterday i did a three hour workshop with a business on paid advertising approach for sas businesses so we look at okay from the learnings we have from our current clients where are they lacking and what can we add on top or support our current service offering with to in turn charge more money but also as well as charging more money support your clients more and so that's one route to go down but then there's also other areas to think about so for example like think about the service offering that you're doing right now are there ways that you can expand that by either doing more of it or going deeper into it or are there things like okay i see an opportunity with the clients we work with where we're running the paid ads we're doing the creative but maybe they need support on their seo and content delivery and strategy now we don't have the team or the resource internally to do that right now but maybe if we built out some great systems for seo and content and we built out an additional team for seo and content i know that i could sell and close that service for clients because it's something that they need so whenever i'm thinking about expansion think about expanding from within first rather than bringing on new clients think about what can you do with your current clients to offer them more support more service and more value really and so that's kind of where thinking about social media as a add-on or an offering can help like for example with some of our clients who are now um let's say they've raised funds they're being very they want to promote their business more running like we're not doing this internally because we just don't have the team dedicated to it right now but i know with some of our clients we could also offer social media management services to promote their content more effectively and so i shared here in this deck now a couple of ideas for like actually three different three or four different offerings or expand expansions into your current service you could do if you're running a social media marketing agency right now already or just any kind of content related agency i'm sure you'll all know this guy here gary vaynerchuk now i don't know why this image has gone blurred because it wasn't blurred when i checked before i ran the presentation so i'm sorry about that um but if you're involved in marketing content you'll know this guy you'll know i would hope this strategy of his called the content pyramid and content distribution like the what's it called like the 64 cents or something something like that some strategy where it's all about utilizing some pillar pieces of content and repurposing into micro content and then distributing and so i know for a fact that there'll be a ton of you who are either running social media management for your clients or maybe you are doing seo and content for them this is a great opportunity for people doing seo and content but not social like you could take those blog posts or those um content pieces repurpose them into tons of pieces of micro content and then distribute them across all the relevant channels and that can be a new service offering and supportive for your current work in terms of getting more eyeballs on your organic content that you're doing for your customer but also providing more value to your customer by putting them in front of more people so this is one potential thing that you can think of you can also think about content as a service so i talked about like how we've started to do content as a service for some of our clients we're doing uh ad creative packs now if you're a user of promo republic i don't know if um team i didn't triple check this with you before so i don't know if this is something that you're still like super actively promoting but i know inside the dashboard in promo republic you'll see like a services tab and um when i first started working with primary public about two years ago i think this was newer at the time um and you can go in and request content you can get the primary public team to provide a number of like editable templates and visual content for social and you could utilize this as an upsell to your clients right you could go to your clients and say hey look we're managing your social media um but we think there's opportunity for better content or more more content and here are some ideas that we that we have and you could go and utilize these um content bundles or content services from the primary public team for example these are some of the things that are like okay you already have the resource internally so you're not going to need to hire an extra people you're probably not going to need to build out extra processes and so for us at hey digital one great example of this is landing page design so we already design and build landing pages for all of our clients when we're managing their their advertising so we already have systems for how to do this we already have a team to do this like why not offer this as a standalone service as an expansion opportunity um it makes sense right and so for most of you here who are running content agencies social agencies general agencies you'll already be doing this kind of stuff you're already doing social media management you'll already be doing content creation so why not double down further into that and utilize this to expand out your agency with social media services so you can start thinking about okay you've got one service line or one service offering nailed how can you experiment with one or two others but they don't have to be drastically different they can be like okay you go from social media marketing and then you introduce a new service whereas content repurposing maybe or creation of micro content right you don't have to think crazy large every single time you can think about what are we doing already that can be built into its own service offering and so for us a great example was the advertising created in the landing pages we do that already for all of our clients and so now we just repackage that as a standalone and that helps add an additional portion on to our revenue every single month same with consulting i do consulting now again is this making sense for people is this like does this seem like a useful idea or some some good ideas for all of you we're actually um we're actually getting towards the very end of my presentation and my and my deck and the time that we have too i always reserve a few like five minutes or so for questions at the end so the the crowd today so far has been fairly quiet but i'm gonna encourage you again if you do have questions now is the time to get them in because we're going to go to a little bit of a q a session in a second um but yeah hopefully this is starting to help but like okay these are a few other ideas about how you can expand with um with social media and social media services in your agency but also going back to the services to offer you can think about all these other variants here right like you could be expanding in with so let's say you run podcasts for your clients or you help them with podcasts you do the editing for those podcasts maybe you could start to offer the transcription maybe you could start to offer the social media posts and you could utilize something like promo republic and their services offering to help you and create the templates for the for the micro content and so like let's say you were doing something like this content distribution and you were repurposing into micro content you could internally build a system and a process where you have let's say 30 or 40 different templates for micro content from podcasts or from blogs and then all you need to do for your future clients is just switch out the colors or the branding and the information in those but you already have the templates done and so when i'm thinking about expansion opportunities i'm thinking about what is low effort and easily to easy to replicate but can still drive high value and these add-ons in my opinion and for what we see at hay digital these add-ons are the kind of services that are actually significantly improving our profit margins because they are like i don't want to say i don't want to say they're 100 profit but they they're a lot more profitable because we don't need additional team members for them we already have systems for these we don't have to do anything else behind the scenes so for example for me yesterday when i did a um a workshop about paid advertising where i just talked about the work that we do for our clients it was 100 profit for us and it was a few hours work same with some of these other areas once you've built out the templates and the systems it's really easy for you to replicate yeah so that is the bulk of my presentation for today let's go to any questions i i've been asking this a couple times i don't see anything in the zoom chat just yet but i'm gonna make it official now so if you have any questions please get them in uh if you are gonna wrap things up and leave us right now before you do just hold on for one minute uh i wanna say a big thank you for joining us today remember the session that i talked about that's coming up next week so it's how to prioritize for business growth with felix you can view that i put the link in the chat it's the most recent link but i can also put it in the zoom chat again one more time i would really recommend you join this webinar here or if you're interested head to growth. click on the webinars option and go and check out some of the previous sessions that we've done so the most recent one here was social media reports how to deliver and demonstrate roi you can see a lot of other sessions from others here um i would definitely recommend this is a great resource there's so many previous webinars here other resources also if you see here you'll go through to the um to the promo republic blog with stuff all about agencies uh agency um related topics over here as well um so yeah i think that for me is everything thanks for joining if you are gonna if you are gonna leave right now i appreciate you i hope you had a good time if you're watching the replay of this or the recording of this session you've made it all the way through to the end and thank you uh i would love to see you live next time i see louis thank you angelina says thanks this was very helpful so it's really good to hear that i'm really pleased i want to make sure these are actionable and useful for everyone that's here every every single every single time i do these um i'm gonna stop my screen share and just come back to full screen hey hey everybody um thanks for sticking thanks for sticking with me too through my uh through my sore throat and my cold that i've had i appreciate you chanel says thank you i will watch the replay as i miss the beginning yep head to you'll be able to check out the replay there shortly cool i think let's oh okay i see a question now angelina baxter how long does it take you to set up systems how long is a piece of string angelina no um it depends on the system right it's like we've been we've been building our systems for the last year or a year and a half let me see if there's a few things i can show you [Music] so it depends like if you want to build them out entirely yourself obviously that's going to take some time [Music] there are a few things that you can do i'm trying to think what would be the most helpful for you okay i'm going to go back to my screen share share one thing i'm not saying these are perfect because i have actually not used these yet um but i see ads for them all the time if you want to fast track your sop building you could maybe look at something like this the click mine click minded they have marketing sops i get hammered by their facebook ads um and yeah you can maybe look at some of their sops just buy the sops from them uh the tool that we use trainial it does also have some built-in templates and sop templates so that might be useful you could start to google things like sops digital marketing agencies if i'm honest with you what i do whenever i need help on a big project is i hire a consultant i guess it depends how you're set financially right now but like when we decided okay we're ready to scale we know that our systems and sops will be really important we paid a big chunk of money to work with an expert at building sops for agencies um i would also recommend if i go back to my screen show i'd also recommend this company we work to the company called zenpilot these guys were great they helped us build out our project management workflows i've now got my own head of operations internal who expands this but i would check out these guys training exam pilot they have some training courses um it looks like they're going to be launching a process library which is great now someone asked i think what's the project management system that you use and that is click up we use click up another question what software do you use to create the content on your dribble page so that my design team just created that themselves it's we don't use software for it [Music] so yeah i don't really know the best answer there but it's my design team so this is work that they've done if you're talking about like how do they structure it um the design tool that we use for all of our design is figma i don't know if any of you know figma um it's a design tool my design team have built our own we've built our own templates for dribble i believe so there's not like a tool that's built these we've got these um ourselves i guess it's perk of having a great design team so yeah hopefully that answers that question for you now okay yeah project management platform we use is is click up i think let me look at it anymore [Music] seems like that is all the questions but i'll just give it another 15 seconds just in case and if i don't see any other questions i'll wrap things up okay what page would you recommend what would you recommend to analyze instagram accounts i have no idea because i don't analyze instagram accounts i'm sorry angelina says when you onboard someone they go through the click upflow so our client doesn't see all of that that's our internal team is to help guide us so to give you an example if i go back like our client has this client facing stuff of course but they don't see our clicker we don't let them into our project management um so if i go here you'll see if i scroll to the top this is all stuff like okay client onboarding system setup have we configured the onboarding have we sent the welcome message to the client in our slack channel have we done the dashboards and if you go into these onboarding configuration um this is the brief these are the things that we need to do so we need to create the internal slack channel we need to add due dates all this kind of add them to the account dashboard and then only once that's done can we move to the next step and so this is all internal stuff our design onboarding we need to review these assets okay do we have uh here's the sop you can click on this and it will take you to a document that explains everything these are the different checklists like hey we need all of this stuff so this is more internally for us it's not client-facing um but yes when we onboard them they go through a flow like that's what we use to power everything okay i think that is all of the questions yeah it's just like asana click up is just an alternative to asana um we prefer it but yeah it's an alternative to asana no worries okay cool let's wrap up there thank you so much everyone i hope you found this useful enjoyed it i appreciate you all for joining me and i will catch you all again very very soon goodbye you

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