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hey sam here let's talk about saucy empire just a few seconds to check my huge list of high quality bonuses included in this software [Music] let's agree one thing influencers need to build an email list and have available way to reach their audience saucy empire is a crowd-based hack that allows you to sell a funnel service to social media influencers you get an agency sales funnel ready for you that sense done for you emails promoting your final service your clients will pay you directly before you begin creating the funnel you can clone one of the templates copy and paste clients details and deliver the work done via your agency dashboard social empire lets you find leads sell and deliver panel service in three steps step number one set up your agency funnel inside funnels you can find the agency funnel and the influencer funnels set up your agency it's done for you you just need to add the custom payment method add the custom paypal button or add another payment method create your button inside your paypal if you are using paypal publish submit your funnel for review the app will send images promoting your funnel building service you can also promote affiliate offers to them step number two activate traffic create a traffic campaign select your audience select your agency panel select your traffic package this is proven to convert so you know what you are investing on enter your billing information and start generating traffic you can also generate traffic for free by sharing your agency funnel link to social media get your personalized funnel links and follow the tutorial step number three customize the client funnel after the save get the customer onboarding survey copy and send to clients they will give you all the useful info for the final creation now clone a done for you funnel and customize the funnel according to those answers [Music] change avatar image colors and more in just a few clicks deliver the funnel you get paid in advance prices and endothelials included in the software [Music] activating your agency website hey there everybody now that you're done setting up your account you are ready to configure and activate your agency funnel we're proud to offer you a done for you agency funnel that includes everything you need to get high profile leads and make money to get started click on the funnels tab in the sidebar menu in here you'll find your agency website funnel as well as your social media influencer funnels we'll show you what to do with your influencer funnels in another video but for now let's set up your agency funnel you can customize each of your influencer solutions funnel pages by clicking on the edit pages button this will fetch all your funnel pages including the landing page thank you page confirm page and download page one cool thing about these done for you funnel mates funnels is that although you can customize every page on your funnel everything is ready to use as is which is a time saving feature we worked hard to implement so you could get in business faster without much hassle really the only thing you need to customize is the pay button or payment contact details in your funnel download page so click on the edit download page icon to go to the download page editor okay so you have three ways to add your payment details into this page one and this is our recommended method is to add a custom paypal button to make it easy for anyone to pay you instantly the second way is to add any other payment button or link from a different payment platform in case you don't have paypal and the third way is to delete these html buttons which is where your payment buttons go and replace them with your contact details so customers can pay you using any other payment method you prefer here we'll show you how to add custom paypal buttons which is our recommended method start by visiting the buttons url in your browser there you'll be able to select a button type let's select add to cart now you'll be prompted to configure your button start by entering the item name here you can type custom funnel as the item name now you need to enter the price as you can see in the download page there are four custom funnels at a different price each so you need to create four different buttons on the page we set funnel one at 97.

Funnel two at 127 dollars and funnels three and four at 147 but you can choose your own pricing this is going to be the first button so enter the price of custom funnel number one into this price field next you can set shipping and tax rates you can log into your paypal account to import these settings directly these are digital services so you can skip both for now now you're going to enter your paypal email address here the next two steps are optional and something the social empire team takes care of so click on create button to generate your custom html button code in the following page you're going to click on the email tab then on select code and then you're going to copy it now go back to the download page editor there locate the html button below order option number one click on it to open the buttons html editor now you're going to replace the placeholder url inside the code with your own url like this one and save awesome job you can now apply the same exact steps to create the remaining three buttons one go to buttons url in your browser to create a button with options to price to go back to the download page editor and replace the url and option two button with your new paypal url three repeat these steps to edit option three and option four if you choose to price it differently click on the price amounts above each button and edit accordingly once you are done creating and adding your buttons on the page you are going to save your changes by clicking on done and then on publish like we mentioned you can customize everything else including the rest of your funnel pages the follow-up emails and your promotional tools if you'd like to change any of those things you can visit the help menu to find training videos and articles or ask in their friendly facebook group and someone will help you do what you need but because your payment details are already in your download page everything else is ready to use now that's done you simply need to activate your funnel to activate your funnel click on this lever button to switch it on a pop-up will appear with a short checklist click each to confirm you've completed them and submit your funnel to be activated the team will usually have it live within 12 to 24 hours now we've got one last income stream to activate we've set up your funnel to automatically send out a series of emails promoting your funnel building service but after 14 days subscribers will start receiving cleverly crafted emails recommending hand-picked affiliate offers with your affiliate ids so even if they decide your agency service isn't for them each lead you put into the system can still make hundreds or thousands of dollars automatically for you some of these products need you to send a request to promote to do that click on funnels here then click on promotional links and click each link and in the request right i'll be using funnel mates to promote so you'll be able to get faster approval like this and that'll be it next up we'll be showing you how to request affiliate approval so you can make money on the offer sold through your funnel so tune in to our next video

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