Ai AutoBots Pro Review

hey guys it's Tim here and today I'll be reviewing AI Autobots Pro uh that allows you to train a website chat bot based on your website information or to a text document Etc so basically what this means is you will have a chat bot that you can sell to other businesses or you can put this on your own website and this chatbot will answer all the questions to your website visitors based on the information that you have provided through your website because it's going to scan your whole website for information you can upload text documents and more basically you train this ball with your information and this bot will answer all the questions for you I'm super impressed by this product I'm going to show you all the ins and the outs but before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video when you check this out you can see the pricing available upgrades but also some special free upgrades that you're going to get if you pick this up through my link so make sure to check that out all right let's dive into this and let me show you uh how this product works so as you can see here it starts with workspaces so right now these are the workspaces that I've created now inside of these workspaces you can create multiple chat bots so I've done gyms food stores bookstores local clients so when I go to uh view campaigns I can view the campaigns inside of a campaign in here inside of a folder so here you can see that I've created Jim now let's say we want to create another chat bot here I'm going to click on new campaign and let's say this is my website in here so let's go back to free articles here what I'm going to do is I'm going to copy this URL I go back here to AI Autobot I'm going to call this a second Fitness and I'm gonna paste that URL in here nerd Fitness basically I'm going to call this nerd Fitness nerd Fitness and I'm going to paste the website in here and what I just said you can also upload content so you can paste your content in here so that you can teach the bot with the information that you paste in here you could do file upload or do q and A's in here now these two are not working right now so I cannot show you that but this these will be available once you purchase this uh this is just how it works let's say we want to do a website what we're gonna do we're gonna paste you around here we're going to click on Create and what you're basically now doing is you're going to teach AI Autobots everything about your website it's going to scroll look at this it has found six articles eight articles 10 articles it's going to load all your website data inside of AI Autobots so that it can Pro can provide the correct answers to your website visitors it's going to grab the information from what it has learned from these URLs now I'm not going to finish this process because I already done this so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to reload this screen here and I go back to Fitness in here and click on sources now look at this the one URL that I've added in here look at this it has crawled all these URLs and it took all the information from these URLs so once a visitor joins your website it's going to start the chat it's going to get all the information from these URLs now if you'd like to crawl another URL you can add it in here as well so if it missed one of the URLs simply put it in here and let it crawl and the information will be added as well now how does that look like when you launch your chat uh here when I click on preview it's going to load the chat here at the right side there when I click on this I can start chatting with this chat so basically you can add this chat to this website right so when I'm in here I'm not sure which one I had so let me relaunch this Fitness preview and now I can start asking questions so how can I lose weight fast and the bot is now going to check the information that we uploaded to the tool and it's going to provide an answer based on that here's what I would do if I needed to lose weight quickly but also I didn't hate life one Focus most of your efforts on building a healthy plate to cut out all snacks between meals and focus on making better meals three cut back on alcohol and only drink zero calorie beverages like black coffee or sparkling water it's going to provide you answers so I can I can say Do you have a have a training program something like this and now it's going to search for a training program if it if if it has a training program if that's on my website it's going to answer that for me now look at this yes we offer a one-on-one coaching program that provides step-by-step guidance a custom strength training program and accountability from a coach we also have an app called NF Journey that helps you build healthy habits and exercise more frequently so I think it's pretty cool right you can see you can upload this bot to any website and you can load all your information in this button you can teach it anything you like so here you can add these new campaigns inside of your workspaces you can create all these workspaces for clients let's say you want to do you want to contact all types of gyms then you put all of your gyms in here or for one gym you would do multiple campaigns you can do that as well because the cool thing is that it also allows you here to add clients to your workspace so when I click on ADD client I already created the client I could say Tom is going to get access here to this workspace now Tom can also join this workspace and can see everything inside of that workspace now also in here at the left side you have your chat history where you can see all the chat history inside of this gym so this is nerd Fitness you can see Fitness for example here we can see we've had a chat conversation right and here you can see uh the conversation here so I've done another conversation here uh what can you advise me to lose weight yes and it's going to give the answer the tips to game missiles can you tell me how to lose weight fast blah blah blah so you can see all the conversations in here let me close this inside of the conversation history now one thing that I didn't show you which is also important of course is when you go to your campaigns you can also modify your uh your chat so here you can see this is your Twitter chat and look at these options in here so you have your chat interface which you can change in here so for example it starts with hi there we're delighted to see you here feel free to type away and let us know how we can assist you so that's what you see in here and if it doesn't have a response it says I'm sorry I do not have enough information to answer your question could you please elaborate your question or reach out to us and then you can add your email address and your website contact form for example now the cool thing is that you can also do pre-filled questions so you could say uh how to lose weight fast and when I click on ADD here look at this it will automatically appear on the chat so that people can click on this button and it will automatically uh ask this question or you could do another question contact us contact us and do something like this and then you can see a contactor's form in here so you could change all these things you can enable or disable the audio you could do right to left if you prefer to have that and you can also Auto initiate the visitor message after an x amount of seconds on your page now once you're done you click on Save and then you can go to the next ones which is design here so uh you could do all different kinds of things so this is courses at the top you could do your own you know Fitness nerd for example and you can upload your logo you could add your own profile image here at the top so you could do your own photo you could do a visitor image which will replace this image you could change the color so let's say you want to have a different color here at the top you can change that to Pink for example also the text color you can change that the widget background so this is an image but you could also do a gradient color for example if you like to have that or maybe you have a one single color that you would like to add I personally like this image or I like to have this gradient background and then you can select your type radial linear repeating just whatever you prefer you can set that in here left to right Etc you could change the bat the Bob message color so you can modify a lot of stuff in here so let's say you want to change this color to Pink as well then you can do that as well you see that so you can match this to any brand everything is possible even the chat bubble here which is this icon you can change that bubble to your own bubble and the font you can change fonts as well look at all these fonts if you like you have another font you can simply change that here look at this and it will be changed and simply save everything that you have created and now you can go to the following one so you can go to the settings so here's your openai key so what you can do also is you can use the open AI key of yourself of your customers you can put that in here you can also say I want to restrict this chat to a single domain only and you can add your URL in here so that the chat will only be visible on a specific domain you can save this and then you can go to lead magnet so if you like to have a lead magnet on your chat you simply enable this now look at this let us know about you your name email address and phone number if you don't like to have your phone number you simply disable it and look at this and you can say I want to have this lead magnet to pop up after one conversation or two conversations and then here the thank you message thanks for sharing the details Simply Save it and boom you got your lead magnet in here as well personally I don't like to have this phone so let me change that back to poplins which is a better font in my opinion and let's go to the engagement booster here so after for example one conversation you could do a text or an image and say something like today is your chance to grab incredible savings on a wide range of products and you can basically type anything in here what you would like and you can add after one two three conversations whatever you prefer also follow us on social media you can add your social media channels that will appear in the chat if you like and then the next thing is testimonial so let's say you have had a chat with your customers or not you but the bot you can say after one conversation uh we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for choosing and then your business name and ask for a small favor and then they can fill out a testimonial for your company for example uh next thing here ratings if you like to have a rating after a conversation you could do a star rating in here thanks for sharing your ratings how can I assist you today you could do that with Smileys or maybe with a like or a dislike three parts and again after one two three conversations whatever you prefer click on cancel and continue appointments so you could also embed appointments over in here after an x amount of seconds so you need to add an iframe in here in order to let this work I think this is one of the upgrades the appointments and then the final one once you have configured your whole chat here you can click on embed and you can add this code to your website and then boom this bot will run on any website uh and it's going to answer all the questions that you have added or based on the information that you've added to this chat and I think this is is genius simply genius because uh this bot is simply learning from you giving the right answers about your business and the more you feed it the better answers and the more answers it can give to your website visitors now like I said here there's more managed leads so if you have leads that have filled out the information like their name and their email address they will be in here and you can first select a workspace so let's say this is the local clients here then you can select the campaigns so this is recipes and this is another campaign and then you can download the leads for that specific campaign so it's all uh based on each campaign analytics in here you can see some analytics about your campaigns again you can say the gyms or the local clients and then you can select your campaign and you can see how many questions how many response how many leads Etc in here you can manage your clients so you can also add new clients so when I click on ADD clients I can create a login information here for that specific client and then again inside of the workspaces here I can say for example I want to add a client to this specific workspace I don't think it will be able to do that for a specific campaign let me check here no so it have only added autoresponder or email notification so when you go to a campaign you can set the autoresponder that you have connected here so here these are available a Weber active campaign get response eye contact MailChimp mailerlite and these other ones uh and the other option was here the email notification so this is the user notification where you can fill out all the information uh that they're going to get if they if you sign them up for this uh workspace and here for admin notifications as well and then of course you have your Integrations in here where you can fill out all the details here you can add your own open AI key uh your webinar your autoresponder software and your SMTP in order to send emails with Autobots AI Autobots Pro and that's basically what AI Autobot Pro is all about a very cool program uh chatbot that you can add to your website and yeah again if you're interested there is a link in the description of this video check it out also if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below please hit the thumbs up if this video was useful and uh consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of public reviews so hit that notification Bell so that you get notified and for now thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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