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hey everyone it's Tim fridao here and I'm back from vacation uh we've been to the United States we had a wonderful time over there but I'm excited to be back doing product reviews again uh and I got the request uh through email uh asking Tim could you please review AI funnel so that's what I'm gonna do today you already see it in the background so I'm gonna show you this product so that you can uh yeah create your opinion based on what you see maybe you like it maybe you don't like it uh that's also possible of course but if you like what you see uh there is a link in the description of this video if you like to grab this uh it will redirect you to my website where you're also going to get some free upgrades if you pick this up through my link so make sure to check out that link all right let's dive into this and let me show you what AI funnels is all about so right now I'm logged into the dashboard and here is where you have some statistics of your leads of your landing pages created the total templates that are in your account and this account is front front end axis so everything that you're seeing here is what you will be getting when you purchase the front end now you can start creating funnels by two ways so here we have a landing page new landing page or you can click the launch film assistant now when I click this button the assistant will start speaking and I can create my page so let me do that and you can listen what she says hello I'm Eva your virtual assistant I'll assist you through your journey inside AI funnels answer a few simple questions and I'll find you the best one you can use choose your end goal so here I need to fill out an answer here so I can generate subscribers sell physical products lead generation sell digital products affiliate marketing well you can see the choices that I can make here so let's say I want to do lead generation for example so here it says choose your business type so let's say I want to do uh what do you want to create today and now I want to create a lead page good choice click me to initiate the search so when I click this it's going to show me the templates while I search for your templates I would like to tell something about me so I'm going to skip this I'm Eva your AI represent click me to view results and there are the results so I stopped because she's going to explain blah blah blah so here we have the templates that she found for me now here are the templates you requested thank you click me to view results yeah okay I can preview the template so I can click on preview here and that will open the template for me in a new page where I can see the page that I can build so this is a one of the templates a sign up form here that you can choose from so all these are the templates that you can choose from from sign up forms now this is one way another way is simply by clicking on landing page so in my opinion I would be annoyed by using this launch film assistant because here you basically have the same options to choose whatever you like so for example if we go to the AI funnels you can also see there are opt-in pages in here or lead generation pages that are here also lead generation lead generation pages so you can simply take one of the templates you click on Builder you give your page a name so I'm going to call this drone page and I'm going to click save and now start my Builder so this will bring you to the page builder where you can start designing your pages your funnels now one of the things which I which doesn't make sense to me is that this is called AI funnels but it only has two pages here it says main page and a thank you page now the thank you page is when you have a sign up form it will redirect them to the thank you page when we click on thank you page you can design the thank you Patriot says thanks for buying so on the main page you can start designing now this is the page builder and it's being built out of blocks as you can see here now at the right side here at the top when you click this little icon you can add columns here images text sections sliders videos button links countdowns links icons payment options in here uh like PayPal and stripe uh and I think this is one of the upgrades if you want to add actual products inside of this fellow Builder but when you scroll down here you can see all the template blocks that you can use so there are many template blocks that you can choose from as you can see here I can scroll and scroll and scroll and these are all pre-made blocks for you so for example if you want to have a sign up form here you can simply drag this and drop this into the Builder here and now it has added this block to your page now maybe you're wondering uh why is it called AI funnels well when you click on a text element in here you can see that it says generate with AI so when I click on here it opens this window where you can choose whatever you would like to create generate so here it says headline sub headline feature or describe so here it says the ultra portable drone for the best video so if you like to generate other titles you can click on generate here and then it will start generating other titles for you so it suggests other titles for you and basically jump done with chat GPT inside of your funnel Builder so here it says a long story so probably I didn't click on the headline here so I can use this but I can also say let me copy this distribution click on Headline oh it says now right hand line about the ultra portable drone for the best videos when I click on generate it's going to regenerate the title as you can see Unleash Your creativity with the ultimate Ultra portable drone for stunning videos and if I like to generate again I simply click on generate again and it will generate another headline capture stunning videos on the go with the game changing Ultra portable drone so if I like to use this one I click on use and now you can see that it's being added in here now the same thing I can do the same thing for the description here I can click on generate with AI and basically I can say I want to have a zip line about and then I can paste what I just copied in here about the Earth Ultra portable drone for the best video so I'm click on generate and now it's going to generate the surpack line or maybe I want to do features or I want to describe about this product and if I want to do a description uh described in short maybe this helps in short basically you can give the commands to check GPT in here so I'm going to click on generate and now it's going to generate an answer for me the multiple drone blah blah blah lightweight and now I can use this part for example use this and this will be added in here so it's going to write this for you on the Fly and this is how you build your pages so basically you go to these tabs in here you choose the blocks that you would like to use so if you want to use another block here so let's say um you want to do you want to show multiple drones you can simply drag and drop this block in here and here you can redirect to your blogs for example here you can see this is a complete block where you can edit these images so when you double click you can upload your own images if you like to hide these lines you can do that as well personally I prefer that because this is a way cleaner page as you can see and here you can modify everything so when I go to this again you can generate everything with AI as you can see I can go down here you can click on this generate with AI so basically everything on your page can be generated with with AI and if you like to add extra elements to your page you simply go to here if you want to do a text section you simply drag this and drop this into your page builder now as you can see this is all black and it's here when I go to the right side you have all the options so when I go to typography here I can say I want to have for example Ariel black and I want to have the font color to be blue here Insert Title so I think I added the title instead of a text element but you can basically change everything so let me try it again no this is a text item so probably this is is a greater in here so this is text but it's already big so I should say the font is light and then the pixel should be for example 18 pixels and now it's better as you can see in here so you can change everything in here you can start typing you can generate with IA AI again and this way you can start designing your pages now I have to say will be 100 100 honest that this is not the easiest Builder so if you for example add some blocks in here sometimes it may be harder to configure your blocks most of it also works here when you go to the layout with the settings like margin if you're not really used to working with margins with paddings this might be a little bit more difficult so panning from the top for example that's the inner side here from the top and margin is always from the top outside of a block for example so you can design that in here like the paddings you need to do that manually so it's not dragging and dropping and sometimes you need to yeah really look into it how to change some parts and that's why I recommend if you get this that you take this pre-custom blocks that you can simply drag and drop here inside of your Builder now once you're done you can always preview your site in here and you can see this is the preview of the of the site that we just created and here we click on going back now we can also Design This for iPad and mobile device when I go to mobile device I can change everything in here so for example now this text is black I can also say I want to have this text for example I want to have this text to be blue here and I want to have this blue as well uh or white and I want to go back here and and I change for example here the font size when I make this 8 pixels for example it's very tiny but when I go back to my normal screen you can see the colors are still the other color so you can design this also the font sizes the font colors Etc based on the device that you're designing it for so that makes it pretty cool um like I said there are two pages for each funnel that's the part that does not really make sense to me uh yeah but besides that you can see it's uh it's also easy to build your pages now once you're done don't forget to save your page and then you can also publish your page in here so here it says drawing page this is your page you can add your favorite con when you want to publish the page click on publish then you can go to your domain here it says the option custom domain honestly I haven't looked into this uh yet where to configure this maybe it's in the settings let me quickly look at this I'm not able to go here we'll check this a little later so let's say you want to use their domain it will be AI then you can change the name in here so you can say drones123 for example um or your custom domain don't forget to hit save you can change the SEO settings in here like the SEO title description keywords social title and also what's being showed when you share this page on social media your forms in here and the Integrations uh here if you want to set up your Integrations you need to do that through the left menu here autoresponders Payment Systems so you could redirect to an URL or to the default thank you page so the default thank you page I showed you that and you have also custom codes in here that you can add to your patreon if you like to have a pop-up I'm also giving one of the bonuses that gives you a real cool lead Builder uh lead building system that you can add here to the header and then it will work on your AI funnels account uh simply hit save and once done you go to your landing pages in here and let's see here when we go to this page this is the website that we just created uh with AI funnel Builder so the AI part is where it's going to um write the content for you based on your inputs so this is how you have your pages inside of the page you can go to your settings again if you want to change the parts that we just changed uh in here inside of the actions you can go to your leads that have been gathered on your page you can clone your pages which can also be very useful for example like I said it has only two pages so if you want to create multiple steps Pages you can clone this page and then you can redirect to the upsell page for example so you can say this is a drone page and then you can create your upsell page Etc and you can link that to the new pages now like I said here the autoresponder here you can connect these autoresponders to AI funnels leads will be shown inside of the lead section in here so when people fill out your forms sign up forms Etc they will be shown in here there are also tutorials on the inside here um where you can see how this Builder Works how you can start working with this Builder uh and let me see if I can go here uh account settings let me see if here is payment settings I don't know for sure where to set up a custom domain because it's sap when we create two that you were able to set up your custom campaign let me go to my landing pages again to settings let me see for domain here custom domain yeah so probably here you can add your own custom domain in here so here you can set subdomain custom domain here as in your custom domain and then you need to redirect this to uh to this value so you will be able to add your custom domain your own domain in here as well so you don't see that this is AI funnels and that's basically in a nutshell what a iPhone is all about uh again if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below also hit a thumbs up if this video was useful to you uh and yeah don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews uh similar to products like this so uh don't forget that notification Bell to get notified and again if you're interested check out the link in the description you're gonna get some extras if you get this through me and thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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