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hey guys it's Tim here and today I'm going to show you how you can create professional websites with a brand new product AI multi Suite as you can see here uh AI multi suite comes with a lot of templates that you can choose from and let me actually show you a few websites that have been created so this is a website created with AI multis Suite I'm just going over them so you can take a look what kind of website you can create with this platform this is another example here here is a very nice one as you can see I love this one here is another one look at this and I'm going to save the best for L this is also a nice one and one that I really love is this one look at this one looks really good really professional uh you can create all these websites with AI multi Suite here now it works really simple uh but before I dive into this in case you're interested check out the link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information about this product uh pricing available bonuses if you pick this up so make sure to check that out all right let's dive into this and let me show you how easy it is to create websites so first of all you can see here 103 templates this includes Pro templates which is one of the upgrades uh but they're worth it uh and as you can see you can simply scroll through them if you want to preview one of them you simply click on this button and you can see it in here now if you want to use one of these templates you simply click on use this template and then from here uh it will load the editor for you where you can modify this page now these are all pre uh done for you created template so you need to use the templates as they are but if you like you can duplicate parts so let's say you want to change things on the page it's super simple as you can see here so you simply select one of the elements and then in here you can addit the text you can addit the font family as you can see uh you can change the font size Etc the colors if you like to change that so if you want to make this another color you can do that as you can see you want to make it blue you can change everything super easily in here now that is uh how you change elements on the page you simply scroll over the page you click on the photo and from here you can drop your own photos or you can search on pixabay for for example if you want to add your own moon in here uh you can simply take one of these pictures and the pictures will be replaced so it's super simple to create a website for yourself for clients Etc uh and yeah you can modify Parts if you want to add these overlay images you can do that as well as you can see different overlay images in here you can change the background color if you like to change it so you can create complete different designs you can change the opacity in here uh if if you like to change that uh also image in here if you like to have an image background you can simply do that so this was the Moon that I just selected and boom look at how nice this has been created or you can search on pixabay or unsplash again for these images uh and yeah the pages are super easy to create now let's say you want to get rid of a block you simply select and then a block has been gum but if you like to duplicate a block you can do that as well so let's say you like this block you can simply click on copy here and then you got a new Block in here as well that you can modify now one of the downsides of this product is that it does not come with uh templates that you can add to the page so you basically work with this page as it is right now and this is the design that you're going to modify so that's what you need to be aware of now if you like to add custom CSS that's also possible here at the top you can see that in here you can add your own custom CSS you can add your own custom JavaScript to your page so if you have a popup software or a tracking software you can add that to the pages as well and as you can see it works super simple you simply select the elements that you'd like to change here is also uh lead forms that you can modify here you can see the button text you can change that you can change the appearance in here the colors so let's say you want to have a completely different team like red you can change that button in here to R the settings in here so you can connect your autoresponder in here if you have your autoresponder connected you can link that in here so it's super simple uh to create your websites as you can see so let's save this page and uh you will be able to publish this page now you can publish this page to uh multi Suite itself so you use their domain so let's go back here and let's go to our website so these are the websites here that I have created and when you go to the settings of a website here uh you can choose here to have a subdomain so I can use a sub doain if you do not like to have your own hosting or if yeah if you do not like to have your own hosting you can use the hosting of AI multisite by using a subdomain that they offer to you so here you simply type your name so let's say you create something with the moon then your domain will be moon.

Aim uh you can also Al have a custom domain so they show you how to set up these domains or hosting domain uh where you can select here one of these domains and then you can submit so in this case I'm going to do SUB domain here and now your website is ready and published to this specific sub doain now let me open this again here because you have more options you have your SEO settings where you can change the name the author here the keywords the description the body script code if you like to add code you can do your own uh FV icon fa favon not sure how to pronounce that you can add your script codes and there's more there's also CTA bar um call to action so if you like to add call to action bars you can also enable this CTA heading so your call to action bar heading you can type that in here you could do a CTA text here you can add a countdown timer to your page you can select the time zone of your countdown timer you can add action buttons to your page with action button text and links as well uh you can change the fonts the size in here you can change the bar positions like the header or the footer uh you can change all the colors in here simply submit this and it will be added to your page as well now another cool feature instead of using the subdomain of multi Suite is that you can also download this as HTML so when I click on this it's converting and generate a zip file so that you can also upload this you can see it here it's a zip file that I now downloaded to my computer and you can see here I can open this and this is just a zip file and HTML files that I can upload to my own hosting uh so yeah that I can control all the files if I like to so when I open this you can see this is the website right now it's hosted on my computer but you can simply upload this to your own hosting uh yeah and then you are in full control so that's the first part you can also clone websites if you want to have multi productions for a specific site that you want to deliver to multiple clients you can simply clone your sites in here as well you can also see the response data for the sites in here so right now there is no information in here but you can filter here uh account here Etc the different sites you can filter it here for subscriptions total responses Etc uh so that's that and when you go back to your dashboard here you can also see the statistics of your websites as you can see this gives you an overview of the total visitors Etc now this is just one part of the app where you can create website but AI multi Suite is what it's called also comes with a lot of other tools so when I open this menu in here you see the website editor that's just what we uh that we showed you but I can also open the graphic Suite here where you can edit images so this is what you will see here and again when you scroll down uh you will get a lot more images you can see they load them all up in here um and here you can see at the top so it's loading more you can see 245 graphic templates that you get access to and again this also includes Pro upgrades as well but as you can see it loads the more you scroll the more templates it's going to load for you but let's just pick one of the templates in here and let's pick here here let's go for the cheeseburger and as you can see you can pause the video zoom in if you like to uh to see what's in here so here you can preview them and you can simply say Okay I want to use this template give this a name uh so let's say I'm going to do Burger in here and now it's going to open the editor for me so this is the editor and basically you can create websites you can create these images for your website and this is just a image editor as you can see with all these options in here uh where you can change the phone the fames the colors Etc so if you'd like to have this a different color you simply change this in here if you like to have this like this cheeseburger you can change that on the fly in here uh also you can add all different kind of shapes here so when you go to shape you can see here so you got the basic shapes in here that you can choose from uh you have the dividers in here that you can choose from so all these different options are available in here so let's say you want to add a uh a bottom here you simply drag this to the bottom to the top in here make this a little bit smaller and you can say I want to make this uh yellow as well in the same color as the rest let's put it like this and boom you got your cheeseburger leads to be a little bit more orange uh but you got the idea right so make a little bit more orange like this I think this is better you see now it matches so you have all these shapes in here so abstract here uh you got these badges where you can choose from uh Lots of design options e-commerce here of all these options and you know you can add these options and then you can change the color so that you can also match so this again you can you can match this to any color you like to any design so that it always matches Your Design so you can create some really nice stuff in this designer I really like this one here holiday lots of different options now also images so again you can upload your own images uh you can choose from the library in here you can search on pixabay for any images that you'd like to import you can change the background in here so you could do gradient background so let's say you do not have this background you can simply uh add a a gradient background in here or a pattern backgrounds I don't see a patterns in here probably this will be added as a pattern not sure how this works um no probably you need to have an empty image to addit pattern you could upload your images Etc uh and then overlays as well so this is an overlay here if you like to have that over your image you can do that as well uh to put your text on on top of that this Etc but this is a full-blown editor and you can download it here as PNG or JPEG file and you can save this so that it will be saved to your library again you can always go back here uh to the main menu but this is the editor where you can edit these images then we also got an image Creator so this is basically an AI image Creator so it says write an image description so let's say I want to have a hamburger on the moon and then you can change the size in here if you like to end the quality let's say we want a HD and now you can generate the images and there you go look at this this is the hamburger on the moon very high quality image and this is yeah AI as we know it right uh we can uh regenerate this again we can preview this we can save this to the library so that we can use it on our websites in our designs Etc so this is the image generator then there's also a Content generator that allows you to create content so let's say you want to create post for Instagram Twitter or x x uh Facebook post blog Creator paragraph Creator email creator so let's say you want to do uh Facebook post you simply click on here and give your instructions so let's say I create a Facebook post for Burger Shop about our best burgers of Ohio should have named it differently but you got the ID and it's going to write a Facebook post for us that we can use and post to Facebook and there you go here let's see this what it created absolutely here's a detailed Facebook post this covered the best burgers in Ohio at burger shop and then it has also the Emojis here hey Burger lovers are you ready to Embark a mouthwatering journey through the best burgers Ohio as to offer well you see this post right premium ingredients expertly grilled freshly baked buns well look at this you did a nice job right looks looks pretty pretty good so you can post this directly to Facebook very cool post and again you can choose from the different options in here so you could do Twitter post Facebook post Instagram post blog Creator paragraph Creator and email creator and then finally you also have chat with AI blot and this is basically just like you're talking with chat G pretty but you have that inside of your AI multi Suite so I can ask anything so let's say how to make a mouth mouth watering uh mouth watering burger here let's send this and let's see what it comes up with and look at this here we go involves careful selection of ingredients and there you know you could basically ask this thing anything uh because it will create it for you and all your chat history will be in here um and that's basically what it is you got a full Suite of tools uh personally I like the website editor best this is the main product and the rest is just supportive to your website I mean you create these websites and you have all these other tools that are supportive to create your website and content for your website so that is my review of AI Mite I hope you liked it so please give it a thumbs up if it was useful again check out the link in the description if you're interested in getting access to this Tool uh you can see all the details through the link below the pricing uh available upgrades bonuses that you're going to get uh basically everything hey thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe if you haven't done yet and you want to see more similar videos of product reviews hit that notification Bell and I look forward to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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