AI Side Hustle – $300-$3000 /month (Replay)

uh let's go ahead and get things started uh we have H quite a bit to cover today so I want to try and get you guys in and out of here in the next uh 90 minutes or so I always do appreciate you guys coming on here live uh and spending uh some time with me to learn something new and put yourself in a position to have a more profitable Year all right so let's go ahead and jump right in uh this is uh the mandatory slide that we'll go through quickly all right for those of you who may not know who I am I am Joshua Zamora uh I started uh my business online back in 2010 all right which is in you know pretty crazy to think about over 14 years ago uh which is when I went down this Rabbit Hole of trying to figure out uh how uh people were making money online and at the time the way that I kind of was led down the rabbit hole was I saw an an infomercial on the television uh where Anthony Morrison many of you may know of him who he's still around to this day as well he was on there uh being interviewed by Mark Victor Hansen about how he was making affiliate commissions promoting uh Netflix promoting uh products from Best Buy and I was like wait what Netflix how was Netflix paying you I had I I was completely brand new to internet marketing I knew nothing about the internet so all these terms that he was saying was completely confusing me but exciting me at the same time and what caught my attention about that infomercial was uh Mark Victor Hansen in particular because I had just seen him on stage uh a couple of months prior so that's what caught my attention and then he was the one interviewing the I think Anthony was in his 20s at the time um so that's what CAU my attention I was like why is the kid not interviewing Mark Victor Hansen why is Mark Victor Hansen interviewing this young kid um so that's what caught my attention and that's pretty much how it all started uh but it did take me a while to figure things out again I was completely new when I first started I even you know I didn't know where to get started to the point that the the course that actually changed uh my life was something as simple they had videos as simple as how to buy a domain and where to buy a domain um that's how much of a a newbi I was when I first started I knew nothing uh but it took me four years to figure it all out okay so I just want you guys to take uh you know a good look at how much time that is all right an entire College uh you know career college education is equivalent to how long it took me to figure it out all right so if you're a year into it two years into it three years into it uh do not give up that's the one uh big thing that I want you guys to walk away from with this intro is do not give up regardless even if you're five years into it uh as or even more if as long as you continue pushing forward you don't give up uh you learn from your mistakes you will figure it out all right uh and since then over the last 10 years from 2014 to 20 24 I've actually sold over $12 million worth of different products and services online all right so uh thanks I stuck with it and it has paid off okay and lately I've been heavily focused on AI as well as you know just about everyone out there I'm sure a lot of you on here are focused on AI and that's what we're going to talk about today okay uh specifically um how to put money in your pocket right pretty much uh now a quick backstory on how the this AI side hustle came about uh was uh by me coming across this gentleman here called Joel sarcus and he's actually the brains behind AI side hustle uh now many of you have probably never heard of him you've never seen him you've never heard his name uh because he is you know he he doesn't uh you know work uh in our circles in the JV Zoo Circle in uh Warrior plus Circle ClickBank Circle he is just uh a guy out there who's running his full-time business where he uh you know offers products and services to small businesses uh and then he also has um his course where he teaches people how to do the same thing uh but the way that I came across him was you know pretty unique uh I was actually looking for offers to promote uh using postcards so by mailing uh uh physical actual postcards in the mail and I was looking for an offer to promote and I came across his offer uh and I actually sent him an email and to my surprise he replied to me directly and um you know he we spoke on the phone for a good I think 30 45 minutes got to know each other we spoke about what he does what I do uh he told me about the AI side house a little bit more and I'm like man this sounds you know really good it sounds like something that I can uh help bring to more people so that more people can get results because I I told I have a lot of customers personally that have purchased my U AI software and I know a lot of them would like to uh know exactly how they can uh make money with them and the his entire system is completely unique as well which is why I'm excited to be on here and and telling you about this all right uh so what you guys are here for is to see the three-step AI side hustle uh which shows you how to average $ 27,1 128 per month providing simple services that you can fulfill with AI in a matter of minutes all right so give me a two in the chat box if that's exactly why you are here that's what got your attention and you're excited to jump into this and if you're on here by accident but uh you are reading this slide and that got you excited give me a three if you just on here by accident all right perfect so tons of twos on uh coming in yeah uh for some reason I think I put the T the time incorrectly uh so it's actually happening now not two hours from now so uh thanks for bring uh coming on here either way all right so uh yeah that's exactly what I like to what we're going to be covering as you guys know anytime I uh start off uh a live session I want to make a big promise uh and then towards the end I Circle back and make sure that I did fulfill on that promise okay so this is the big promise uh but on top of that uh this is going to be at zero cost to you uh there's no experience required no cold calling required uh actually zero hard sales experience needed all right so you don't have to be like a used car salesman uh to make this work and there's no technical experience needed as well okay everything is provided to you okay plus uh we'll also be talking about uh a the exact location of Joe's Fountain of clients that are asking to pay someone today and that's what I think really differentiates this from probably any other course that you've seen is that you're not going to be chasing clients you're not going to be uh scraping for clients you're not going to be going and meeting clients in person none of that stuff uh you're going to pretty much be going to where clients are already asking to pay someone they're telling you how much they want to pay for it and exactly what they need done and then you'll be able to get those uh clients um uh to to hire you okay so ai ai side hustle in nutshell is a proven method with uh $81,300 in verified sales in the last three months alone all from providing simple AI services and I'll show you uh some of that proof here in the next few slides uh like I said there's no previous experience acquired everything is revealed inside this blueprint with all the exact resources that Joe uses so everything is literally copy and paste uh you can deploy the entire system in a matter of days and then run it with only a few hours per week and bring in an extra four to five figures per month okay and many of you have probably heard me say many times before that uh if you really want to make some quick cash uh one of the fastest ways to make money is to go out there and and offer products and services to to small businesses or local businesses uh that's easily one of the fastest ways that you can uh get a payment um in your into your business okay uh and the beautiful thing about this as well is that it's truly an AI side hustle because I know many of you on here are probably still working your 9 to5 uh you probably have kids you probably have you know your your weekly routine uh and you only have a specific number of hours in that week uh to take care of all of your uh you know all of your main responsibilities while you work on uh you know trying to break away from uh your 9-5 job or from your current business business or whatever it may be to build something uh on your own that you can then uh take to the next level so this uh is the perfect uh true side hustle that you can take advantage of which can turn into a full-time uh business as well okay and like I said zero hard selling required zero colde calling required and you actually don't even have to use your phone at all if you don't want to uh because we will be revealing the entire method for quickly finding hundreds of clients per day that are a actively asking to pay someone to perform specific four figure services for them okay uh we'll show you the exact services and the niches that we recommend that you stick to that yield the highest profit with the fastest turnaround time so that you have even better chances for fast faster results we show you the exact dummy proof process to uh actually land these clients uh so you can have full control of how much profit you'd like to make uh we show you the exact AI tools that we use to fulfill these services at record speed so you can quickly uh get even more clients and much much more everything is laid out uh step by step so going back to the question if uh someone was asking if we're going to be showing a software that requires credits uh the answer to that is uh no uh because um Joe does show you uh exactly how which tools he uses and all of the tools that he uses to fulfill the services are free okay uh so or many of you that are on here already have uh software that you can use to fulfill the services that we'll be talking about okay so that's the beautiful thing that uh you'll be able to either use the exact tools that Joe uses or use whatever you already have in Your Arsenal there's been a ton of amazing AI tools released over the last few months over the last year over the last couple of years that you can use and Implement with this okay because here's a cold hard truth all right finding and getting clients is hard right give me a three in the chat box if you can agree with this statement that finding and actually getting a client is hard yeah absolutely uh someone if this relates to copy there are many AI detectors out there can you address that with this uh great question this is not the uh session for that but uh I do have our bypass platform that turns your content into undetectable content but yeah they're uh we we'll we'll talk more about what the services are here in a bit okay uh so tons of Threes coming in perfect all right and if we're being honest all right it is really hard okay anyone anyone that tells you otherwise uh is either lying or has never actually gone through the process of Landing a client okay finding and closing clients is one of the hardest ways to make money online okay uh because first you have to find the clients which means you're either going to use lead scraper okay which most of them actually scrape leads from all the same places um or you're going to be cold calling all right which you have to grab your phone and start cold calling I mean if there was one thing that I completely uh you know just didn't dve with was cold calling I tried it for a couple of years and it was just oh man I was one of those people that would avoid going into I would go into my bedroom at the time when I was living with my mom to make cold calls I had a little desk in there and it was one of the things that I just detested with everything uh going in there and just like jumping on the phone and calling strangers okay that's one thing that I completely never uh you know I just never had it in me all right and another option is going to local meetups Chambers of Commerce happy hours Etc talk to actual local businesses in person uh and try and get them to hire you okay who actually wants to do that who wants to go out there and just uh you know try and get local businesses to hire you in person okay and that's not even talking about uh getting the clients clients to actually buy your services okay for that part of the equation you need to convince them why they need your service sell yourself as being the best person to perform that job for them be really good at sales learn or already know how to overcome objections okay I remember when I was doing a cold call sales over the phone I mean uh the amount of uh sales training that I list listen to and I went to in person which is where I saw Mark Victor Hansen on stage uh it was an entire uh seminar live seminar about the sales process and there's s such an art to overcoming objections but again I just never uh got a h a handle on it okay you also know how and when to go for the clothes or hard clothes to get them to actually buy okay you got to be able to pick up those little uh signs that okay boom this person is ready to purchase uh let me go ahead and move forward pull out the paperwork you know Slide the pen over all those little things that you do to go for the clothes okay again the these are uh that that thing that for me is exhausting okay just reading uh that process or hearing about it or remembering me actually doing it uh it just makes me feel exhausted and and I know there might be one or two of you on here that enjoys that and it just excites you but I'm not that person and I know many of the people people on here uh are like that as well okay however uh just because that process is hard uh doesn't mean that it can't happen fast okay I still stick to the statement I said before this that uh getting um uh one of the fastest ways to make money is actually learning with uh dealing with clients okay because it can happen really really fast uh and just because it's hard it doesn't mean that it's not one of the most profitable strategies that you can deploy as well okay sometimes when your back is against the wall um you you have to pick up that phone you have to make those phone calls you have to go for the hard cloth okay um and collecting a four to five figure check from a local client again it might be hard but it can literally happen in a matter of days okay I remember uh one of the first clients that I ever got uh was a $500 per month uh video ranking client okay it was a a lady out of New York she was in the health industry uh and she wanted me to help her with a um to racking a few videos and and that was it was actually a referral that a friend of mine uh sent me uh so that conversation was a little bit easier uh but I was able to get her to uh sign up for my services and again it was uh still nerve-wracking for me because I still had to do that sales process still had to you know talk to her um but I made it happen and from the moment that uh I got the referral to the moment that I received uh the first payment was literally a matter of days uh so yeah it was nerve-wracking but I was stunned at how quickly I got a $500 payment and for me at the time this was uh easily like 201122 $500 to me at that time uh was amazing and she ended up paying me $500 a month uh I think for easily about uh six to eight months or so so in total it was a good three to $4,000 that I made from her uh and to this day she will you know sing the Praises for me because I got her videos ranked okay so not only did uh I get paid but I delivered on uh that service so uh again uh I know that that sales process is exhausting but sometimes you got to do what you got to do uh and make it happen so that you can collect those checks okay uh however uh what if it didn't have to be this hard okay what if we showed you a process to land for to five riger clients uh that was both easy and fast okay I'm talking about a proven strategy where you do not have to use a Lea scraper you do not H do not have to do any code calling you do not have to go to any meetups you do not have to be good at sales you do not have to close clients you do not have to do any hard selling at all all right does that sound better for you guys give me a four in the chat box yeah someone's saying painful uh I rather send a postcard uh that is the code to uh help newbies that is the code to crack to help newbies uh yeah absolutely trust me I I I am on the same boat with you guys when it comes to the sales process all right which is why I I'm excited for the AI side hustle because it completely flips everything on its head okay uh we're going to show you exactly where you can find hundreds of clients every day who are actively asking for someone to provide specific services for them okay um and we're going to show you how you can turn those clients into big paydays like this uh where you can see that Joe cleared uh $2,613 in the first month of 2024 imagine that guys a brand new year and starting off the year with um pretty much more than the average uh income in the US okay $52,000 in a single month okay that is an amazing way to start the month or you know here is uh what he made in November $2,986 uh and here's a really really good one for you guys all right imagine if you can finally take an entire month off okay and still be able to make $5,784 all right and Joe actually didn't want uh to include this uh because he's like yeah you know in in December I asked him I was like all look please send me uh your the the income that you've made over the last six months so I can uh use that uh for customers and he didn't want to send me uh December because he look I took December off uh so I didn't really make much I didn't work at all uh and he still made 5,7 $5 I like no please send me that okay because I know he's been doing this for a while so 5,000 bucks might not be a lot for him especially when you don't work an entire month uh but I know for many of you uh $5,784 an additional income to whatever you know you're doing at your full-time job or your other business an extra $5,784 in a month what is absolute lifechanging I know when I first was starting out that $500 payment that I received ceed from that first client that was life-changing for me and you know making that uh being able to get that same payment for six to eight months straight uh was complete lifechanging for me at the time I think that was like half my rent all right so it was it was complete lifechanging for me so I wanted to make sure I included this because he took the entire month off and still made $ 5,785 all right uh and then here's uh $ 29,6 $640 $40 that he made in August of last year then 50,000 in July uh and $ 4,867 in June okay uh and if you average all of that out it comes out to $ 27,1 128 per month even though uh he took an entire month off which means that you can scale this system as high or as low as you want uh as you can see you know his income boom if he wants to make more he can turn it up uh and hit 50,000 if he wants to you know take some times off you know he uh can do just 29,000 and if he wants to take an entire month off he'll do 5,000 all right so that's the beautiful thing about this system is that you can scale it up or scale it down as much as you want uh because it's truly something that you know you can tap into uh anytime you need uh some quick payments or if you want to just go all in focus on it and make it a full-time business uh you can as well okay uh and we've streamlined everything into a simple proven repeatable three-step process uh step one is to use the proven source for quickly finding and getting clients that are asking to have simple Services completed for them all right so in Step In Step In Step number one you're going to learn how uh Joe quickly gets uh clients to pay him between $300 to $3,000 for jobs that you can quickly fulfill with AI at Z cost to you okay so not only are you uh going to clients that are ready to pay you but you have no uh cost on your end okay because you're going to be using AI to fulfill this and the AI that Joe uses is all free okay so instead of having to chase clients or cold call clients or do any sort of hard selling uh Joe will provide you with the exact uh location of where you can find hundreds of clients and I we actually be going through some of that here on this call just to kind of give you an overview okay uh and step number two is you follow the exact step-by-step process and tools that uh Joe uses to fulfill the orders quickly with AI and again this is the probably the easiest part of the process and most of you already have all the AI tools that You' need to fulfill these orders so that makes it even simpler and if you have something better than what Joe uses that's even better and gives you an additional Advantage as well because again there has been so many amazing AI tools that have hit the market lately that there's a good chance you may have a tool in Your Arsenal that's better quicker and more effective than what Joe will be showing you okay so feel free to tap into those tools that you already have as well okay um yeah and and even the best part as well is that when you're using these tools properly it will literally take you within minutes to complete the job uh that uh to complete the order with AI so that you can quickly move on to the next job okay uh and that's the the the best part about this as well is that the the actual fulfillment only takes a matter of minutes uh which is why is such a an amazing process that that can fit into uh your current lifestyle your current schedule your current routine uh so that you can bring in some additional profit into your uh into your bank account okay and step three is to deliver the project to your client and get paid obviously the best part excuse me the best part uh for last right uh so let's go ahead and jump into some specifics all right I'm going to kind of break this down for you show you some examples so if you haven't been paying attention right now is the time to jump over to the computer uh because I'm going to give you a bit of a better breakdown of exactly how this works all right so let me exit out of this full screen here let me open up this whiteboard all right so this is how this process works all right um here is the Hub where we're going to be uh getting the clients from okay and inside this Hub there's a bunch of clients hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of clients that are asking to have Services performed for them okay um now who thinks they can guess where these clients are coming from not using Fiverr no we're not using Fiverr all right although there we do use a in the course you'll see that uh there's a Twist where you can use Fiverr to do the Fulfillment for you uh if it's something that is a little bit too advanced for AI to do because sometimes you'll come across a client that needs something that's just a little bit too advanced for AI uh but you feel like you can still land that job and you can still find someone to fulfill that for you you can apply for the job get hired and then you go to Fiverr and find the person person that does that for you so there's a little bit of Arbitrage there as well uh there's a kind of a part of the training where Joe covers that uh because again although the the the the main course is fulfilling with AI if you have the skill sets or something else that that AI uh that can't be done with AI you can still take on some of those jobs as well so it's this strategy is very versatile all right so yeah uh who got it Tim got it all right we are tapping into upwork okay now many of you might think that upwork um is you know a place where you just go hire people but in fact there's an entire section on there where there are uh clients asking uh to have Services performed for them okay uh and that's and they're on there they're they tell you exactly what they want how much they're willing to pay for it uh and all of that okay uh now of course there are some things that you need to do to set yourself up properly uh which is one big uh part uh that Joe walks you through is how to set up your profile properly so that uh you know you can get hired for these jobs okay uh he uh we cover the templates as well uh he'll give you the templates on setting up your profile setting up your resume and templates on reaching out to these clients so that you can ensure that you're the one that gets hired okay now again there are uh some of you on here that you know this is probably the first time you're hearing that using upwork to find jobs instead of uh hire clients okay uh and for the longest time I thought the same thing that all right upwork is where you go to you know find people to work for you all right so now let me go ahead and kind of show you some examples of how that works all right so if you're in inside here inside of upwork uh there's a tab here that says find work all right uh now you can do come here and say best matches most recent uh you can also go and Target just us only all right uh or you can come here and actually search uh for jobs all right uh now inside the course uh Joe uh had has five different niches that he recommends you guys uh focus with uh focus on that gets the best results and you can most likely fulfill it with AI all right but you can come on here and start searching for uh different things now I'll just do uh you know a simple one website website design just to give you guys an example all right now one thing that you can do here several things all right you can do uh narrow down the experience level to entry level or intermediate okay uh you can also do uh filter it down to us only and down here all right and you can see look at if I zoom into some of these some of these were posted 18 minutes ago nine minutes ago okay 52 minutes ago posted one hour ago posted two hours ago three hours ago okay uh and someone is saying uh rubbish they hire experienced Freelancers with history and reviews that is a great uh I'm glad that you brought that up okay uh because that is a good point okay but that's not the case all right how many uh obviously there's going to be some people on here who hire uh people that do have uh history and reviews but do you think that when the people that the people that have history and reviews you think that they always had uh uh reviews and histories no they had to start somewhere okay so uh everyone on here that starts at upw workk starts at zero okay they start at the at the very beginning even this person and it goes both ways as well all right there's going to be Freelancers uh are people providing services on here that don't want to work with someone like this look they spent zero money okay so there's going to be all the experience the people with reviews they're not going to go after this okay this this this person has no History either so it works both ways all right and what I did here as well I don't think I covered it but um here you can filter by less than five proposals so that gives you a bit of an edge to be able to be one of the first people to get the foot in the door um and and land these jobs but you can see here okay again zero uh spent uh Wix expert we are looking for a skilled Wix expert to help us recreate and optimize our website uh all right Wix doesn't um AI I don't believe really works with wigs too well uh but again you can come here and do something like uh and I don't want to give away too much of uh the course but there's specific uh niches that you can focus on but let's do something like uh AI voice over as an example okay because um let's see what let's T off us only all right so here are some jobs for AI voice over all right us female voiceover artist for a demo video all right urgent requirement all right there's been less than five people who have applied for this and this is an urgent requirement voiceover artist needed for a demo explanation video about an AI software solution an AI generated voiceover is readily available uh in the video as reference for the artist all right so this one looks like a good option there they've already spent some money um all right but there you can see how many look this one was posted nine hours ago posted yesterday posted yesterday posted yesterday all right and I think for the web website design one I mean there was a bunch of people on here uh posting all right minutes ago me look this one minute three minutes ago all right um so that is uh pretty much where you're going to be able to find the clients and obviously there is a little bit more uh uh strategies on what Joe uses what services he focuses on uh because he knows that he already has the software tools to um fulfill those Services okay um so that's pretty much the the a bit of a quick nutshell of how uh the AI side hustle works all right it's pretty much you being able to find uh those clients that are um ready and willing and look some of them saw uh one of person was urgently looking looking for someone to uh purchase their services uh instead of you know you urgently trying to close a client all right uh because that's that's a bit of a better scenario right give me a four in the chat box uh if that's a better scenario for you where you are uh you know approaching uh a potential client that urgently needs to hire someone uh than you know having to you urgently trying to close a client yeah absolutely uh oh someone is saying I'm sold can I get the buy link all right um Let me let me cover a few more things uh and then we will uh get that over to you all right because there is uh you know you guys always know that we do go above and beyond uh for this all right um let me see I saw some questions coming in someone is saying I'm just grateful it is not freelancer Mike uh yes you can reach out to me and then all right Marcus is asking what type of upwork uh what upwork account should I be creating great question uh we actually cover all of that exactly how to create your account inside of the course uh and Joe walks you through that whole process all right uh so this is pretty awesome right we I wanted to show you guys give you a bit of a sneak peek of exactly uh what this is all right and this is actually the easiest side hustle that you'll ever come across uh for quickly profiting four to five figures with the AI tools that you already have access to okay um because again inside the course he shows he he's going to tell you which uh niches he recommends focusing on so that you can get the best results based on the tools that he uses to fulfill those Services okay now some of you might be wondering why should I trust that your strategy will work for me what makes it different okay and I already kind of covered a bit of that but I'll kind of recap it again okay the entire process is based on a simple easy to follow copy and paste process uh nothing that uh Joe does as complicated uh because me and Joe both are not techsavvy or graphically gifted all right and that's the beautiful thing about artificial intelligence it allows people who never had the a specific skill skill set to be able to tap into a uh you know an engine that does have that skill set and be able to do that for us okay and the entire process is also based around non salesy strategies okay we like getting results fast and we know that you guys do too so the entire client getting strategy is based around getting our first sale within a matter of days okay and we also do not Chase clients okay you saw there was people urgently waiting wanting to hire people on that one listing that we saw okay you know there's no need to chase clients uh when you're doing it the way that Joe covers okay uh and he has truly mastered this simple AI s side hustle game okay and and the client selection and fulfillment process is also as simple as it gets uh Joe leverages AI software to complete to quickly complete the jobs uh and all you guys have to do is just deliver the jobs to the clients uh and you're literally just the middleman between the client and the AI okay because as much as we know about Ai and how much is available to us the majority of the world out there you tell them AI all they think about is Chad gbt AI Chad gbt AI or robots AI or you know all these different other the different things many local business businesses small businesses out there have very little knowledge about the true potential of AI uh many people out there don't know that you know you can go from text to video from text to voice over with AI many people don't know that you they can clone their voices with AI the majority of the world out there still knows very little about AI the only thing that they know is chat GPT because chat GPT is what's been all over the news okay it's but it's what's been uh adopted mostly as a household name uh but most people have no idea of the true potential that you guys have access to with the other software that you guys have access to which is what uh allows us to tap into that and and put more profit in our pocket all right uh so the in summary the entire strategy is built so that you have the highest probability of getting results with the AI side hustle blueprint okay and obviously you guys need an actual road map uh yes I showed you that you know upwork is where uh you know we uh get the clients from uh but you guys need the actual road map how to put the pieces together uh like Marcus was asking how to set up your account which account should you set up how to set up your profile what to include in your profile how to reach out to the clients okay uh so all of the all of these uh different pieces uh is what make up the road map to allow you to get success and that's what's laid out for you ins AI side hustle everything is there uh how to set up your profile uh what to include in your profile the templates uh you know you can use the exact template and just tweak it a little bit to your own personality if you want to uh you know the the template to reaching out to the clients everything is covered in there so that there's no guesswork okay you just follow exactly how it is okay uh now some of you may also be wondering um can this get saturated okay but look at that you guys saw minutes mere look nine seconds this one just posted nine seconds ago 27 seconds ago 44 seconds look as you know have been talking there's been what like a dozen more uh postings in here maybe more look 12 minutes 13 minutes so within you know the matter of me talking over the last few minutes there's been even more jobs being posted on here so uh there are hundreds upon hundreds of jobs uh being posted on there every single day okay uh and now let's cut to the next most important question going through your mind right now how much is it to get access to this stepbystep blueprint okay uh so let me quickly kind of cover everything that you're going to be getting so that you're absolutely crystal clear on what you're going to be getting once you get access to this okay so first and foremost this is a stepbystep a toz guidance on how to successfully launch launch the AI side hustle for yourself uh and Joel literally covers everything you're going to get the exact strategies used to get clients again we're not talking scraping cold calling or any of that stuff this is pure client getting gold where clients are already ready to pay you uh how to properly talk to the clients to ensure that uh they know you're the right person for the job they're wanting to have done and we're not talking to them over the phone it's all done with your keyboard okay obviously if you do want to pick up the phone and talk to them if that's your style you can do that but if you prefer to do text or keyboard that is uh you know more of my style as well all the templates used uh to get all your jobs closed quickly and efficiently we're leaving nothing to chance we want to ensure that you have everything you need to get results okay uh you're GNA how to make sure you close clients with uh Joe's 75% closing ratio even though we're not really doing doing any hard selling okay you're not doing any hard selling and uh you're still being able to get 75% close ratio however uh we will be showing you some simple techniques to make sure that these clients pay you for the services uh that you're wanting to have done and that goes back to that other uh question that someone was saying no that these people only hire people with reviews and uh and history okay that's where all of this comes into play because again um everyone that starts on there doesn't start with an immediate profile with a bunch of reviews and a bunch of History you have to work your way there okay uh you're going to get full support from Joel himself to make sure that you do get your first sale so he is available uh and he again when I emailed him he personally was the one that emailed me back okay how Joe uh has scaled this to $250,000 uh in the last six months and that's with taking the entire month of December off guys to enjoy the holidays imagine that imagine being able to jump into this ai ai side hustle today and by December of this year being able to do what Joe did and take the entire month of December off uh just imagine that being able to uh fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with your family with your friends uh and just know that you can bounce back in January and do a $50,000 month okay to start the year like Joe did all right he took the entire month off and then said you know what now it's time to get back to work 52,000 to start off the year okay so that's uh the beautiful thing about this is that you can turn it up turn it down uh as as you'd like all right he's going to give you the best niches to focus on to give you the best and most profitable results uh these are also the best niches that will allow you to quickly leverage AI to maximize your profit how to properly set up your all the accounts needed to deploy these strategies this is super easy it only takes minutes to complete and there's probably a good chance that you have these accounts set up already okay you just never known how to properly use them to make big profit fast uh and the the all the videos and everything is compatible so that you can watch it either on desktop or mobile so that you can go through this course as quickly as possible and be on your way to collecting your first payment okay uh now specifically this is what's included so module one what you need to get started module two a quick overview of how the process works module three setting up your accounts module four revealing the funds and of clients that are ready to pay you I kind of already touched on that but he goes in a little bit more detail uh module five the six niches that um Joe recommends focusing on to maximize your profits module six uh the exact AI tools that he uses to fulfill the services that you'll be offering okay uh now talk about awesome right Joe has truly created one one of the most complete brints that anyone can follow based off real case studies and over eight years of experience okay uh plus when you secure your account today you'll also be securing some exclusive limited time bonuses uh that I personally had to tell Joe hey look no let's include that uh because again he doesn't he doesn't really sell uh this um in a public forum like this okay uh so he's uh you know I I had to tell them look we really had to Pro uh step up the value and and really give make sure people uh go above and beyond with the value okay so uh bonus number one is the exact proposal templates uh so that closing and getting paid is a breeze uh so this bonus alone uh allows you to really hit the ground running and eliminates all guess work when it comes to getting clients uh remember that the entire strategy is based around going after clients that are asking to have Services completed for them and part of that process process is reaching out to them these clients and ensuring that your message stands out okay so with these proven templates you will be able to stand stand out and these are the exact same templates that allow Joe to have a 75% closing ratio and I'm sure that many of you on here can agree that he could have sold this as its own upgrade okay the his exact proposal templates and that's you that's usually what he does when he sells this on his own he sells this as a separate upgrade okay um you're also going to get the exact chat GPT prompts that Joe uses to Skyrocket his profit even more okay so this entire AI side hustle is all around how to use AI to quickly land big paydays right uh so in the spirit of that uh we also wanted to show you how we use chat GPT to Skyrocket your profit even more uh and in fact Joe will be giving you the exact prompt that he uses to customize his template proposals to really remove all limits to your profits all right so in this bonus uh Joe will be walking you through a real example of how uh he'd reach out to a client and how to customize his message uh to them using chat GPT and some very specific prompts that he uses himself to again make sure that his message stands out because I'll be honest there will be other people reaching out to these clients uh and which is one of the reasons that I put uh less than five proposals so that we can be one of the first few people you can also up it to five to 10 so that you can be one of the first people in the door and when you're following the templates when you're following these edit uh prompts that is what is going to allow you to stand out okay and here is bonus number three that really ties it all together as well is Joe's exact resume template that he uses to set himself up as the expert and Skyrocket your conversions even more uh because again the I forgot who it was that said that um you know that people hire uh people with reviews and history but people also hire uh based on the resume and what's on your uh profile so you may not have uh good reviews or or any history but if you have your resume set up properly there are uh businesses out there clients out there that understand okay there are people that are just getting started on upw workk let me give them a chance uh and part of that is making sure that your resume is set up properly uh so in this bonus um Joe is GNA give you the exact resum template so that instead of leaving it uh to chance and you having to write up your resume yourself Joel decided to provide you with the exact resumΓ© template uh that again uh he uses to help him land 75 % of the clients that he reaches out to okay uh and this bonus can easily mean the difference between Landing a client and not okay and when we're talking about a potential $300 job this is totally worth it okay um so again each individual bonus of these we could have sold uh independently as its own upgrade okay uh so these are some amazing bonuses right give me a two in the chat box uh so man one of you many of you are already ready to purchase so uh let me go through this and I will uh get you that purchase L we only have a few more slides to go through uh but it's amazing to see how many of you are already asking for the link so let me go let me quickly go through this and then I'll get that over to you okay uh and of course we do have a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like it you guys know uh I'm one of the most reputable vendors out there I will give you a full refund if you're not happy with it no hesitation uh you're good to to go we part as friends okay uh but also there is more okay for those of you that are on here we do have a very special bundle deal for you guys uh so you will be getting uh our VIP recurring Revenue Services upgrade included in the bundle that we're about to cover right now uh so in this module specifically you'll be unlocking the exact formula for seamlessly upgrading uh CL cents to recurring services that have added over $10,000 per month in profit to Joel's business okay because it's great to make some quick four figure paydays but it's even better if those payments were recurring right yeah absolutely yeah bunch of you are are saying yes absolutely all right so that is upgrade number one uh in uh the VIP recurring Services upgrade you're going to get an A toz crash course on closing client on recurring Revenue Services that have added over $10,000 per month in profit you're going to get a copy of the exact website template that Joe uses to do this time and time again uh he covers everything on exactly how to add a recurring Revenue to your bottom line so that you can work less while still making a big profit uh how to get upwards of $55,000 for simple services from each client over time uh and you're going to get access to the exact SEO specialist who Joe uses to Outsource uh the Fulfillment for the recurring Revenue clients and again this uh requires zero hard selling uh zero C calling you're pretty much just guiding the clients into the next logical step uh and much much more Joe reveals absolutely everything all right he holds nothing back uh and upgrade uh number two is oh I got to change this the D for you scripts package okay and the done for you scripts package uh you'll be getting the exact phone text and email scripts that results in 90% of Joe students generating three times more profit in their first week all right and the beautiful thing about this is that again if you like picking up the phone you get scripts for that if you prefer to use text messages you get scripts for that if you prefer to use email you get scripts for that okay and again again uh the students that get this upgrade um get 90% of his uh 90% generate three times more profit okay uh and here you're going to learn how to close clients 10 times quicker by using the exact phone text and email scripts on average 90% of students who purchase this upgrade generated three times more within the first week all right you're going to get all of the scripts unlocked um and use the communication method that resonates most with your personality which is whether it's call text or email and he covers everything on exactly how to talk to these clients so that you can work less while still making a Bak profits uh you'll pretty much learn how to talk to clients like a pro all right so now the million dooll question how much okay easily could have done 9.97 one or two clients that you get following the AI side hustle would more than pay for that 497 could have done that all day long you guys know that I'm a fan of 497 most of my stuff is usually 497 uh but today you can get access to this for 297 onetime payment but wait remember you guys are on here live so I do have a very very special deal for you guys all right something incredible uh so uh let's go ahead and jump into it all right it's a live VIP exclusive uh you're going to be able to use the coupon code side hustle for not an extra $50 off not an extra $100 off but an extra $150 off of the 297 okay not all not 150 off the 397 or 497 150 off of the 297 all right uh so that means you're going to get access to you know all the modules all the course uh all three bonus everything um the only one downside as you guys know and you you've seen this before in the past so you know you guys kind of already have an idea of how I work the downside is the price does go up by $10 automatically every 20 sales and from the moment you know that I started this talking about this uh there's been many of you that are ready to purchase so I will have to increase this uh right away I can tell you that right now so I'm going to go ahead and make this the first 40 people because just from how many people are asking for the link already after I just kind of gave the overview I'm going to make this 40 but you do have to uh give me some time to edit that uh before because if not it's going to sell out and then some people are going to start uh paying 10 bucks more okay so let me go ahead and put the link in the chat box now or let me know if you're ready to purchase give me link in the chat box uh while I up that number to 40 and while I grab the link for you guys so Post in the chat box uh link and give me a few seconds so that I can make these changes all right and guys this is going to sell out and it will be um going up every uh for the first 40 sales all right all right this is oh man someone is in already I haven't even posted the link someone is in already all right so let me go ahead and send this to you guys let me post it in the chat box as well all right and uh the Phantom is asking what are we selling today all right so you must have just jumped in all right uh give me a second someone was asking there's a bunch of questions coming in uh someone is asking why isn't Joe part of the webinar great question he is uh on the west coast uh in California and he was out of town so I think he got home at like 1:00 a.m uh eastern time um so uh I think he was traveling all day today and I've been trying to text him all morning and I think he's just crashed at out he's completely uh completely passed out he lives believe in Southern California [Music] somewhere there's a bunch of questions coming in so there was one in particular all right so there's a ton coming in oh here it goes all right link is in the chat box yes it is in the chat box all right I just sent it again there are there have been some people that have already gotten [Music] in I'm going to send it again all right yes someone is asking a good question are there any upgrades yes uh we do have two upgrades to the bundle and I did that on purpose and I'll explain to you why here in the next uh few minutes so upgrade number one is a special offer for d for you Suite 5.0 okay now this is the perfect extension to our upgrade number one because in upgrade number one we show you how to convert your one-time customers into recurring SEO clients okay and D for you site is our powerful platform that uh where we will build high quality black links for your clients for you so that you can maximize your recurring profit okay so combining AI side hustle with dumper you Suite will make sure that you can confidently collect recurring Revenue using the strategies that we cover in upgrade number one okay so one of the main Serv recurring services that we offer in the in the upgrade number one is SEO services and a big part of that is proper back linking okay uh so inside of D for you Suite we will build 2.0 links for your clients private blog Network links for your clients week links we'll even build local citations for your clients Google Map embeds uh for local rankings YouTube embeds for FAST video rankings and much much more so this is the perfect fit so that you can confidently deploy the strategies that we teach you in L1 and then all you have to do is log in to dump you Suite submit their keywords submit their URL and we will do the backlinking for them plus all you got to do is put down a $1 trial and then um $47 a month thereafter and you guys get to keep whatever you charge above to your clients okay so if you're charging your clients 300 a month 500 a month a thousand a month um that's it you you guys get to keep all of that okay so that's upgrade number one upgrade number two is a special offer for PR scribe uh now this is going to be one of our newest AI platforms that we just released which is PR scribe uh now we've put together a powerful press releasee AI writer to write all of your press releases for you now press releases is one of our favorite strategies that we use in our ranking method to get some powerful backlinks to shoot our sites to page one within the first month uh however finding and hiring someone to write press releases for you is a huge pain in the ass so we've decided to build a custom AI engine that will write perfect press releases for you and for your clients that will be ready to be distributed okay uh so on upwork uh and other platforms or even your existing clients being able to offer high quality press release uh Services uh is a very profitable Service uh and being able to use our platform to fulfill that uh is the perfect combination so this gives you an additional service that you can offer to your clients uh and have ai done for you all right and if there's one thing that most uh small businesses and local clients can wrap their head around is press releases you talk to a local business about press releases like hey look are you having a um an Easter sale are you having uh a a summer sale are you having a fall sale let's write a press release let's get it out there okay you can offer these services to your clients and be like hey look look well not only will we take care of uh writing the press release for you but we will distribute that press release for you okay um so this gives you an additional upsell that you can have to your clients and charge them you know 200 uh 400 whatever it may be because if there's one thing that is really really pricey for uh clients out there is press releases and with PR writer you can offer them a high quality service uh at prices that no one else can compete with because you have PR Rider okay now the main reason that I set this up like this is because many times uh a lot of uh people on here already have have Dum for youu and you already have uh PR scribe so this gives you the option to uh get uh the full AI side hustle bundle at a huge discount okay uh so not only you get 297 minus 150 you can get it right now for 147 bucks onetime payment and then you have the option to get D for youu 5.0 and PR subcribe uh this is I think right now at $47 onetime payment and this is just a $1 trial and then 47 a month so you have those options uh and again uh the first 40 people do get it at the best possible price uh and then after that the uh it does start to go up uh to you know 10 bucks every 20 sales all right uh don't see the link for the oh someone is in looks like at least uh oh a bunch of people are in so Tatiana is in Kurt is in Mike is in uh someone listed as Josh test is in in two people listed as Josh test is in three people listed as Josh test is in uh awesome PayPal failed Dennis give it another try how about the update uh upsells you probably mean yeah so I just covered that I am in what is the Otto I just covered that perfect John is in Mark is in Lauren is in awesome guys so make sure you get in it looks like the first 40 people are going to sell out just like it usually does okay um Paul is in uh some PayPal is failing for some people that's probably because there's a good amount of people trying to get in right now let me just confirm let me do it here live so once you go to the link uh the discount is going to be automatically applied you can see the C the code there gets automatically applied for you guys um so let let me see if this works here just to confirm everything is working fine yep so I could log in there so it seems to be working fine so if PayPal is not working for you uh make sure that you do uh give it another try yeah so that is the link Garfield yeah it is for 147 okay this is this so it gets this the link in the chat box gets you $150 off all right so Lauren is saying it failed at first but went through after a couple of tries so yeah there's a bunch of you trying to get in right now um so that's probably what's uh what's going on so if it doesn't work the first time give it another go okay just making [Music] sure all right another person listed as Josh test is in Garfield is asking what's the bonus there was a bunch of bonuses okay uh so we have you're going to get the exact uh proposal templat all right so that you can close clients quickly uh and easily all right this makes sure that there's no guesswork when it comes to reaching out to this to these clients uh to that make sure that you are the one that gets hired you're going to get the exact chat GPT prompts that Joe uses to Skyrocket his profit even more and use it to um uh customize his templates so that he really stands out uh and the exact resume template that uh he uses to set himself apart as the expert all right uh because again someone was asking hey don't people just on their hire only people that have um experience and history uh and yeah that is true to a certain degree but there are people out there who will hire someone uh who may not have reviews or uh or history but you have a great resume your your profile is set up properly and then when you reach out to them you reach out to them in a in a way that stands out okay um that is what separates this from yeah you know you guys just going out there and try and figure it out of course if uh you guys go out there create a profile upwork and try to start reaching out to this clients there's a good chance most of you are not going to land any jobs because you're just out there trying to wing it okay but when you follow exactly how Joe does it uh he will uh you know he shows you exactly how to set everything up all right uh relent RP PRS is asking if I'm live yes I am here live all right perfect Bridget is saying thank you Joshua love your sessions and appreciate your time uh Sharif is asking how's it different from the middleman program I haven't gone through the middleman program uh but I think that one is it talks about a different uh platform that he uses cuz yeah Joe Joe is all about side hustle so uh he he lands jobs on um on upwork he has other platforms that he uses as well um he also told me that he just uh put together a YouTube uh course as well so uh he does a lot of stuff um you know himself you'll go out there and just start doing a bunch of side hustles uh and then you know he that's pretty much his business he's just he's a side Hustler oh Rico is asking for the link he just arrived here you go Rico that is uh right now $150 off uh for the first 40 people oh and it looks like the first 40 are gone okay uh but there's a bunch of you still on here so give me a second uh Jack just said that he that the price went up give me a second let me go ahead and up this all right I'm going to up it for another 20 people all right and then that's it from there the price will start to go up okay uh wise low is saying that the PayPal is failing all right yeah it looks like there's a good amount that's why that's why I'm increasing it so let me actually increase it to 30 30 more people all right so 30 more people will be able to get it at the initial $150 off and then after that the price will start to go up to 157 167 177 187 it'll be going up 10 bucks every 20 Sales Joe [Music] dun here you go Mike is saying you are awesome very generous thank you very much npia is in awesome oh look that's a great uh suggestion from Maurice Maurice says if you close the PayPal window and reopen it you can get in so it seems like the initial uh the initial PayPal window will probably fail because there's a bunch of you trying to get in at the same time but if you close it and reopen it it will work uh elas is saying I don't see the chat exactly where you posted the chat there is two options there's I think there's one that says questions and one that says chat I just posted the link where the chat option goes so I'll put it here is the chat box uh awesome re relent PRS uh is in oh Steve Harris awesome thank you for putting your name there Steve uh sharifa is asking what's the coupon code the coupon code is side hustle it's automatically applied for you once you check out here you go uh probably a little hard to see let me so if you go to the link in the chat box it automatically puts it in there for you if you remove this so make sure you don't remove that because the init the uh actual price is 297 all right but if you put side Hustle for those of you that are on here live 147 okay now the first uh look at at least uh 50 or 55 people have already picked it up because the price did go up but I had to edit it so uh there's about I would say 15 to 20 more spots left at uh this price before it starts to go up by 10 bucks okay uh no login email as of yet okay give it a few it might take a few minutes to get sent to you if not we'll get you taken care of right after yeah it's I mean this bundle is amazing Tim is saying thanks for the really special 147 bundle deal yeah absolutely and guys I just want you guys to promise me that you will go through this course you will follow it you will implement it and let me know as soon as you get that first client okay I really wan to uh you know be uh uh your best supporter your best um you know cheerleader all right Mike is saying going through it today awesome yeah waste no time at all the the way that Joe puts together his training they're all very bite-size videos as well so you can go through them very very fast all right let's see if there's any other questions I know there was a bunch before so I'm going to scroll up and see if there's any how do you deliver Digital Services to a client so all of that is covered in the course all right how many people on Joe's team how long has he been doing this for I believe he's been doing it for about eight years not sure exactly how many people are on his team um but I know he's been doing this for for a bit and one one good thing as well that he uh he mentioned is that uh his he let his you know he taught his brother how to do all of this as well and his brother was able to pay off all his student loans uh with this uh his mom does this as well and runs her full-time business she was able to quit her job uh so he's he's helped a lot of people uh outside of his own family as well to get results with this is there an agency license offer this is not a software so there is no licenses it's just access to the course oh that's awesome Elena is saying every Josh in my life is a great person awesome I appreciate that I love you too yeah so someone is asked so we need a dedicated URL email or separate phone line if I don't want people to have my phone number or regular email cor yeah if if if you prefer to not uh you know speak to people directly on the phone or any of that stuff you can always use the the communication channels inside of upwork and keep everything on upwork uh yeah that that's the good thing as well is that upwork has a very easy to use communication uh engine in there so I missed something for Spanish people to understand all the course yeah trust me there there's there's always something inside of me that tells me that I should just go and start translating a lot of these courses into Spanish um to help you know a whole other range of people U but man there's just never enough time in the day you know Gary is saying did I miss the presentation uh yes Gary I think I did make a an error on the timing of goto webinar uh it was I think it was scheduled for two hours after it was actually supposed to be uh so yeah we we started about an hour and 15 minutes ago uh Burgess is asking how would this compare to legit Char yeah so it's a great question uh so it actually works very well in conjunction with that because they're they actually had a software with theirs uh that targets uh clients specifically with issues that they already have okay and this is more of clients asking to already have Services performed for them uh so they're both great U methods this one is just a little bit different where we're not reaching out to cold clients we're reaching out to warm clients that are asking to have Services performed for them they're telling you how much they're willing to pay for it uh and you know you just reach out to them uh with uh Joe's templates and all that awesome Steve thank you I appreciate the support uh sharifa is asking I'm just curious why this doesn't have an agency license included uh this is a mostly a training course uh so there is no agency license needed if you're referring to maybe the upgrades uh so done for you Suite if you do pick up uh the upgrades done for you Suite so that is you do get agency access to that so you can submit your clients's um uh keywords and links to get ranked and press release uh PR scribe uh this it is the uh the agency level that you get access to so it should say it when you go to check out that is the agency license but the actual course there is no it's it's just the AI side hustle there is no software there the software that Joe covers in this course is all free software that you guys uh can sign up for okay or again it's it could be software that you already have access to okay uh bur is the same PR WR is a one time 47 o yes so this is 47 uh it's either 47 or 37 one of the two onetime payment yes uh someone is saying is this good for Fiverr as well so yeah I I do know that Fiverr has that uh option on there as well where um you know people can post uh op uh work jobs that they need uh what Joe covers in the course is pretty much how to Arbitrage how if uh if on upwork you see a listing that maybe is just a little bit too advanced still for AI to be able to fulfill it but you know that you can land that job you apply for it you land that job and then you find the person to fulfill that job for you on Fiverr so that's kind of how he uh uses Fiverr uh for this particular course but yeah if if if you want to go ahead and Target and go after uh people on Fiverr as well yeah that can work Yeah Tim is saying uh wow I didn't know that upwork provides internal contact communication yeah absolutely they have a great uh system even the payments uh when you guys collect your payments all all of that is done inside of upward they make it very simple uh PR rer how many press releases can you do monthly so with this uh with this onetime offer that we have uh you're you're going to be able to do 10 total press releases uh with this um with this level and then if you do want more we you know we do have the option for you to purchase more inside of the uh of the members area uh but again each press release you can charge just for writing the press release you can charge 10000 $300 just to write it and then the Distribution on top of that you can charge an extra you know 150 200 uh to use our internal distribution so we did build our own uh distribution network of 15 high quality sites um that you can uh distribute their press release too if you want to take the press release and distribute it to something like PR web you could just tell them hey look cover the cost of PR web and I'll do the distribution I'll submit it for you for you know an extra $100 on top of the cost of PR web things like that uh does the 147 include the upgrades yes so you do get uh the VIP upgrade and which is where you know you'll get the recurring Revenue Services training on how to turn these one-time payment clients into recurring clients and uh you also get the done for you scripts where you'll get uh Joe's exact phone script text script and email scripts that result in 90% of the students generating three times more profit can you automate the client requiring portion of the system uh not really uh you can off you can automate uh the process of what gets sent to them but you know it's always best for you to to to try and be involved add that personality into your replies back and forth with the client um because once you start automating too much of that you know clients are going to figure it out they're going to know and they they do want to know that they are talking to a real person awesome Connie just jumped in perfect abis Mel is asking press releases per month we do have an option if you did want to get uh monthly press releases um but that's not for a one-time payment so the one here that we're offering now is 40 uh I think it's 47 or I think it might be 37 or 47 one of the two can't can't recall the price that we have on there right now U but it's for 10 press releases one time all right there's no way we can do a one-time payment for monthly press releases we do have an upgrade that gets you monthly press releases but just stick with 10 all right um once you get you know once you sell the first 10 then you know at that point you should have at least four figures of profit uh by selling 10 press releases um and then you know we can get you a package to have uh the recurring so is there a learning curve uh pretty much I would say more of a setup curve okay uh because you're just following Joel to set up the different things that you need to have set up all right oh someone is saying it's 37 awesome Maurice thank you so yeah it's 37 for the um PR riter upgrade so you're getting an even better deal than I thought Jon is in Simon is in awesome Derek Burton hey Derek good to see you yes I am here npia has already bought awesome npia thank you uh Derek is asking is this a recurring fee no so uh I think you just got here so we it's AI side hustle it's an entire course on pretty much selling AI services to clients that are asking to have Services done for them uh so no this is a one-time payment right now we are offering it at a huge discount so it's 297 but minus uh there's $150 uh discount going on right now uh plus you get uh the upgrades as well uh the VIP upgrade where we show you how to turn the one-time payment clients into recurring clients and you get all of our D for you scripts and you can get it all right now for 147 and then we do have two upgrades on that which is D for youu 5.0 I'm sure you know of D for you site you've been around for a while uh and uh PR scribe is upgrade number two uh but just for the AI side hustle course with uh the two upgrades uh 147 right now but that price should be going up shortly because uh I think it was the first 80 people uh get it for 47 and then it starts to go up uh 10 bucks every uh 20 sales all right oh wait elas let me it's this one here uh Ral yes uh if you have Ral is still having issues with the with the login so just send us an email to support zamurai and we will get your account set up uh someone is asking can I get my first client in 24 hours uh absolutely if you if you go through the course now and you start implementing it right away absolutely you know there's no reason why by tomorrow you can't at the very least already be reaching out to some clients to uh you know land your first job how much commission is the average sale um well the Joe likes to Target uh at the minimum $300 uh and you know he's sold Services up to you know $33,000 so but that doesn't that doesn't mean that if you want to start off with a simple service that's like 75 bucks just to kind of get your feet going get some history going like someone was mentioning uh you can do always do that as well okay and again guys just following the course you may come across some services that you have a unique skill set for that you can apply for and start uh targeting as well awesome so someone listed as Josh test just signed up as well is VIP upgrade one of the lessons yes so that is upgrade number one but you guys get it included as the part of the bundle all right and guys I'll be here for another five minutes or so uh and then I'll be jumping off uh so let me know if you have any final questions all right does Joe teach how to get the high ticket clients uh so he pretty much teaches how to get uh he specifically teaches how to get clients that you can fulfill with AI that's the that's the overall premise so whether it's a $300 service or a $3,000 service the main uh one of the main criterias that he looks for is that he can quickly fulfill it with AI okay uh so that window of pricing can be you know he likes to do between 300 and 3,000 all right if you want to tweak it to just focus on the higher paying Services then yeah you can you can do so but again it all comes down to making sure that boom you can just fulfill it quickly with AI so that there isn't too much complications going on okay you can all right you know that you can do it quick get the get the uh service completed and get it over to the client Joe who so Joe is let me go back to the top slide this is Joe starus he is uh the guy behind AI side hustle all right um and if you're just jumping on it was a unique way that I met him I was looking to actually uh I was looking for a side hustle of my own I was um promoting looking for offers to promote with postcards and I came across his offer I I sent him an email he was replied right away we jumped on a phone call for about 30 to 45 minutes and we've actually become pretty good friends over the last uh several months or so uh but in that initial phone call he told me about what he does and I told him about what do uh and then I'm like all right you know let's let's you know we were looking to set up the postcard uh campaign um but then you know I I looked into his AI side host and I like man I I have a lot of people that would be interested in this uh so we agreed to get it out there to uh my customers and you know everyone else's uh customers here on JV Zoo uh because it's such a great course such a powerful course that can really help a lot of you especially because of how many amazing AI software tools have been launched recently uh and we want I wanted something to be able to connect the dots for you guys um in terms of you know being able to get the AI software that you already have and learn how to make some money with it so that's kind of how this came about all right uh I just saw I just sold it on the there Joe circus all right uh does he show his price list or Services menu no so again he's not setting the price that's the that's the even better part about this the client is setting the price the way that you know the reason that this makes it such a smooth process is because the client is telling you everything the client is telling you what they need how much their what their budget is all the most important things that you would normally have to extract from a client when you're initially talking to them he you know with upwork they they're telling you all this information okay they're telling you what they need uh what their budget is some people will tell you that it's urgent just like that one listing that that we saw the person said urgent help needed okay that puts you in a unique position uh where you can uh charge a little bit more because it's an urgent job okay so yeah this really uh is is is is a unique way to get this uh does he reveal the $3,000 Services again it he doesn't have there are no set Services there's set niches that he sticks with all right that he knows are he can fulfill with AI and there quicker services that he can pump out but he doesn't have a list of set Services he doesn't have a list of set prices he goes after what the clients want what the client what that that service that the client says they need how much they're willing to pay for it so that's all of that stuff you know you having to think about how much you're going to charge for a client what services you're going to offer all of that stuff you don't have to uh you know you don't have to waste any time thinking about that because uh with the strategy the client is telling you all that all of that information all right I know it's kind of hard to think about it that way U because most of us when we when we think about uh running an agency or working with clients we're having to think about all of that we're having to think about all right what services am I going to offer what prices am I going to charge uh when you talk to the client you have to figure out what they need uh what budget do they have because even though you have prices they might have a different budget but with this strategy all of that is is is is taken care of for you all right perfect yeah so we'll be I'm going to go ahead and stop the recording now uh so that Derek is asking you know I figured you got on here late and you want to see the recording so I'm going to go ahead and stop this recording now if you're watching the recording make sure you pick this up there's going to be a link below this video uh grab this for the next few days or so is going to be at a huge discount so uh yeah make sure you pick it up

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