Ai Side Hustle Review (27K/month with A.I.)

how would you like it if you could make an extra th000 maybe 2,000 5,000 10,000 $20,000 per month uh by providing a simple Service uh that you can fulfill with AI well that's what we're going to talk about today that's why I invited Joshua here and uh Josh awesome to have you here again man yeah great to be here so uh yeah um you're going to launch a new product this week on Thursday um it's called AI side hustle what's this product about tell us a little bit more about it Josh yeah exactly um it's exactly as the name says it's a AI side hustle so if someone is looking to uh you know make some quick uh cash this is the perfect step-by-step system is going to show them how to do that uh but the the best part about it is that uh we're pretty much connecting the dots uh for a big gap that we saw happening in the marketplace right now where there is a ton of AI software hitting the marketplace there's no doubt about that some amazing platforms have hit the market many people have have probably bought a lot of them but there's a big gap where okay you have all of these all of this AI software now what do you do with it how do you make money with it yeah you know that you can do what the product says it does you know you can create websites you can create images you can create videos you can do that but how do you actually connect dot to make money with that lots of people are purchasing the product but they do not get any results with them right that's to be honest exactly and that's why we wanted to come out with this uh to really help people finally get some some money in their pocket uh with some of these tools uh and the way that I came across uh this particular uh system is is very unique um I was me personally I was doing uh some side projects uh trying to uh get some do ail marketing with some postcards uh and I was talking to an individual by the name of Joe sarcus I came across his his uh his product yeah and I'm sure 99% of the people watching this have never heard of him because he doesn't launch products he doesn't do uh pretty much uh anything on JV Zoo um what he does is you know he has his full-time business where he provides services to clients uh and then he has his course where he uh teaches his students how to actually do what he does but again he's very underground he doesn't make much noise he most of his uh customers come from you know other sources where he sells his products but I was looking to be an affiliate for him I reached out to him and I was looking to promote his product you you want to promote his product actually exactly but I was looking to do it uh with postcards because he has a whole um you know different setup than we do uh and then we started to talking you know he told me what he does I told him what I do and then I'm like hey man your course sounds really really good for you know not just uh what I'm looking to do with these postcards but for a wider range of people that that I know could use this information so I told them you know how I can help him get this out there to more people to help more people and he he agreed to it so uh that's kind of where we're at now and bringing this to the uh to the jvu marketplace to really help people because his strategy for uh selling these Services is very very very very unique he's not doing any cold calling he's not using any lead scrapers he's not not going to local events and talking to people he's not doing any of that stuff what he does it is actually something that he's doing his himself and he's teaching how he does that exactly so his main business is you know selling the services to local clients uh that's his main business okay and he uh the way that he does is it's very very unique so um he again he doesn't Chase clients he doesn't do any hard selling he doesn't you know you know over overcome objections none of that you know usual hard selling of services kind of uh you know strategies that that a lot of uh you know people out there think of when they think of selling services so what he figured out was how to go where the clients already are okay meaning where clients are telling you what they want how much they're willing to pay for it um and pretty much everything that you need uh to know going into it so that you know all you have to do is tell them hey look I can help you with this pretty much uh and then he fulfills that service with AI so he targets very particular services that clients are requesting uh that he knows he can do quickly with AI uh so some these are things that takes him you know just a few minutes to create with AI um and then he delivers that to the client and again the client is already uh asking people to for the specific service for the specific service hey I need a website done I'm willing to pay this amount uh and then he approaches those type of clients uh so that you're you know you're way ahead of the game at that point um and then you know he goes and he he takes it and and he fulfills that service with AI uh and some of the prices you know can be as little as $300 um upwards of $3,000 obviously depending on um the how big of the project is but uh for the most part they're quick simple can be done within a few minutes and then you deliver it to the client and move on to the next one but it's very very unique because of that number one you're you're not chasing clients you're pretty much just going to where the clients are and number two you're fulfilling the service with AI so you're not really having to do much hard labor in terms of uh the Fulfillment of it yeah so basically the leads you already have warm leads uh because they're already yeah requesting a specific service um I've already seen some some bits of the sales page uh that's also why I started with hey would you like to earn an extra thousand 2,000 or 5,000 I see on the sales page even uh an average of $27,000 per month is that what he's making himself as an example to show you what's possible with with this course when people implement this yeah absolutely so that that 27,000 number is the average of uh what he's made over the last I think six or seven months whatever I have posted there on the sales page I them hey look send me what you've made over the last six or seven month months of screenshots uh so I took the average of that and that's averages out to about 27,28 I think the number is that's that's pretty impressive but one thing one thing you'll notice on there as well which I wanted to incl he didn't want want to include because he kind of felt kind of bad but December if you look at the December income he took the whole month of December off uh and he still made 5,000 bucks he's like no you know I'm not sure if we should put that on no that's perfect because this is that is what you know we we want to be real we want to be upfront with people um because you know everyone is out there we're all busy a lot of people are still working their 9 to-5 job they have kids they have their their regular routine their schedules and most people only have you know an hour to two hours of disposable time that they can uh dedicate to a you know quote unquote side hustle um so we want to be fully transparent I'm like no we have to show that because you know you took the entire month off and you were still able to make 5,000 bucks and I I at at your point in your career that might not be a lot but for the average person making an additional $5,000 in the month of December that would be lifechanging for a lot of people you know especially I even think that $55,000 a month would be life-changing to a lot of people already right exactly exactly so uh this all all this what he does right he teaches what he does um how difficult this is to implement oh it's it is if people follow exactly what he teaches step by step it is incredibly simple uh he shows you uh as simple as how to set up your accounts properly uh how to set up your profile property so that when you're reaching out to these clients you stand out um how to actually reach out to them once you do get to that point um everything he and he provides templates on how to set up your profile templates on when you're reaching out to these clients uh and then from Once you land the the the client he shows you exactly how to fulfill the service uh what software to use he gives you the five uh pretty much main services that he recommends you focus on which like I said before it's the the simplest ones the quickest ones that you can fulfill quickly and move on to the next one yeah uh so everything is laid out step by step on exactly you know from start to finish uh to land these clients and make those quick you know 300 you know, 1500 Buck Services uh and and the best part about uh this is was that all the AI services that software that he uses is free um so my that was my next question what what kind of investment do people need in order to get started with this besides uh this course yeah none that that's the beautiful thing about it a lot of the uh all the AI Service uh software that he uses to fulfill them are free uh and a lot of people watching this they probably you know once they're going through the course they probably have an additional software uh that he's not mentioning that they can use to fulfill the service I know a lot of your customers and my customers probably picked up pixel armor recently which is an amazing AI web app creator one of the services that uh he recommends going after is web design services and then he uses the one that he likes but people can go go right ahead and use pixel armor if they purchased that to fulfill that service nice nice so uh actually in the course itself he goes step step by step how to fulfill these Services as well so he he has a few recommendations does he also show you how to do this yeah yeah he actually goes in not only shows you what uh the which uh software he uses but how to actually use the software and then create uh the website or how to create logo things like that it is really a stepbystep course that they can follow and get results with correct exactly exactly and there's a bunch of people on the sales page that they'll be able to see that have gotten results um and even his own mom uh um you know quit her job and started doing this uh his brother was able to pay off all of his student loans uh with you know following the same process so yeah he's gotten a lot of people so so isn't this can can this Market be saturated you think when everyone suddenly starts buying this I mean if if we all go to to uh to the same spot no once once you see there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people every day uh on this particular uh Source uh and you know people once they land on the sales page they'll be able to watch the video and learn one of the bigger uh sites that he does is upwork so upwork there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people on there uh posting every single day looking for uh services to be done for them yeah uh so even if you know it would be amazing for one person to land 100 jobs or even 20 jobs you're not going to be able to keep up with that right and like we were mentioning before most people are busy they're they're they don't have that time to dedicate to that many services so um you know even if they pick up just one two or even three uh jobs a day or a week again that is you know if let's say the average service is 500 bucks that's about $1,500 that one person can make so um there there are so many people posting uh for services to be done that it's and it's it's different um Services as well so you know if you it's not all the same yeah and the more the more creative you get with the search techniques you can find jobs that other people aren't finding as well or if you have particular skills that uh someone else doesn't have then uh you can go down that route as well nice nice so um I want don't want to make this too long there will be a webinar um on coming Thursday the 7th right uh what will you you will go through what what will we go through why why should people join the webinar on that webinar I'm going to break down the entire process uh for how this works I'm going to go in a bit bigger detail I might show some examples as well I'll show the proof the testimonials all of that uh and then give everyone a very very special deal uh for joining live as well so definitely want to make sure you get there nice yeah and that's what you always do right the best deals are on the webinar am I correct yeah yeah I get a little too excited sometimes well I know you that most of the times even during the webinar the price will go up so that's also why I'm recording this video for everyone who's watching um you know I love Joshua's products also the courses in the past have been good and I believe this one I haven't gone through it myself actually I told Joshua you know I haven't seen anything about this course and that's why I want to interview you just from a blank canvas I want to ask you about this course and uh you know if you're interested in getting access to this if you're looking for that extra, 1500 2,000 or maybe you can scale it up just like the product created to 20 plus thousand uh then I recommend you to join that webinar um where Jorge will explain everything um Jorge is there anything else you'd like to say uh no that's it just make sure that you get there uh on the webinar uh and throughout the launch make sure you do get there uh you know pick it up during the days that we're going to be H having it available because again Joe he he this is not what he does fulltime it took a little bit of of of negotiation on my part to to agree to him get out there because he just does you know he sells it to to the handful of people that he does and and that's pretty much it so yeah make sure you pick this up during this launch special because it's an amazing course that it can really be life-changing for you uh awesome well sign up through the link below and if you see this video after the webinar after Thursday uh there probably be a link to the product itself or to the replay I'm not sure uh so check out the link below if you're on time make sure to sign up be there because you can also ask questions just like I do right now to Joshua and his team and uh Josh thank you so much for uh for being here to be here we're looking forward to the webinar thank you so much thank you all right cheers guys

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