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hey guys it's dim here and today I'll be reviewing any Doo which is a project management and task tool to manage your projects and task also you can share this with team members so I've read negative reviews about this product and positive reviews now I have to say I'm not a heavy project management user so I'm going to record my screen so that you can decide yourself if this is something uh useful for you yes or no personally I really like the software but maybe it's missing a functionalities that I'm not aware of because I'm not a heavy user so let's dive into this and let me show you what any do is all about so right now I'm logged in to the dashboard as you can see this is my workspace and it starts all with workspaces here as you can see here at the left side uh you can create different kind of workspaces so for example this is a Content calendar that you're seeing right here but you could also create a company road map or another project here or something if you like to create a website where you have testing where you have development where you have design where you have deployment or maybe another project like this so it all starts by creating a new board so when I click on new board I have the option to create a board browse boards or browse templates or create a board with AI now first let me show you the templates because those are pretty cool in my opinion so here at the left side you see all the different templates that are available inside of any du so for example you have team management but when I click on project management you can see that it changed here from planning to execution to Louch to monitoring or maybe you want to do Sprint management and then you have issues to fix Sprint one Sprint two Sprint Sprint three so you have all these different kind of boards that you can choose from and let's say you like one of these so let's say we want to do an iOS development here like this you can simply click here on use template and voila your workspace has been created you can rename it here so this is my review board and now you can start working on these boards now another thing that I showed you here when you click on this plus icon here you can create a board with AI so basically what it says what type of Team project or client do you want to manage so for example if I want to create a wedding or I'm a wedding planner I want to do a wedding plan and I'm going to click on continue and now it's going to suggest a board or create a board for me based on the input wedding plan that I've set here so this takes a few seconds and here you can see early extra early planning early planning middle planning late planning and I can also set here by category so when I click this it's Vue it's food and beverages Decor photo photography uh entertainment Etc so let's say I like this one I can simply click on continue and boom I've created my brand new workspace that I can use for a wedding plan now let's go here to the company road map because this has already some tasks in it as you can see here so it's really simple so this is quarter one quarter 2 3 4 and here you can add your task so this is a demo task I'm going to add this and I'm going to click on this task because this gives me more options so first of all I can add my notes here to the notes section I can type uh as much as I want here and these are just my project notes here so another thing that you can do here is you can assign this to someone so I can say for example if you have team members I can say I'm going to assign this to this specific team member I'm going to save this well other things like due dates let's say this needs to be done here at the sixth here uh you can do that and then you can set a due time so for example 9:00 a.m.

And then you can also add reminders here so you can say 5 minutes or 10 minutes or maybe a day so let's say 10 minutes before I'm going to I want to have a reminder myself or you can create a recurring task of this as well now the cool thing about the reminders and I'm going to show you this later as well is that you can connect your WhatsApp to any do as well and this will send the reminders to your WhatsApp so let's say it's 5 minutes uh or 10 minutes before here and then you will get a reminder at the 10 minutes before 9:00 a.m.

On your mobile phone so that's pretty cool next thing that you can do here is you can change these here so this is quarter one quarter 2 three and four these are the boards that you just saw and you can also create these extra uh elements on your board here so you can switch it from quarter one to quarter 2 for example then then switch the task to the other board and then here you have the different tasks so for example sales marketing management operations uh whatever is needed for this specific board and for each board you can create your own task so let's say this is sales and this is marketing you can create multiple things here you can select them all and let's do that so when I save this here you can see it has all these tags and these tasks can also be seen on the task itself on your workspace itself so that's the next thing uh another thing here when you click on plus sorry that's the tax part uh here at the right bottom when you click this plus button you also have the option to add a checklist so you can say okay this is Task one basically some kind of subtask task two task three uh task three Etc so this is one task other thing you can do here is you can add attachments as well and one of the things that that I really like as well is for each task here you also have the chat and activity so you can talk here so as you can see I've done a lot of things here these are all the activities that I've done for this specific task I can hide these in here so that it's a clean chat in here and then I can talk to my team members for example like hey how are we going to do this and then my team member uh can also reply so this is a chat for a specific task um and that's basically inside here now you can also copy this link so if you want to share this directly with team members you can copy this link so that they are directly inside of this task this is the chat activity and another thing that you can do is you can add this to your own day so uh let's say I'm going to do this add to my day and I'm going to close this you can see all my tasks are in here but here at the left side we also have my day here and now you can see here uh that this will also be in my my day here so here it is demo task this was the one so it's now in my day as well and I can start working on my day so basically what I can do I can go over each workspace here I can go to let's say my review board let's see which one has task so I can say okay my any review for example I want to add that to my day as well and I can say projects uh website creation let's say the back and login development I want to add that to my day as well so when I go to my day I can see all of these have now been added to my day and I can start working on these tasks for myself now let's go back to uh this one content calendar this is also a nice one because what I just showed you the tags can be assigned for each uh each board so here for example you can see that that the the tags are Instagram Facebook and YouTube for example I want to post a case study to the these networks so when I create a new task here I can see say for example I want to add this one to Instagram as well to our blog as well and now you can see that these TXS have been assigned uh to this specific workspace and this specific task so that's I think that's pretty cool so that's within a board where you have your different tasks you can of course drag and drop tasks to other uh areas in here as well to sections you can create extra sections as well so let's say you want to have done or whatever you can create that and then you can drag all of these to these different sections on your board now on your top of your board here you also have a lot of options so for example here uh when you click these three dots you have these possibilities so you can change the whole layout so this is the default but you can also set this to board activity for example where you have this board activity that you can see everything that happens on your board uh you can say for example I want to have the board tax available and then you are directly added to your tax you can add new tax so for example this is Instagram email Facebook Twitter you can say for example this can be another Channel where you want to post your content let's say Tik Tok and now when we've done that we're going to say purple going to hit save and now we've added Tik Tok as an extra option as well so this is basically a quick menu to go to certain areas so for example these are text let's say sections so here you can have the different sections that are available inside of your board uh let's say multi select this is also a very nice option which I really love with multi select you can select specific task here let's say you have a lot of task here you can say Okay I want to select these four tasks here or five tasks and what you can do them is you can assign them to specific user so if they are multiple users you can say Okay I want to assign this task to this user and save this you can also say I want to set all these on a specific due date so these needs to be finished on Friday the 6th for example at 9:00 a.m.

And then all of these tasks have been set to 9:00 a.m. at the 6th of October uh you can also move them to another section here if you like to so you can also say I want to add all these to my day so that's what I like when they in the board you can say I'm going to select all these items and now I want to move them to my and boom all of these tasks are now suddenly here in your day look at this and I can start working on these tasks so basically what you can do is you can go to all of your boards for example let's see which one has content here I can go to the three dots here and I can say here multi select I'm going to click this this this and I'm going to send this to my day I go to the next one I'm going to select this one oh going to first select multi select here I'm going to say this and this one I want to add this to my day and now I can start working on all these items on my day now let's go back to the company road map here because there is more we can view archived items you can save this as a template so we can save this whole board as a template so that we can use it over and over again so when I save as a template I have the option to only save the workflow or I can save the workflow with the content included or the workflow with content and people included and I can save this so I can use this workspace uh when I create a new workspace here when you go to the templates so that's another option here uh that's all inside of this menu here then we also have the filter option where you can create SE uh sections so if you want to have a um clean environment you only want to see q1 for example you simply select this so that you won't see all the the rest here as you can see and you can reset filters here so when I click reset it's going back to normal I can go back here to do that so for example I want to have everything that's here on the sixth and let's see okay boom and then this is everything that needs to be done uh by that specific date and let me go back to filter here uh oh sorry Sixth and I need to do that otherwise I need to say between the sixth or let's say the fifth and the sixth here or or maybe between the 4th and the 13th here so as you can see it switches on the fly or between the 19th and the 25th there's nothing there between the fourth and the 12th so as you can see everything switches in here to that specific filter so I really like these options so you have due date you can also have assigning so everything that's assigned to this specific user and you get the overview of this specific user um TX so let's say you want to do everything which is uh about sales and then boom everything about sales will be in here well you get the ID of the filters right so you have Texs you can also have messages if there are unread messages on the board so you can say unread no no unread messages mentions maybe if you're mentioned on the board you can do that as well and uh those are the filter options inside of your board now another option here at the left side is your view so now we have the canman view which is a very nice view but you can also switch to table View and now you have everything in table so we have quarter one here we have quarter 2 here and you can also add task to a quarter so this is a demo task here and now this has been added to the first quarter here another option here is also calendar view which will give you an overview of all of your task that have been scheduled here uh for you and you can also go to these task quickly by opening them so that's very cool now you can share your boards here as well uh with people of your team or you can publish this for external viewers as well and you can enable that and your workflow will be uh enabled for external people as well now I like this kemman view here as you can see uh so this is these are the options that you see here for your whole workspace now what what I wanted to mention as well is within a task here you can see if there is a reminder Also let's open one here and let's say I have a conversation or subtasks in here so I'm going to create a checklist with one two three what you can see here is that this also has a uh has multiple task inside of one task here so that you can see that immediately as well so that's basically what you will see this is a workflow and as you can see you can configure them in all different kind of ways now here at the left side we have my day that's the one that I already showed you but you can also go go to the next seven days so when I click on the next seven days I can see exactly what is on my list so these are the projects that I've added to my list and you can switch here between your list and your workspace when I go to my list this is my list so that's not a lot so these are my personal list and this is my workspace list so you can filter between those two so here you can see all your tasks here so as you can see here these are all your tasks that are are coming so here this is today this tomorrow this is upcoming and you can also uh switch so you can drag and drop this to tomorrow for example uh here and now you have to call your mom tomorrow let me do it right there you see that so you can switch in here as well drag and drop very easy to manage and if you want to create a new view here you can do that as well so you can say for example I want to have a new view about people or due dates or boards and sections let's say I want to have due dat dates in here board with the due dates I can select my sources so I can select my project so for example my company road map and I want to have the duration for the next 14 days for example I can create this board and now I have the next 14 days available which has become a new section here the next 14 days so you can also create a new view here which is boards and sections so if you want to create here boards and sections you can say I want to see for example my content calendar Here and Now I want to have uh for example IDs and request in process ready I can also switch to another board here company road map I want to see the quarter one I can go to here website creation I want to have the testing I want to have the development and the deployment so you can merge multiple workspaces inside of a view so when I create this you can see now that this is an overview of multiple projects in inside of one custom view I think that's pretty cool and very well uh created I really like it so that's the custom views you also have your personal list so if you want to create personal list you can simply add a task buy me a coffee here and then it will be on your list here you can set reminders as well uh here so let's say I want have a reminder at the fifth you can set this uh you can add text to this so priority you can create new tags if you like to uh so that's for your personal now then the next thing that I want to show you is the mobile app and I really like that so you can connect uh or Whatsapp sorry you can connect your WhatsApp to your anyo account so as you can see here this is my WhatsApp my anyo WhatsApp account when you create that you can create tasks that will be created inside of your workspace so let's say I want to have here um my project project y here so I want to add new toss to the project I can simply say okay uh call customer here I'm typing this I'm going to send this and now my WhatsApp is going to respond to me okay I got it to which board would you like to add call customer and then you click on select board and let's say we want to add this to project I uh project y I'm going to click this and look what happens on the screen when I click s here it's going to automatically add this to my board do you see that now it has been added to this board so basically this the first board is where all the task of your phone will come in and this is really easy so you can simply open your WhatsApp if you want to add something to a project and you type it on WhatsApp and then later on when you're at your computer you can manage everything and you can move it to to another part here but this is for quick and easy access the same thing thing is for tasks for example I can say for example I want to get a reminder here so let's say my due date is today here I want to set a due time so it's now 11:55 so I'm going to say uh here let's say 11:45 well this has to be 12 then because it's 5 minutes so I cannot show you that but I can say here a reminder 5 minutes before 10 minutes before on time here and what this will do is it will send a rem I can show you here um when you see on my phone here it says your task developed new layout for Project X X is now due and then it says here few want any due so you have also a mobile app uh that you can open here where you can manage your task now it didn't open the task immediately I'm not sure if that is the ID but here you can see everything on the mobile app as well so when I click at the left bottom on this home you can see here everything that I have all my workspaces so for example when I go to my content calendar when I click on that look at this I have everything I have my whole view here all my projects I can go to case studies I can open each specific task I can add notes in here if I like to I can type whatever I like I can set the due dates again in here if this needs to be changed so you will be able to manage this very well from your phone as well so I think that's pretty cool and also so you can chat uh inside of your task when I open a new task I can go to the chat section here and I can type here uh whatever I want and send that to my team members as well so that's uh a quick well I don't know if this is quick but this is an overview of what you can do with this application of course there are way more options what I haven't showed you here is the left toop where you have also all other settings in here as you can see here so for example you can change the background as well so uh if you want to have it really calm here look at this you have a nice black background if you don't want to have some distractions you can change that in here as well uh or you can change the theme here if you want to have a light theme you can also switch this to light as well or maybe you can set this to Auto whatever you prefer that's a quick overview of that uh but you can do so many more so they're Integrations in here where you can integrate with WhatsApp with slack with Gmail a zapier 6000 apps uh what do we have more archive task import to any do so if you have Trello Asana clickup Monday to doist or clipboard uh you can import that as well to any do um what more manage workspaces so you can he invite people to your workspaces invite with links Etc so as you can see many possibilities in here workspace reminders you can set the reminders how you would like to have the reminders inside your account uh create new workspaces uh you can set your day in here so as you can see you can reset the time external suggestions reset filters Etc so many many many possibilities in here um let's say here what do we have more well let's go over them so you can see that calendars in here so you can connect to Google to Microsoft um let's see the theme so already showed you that let's see what do we have more desktop notific ification so you can enable desktop notifications on your desktop uh default view so you can say I want to see my day or all my task or the next seven days which will be your default view on your account uh default list you can do that as well here so personal or work you can change between that uh time settings so you can also set this to 24 hours you can change Monday year to day month year so this is is what I will be using you can start the week on for example Saturday or Sunday or Monday whatever you prefer uh what do we have more time settings language so these languages are currently available uh not every language so this is English not sure if this is Chinese or Japan France Dutch uh Italian uh other languages as you can see here so these are the languages that are supported uh let me see what do we have more here language and what new shortcuts Etc so that's basically a quick overview of what uh let me go back here you can change your profile picture in here let's go to a nice board here review board or content calendar I like this one so that's basically what any do is all about if you're interested uh there is my link in the description below I appreciate it if you get it through the link if this uh yeah overview has um made you decide to pick this up your yourself and uh if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below also please hit a thumbs up if this video was useful for you consider subscribing to my YouTube channel I do a lot of product reviews uh so hit that notification Bell so that you get notified and for now thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next review talk soon cheers

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