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hey guys it's Tim here and today I'm super excited to be here with my good friend seral uh we're going to talk about this brand new app which is called blogy that he's launching uh in the coming days uh which is an an app that allows you to blog on autopilot to write blog articles on autopilot uh it's using different AI models I I just talked with Ser actually said 17 different AI models are possible to write your content I mean that's po mindboggling uh but I'm super happy that seral is back I did an interview with him a few weeks or maybe a month ago uh about tarantula his latest SEO software I'm super excited that Sero is back because uh he's been out of the lunching space for a little while uh and that's a good thing because he was focusing on quality products or quality support and that's what he has he has a lot of positive reviews that's why I'm super excited to have him here uh to interview him about this brand new software and if you are someone who likes to have something that does auto blogging for you that will save you a lot of time well this is the interview that you want to see so seral first of all thank you for being here ma'am thank you so much Tim great introduction by the way uh you said all the good stuff about me yeah that's true I'm coming back to launching after quite a while I was gone for nearly two years uh but I was coding every day like uh I think many people who who know me from my time in the past they know that I'm kind of a techy guy I like to code and that's what I was doing just making apps and I'm excited to bring some of those apps to our market and bloggy is one of those that the good ones absolutely and that means apps are proven already right oh yeah absolutely absolutely they are well tested they're working for people the people love these apps and bloggy is actually got a nice user base of people who have who are using it right now for the Auto blog and I've got some feedback from some of those people on the sales page so yeah you can you can actually see how people feel about it awesome yeah the cool thing about blogy is that it writes content that Google loves actually right so it's not just putting out content it is SEO optimized software can can you tell a little bit more about bloggy and then we dive into a demo as well absolutely so uh Tim when I wanted to make an auto blogger or a blogging software I did a little bit of study of the market and I found there was a big problem uh all of these products were trying to do this job but they were using mostly like not mostly like everyone was using open Ai gbd and everyone was churning out pretty much the same article like one you know if people in our in our audience know about AI it's like a brain it's like a brain that's doing things for you and when you use the same brain to write your content over and over no matter what kind of prompting you do how how imaginative you get in prompting you're going to get pretty much the similar results because one brain interprets things in one ways it kind of brings out the same facts over and over and I wanted to you know uh fix that issue so the first thing I did on bloggy was make it multi- AI so like you said there are 17 AIS and people actually have the you know option to get all 17 and that gives you the the capability to use different brains for different purposes you can actually pick out what AI works best for you and how you want to present facts and this can make your content stand out more unique and that's a very important point because if your AI article is like the same as maybe 10,000 other people who are using open AI right now that's a problem because Google is not going to rank all of you guys it's just they just it's just going to see the same content over and over so this can help in that secondly I also did some other stuff like and I'll tell you about one of some of the features that is a cool feature okay with bloggy you can not just write using the AI as a topic generator as a Content generator you can actually pick up other sites like you could pick up Tech crunch or any other site that you want to follow or maybe your favorite blogger the industry leader and you can set bloggy to follow that content website and whenever a new article goes up on that site bloggy is going to pick it read it and reinterpret it make sure you're not going to violate any of the copyright laws and publish it to your website so you can follow like three four different websites and you can have really trending latest content because here is the thing AI can only give you the content that it knows about and that's usually you know trained like two years ago or three years ago maybe at least a year ago it cannot give you the latest content so how do you make sure that your blog or whatever website you're making let's say even if you're making a News website it has to be relevant today yeah and bloggy can do that because you can follow the latest new sources or whatever sources you want and get the latest content on your website and rank for the latest trending content so that's that's one more thing I did different so it's got like a lot of things like that uh for example it can also generate images so you're making an article your article is going to look quite boring if there is no illustration to go with it yeah so bloggy will read your article and based on that article it will generate an AI image publish it alongside so there are a lot of things like it also does SEO optimization like you know you got an you got a Blog article but you got Al need the other stuff you need the Slugs you need the meta description you need the keywords you need to make sure that it actually is an article you want to publish on your blog and you don't want to do the other work like if if if a Blog article generator just generates the articles for you who's going to do do the SEO optimization so it does that too you get the everything you get metad description slug you get the SEO keywords you get the proper categories picked out for you it's all taken care of I I can go on there is it's basically a whole done for for you system where everything is done for you just putting what whatever you like yeah my mission was to actually create a tool that people can just tell what to do like okay this is the topic I want to write about and this is the kind of content I want to generate and just let it work it's like kind of like having your own content writer you know I wanted to I'll tell you very clearly now I've seen people use writers from Fiverr freelancer and these guys some of them do a good job if you're lucky but mostly you run into people who do really thin content either their language is wrong it's not correct English or maybe they're just copying stuff and you don't even know about it you have to create safeguards over safeguards to try and just run your blog and typically they're costing like $3 $5 $10 an article so you're paying that's the cheapest so it can even be more than that depending on the expertise so all of that is expensive that's why people don't run blogs because it's just crazy expensive either you do it yourself or if you hire people it just gets out of hand and I wanted to do that with AI so it can just perfectly automated and you don't need to uh even look about it look at it again like I was talking to anle Shukla he's a old hand and a good friend of mine and he set up a a Blog network of 180 blogs just about a couple of years ago and he told me about how he was making money from it just an autopilot but and he's been using uh people from Fiverr to do this and now he was happy to hear about bloggy that he can you know he was excited because he could use something like bloggy to run those 180 blogs and have content on on them and it still will rank right anyone and it will still rank right because some people say yeah AI content will not rank but Google clearly state that it it doesn't matter if it's if it's written by AI as long as it's value and am I correct absolutely he is you know I I before I even started working on this project I did a very good study of Google's policies and I still you know remember the exact words their policy on AI is quite simple rewarding good content no matter how it's produced that's the words they use so it's not about AI it's about spam now if you were to make your personal effort and you want you write a good bad quality article or you hire someone from Fiverr or freelancer and they write a bad quality article it's still not going to rank rank but if you used AI correctly it's a tool if you used AI correctly you generated a good quality relevant and a topical article it's going to rank pretty much the same as a as any other content nice nice nice can we uh take a look uh into the software what is what we're talking about right now absolutely absolutely so uh let me know when you're ready and I can start talk about we can see the screen so it's a it's a SAS software right yeah it's a SAS now it does connect to your WordPress blog but it does it through apis because there is a lot of backend processing going on there are custom algorithms and I couldn't build these in a WordPress plugin so I built a SAS of it you can inst anything on your WordPress blog yeah you connect it you know you connect it through the campaign I'll just briefly explain how you do everything so the sole of bloggy is campaigns basically what I want you to do is just create a campaign and everything else should be taken care of that's our Aim so you start by giving your campaign a name like my plants or my gardening blog whatever you want whatever topic you want absolutely no limit then you need to pick out a topic for it like gardening whatever you want and then you need to connect your blog I've got very easy to follow training over here what you basically need to do is open your WordPress blog let me see if I can if I'm logged into my WordPress blog because that will make showing that very easy all right yeah I think I'm logged in so you need to open your WordPress blog go into users and just you know uh hold on yeah sorry okay just go into your user and there is something called an app application password so you just need to put the application password over here I actually need to create it yeah now because if I want to create a campaign so I'm going to do it it's it's easy it's just a couple of clicks so this is what we need and your login would be like for example mine is s Gupta so log URL hold on I'll just put the login First and the password first because I copied it and then you just grab your url put it in here it's that it's that easy to connect your WordPress website that easy yeah yeah takes less than a minute 30 seconds is what I took yeah and then you can decide actually whether you want your post to go live in publish mode or draft mode so if you want to actually check things before they published it's up to you otherwise you can just keep them readily published and then you can select the keywords that you want to Target so for example gardening content click on plus gardening I mean I'm not very imaginative with gardening right now can't think of many keywords so I'm just going to yeah use uh basic keywords I haven't done any keyword research for this so whatever keywords you want to Target you can Target I would recommend about 15 20 keywords okay it's fine then let's go ahead and you can uh like I told you you can follow a website so if there is any specific gardening website that you know of that publishes all sorts of recent content you can just follow it and it will pull out the latest articles from that blog or website as they go live and rewrite them and publish to your web I'm not going to set up that right now because it'll take too much time then I want to really show this off bloggy gives you absolute control over your schedule so it will write as many articles as you want to your schedule let's say you want an article every day or every nth day or you want an article on every Sunday and or Wednesday or you want to have an article go live on the on the on the 1 or the end the 26th it can do everything it lets you go as granular as hours and and even minutes so if you want to have an article live at 11:15 every Tuesday you could set it up to do that now typically I would I would imagine people would like to publish like two or three articles a week so maybe every Sunday my Wednesday and Friday so whenever you know bloggy hits the Articles around that time it'll publish it so I just selected that for example then like I told you it's got 17 AIS so we've got absolutely the most popular ones gbd 3.5 gbd4 you got cloud cloud instant mosaic Lama tomison and we also have Cloud 3 by the way now people who might see this video now Cloud 3 is actually an AI which is better than gp4 it's been rated higher than gp4 so we got that too we got Gemini we got Mistral mix like a bunch of different models and I want to tell you this team this list is going to keep growing because as you know one of my passions is I'm I'm a coder I'm a tech guy I like to improve my software as time goes by keep them updated so as new good hit the market I'm going to put them in Nice Nice hey one one quick question in between um do we need to have our own API to all those platforms no no no no you don't you provide you provide access yes yes we have a credit system when you purchase you get very generous credits pretty much the same cost as you would spend getting those uh AIS from the providers but you know I I wanted to cut down on all that work because why would people need like imagine having to create 17 different accounts it's too much work right oh wow nice so they can they can simply purchase credits if they're you know wow that's that's a good thing cheap I can tell you AI is super cheap you spend just a couple of dollars and you can run your website for the entire month yeah when you need to recharge credits I think the credits that I'm giving right now are actually good for hundreds of Articles it could be enough to run your uh block for the entire year yeah and you can also select the language so for example Cloud supports English Spanish and French and if you wanted to use gp4 you could go for a lot more so depending on the AI you automatically get the languages it support so you can run your blog in English or any other language too I could uh here is here is another use case let's see let's say you are uh following Tech Crunch and you are getting the latest article from Tech crunch which is in English you could create a website in in Spanish or French and it would automatically pull those articles trans them reinterpret them in French and publish to your website in French it's the easiest way to create a quality can that that's very cool yeah yeah so you could create an article in Hindi for example and I could have a tech crunch version in Hindi and I would rank all day because they are not even targeting that market so this is another cool use the way you know another cool way you could use it if you want to Target local markets then you can put in the exact style that you want the blog the blogging to be it can be for example funny and casual or if you want want to be more academic mention it you can absolutely describe the way you want to it can be one word or one paragraph doesn't matter also you can put in a style sample so let's say you're following a particular style you have some articles written and you want bloggy to write in that style just give it a nice generous chunk like four or five paragraphs it will study that style and whenever new articles are going life it will try to match that style and you could also give it a personality like I'm a like you know a 43 year old geek you know like if I want to describe myself you can basically give instructions how to write your articles so that it's also in a unique way yeah because that's how you will get uh you know with Google that's how you will be able to rank higher when you have a particular voice you don't want to make your articles all the same thing so if it if you tell it exactly who you are it's going to put you know glimpses of that personality in the content that it generates or the articles that it writes and that will make it better more unique nice like I told you it can do images too so based if you if you switch create images on it's going to read that article generate an images and then there is there are some other power options like rewrite para by para so when you choose rewrite paragraph by paragraph what it does is it takes the original article rewrites each paragraph separately so you get longer content you get content which does not miss any of the points now if an AI does it does a single pass what it's going to do is it will take the entire article read it and then present it but that might not always make the same length of article or it might you know the AI might uh remove some points what it you know it's a it's a it's a brain it just does the job that it can so this will make it more accurate to the content that's being read also you can decide how how long articles you want to create so if you want to create smaller ones go for 500 or you could even select 1500 words and you would get that output and this I think is very important your suggest your suggestion uh how many words I have the default set to 1200 that's the default and I think that's the recommended word count uh you can go for 1200 you can you want to do more you can but I think 1200 are quite standard length they're readable it's not just too long so so hard to digest that people won't read it and it's not so small that search engines will think it's thin content so that's that's a very good uh you know number yeah then it's got something called the smart mode so if you are writing an article and you're not following any website if you want you can switch on the smart mode so what it does is it uses multipass so let me just try to you know explain what multipass is you could tell the AI for example hey write an article on this topic and it will write that article or you could go through multiple operations to make that article more unique more descriptive and I have a custom algorithm that I designed to do that uh it uses more credits but then your articles will be even more unique even more special and better in general so I have this uh option and I want to put more power in the hands of our user so they can switch it on or off as they want next they can also you know there's no point in writing content if you don't get anything out of it so we have promotion inbuilt you can put in a footer uh that you want to promote in all your articles it could be a call to action maybe you want them to subscribe to your list whatever you want uh you can put in a link to and the AI can write it rewrite it each time so it will just you know take your footer and just blindly put it every foter can uniquely Rewritten can you can you also put HTML in that footer part no this is for text so you cannot put HTML you have to put text over here but it can have links and the links will be preserved yeah okay if you want to put an HTML footer you can make it a part of your theme it can be an add or call to action like a add to your own word blog yeah yeah absolutely by the way it can also automatically promote your links inside the article so you could you know for example if you're making a gardening blog you could pitch okay hey look at Take You Know download my gardening ebook and you can put in a link and as much as possible it will try to put that link in the article yeah if you're following somebody else's content you can choose to remove their links so let's say you are following another blogger and you don't want to send traffic their way fantastic just remove their links and it will take the content but will not take the links so it will write content that you can pretty much you know benefit from without having to send traffic anyone to anyone else or if you want to keep them uh give some kind of uh you know I don't know it's up to you some I don't see many people doing that but you can actually keep the links to next you can decide how many articles you want to have in the queue so if you're following a Blog for example which gets updated twice a week you can be okay with the Q size being two but if you're following a Blog that that is updated maybe just twice a month it's okay to have more articles in the queue or you know more or less depending on the frequency of you know content that you are generating maybe you're posting every day then it you can have more articles in the queue but it doesn't really matter much I mean I have this option but you whatever number you choose is still going to make sure your blog is updated on time and then you can choose to re receive email notifications for example when an article is written you can just click our link and come and check it out or when an article is published to your blog it will tell you hey this article is gone live here is the link you can go and uh check that article out so that's it that's how much time it takes to set up the campaign and your blog is article is going to be written it's going to be published and you know whatever schedule You' selected it will it will work so that's as easy as that's that's the entire thing you need to do set of an auto blog but I have some more stuff like you can see the articles that it published in the past you can click on them and view them then you can also rewrite your content for example you don't always want to Auto blog let's say you want to publish a particular article that you spotted somewhere copy it over select which campaign you want to publish to select the model that you want to work with you can select whether you want to rewrite it par by para paste the article and it will just reite instantly publish it to your blog in the next step if you want to and it's called a manual rewriter too so this is for assisted writing let's say you want to work with bloggy but you don't want to you want to Able be able to modify the article again the same features you can select the AI you can uh for example let's go for cloud two for this one you can select the language you can select like like whatever you want you can put in style if you want to promote any keywords you can or if not whatever up to you click on next it's going to take like a couple of minutes maybe a minute maybe 30 seconds depending on the AI how speedy it is and you will have an article that you can work on you can uh modify spe specific section so if you want we can wait for it uh it will generate the article and show you MH so it takes minutes depending on the uh content so you have to stay you have to stick on this screen in order to see the article finished yeah because you are going to modify the article yourself so you will you will have to wait to see the to see the article in this mode so this article for example is written and here is the article yeah yeah it's and if you want then you can modify the article you can of course type and modify it if you want or you can use AI for example click on select some text then you've got these modes like rewrite this text click this button it will be Rewritten automatically if you want to expand it make it longer click this button it will be expanded if you want to create an image based on this text for example click this button and and image generation will happen again image generation takes another 30 seconds or so so that will happen you can generate headlines you can generate sub headlines you can generate paragraphs and all of that is super easy uh to do manually so you can use AI as an assistant to not just an auto blogger so all of that is possible for example this image was generated on the basis of uh this particular text so this makes article writing easy too you can then publish it to your blog or you can add it to the queue so it will happen you know when the previous articles are published after that it'll be published you can download it in HTML format so all of that is easy uh to do then it's got credits you can see exactly where your credits are being spent and how many credits you've got got left so it's all very transparent you can buy more credits if you want to then uh if you buy the reseller version you can actually give access to other people so overall it's a very easy to use product my campaign is live it's going to show you how many articles were published give you the list of earlier articles very very easy to use software super super cool man I mean uh if I see this I can see that there's a smart brain behind who build this all I mean this is have fun making it I can tell you that yeah I mean immediately it pops up dozens of ideas into your head how you can use this software to uh to create multiple blogs and multiple articles I mean you could start an affiliate blog on specific specific topics and build Authority with it uh yeah you could do so many things absolutely you start an affiliate Blog then follow some of the popular affiliate blogs get the latest content the reviews or whatever you want to write on auto part you have even to rewrite crazy that's crazy man yeah and I love I love the the credit system that you've build that into the system and that you're almost charging the same as when you go to the open AI or to cloud or Gemini when you have to purchase it manually so you really made it easy for the end user to to use this software so um from what I understand uh coming Sunday you have a pre-launch webinar right and then Monday there is a follow-up pre-launch webinar uh we we can invite them right to to join there what what are you going to tell at the webinar what's so you know I gave you what I call the birds I view right now it's not all that you can do but I I'm sure the people who see this they're already excited and they can join the pre-launch webinar which is going to go into more details I'm going to reveal more systems more ways to to use bloggy to create content like you had a great idea right now to make affiliate blogs using it and there's so many ways you can use this product to just monetize every anything any Niche so I'm going to talk about that and Todd gross is going to be there he's going to share his tips too so definitely a webinar that nobody should should miss and by the way I just want to reveal this during that webinar people will have the option to get the best deal on it yeah so the best prize will be ailed during the during the webinar right early people are getting rewards yeah that's the that's the system the early birds always get the BMS the best deals awesome well thank you so is there anything else you'd like to say seral um no I think we did a very good coverage of the of the program and the offer is out there and I I would just invite your audience whoever sees this to come to the pre-launch webinar and sit down with us take a look at bloggy again and see all that it can do yeah absolutely well uh links in the description I did the wrong over there it is Link in the description if you're interested make sure to sign up for that pre-launch webinar even if you see this uh video after the webinar if you see it next week uh then there will be a link to the sales page or wherever you can get access to the software but this is definitely something that you want to get your hands on I'm super super uh I mean blown away by what you've shown here I think you you're smart smart dude but you know that and uh thank you so much D you you've built something amazing and uh yeah guys make sure to sign up looking forward to see you on that webinar and if you have any questions again make sure to put them in the comments below also hit that like And subscribe button if you like to uh see more of this information I do a lot of interviews with people like seral and other other product creators as well do a lot of product reviews myself so make sure to subscribe to my channel hit that notification Bell and for now thank you so much for watching seral I'll all the best uh with the launch thank you so much Tim and I follow I follow your videos too a lot I watch every one of them awesome well thank you so much man everyone talk to you soon cheers

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