Bonjoro Testimonials – Review & Demo

hey there it's Tim here and welcome to my bonjour review now bonjour is an online platform that allows you to capture video testimonials of your customers and display that as a wall of Love on your website like you're seeing right here it does more than video testimonials you can see it also captures Twitter testimonials YouTube testimonials uploaded videos text testimonials as you can see here and all of that inside this platform now currently there's a lifetime deal available my affiliate link is in the description of this video so if this video is useful I appreciate if you grab it through my link and yeah thank you so much for that all right let's dive into this and let me show you how it works the first thing that I want to do is show you how it works for a customer how they can fill out their video testimonial so I'm going to grab a invite Link in here and you can create those tests those pages yourself so I'm going to create a new tab here and this is what you sent to your customers now you can get rid of this logo I forgot to do that in this in this survey but this is basically how it works first it says hey thanks for doing this everything can be configured here all the text can be configured and they simply fill out their name so I'm gonna say my name is Tim and my email is this and let's go then on the next screen it asks a question now all these questions that you're seeing right here can be configured when you create a new campaign so here it says introduce yourself and tell us what you love about the product and service now when we go to the right side here your customers are able to to record their response a video recording they can upload a video recording or they can type their response now you can configure this as well if you do not want to have text testimonials and only want to have video testimonials then you can simply only enable the videos now when I click here on record my response is going to ask for approval for your camera and microphone as you can see I'm now here in the screen this is what your customers will see and the only thing that they need to do is press this red button so they can record their reviews so let's do that the testimonial hey it's Tim here and yeah this is a great service I'm recording my testimonial right now because yeah this is simply great when you're you're great this is my testimonial so I'm stopping this video and now I can check it out I can click on this play button to see what I just recorded so let's do that hey it's Tim here and yeah this is a great service now if I don't like this as a customer I can delete this and I can redo this or I can click on redo if I like but what I also can do is click to the next question and then it's going to upload the video for them for your customers now here on the next slide it says why would you recommend our product serves to others now you can disable this question if you don't like to ask this question you can completely neglect it and finish the survey here or you can add multiple questions so you can add four five six questions where they can record their video response or type their response so you can also do a type response in here so let's do that with this one and I can see this product is so awesome I uh recommend it to everyone and then we're going to click next here and they can even do H1 H2 both Etc and I'm gonna click next and now I can upload my profile picture so here I can go to my computer I can upload my profile picture in here so let's do an image I can fill out these details Facebook LinkedIn Twitter website so uh I'm gonna do https and then Tim my website I'm going to click next here and here it says all done complete your response by confirming your consent and clicking submit below so here they give approval you they click submit and boom it's done and again this logo can be removed and now when we go back to the software here I can go to responses and here you will see the responses that we just filled out so here you can see this one is new this is the video testimonial that we just recorded this is the text testimonial that we just recorded and we can open this as well so when I open this video it will open a new tab here where you can see more details so I get access to the video link a direct video link that I can share I can embed this video manually on a website or I can download this video and what I also can do is I can tag this video when I click on this plus here I created these tags so I can say this is for example one-on-one coaching or this is a testimonial for the weekly webinars I can simply select that tag and I can create a wall with only these tag that have tagged this way so this way you can go through all the videos here you can see all the videos that have been recorded this is another one this is another one where they have recorded two videos as you can see so these are all the responses inside of your response tabs now if you want to create a video wall then you simply go to wall of love in here where you can create your wall of love so here when I click on create new I can say I want to create a wall with all the testimonials inside of my account or I can say only by the tax so now I can say I only want to have for example the one-on-one coaching uh and this is the the tag the one-on-one coaching tag I want to have that and you can create an applied text on your testimonials here but you can say okay this is one on one coaching and I'm going to click create and now only the videos that have been tagged with that specific tag will be shown so when I preview this look at this this is the wall with all the videos that have one-on-one coaching as you can see so you can embed this on your website let's say you want to embed this you simply click on embed link and this will give you the code that you can add to your website now as you could see here on this page it says powered by bonjour they're working on getting rid of that logo as well it's on their roadmap I asked that in the chat so that's on their roadmap here at the right side you can preview this you can edit the wall so if you want to edit that you can do it as well you can rename it Etc so this is how you can create those video responses now one thing that I didn't show you during the setup or how you can set this up is by creating these new requests so if you'd like to get new requests for your webinar uh your weekly webinars or your coaching or whatever product you have you simply click on create new request and in here you can set up this whole testimonial part where they can upload their testimonials so everything is customizable so here it says for example hey thanks for doing this this is also what you just saw but you can configure that in here hey thanks for doing this you can say hey we love uh we love to hear from you and now you will see that it says Hey we'd love to hear from you so you can customize this also what's on the page at the right side here so before you begin this is what they will see on the page remember uh on the page so it's on here at the right side you can see before you begin you can configure that as well inside of the software so here you can configure that as you can see but also at the top you can add your own logos here it says add your own company logo you could say for example this is my signature you can upload your own uh own logo in here so this is a white signature you can remove The Branding in here if you like you can add a background image you can upload background images or you can go to the stock images and I like this one personally I want to click done you can see here my logo the background has been changed and from here I can fill out all the details that I'd like to have from my customers so we go to the questionnaire here and here you can decide if you want to have video responses or written responses so if I only want to have written responses I deselect video responses and now they're only able to type their answer or maybe you only want to have video responses then you deselect written response and now they're not able to give a written response or you can do both where they have the option to do a written response or a video response now this is one question this is one slide but if you want to add multiple questions you click on ADD question and on ADD questions so in this case we have three questions now when I click this button look at this question two question three and they can for each question they can record their own video response their own testimonial for each question you can fill out your questions in here if we continue and of course you can also get rid of the extra questions so you only have one question here uh introduce yourself here um here how exactly so this is the first question here so you only have one question that's possible and then in the other requests here let me move up here by the way the other requests are no questions but other things so in this case where they can upload their company logo or their profile picture as you can see in here so let me zoom in so here it says here lastly please fill out this form add your company logo add your profile picture but if you don't like to have this you can unselect this and it says if you do not select any additional requests this slide will not be shown so you can neglect this or you can say no I'd like to have profile pictures as well and then they can upload their profile pictures and then also here you can request position title so here it asks what is your current position your official position you can enable or disable it and you can also request their links to their Facebook LinkedIn Twitter websites or you can also do some custom links so if they have something else so for example Instagram is not an option in the list you can fill it out you can select that and now Instagram will be an option in the list as well and then finally your thank you message thank you for filling out this you're awesome and if you're done you simply click on Save and close in here and boom there you are it's ready here so you can start inviting uh people to respond to your survey in here to your video survey you can send this link and then they can fill out this link now like I said all our responses will be in here you can see all the responses inside of your account another thing that you can do is you can import social testimonials so let's say you have a YouTube channel you have a Twitter channel here those are currently supported so let's say you want to import YouTube videos you simply click on ADD from social here and you can choose from YouTube or Twitter and also you can do it in here as well so you say YouTube or Twitter here so let's say we want to do another YouTube video then you simply go to YouTube and let's say this is tummy tuck patient testimonial this is a testimonial that we'd like to have on our page as well we simply copy the link we go back in here we paste that URL in here and we're going to click add video and now that video has been added as a testimonial on our wall as well so that's pretty cool also Twitter testimonials in here uh when you go to Twitter so let's go to you can embed any tweet about your company so let's say test Timo Neil here let's search for testimonials as an example in here um let's say we have this guy not sure you click on the date here you copy the link of the tweet and then you go back to socials and you paste that tweet in here and you're going to click on ADD tweets and now that tweet will be added as well to your social walls and again everything can be Tagged so here for example I can say I want to tag this video and this is for a weekly webinars for example and this way you will be able to tag everything and to create your wall of Love based on the tags that you give to the videos is weekly webinars you can tag them all in here and then you can create those walls of love like I showed you before and when you click on all I can see all the testimonials everything that's inside of my account here which is text testimonials video testimonials Twitter testimonials all inside side of one account you can also upload your own videos in here so if you have videos available do you want to upload you can do that as well in here so you can simply upload from your computer here upload the video or you can write a text so if you want to write something you can write a testimonial in here as well and once you've done that you can go to a testimonial and you can add a profile so I can edit the profile you can upload an image you can give this a name and an email address you can save this and now this text testimonial will also be shown on your wall based on the tag that you assign to this text testimonial and that's basically how bonjour works now inside of the settings here you have some extra options like your bio in here you can set your email address so this is also what will be shown on top of a video survey you can change your password notification so when we go to the notification center settings you can also get notified when a new task is created or when there's activity on your video messages or your billing information or product updates team settings Etc you can also add team members in here so you can invite team members simply click on invite new team member you can fill that out in here and you can also set up your domains so there's domain part in here where you can set up your email domain so by default emails will be sent out when somebody fills out a survey uh when somebody fills out their name and their email address and they stop with their survey an email will be sent automatically here let me show you that it says you started your response here hey John Doe in case you need a link to revisit your responses or resume your testimonial we've got you covered just click on your personal link below so when you click on this response and they haven't filled out everything they can continue their responses but this will be sent from your email address now as you can see here this is at inbound.bon you can change that by adding your own email domain in here so you can set your email setup in here where you can set up your email address so that it will be emailed email and also email customization so the emails will have some text bonjour sent you this email on behalf of Jon bonjour Creator we have aren't responsible for its content if you suspect abuse blah blah blah so you can add a custom footer in the email as well um and that's basically what bonjour is I think it's a pretty cool product let's go back to the testimonials you can create all those responses these video responses uh and yeah I think that's it so again if you're interested check out the link in the description of this video I appreciate it if you get it through that link and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below also subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews and uh hit the notification Bell so that you get notified each time I upload a new video and for now thank you so much for watching hit the thumbs up if this video was useful and uh hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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