Build-A-Bot Master Class Review and Demo – Clone This Master Marketer’s Success

Build-A-Bot Master Class Review and Demo – Clone This Master Marketer's Success:
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If you’ve been involved in online marketing for any amount of time, and have had either your eyes or ears open, then I’m sure you’ve heard about chatbots. You know, automated apps that have conversations with people who message you, so you don’t have to.

Now, I totally get it if the idea turns you off. You’ve probably interacted with some chatbots before that didn’t give you the “wow, I gotta get one of these myself” feeling. Like, they’ve been too fake or too pushy, or they just didn’t work right. It was OBVIOUS you were conversing with an app.

You couldn’t be more RIGHT in being skeptical. There are a lot of chatbots out there, and most of them aren’t worth the digital bits they’re created from. A lot of app authors jumped on the bandwagon and cranked out a chatbot app that they launched for low dollars, just so they could cash in on a fad.

The dirty little secret here is that those chatbot creators never actually USED a chatbot before creating their app! So they really don’t know what’s necessary to do that kind of marketing the RIGHT way.

That’s where my friend Karl is different…

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Karl’s been doing chatbot marketing ever since Zuckerberg mentioned the concept onstage in 2016. He knew then that, done correctly, a chatbot would leverage automation and create a lead generation machine. It would multiply his efforts 10fold or more, without having to do manual work.

So he set out to use my decade+ of online marketing experience to create the BEST chatbot app available. Sure, Karl bought and dissected all the other apps out there. Like I said above, most of them were trash, as you’d expect. But it was important to his to ensure his app was THE BEST.

Karl wanted a chatbot that truly delivered on its promises. He wanted a chatbot that could be used ethically, without scamming people. And he wanted a chatbot that didn’t FEEL robotic to the lead who’s conversing with it.

And Karl’s SegMate app ticks all those boxes. But, you know, it’s about more than just having the best app. You have to know how to use it correctly. After all, behind every lead is a real person who deserves to be treated right. Treat them poorly at the start and you’ll never make a sale.

That’s why Karl created his Build-A-Bot Master Class.

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