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hey guys it's Tim here and today I'll be reviewing cluso which is a no code chatall Builder powered by Chad GPT uh and you can add those chat BS to your website where they can answer your website visitors questions now you can train this bot uh with your own data so you can add website URLs you can upload PDF files text files CSV files and soon more so that the bot will answer uh exactly uh the right answers to your customer based on the information that you provide to this bot so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a full review currently cluzo is available as a lifetime deal here on EPS suumo we're going to discuss the price a little later and if You' like to get it uh my link is in the description below all right let's dive into this and let me show you what cluzo is so right now I'm logged in and as you can see here it says workspaces so basically workspaces are folders and depending on which plan you have here the first Tire only gives you one workspace now basically that means when you visit the workspace all your Bots will be added to this specific workspace so if you have multiple clients and you want to have multiple folders uh then you need to have a higher Tire now as you can see here there are two Bots here and the first bot here is the Google bot and the second bot is just the spirit dog this is a a a bot about dog training about dog Etc one has been feeded by Google and the other has been feeded by the URLs and the documents that I have provided so let's take a look at how you can set up a bot yourself so when I click on edit here you see that you need to add your own open AI key here and I think this is a good thing this way they do not have those high costs for a lifetime deal we can provide our own open AI key which is not too expensive and then we can set the temperature here so that is the creativity of your Bot based on the information that you provide and then in the GPT model here you can choose which model you would like to use so GPT 4 is also supported uh in this case I'm going to do the GPT 3.5 then in the next uh tab here we need to add our pine cone details now pine cone you can create a free account there's documentation here it says how to create a free pine cone account and it shows you how you can create a free account and basically what pine cone is is a storage location where all of your Bot information will be stored this is super simple to set up the video explains you how to do this and you fill out your details here as you can see uh and once You' done that your but your butt is ready to go then in the next step here in the appearance you can change the bot so here you can see this is blue and gray well you can change those colors so let's say you want to have this a red a button then you can make that red not so nice so I'm going to switch that back to Blue again but you can modify your button here the same thing here is for your Bot Avatar and your Widget icon so here you can see the bot icon you can change it to your own icon so let's say I want to upload my own photo so let's say I'm going to do Tim verow here I'm going to search for one of my pictures here and I can say Okay I want to use this picture and now this picture here will be in the chat bot the same thing is for the chat Widget icon as you can see here this icon can be replaced as well that's the icon that you will see on your website then the next thing on the next screen here the prompt part is where you can provide the chat uh with a prompt how it should act so as you can see here I basically took the default prompt I want you to act as a support assistant that I'm having a conversation with your name is Tims bot and you will provide me answers for from the given info so the given info that we provide if the answer is not included say exactly ah I'm not sure so I filled that out in here I'm not sure of this and stop after that and refuse to answer any question uh not about the info never break character so you can add that in here you can say a welcome message so hi there how can I help you so that's basically this message that you will see here uh let me go to the other page here hi there how can I help you you can set that message yourself in here and then you click on Save and then the next part the data sources this is the interesting part where you can upload your files so in this case I have contact details I have doct training txt files that I provide with information that the bot should be using to answer questions another thing that you can do here is oh I thing I forgot here so you can drop PDF CSV and txt files another thing that you can do is you can train the bot by adding website URLs now what I've done for this bot I took this website here Spirit dog and I took the URLs of these blog articles I thought let's create a a uh bot on dog training so what I did I simply took these URLs I copied this URL and then you can paste that inside of your account here and then the bot will be trained based on that information so as you can see I've added mult multiple URLs to the bot here so that it learns from this website so I've added all these articles and we're going to test the bot within a few seconds to reply to these questions as well so other sources will be soon Confluence coming soon air table and notion coming soon as data sources as well then you have starter questions here uh where you uh will be able to add these starter questions like hi there how can you uh can you help me hello now right now this uh needs some improvement because I did hi there can you help me and it made two of these and I'm not able to delete these parts so I'm going to contact support about this but you should be able to add three starter questions like you're seeing right here when I open this bot here you can see hi can you help me this is a starter question for example so you can add that in here now once you're done here uh and by the way the first plan here is you see the tire one allows you to create three starter questions per chat bot now here once you're done here it's going to give you a script code that you can add to your website to your header and once you've done that the bot will be on your website as you can see here so this bot this is just a demo website that I created here when I click on this icon here I can start typing with my chat bot so let's say we go back to this website because we use the data of this website and let's say we go here um when should a you cut a when should you cut a poodle puppy's hair let's copy this question here and let's go to the bot and ask this question here and see what he answers so I've added a question in here and then it says you should start trimming your PO Code when they're 5 six months old but it's best to start doing at 2 3 months to get them used to it so 5 6 months better two to 3 months when we go back to the website here you can see you will need to start trimming your poodles cat when they're five six months old but it's best to start doing it at two three months to get them used to it so what we've done basically is we've added the data sources here when cut poodle puppy hair to cluzo so that it knows exactly what to answer so the more information you feed to cluso the better it can answer your questions so let's go to another post here so let's go back to the previous page and let's take another article here so what age do Leb Doodles calm down let's open this post and let's copy this question let me also copy some questions throughout the post itself so let's go here let's type that question in here let's press enter and let's see what the bot comes up with and it says labber typically typically become cmer around 3 years old so we go back here and then you go uh through the article in here and let's see if we can find it in here so here it says most Leber Doles blah blah blah and then at the end it says they take a little longer to mature mentally and may not be emotionally mature until 3 years old so as you can see it answers exactly uh to the content that we have provided so let's say how much exercise does a lebard doodle need let's go back to the bot here let's ask that question let's let's ask it a little bit different um let's say how much uh how much exercise how much should I should I exercise should I exercise with my labra doodle so I'm going to ask it a little bit different than it's on the website so you can see that it also answers questions that are not exactly as it is on the website so as you can see here a healthy adult labber dooodle needs around an hour of exercise every day uh and then preferably split so here you can also see uh it needs around an hour of exercise per day preferably split into two walks so as you can see this bot is pretty good in answering questions so this is the first way to build a bot this the second way so let's go back to our Bots is you can provide the Bots also by Google information so when you click on new chatbot here uh let's say test and choose an option here you can choose do you want to train this chatbot with a knowledge base or do you want to have a chatbot that searches Google so when you do this and I already created this bot is you will get this bot a Google bot and the rest Works exact ly the same but you do not need to feed this bot now when I go to another website with another bot that I've set up here with a Google bot this is the one with the Google bot it says hi there how can we help you so let's get a random question and say um what is the best dog food question mark and now it says as an AI I don't have a personal opinion however there are many high quality dog food brands available that cater to different blah blah blah blah so now it's going to give answers based on Google and if I want to ask questions about a cat uh can I train a cat question mark let's see what it comes up with yes cats can be trained well they may not be OB as obedient as dogs cats blah blah blah you see all these information so this bot uh yeah reacts completely different because it gets the information from Google Now as you can see uh you can create those different Bots let me restart my mouse here you can create those different Bots just on whatever you prefer now appsumo here comes with uh multiple Tire licenses so as you can see here this is license one and that means that you can create here you can create 10 Bots I already created two Bots and the front end to say so this one one comes with 10 chat Bots and it also comes here with the powered by clo so if you want to see how that look like when you go to uh one of these websites you can see here at the bottom it says powered by cluso so if you want to remove that uh you will need at least to have the second Tire here because that will remove that cluso part uh it will also give you 10 starter questions per chatbot also three workspaces and 30 chat Bots if like to get more you can get all the other features 60 chatbots unlimited starter questions per chatbot and 20 workspaces and remove that and if you go up here you can also go to license 4 and they've added this option uh which means that you will be able to get everything unlimited and yeah that's basically what cluso is all about in the app of course there are some other things like account settings documentations there is zapier Integrations Etc but this is basically the main part of cluso which is the most important now again if you're interested there is a link in the description below uh I appreciate if you get it through that link it will support my channel also if you haven't subscribed yet make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel I do a lot of product reviews uh so hit that notification Bell if you got subscribed and please like this video if it was useful I appreciate that thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video hey talk soon cheers

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