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Energetic music: Hey: there welcome to Game the Game. I'm your host Becca Scott, and today we are playing DC Funkoverse. I can't wait to get into it and introduce you to my guests. Of course you all know and love Amy Dallen, Hello. I'm so excited to be here Specifically for this game. What You are the right person for this game. You are an expert on DC, so glad to have you here. Amy is also a regular Geek and Sundry host and a player on Callisto, 6 and, of course, one of the rotating GMs on TBD, RPG and rotating between host and player Yeah. We have fun, We do, But not too much fun. Patrick Ehlers. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having this. Is there's all kinds of Batman here? Oh my gods. Oh what Much Batman! You are also an expert in the comic arena. Yes, But you are by day a podcast host of Nintendo Cartridge Society That's correct. Among other things, Mm hmm Busy man, Yeah Yeah, Sometimes Yeah, Sometimes busy, Sometimes, And a casual cosplaying, as Comish Gordon today, Low key low key kind of always I'm kind of always low key Jim Gordon, Solid, Good team, good team, good team, just saying you,'re crushing it Already Mm – hmm, yes And, of course, Trisha Hershberger Hi. Thank you for having me Becca. I am very excited that we are playing the villains today. Indeed, we are Yes, Trisha Hershbergr is one of the hosts of Game Engine and does a billion other things on other places all over the internet. You know Yeah, Like you, do Yeah That's right Batgirl, Trish laughing, All right friends, you are correct. You will be playing the good guys. We will be playing the bad peoples which includes Robin on your side and Catwoman on our side, Heck to the yes. We got this imitates whip snapping That's, my Robin purse. Now, if you at home would like to know how to play this game, don't worry, We already made a how to play video for all of the Funkoverse games. There's a link to that in the description below, But we are going to jump straight into this specific scenario: control Ooh. So for this scenario there are three control areas on this board: This corner upper lefthand corner center. All we need to do is go to those places and take that control At the end of each round. Whoever has the most control tokens one placed in each area or just the majority will get one point. You can also earn points by knocking out a rival and you can earn points by going to A B, C or D to that point, marker and interacting with it, while you're adjacent to it and getting a point that way. First team to 10 points wins That's, the whole scenario: Okay, Perfect Scenario: scenario, Tomato Oreo, tomat, cereal, Silly tommy, tomatrio. I just wan na say that this is literally a battle of control and we have Batman Batman controls everything Control, not your strong suit. Over there, Just saying, Hey Great characters, legendary characters Not noted for their control Noted for chaos Haha, but the Joker has his mystery boxes. Laughing And Harley can do a whirly wind, Oh jeez, I don't know I might just feign distress And you know Catwoman might just slaughter everyone with her sexiness'cause Catwoman, It's plausible. It's plausible. We just have a tightly coordinated team. A strike force a Bat Family, three that is going to control lockdown. This map Control, doesn't always equal, lawful, right group laughing, Not necessarily, I believe in us Yeah. I believe chaos will be successful All right. I need someone to put this fist player token and we'll decide which team gets to activate one of their three characters. First, I shall flip this. The non coin coin All right looks like us, baddies, gon na go first That's fine. Before we move any of our characters, we should decide where they start right. We should both yes And you guys can simultaneously or I'll, give you a second to talk it out, where you wan na start your characters Based on our abilities, I think Harley.'s best at fighting Okay, So I have her in position to get towards the center Love it Because we've just got these four little doorways here The Joker loves to place those mystery boxes, though Maybe they should Maybe Joker should swap with Catwoman Yeah. Okay, Yeah: I think that's good What's Catwoman good at Catwoman, has a cartwheel maneuver that she can move pretty fast. If we need that, Otherwise, she does have a ranged attack. If we get into problems she's got second chances. If we lose a basic challenge, So we can also take an item card from a target. If we do a basic challenge, Oh No And make sure it sits on their cooldown track. So that might be nice too. So Catwoman's a good fighter as well. So maybe we should have Catwoman head to the control in the opposite corner and then come on up for some battle times. Love it okay plan activated. Who should let's do Catwoman first'cause you have a plan for her Okay. We can do Catwoman. First, So let's go ahead and use this little blue cartwheel ability – and I'll place that here on two since that's an ability too Okay To move four and we'll have her move four towards that control Idea. Yes, What? If we go for D, first get the point and then we're kind of blocking the way to get that. I like the way you're thinking, Go for it. Okay, I'm gon na go diagonally counts as adjacently in this game. So long as there's, not the corner of a wall blocking your a path. So I'm gon na go one two three four Perfect and we still have another basic move. If we wan na move the final two for our basic move and stand right there next to D and block that doorway, If we're standing on it, there's, nothing, they can do Well, they can come in from the other side. But yes, Oh shoot Yeah'cause. We can't get on it. I don't. Oh, we can, because you can move diagonally Yeah, let's just go there and stand right on it. She's just gon na meow perch, Just pointing that out Right on that point. I got this. I get this point. I could any time I want Mm. Hmm yeah, Ooh, okay! Well, maybe strategically we just stay one away, because then we're one closer to moving to the control area in the next turn. Perfect. I like that too, All right so Catwoman is now exhausted, All right, which means now we have to place our. Where do we start Yeah? Let's place them strategically. We've got Batman, we've got Batgirl and we've got Robin First thing. I think we need to do is that Robin has something that he does right at the beginning of the game, right That's right Robin has to establish who is Robin's partner? Now I feel like this. Is it's an easy answer right, Robin's, partner, Batgirl Nah, I don't know I think it's, Batman, Yeah, I'm being silly. Do you get to choose at the beginning of the game? Yeah? Oh, that's cool And it doesn't say that Robin cannot be his own partner chuckling, But we're gon na make Batman his partner. I want the eventual version where we've got all of the Robins and just the Robins are all partnering together, Yes, Hilarious. Who do you think this is by the way I was gon na, say it's Jason Todd, but it might be Tim. What do you think I mean Damien's, my favorite Okay, So in my mind he's a better. We can declare him Damien, Let's, declare him Damien For non experts. Tell us the difference. Tell us all about all the different Robins. There have been Oh jeez, all of them. Different people have been Robin at different times. What makes Damien special he's. One of the newest ones is that he is actually Batman:'s, son Batman and Talia al Ghul,'s, Dun, dun, Dun, Yeah And Rand Talia Boyfriend; No and boyfriend; No, No overlapping voices, It's, a team up partner, Yeah Think 1940 Got it Got It Yeah They didn't use that word that way. Okay, That's right Great, Probably some people did but not in this case, Okay, so that's out of the way, and now we need to figure out where Oh yeah, where are we starting? We're gon na put everyone Okay, So I think we may want to take advantage of some of Batgirl's extra mobility to interrupt what's happening here: Yeah yeah, Let's set that up Go straight for this door here Yeah – And this Is the limit of where we can start, Sir Mm hmm And Batman, maybe should head for the control areas? I like that with Robin not too far behind him. Got it all right Perfect, So Batgirl also has an ability where, if she is standing at the beginning of a turn, she may move one space. This does not count as her move or anything One step ahead, Very cool, Yoink Yoink. Should we start with Batgirl. I think yes, Because ha ha, we could use a move action and then we could just oh look Catwoman how nice standing next to your victory point there, but I still have an action to spend. Maybe claiming this first Yep Victory, point meow Yeah get it And where does this go? This goes on the four It goes on the four. It goes on the four of your cooldown track, meaning it will take four rounds before that point. Marker respawns, on the board. Here is a point bell: dinging Yeah Yeah. Congratulations Feel it. It's, a beautiful, shiny, Good game. It feels great, I'm more afraid of your civility than anything It's haunting group laughing And that exhausts Oh yeah. She's tired. Now, Yeah. Okay, who is it gon na, be next Becca? Do we wan na move Joker in for the plan or move Harley in for a potential conflict? Well, the Joker can lay his mystery boxes. I like it. I like, where your head's at Becca cackles, So tell me what the mystery boxes do. Oh, these little mystery boxes that I got here Well. I could spend one of our gray cog tokens for a cost of two to place. One within a range of two after moving two Pretty cool It -‘s pretty sweet. I think you should most definitely do that. Okay, So that is really safe and great for the city. He's just running all over this board. Does Joker have any movement abilities or no Just standard movement? No, Okay, Just some challenge abilities and then this it includes move to and place mystery box. So I think that's a good way for me to claim B all in one turn. If I go one, I forgot how numbers work? Okay, Well, here,'s, what I'm thinking! Oh two comes next Yeah Tell me if you can claim it in one turn:'Cause. I didn't think we could What I thought our best and you may find something that I don't see, but I thought our best turn might be. No, I counted wrong One two. What's that wall in the way, Three four Ooh And then we could put, but you wan na place here, huh, So one two, three four, Oh 39, cause! You know we're going into that room, Place this bomb and then come for this next. I don't think we can take that point at B and place that mystery box all at the same time. I think it's one or the other Yeah. I think so. I think mystery boxes are the way to go right. Yeah, they're. Really fun, I, like it: Okay, one two, three four and place in line of sight of two within two squares Mm: hmm yeah. I like it, Can see yes, A little defensive strategy. Woo Coming out of the Yes Say, your prayers. I don't know which Joker this voice is. This is my personal Joker interpretation. It's a good Joker voice. It's a villain, voice, okay, And I should have done this first. We're gon na place. This gray token, on the two of the cool down track to represent that we have used a mystery box action All right And Joker's exhausted He's, so sleepy, Sleepy, Joker, sleepy Joker, Ah time for a little nap. Okay, I think we got ta move Batman, Deploy the bat Deploy the bat, So let's move him closer to this control so that we can take the control point sooner rather than later Mm. Hmm, So maybe it's just a double move for Batman. What do you think It might be? I think he's just got ta make a bee line All right Like a whole Saturday, you ask a friend to borrow their truck Robin Two chuckling three four. That seems good All right. We're nearly there Uh huh, I don't think there was a scenario where we could have gotten hold on, but we're gon na stare down the Joker dramatically as we go And Batman's. This is epic over here. It is pretty epic, I can see what you put on the ground and I don't know what it is yet, but I don't trust it chuckling. I feel like that. That's a good Batman voice. The figures on the board make us so much more dramatic, rather than if they were just tokens. You know It's, pretty cool It's. True, It changes everything, Not that I don't love my meeples, but they are not. This expressive. Yeah Love! The Funko of it all laughing Okay does that make it Harley's turn Yeah, so Batman,'s exhausted. So then it would be Harley.'s turn Now a lot of Harley's. Abilities have to do with rivals being adjacent or within line of sight, and we don't have any of that yet Yeah so Well. Batgirl is out in the open, if only we could get in line of sight of her, which is a turn away. Two, three four. No, even if we use both to move it just puts us on this corner, One two, three four Yeah, we're still one away from being able to take a control area So that's a bum, zo group chuckling. Okay, Maybe that's. What Harley would say? Maybe you're just being in character? Oh man, I wish we had started her here and then we could just take the Maybe she goes to That wall would be in the way, because that wall is irritating. She could go for that control, but I feel like I think this one, But I feel yeah yeah okay, so I'm torn. I feel like maybe that's a waste of her combat abilities, but also maybe we should just go for points and And Catwoman's coming towards the middle any way. Okay, great, let's. Do it? Okay, one two three four Perfect Mmm: Okay, Very good, Exhaustion, Exhaustion And Over. Oh no, you guys get one more right, Robin Okay. What's Robin gon na do? Okay, Robin is not yet exhausted. So here is something that I'm exploring on'cause Robin has abilities, but a lot of them are set up moves right, Yeah He attacks someone and then his partner can either get an extra attack or an extra move Mm hmm. But he also has this provide backup move If Robin sees a partner and is within four spaces, he can move to a space adjacent to the partner. So I think we can use this move and get Robin one. Two three: four: in a space adjacent to Batman, which is in the control area. Yes, yes, yes Does. He need to see. It said that he needs to see Batman, though I think he currently can right. I think so. I'm gon na use a little ruler. That is the side of my rulebook Mm. Hmm, There is no corner of a wall interacting between them. Perfect Robin you,'re a genius. I'm gon na provide backup Spending my little two token there. So we're gon na move Robin to an adjacent space which is going to be this diagonal from Batman, Ridiculous, Oh man, And so that's just So well played That's, just the one move. So now we can use our action to claim the control area. You totally, can You just leap frogged all over this board, That is insane Yeah. He did Get out of town Robin Robin Now. You can place it anywhere. You, like We're gon na. Go all the way in the back corner there right: Okay, okay, yes Anywhere, you like within the control area At the end of the round, which is now laughing Okay, so Robin is sleepy Exhausted. We first take a look at who has the most control areas under their control. The good guys Good guys get one point bell. Dings Then slide all tokens down on each cooldown. Tracker Mm. Hmm, Then remove all exhaustion tokens. Nobody's, tired There. Everyone's feeling good. Then we switch the first player token so that the good guys go first. Okay, They're totally gon na ger D, sighs Good guys, gon na get D Good guys, never get the D all sniggering, Okay, Moving on laughing Yeah, Yeah Yeah, your turn: Okay, Okay, all laughing! So I wan na eventually use Batgirl's gather intel move, but I think that now that this has been put in my head, I think that maybe Batgirl should just go. Get this point. No, you should go. Do whatever you were gon na do Yeah. I feel you hold my best interest at heart. Maybe go get Joker, I mean he's standing right there and I do want to hit him And I wan na use that flying tackle at some point Yeah. I do too, But Oh Batgirl. A point is a point. A point is a point Right. Batgirl, look at me: Let's get the D. Let's. Do it yeah, Oh well. First of all, she gets to move a space. Just a Oh! Yes, oh yeah Of her own volition. Oh wait hold on hold on. Let me think about that. Does that change anything It does It does it does? It does because here's what I wan na do. Yes, I wan na start with my free one step ahead. I'm, seeing you Joker, and I am quick to get out of your way. We've got history. It's not good Mm, hmm And then what I'd like to do is use my gather intel as a two cog move, which lets me move. One then give up to two allies: an intel status card Ooh. Now these are cards that can be redeemed, They decrease ability costs by one, and then you discard this status when this character becomes exhausted. So on our next turn, Batman and Robin are each gon na use. Some of that intel. I've gathered Mm hmm To make something easier, but that was my first action. Yes And my second action I think, should be to take that. I think it has to be Oh yeah Right out from under Catwoman's, fingers That will in no way backfire In no way That's a point bell. Dings Well done three points: Okay, while it's Now we're very tired. Yes, very tired, Oh so tired, It is our turn to activate. So Harley is in a position to take control of this area. I feel like the Joker. This turn should lay down more mystery boxes 39, cause that's real fun and they have all these combo abilities, and I wan na use my cool combo ability And Catwoman is in a position to take down Batgirl Woo, not good. Yeah Does Batgirl. Have any item cards at the moment She does not No'cause. You gave them away. These are just status cards There's only. I think our only item is the batarang That's right: Okay, great Ooh. What's out whip do Yeah, so that's? We could attack Batgirl from right here, because our whip gives us range too. Oh, So we could just do that and then still do another action. If we wanted to. However, Batgirl is now exhausted, so this situation is going to stay, as is Meaning. We may not need to use Catwoman right now. We might wan na save that Sure, Since no one else is in that vicinity So yeah, maybe we want to have Harley take control of that last control point. Maybe I kind of like your idea of having Joker, maybe lay some more mystery boxes. Becca imitates, laugher And or take B as a point Awesome, yes Ooh. I, like all those things That's right, we didn't send anyone over in that direction to help claim those points. The other thing to note is that knocking out a rival, knock them down and then knock them out is a point Right. Ooh See, we thought we were like. We're gon na duck away from Joker. It's good. We're safe. Oh, my goodness, Catwoman hi, all laughing Yeah. She just better steal those points back Yeah It's what she does, But they also have some many points on the board and I'm jealous. So maybe we take B and leave A for bait. I like it It's by the mystery box, all laughing They don't die, they're knocked down and then out. Yeah could be something fun. Is it, though, What if it is something fun? It depends on your idea of fun. Good point. I think we should move Joker one two, Because that's included in the mystery box action. We'll leave a mystery box here just for funsies and then claim B as the second action. When do you foresee them walking across this? Never all laughing? Okay. So So it's a bad idea. Maybe we save the mystery box. I shall place a gear token on two to use mystery box, one two and then the second part of that is place, a second mystery box within line of sight of two and then the next action will be to claim B And that's a point That's, our first victory point for the game. All right, yeah Go team, evil! All right! All right! I see this. Is we're in a little bit of a stuff spot here, Uh huh, uh huh, Because we have these intel abilities. That will let us use our special moves more efficiently, but I don't really know how to take advantage of that right now because they're not in. I picked a perfect moment and I think you'll find It's still good laughing. We're happy to have them here, Mm hmm, but this is a good opportunity to move Batman onto one of the surprise boxes, mystery box, because if it takes him out, we can revive him with his relentless move. Oh, yes, we can For zero cost Because it normally costs one. So Batman is relentless, which means Batman, can do this while knocked down and stand up using one action instead of a full turn. Now that normally costs it's a one point red move, but right now, if he were to spend it and take advantage of intel'cause, he's, gon na lose it. This turn either way Right. So we know that mystery box is there and we know the Joker does not have our best interests at heart Right. Do you wan na risk it It honestly doesn't even seem like a risk, Because Batman is relentless. Let's do it? Batman moves onto the mystery box. Oh no, that's a challenge, four that explodes in your face, And we get two defense on it: Ew That was the worst. I could have done that's, the worst I could have done And we wiffed it. I wiffed too hard I don't even wan na roll defense Batman don't start taunting The Joker's right there, that'll backfire But Batman. You know what you can do. You can collect that A point giggles. So, first of all, let's get rid of this mystery box. Token right It's such a Joker, move that the first one is a dud and the next one is going to freaking destroy us. The first one was Yeah Yeah. It was literally like the gun with thing: Yep: bang That comes down Mm. Hmm, She's messing with us. We'll get through it. Okay, I think we got it And we're gon na get that point right now That point Right now That point So you're getting another point: Aw man, Oh boy, Okay, take that put it on your forehead and take your point bell: dings Yeah! Four points Four points: Wow Out of control And that I think exhausts Batman. I think he's real, tired, now yeah, He's, exhausted, Relentless and exhausted. Intel goes back to Batgirl Yeah. It does Okay, Okay,'Kay Wow. Okay, so play comes back to us: It's either Catwoman or Harley. At this point, Revenge wise – we could start working on Catwoman, laughing Or Harley could go, get a control area, but that control area does nothing for us. Unless we also get the middle control area or Joker is able to take this square, Let's say screw Batgirl, let's take two control areas. This turn What Hmm interesting? Okay, You like it Yeah. I like where your head's at Well. We can't take two. This turn We should have kept our eyes on the villains. We went after the prizes, We can't take two this round, But look at this Catwoman first Or we can Sure yeah let's Oh shoot. We can't, do it Let's have Harley go first, It's too far, Because there's a doorway there. We'd have to go one two and take an additional move action. Unless we have something that allows, we already used her cartwheel, We used the blue, So we would have even the odds which is take an item card from the target which could be useful. If maybe Batman gets in there and then we need to get in there and steal something from Batman after But yeah, let's move Harley and actually take a control area. This turn Yeah. We need something to show for all our hard work. One two basic move and then interact to get that control area All right, control, token Villains have the corner. Yes, One corner to one corner: Okay and Harley is exhausted. Sorry that was a hard day at work. Oh and okay, right Back to you guys, All right. So now we are left with Robin Yes in a room in the corner and there's a bomb right outside the door Outside of that door. Yeah. So one option is, we could again have him. Do this provide backup to move him onto this space of the mystery box? We could chance it again and throw another Robin at an exploding box. Hey does adjacency with walls in the way. How does that work? If there is a wall, you'll notice that the art cleverly explains this by going just over the corner of the intersection Got it. So you cannot go adjacently diagonal through a wall, So right now, Batman is adjacent to the three spaces behind him. The two on either side and the one in front of him. Those are his adjacent spaces. Oh the two, Not this one. Oh there's a wall, there ha ha. It was behind his head, But I don't know what that really does for us. Otherwise we can just move Robin out into the middle so that he is in a position next turn to possibly take the control point away from Catwoman. But you know it's more interesting and exciting. If you just land on a mystery box And Robin is all about interest and excitement, chuckling I mean Robin is historically there to draw fire draw attention to take one for the team Stay on story. Are we gon na get lucky twice with bombs, because if we do, then he can use things, Let's, try it All right! Let's, do it? Let's try it. We are going to provide backup, which is only going to cost us one For story reasons. I am gon na rule that they have no noticed this mystery box. Fine, Okay, Damien, come to my side. You got it Batman. Now don't forget to spend your intel when you did the Yes. Well, no, It'll go when you're, exhausted, Yeah. Okay, so Damien has stepped on a mystery box. Ha Okay. It's a challenge, four Challenge: four: okay: Joker come on! Two hits: Okay, we can do two defense, No, you can't ha ha. Oh only one defense Robin is knocked down. The mystery box is removed from the board, See that effectively ends Robin 39. S turn right, Because you can't take an action. Well, unless you're Batman and you're relentless, you can't take an action. While you're knocked over Right That's right'Cause. It takes two right: It takes an entire turn to stand back up, sighs All right, very good. We got the bomb so that's the good news We did there are no more bobs. I can feel good about that All right, so that leaves it to Catwoman to clean up the rest of this round. So because Catwoman doesn't have enough movement as it stands now to get in and take that inner control, which would be amazing,'cause that would help seal the deal for the round. So there is nothing we could do. We could get up close to it. We just can't interact with it. Yes, We can whip and then run towards it. We can. The whip does not give us extra movement, though True, So let's go ahead and I think we should whip Whip. This character can do the following as a basic challenge. Ooh Range two challenge: two: If you win, you may move the target one square, The target, So the target should be Batgirl, Hmm And we're gon na whip challenge two, and we can do that from two away. I love it. We have two defense die Here. We go. Oh three, successive Three Four successes: Batgirl holds her own. Oh my gosh, So let's whip again. We can't'cause. We have to we used the item or does the item say If it doesn't say, then we don't lose it Great. So we could whip again. I say whip again. What do you think Whip it? Good Yeah, we're totally gon na whip again because moving doesn't really do us much good right now and taking out Batgirl so that she needs to expend an entire turn to stand back up is really ideal Yeah. So we're whipping again. Two hits Yeah two hits Come on. Let's do four defense again die clattering. Only one, Just one defense groaning All right, nighty night Batgirl, Oh no, Oh boy! That's great All right to be fair. You guys are three points ahead. Yes Fact Go me, So it's great to even the field up two of your characters have been knocked down so that you will have less turns This doesn't feel even But Batman has been here before. I am okay with it. Chuckles Yes, agreed. Okay, all characters are now exhausted, so let's move on to the next round, which means we'll, take the first player token. Let's slide everything down, one on the cooldown tracks, Get our moves back And remove all exhaustion tokens from characters. Oh I don't like that they get to go first. I know it.'s, no good. I do like it. Okay, so let's see none of the point. Tokens have been returned, but Catwoman gasps. Do it Yeah right? We can whip twice now to completely knock out Batgirl That's gon na be a point. We could do it, Which would be a point if we do it. Okay, cool, But does our cat burglar effect, help us? What does that? Do That's when she comes back from being knocked out, Got it she can be placed anywhere instead of the lair, Totally voices overlapping. Now let's just think of our other options. Before we act in haste, Can the joker do anything to knock out Robin at this point Sure can with a mallet When the Joker does a basic challenge with the mallet one shield will count as a blast. One shield will count as a blast. So then they stand whichever one we don't will attack first. So who are we more afraid of doing something Robin or Batgirl? Well, Robin is closer to the center, but Batgirl can move one additional movement so that'd be one two three four Batgirl could get in nope Only when she's standing, Neither of them. Neither of them can do anything but stand this turn Right. So who are we more afraid of standing? I mean that's not 100. True, I'm gon na say that maybe we should do Joker's ability because Catwoman's bonus. Other ability is to be able to move their target if they like and to be able to attack with range But Joker it's not ranged, though Yeah, but mallet Mallet is range. Two aren't they. No it's just a range. It must be adjacent, Oh So, but to move and attack once versus whip twice, So it's a non issue. I like whip Yeah, we're whipping All right here we go sighs. One success Come on Becca Come on Babs, Four successes Suck it again. Once again, once again, All right come on Come on, come on Two more successes: Six Patrick groans, Dodge dodge dodge Two defense, Okay Tie goes That could have gone a number of ways, But how is Batgirl so good? Batgirl's prone and is still like gasps hi yah. She been in this position before Mm. Hmm, Oh my She's resourceful. She can stand back up. Okay, Okay, Catwoman is exhausted. Catwoman is now exhausted, Turn two That could have easily gone a different way That could have ended us, Which were to gon na thank our lucky stars on that one Patrick huffs, All right. So I don't there's any scenario where she does anything but stand up on this turn right. I think that's right And she's out of range of like Harley, can't take a swing at her right. I think what we need to do is we need to get Robin back on his feet, Yes, And whether that's with Robin's turn or Batman using one of his actions as an assist. Actually, you're right, While he's very vulnerable. There we should get him back on his feet, Okay, so which of those courses of actions. Do you want Batman to do it? You're using half of his turn Or Robin to do it, but using all of his turn Man, it's a waste of the other half of Batman.'s turn isn't it Yeah, but it would make you know if we get here.'s, what I'm gon na suggest. Okay, I'm gon na suggest that we have Batman, assist Robin Mm hmm And then we will move Batman over to Joker so that when Robin does get to move and he can do a coordinated strike, he can attack Joker and make Batman also attack. That's a plan, all right, restart that hand Or also move or whatever we need to do Mm hmm mm, hmm, So, okay, Bat Man,'s turn he's going to assist Robin stands back up, I'm! So sorry, I sent you on that mystery box That's, okay, Batman. I still love you Aw It's. Tender'cause it's, Damien Right It's not very affectionate, And then let's move Batman over to Jokertown. Can we move through ourselves? You can move through a friendly mini. Oh, I was just going to say like through the hallway here. This way. Okay, rather than have him stand right in front of Well, because Damien does Damien Robin needs all laughing to attack a character in order to give his partner. These move bonuses – Great got it. So I want him to still have a straight shot, or at least something close to it. Let's go for it. If we could see Joker right now, by the way we would have a direct attack, but walls And it'd be a good one. Laughing imitates, powershot resounding Okay, All right Stand ready for it And that will exhaust Take your exhaustion. Our friend Batman is tired: The Batman, Okay. Well, that was just silly of them because look They we have to move to attack Robin and then we're. No longer adjacent to Batman and we can make that a mystery box attack or a mystery box move in order to place one next to Batman laughing. We could make it a mystery box, move to place it next to Batman. I like, where your villainous brain is at Becca Becca, imitates mad laughter, So much venom Well done. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, So we're doing it Yep I like it. We're doing it. Okay, So I'm gon na place the token That's it And move two mystery box, Heh heh heh, And now I would like to joy buzzer Robin. I think you should Okay Joy buzzer do tell A joy buzzer. Is it takes a red token on that one of the cooldown track? It's a challenge. Three, The target must be standing. You can't joy, buzzer someone if they don't put their hand out. So, in fact, thank you, Batman for assisting Robin. So that we could joy buzzer, We try to be giving and sharing Batmans. We're trying something new Yeah Yeah. He cares. Batman cares Here, have my son as target practice And frankly, I'd rather have a hand buzzer than a mallet Fair enough. Yeah yeah It's. True I mean You were about to get a mallet to the face when you're already knocked down, Yep All right roll, your defense for Robin dice, clattering Two hits. I got nothing Oof Okay, Well well! Well, Robin is back down! No Robin is down. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything else, but I feel real good about the fact that that mystery box is down. That was great, All right, Good job, Joker, Becca, imitates, manic laughter, I've been plotting All right. No one can get at the center So who is gon na stand up now?'Cause that's literally all we can do chuckles for the rest of this turn. Yep Is stand our characters back up. You still have Harley to move. She doesn't have some secret teleport all over the map ability. Does she Nuh uh She doesn't have movement, helpful abilities. No, she has things for adjacent rivals and rivals within sight, Okay, neither of which Batgirl currently is, but maybe we stand Batgirl up. Just to be on the safe side, Yeah and Robin's way outside Mm, hmm Of her range of threat. Yeah, let's stand Batgirl back up. Having dodged unlikely. Three of the four whip strikes: Batgirl gets wobbily to her feet Up laughing And stares you down again, She's exhausted. Are they just gon na? Do this forever Back and forth forever? Very tired! I mean maybe laughing Okay well well. Well, Harley Quinn has already claimed this control area Right And so should either go towards Batgirl or towards the center or both Yeah. I mean the only thing we can really do with Harley. This turn is get her in position. Maybe this spot to give Catwoman some backup. You know what I like that, because that's adjacent to both goals – Cool, Hmm, A one, a two three all laughing. I like her playing Harley A four A one. I always do it like. I can't say the Rs when I try and do the Harley accent, Thwee group giggling, Hey, you know what That's a new take on Harley and I like it, Also choose to believe that you did some kind of handstand over Catwoman to get Out that door, Oh yeah, Don't mind me Yeah, Okay, well, well! Well, you have one more activation. This round. Don't ya Robin stands And is exhausted, Yep all right. That makes it the end of the round. Let's slide. All of the tokens down Yep, Oh my gosh. I want those points Ooh and then we would score for the controlled tokens, but we each had one, which means no one:'s in the lead on control tokens, which means no one gets. The point. No points. Quite the Okay That going on Everyone -‘s, no longer exhausted, No body's sleepy – And here is your first player token. All right Now we're presented with opportunity. Mm hmm chuckling Damien can get the center, but they have a lot of chances to reverse that. Yes, Damien also has an opportunity here to start moving Batman around the board a little bit with his set up attack, Okay, yep, Where he can do a regular challenge. Two and move his partner, two spaces Mm. Hmm, So I think that's what we I think we should start with Robin moving Batman towards the center Now do we want to get Batgirl's gather intel involved on this one, Possibly So, for instance, if we move here and we – I guess we Only need to be anywhere near it, but if we move here and gather intel, then unless they successfully knock us out before next turn, we're in position to grab this Now they might'cause there's, two villains right there with nothing to do, But beat us up: Oh, this is tough, So she gets the one move automatically, not part of an action right, Oh yeah, So we can move her out here and then we can start really spending ability points to A gather, intel and B flying tackle. That is true, So we can try to take out Harley and gather intel. That is very true, Oh boy, I would sure love that Yee Harley Quinn group laughing – I'm counting to thwee all laughing, But that also moves her off of the right. It moves her further away from this, but it would land her pretty close to the center, So we actually have a number of options We can get into position here. We can get to the other side of Harley. We can just move generally towards an enemy and not worry about the flying, tackle landing or we can land on the other side of her attack. Her flip kick her or move into there. We have so many options, but none of them involve, I think, getting all the way to the center and claiming it right Right. I think maybe the best thing we can do is get ourselves back into position to reclaim C, Okay And gather intel. What do you think Curious? So So we are taking the one free movement that she gets. Then we are using her move correct. Yes, we are. We're using one step ahead to duck out of the hallway, then using her movement action to approach Harley Quinn for the flip, kick Hi yah, Which puts it on the one track. It is a challenge two, after which we get a move action So challenge two on Harley Quinn, please Yikes, spikes; Okay, you wan na roll defense for Harley, Okay. Here we go Four One. Just one Are we counting this one that landed slightly sideways Yeah? I'd count it. I know I mean whether we do or not this one is free, Yeah. It doesn't matter That's a fair point. So Yeah you guys totally got us So Harley is knocked down Harley knocked down Here.'s. A question Catwoman can assist, We can assist Yeah Yeah. Should we try to knock out Harley Quinn? How, With another flip kick. That was our second action. Oh we moved, then we attacked. Okay, You must move one. Sorry, no body saw me contemplating a merciless vengeance. Was there Tainted by the dark side? Was there a moment when you thought she was on your side Yeah? No, when you do bad stuff, Harley loves it. I'm totally a fan, Or is it just adjacency Adjacent, Possibly just adjacent yeah, Okay, Definitely just adjacent! I apologize you're correct, all giggling, So do we wan na use the move to go back in that direction, or do we wan na, maybe just be like here? So this way we're close to this, but we can also head for the center. If we want That's, great Okay And that ends Batgirl's turn She's. Real tired, Exhausted, Okay, but she did flip, kick Harley Quinn, so it's a good day.'s. Work Well well well, options! Okay, so I mean, if we want Harley to have a chance at going this turn, we should have Catwoman, assist and stand up. However, it might be more pressing at this moment to deal with Joker since he's facing two heroes. I think we should hit Robin in the face with a mallet. Oh I like that laughing. So it's a challenge two, but the shields count as successes. Yeah One shield will count as a success. Yes, Okay great. I could also use my second action to blow up that mystery box next to Batman for a Challenge. Three, instead of challenge four Ooh Interesting. Well, we'll do one thing at a time: ooh, You know what We could do both Instead of a mallet. Let's do a joy buzzer For a challenge. Three. We can do it challenge three yep ready. Oh, We like The mallet is basically it gives you another hit. That is. Success buy only on two dice, whereas joy buzzer give you three dice Great. Do it? Okay, Paying one token doe joy, buzzer situation, Standing close to the Joker, not a great idea – That's not a great plan, Now that I think it through Becca laughing squealing Successes. Oh my Would you like to Woo My bang joy buzzer? This is just a joy buzzer. I am going to roll defense, One defense, Okay, Oh jeez. I wish that knocked you out, but it just knocks you down. Oh boy, Sorry Robin! So we have a chance to score a point by smashing him in the face with a mallet. Yes, Oh no Nicely knocking him out, not hurting him, though Just knock out, or we could blow up the mystery box next to Batman for three challenge, But it's a bang, sends a token all the way to the three on the cool down. Oh man go for that, Go for that, Yeah, Yeah! Okay, Let's get that point! Okay, but you got ta roll! Oh, no, Okay, mallet, challenge! Three! Here we go Or no it's just two: It's a challenge, two Just two, but the one Now hold on one other thing: remove one or more mystery boxes from the map. Do a challenge three to rivals, adjacent to mystery boxes. You remove. We could save that and place another mystery box. This turn, I think we should try to take Robin out while we have the chance, So do the mallet Yeah, Okay, great, because otherwise, That's just plotting for the future and Robin'll stand right back up. I get it. Okay, I put the token down there thinking we were blowing up our mystery boxes. Oh no, I think we take out Robin Yeah. We're going for Robin. Oh boy. All right, Knock down is not good enough. Yeah Knocked out Come on Robin Crochet. Anyone Ooh! So that becomes a success. That is four successes. Four, please, With the mallet. We can defend against that No problem, two, Which is the best Robin That was a very good roll, but Robin now goes onto cool down three, No cool down one. He is knocked out, and that is a point. Okay For us baddies bell, dings Hee, hee, hee Yeah. Now that was two actions, so the Joker is exhausted, As he should be. After that A hard day,'s work, Oh boy, Okay, So now all laughing. So now it is Batman.'s turn. So Batman should try to seek some sweet, sweet revenge here. If at all possible That's all he ever does really. We can't see the Joker. Can we. We cannot Okay, Nope blocked by the line of sight by this little corner of wall And that little box is in the way We wouldn't be able to from the spot two to our left, either Correct. Okay And we wouldn't be able to get outside in two moves, because the wall is there. Yes, Standing in this hallway is a great idea, and I endorse my decision to be on board with it. I agree with that. We should end it right now. All laughing, We should end that policy. You like boxes of mystery, We do Do you want to mystery box, or do you want to just make a break and get Batman out of there, so he is better positioned next time You could punch me in the face. If you'd just stand on my mystery box, Oh that's so tempting I mean we blew up all the rest of'em. Here we go. We're blowing'em all up Batman moves onto the mystery box. Yes, That's a challenge: four, We just watched you take out Robin. We are not thinking with our full head right now. No, we do not have our full capacities here. Oh no Wow, five, Five! This was a mistake. Okay, no defense whatsoever Good night Batman. Would we like to relentless him back up right now, Man, We'd, better, We don't want Batman getting taken out right, Yes, For mostly they're, not even that tired. Yet I know that they get over. There, but I don't feel good about it. Yeah, yes, Batman is relentless. He gets back up, But if I had done the intel that would be free, Would it still be an action though It would still be an action Yeah It just wouldn't have a cool down Correct, Great okay, cool, But now you removed our mystery box. So there's that Ha ha ha yeah. That's. True True, We are cleaning all the mystery boxes out. We think that's the mission yep Mm – hmm There will be no more mystery box. You can't leave a surprise left unopened. I get it All right now who would you like to activate So we have to activate Catwoman Right To use the assist rather than wasting Harley's entire turn, So action one. So we're going to assist. Hey thanks, Yeah now question Other girl. Can we whip range two around Harley, Yes To Batgirl, where Batgirl currently is With the wall in the way, If we move one on top of Harley's head and then that would be a diagonal? Well, it's, not a move. So the range is two: is the question I'm asking Yeah: Can the whip like imitates whip cracking So in the book? The example shows a direct straight line: middle of square to middle of square being within range, So middle of the square to middle of square Yeah Is to the left of the corner of the wall, Mm, hmm, Okay, That is some crazy whipping Like around corners and Which has not been that effective, thus far, Well Eh, So the other options besides whipping would be. We could do something where now you can't use an ability and an item at the same time, can you No Okay, that's? What I thought, But Harley's, still got a whole turn. The other option would be to move and do second chances, which meant, even if we failed, we could try again, So she did already use one action. Oh to assist, To revive her. You are absolutely right: Okay, then whip it is Yeah, I think whip and then Harley's gon na move in the center and take control Or the only other option is that we could have Catwoman do a cartwheel into the center right now. But then she couldn't do anything about it. She'd just be standing there Yeah, I'd rather take it. This turn Whip it whip it. Here we go Ahh Two Two successes: Okay, come on Batgirl come on, Batgirl Come on One One, success. Ah, she's back on her back. Batgirl is knocked down Gesundheit. All right, I was feeling so good. Catwoman is exhausted. Yeah Now lem me explain how it works. When a character has been knocked out Mm hmm, Yes, You can still take an entire turn or activation from your side to place an exhausted token on Robin that's. Basically, if you want to stall and have us act before you act, But because Robin is the last character you have to activate so all you can do is place the exhaustion, token, Okay, But you do have that option if things happen, That makes sense In a Different order in future rounds, Okay, so now Harley Quinn can go. Oh can I oh jeez, Mr J lem me just move and I wan na move closer to ya. Oh love! It there! Okay, now we are inside the central control area and we're gon na place. We're gon na claim it Yeah. We can place anywhere within this control area that we would like, I would say, directly where Harley's standing. I want her to be as far away from Batman as possible, So maybe here Okay, great Because Batgirl's right there, but we have two defense over by her Okay Yeah, Oh Robin's gon na spawn. So maybe here I'm suggesting that maybe we do it on the spot. That Harley is because of this gasps mumbles. Okay, that's not ominous No Harley's. Tough, is why'Cause Harley is tough, No body messes with. May I ask what that is? Yes, so Harley has an ability called whirly wind, which is do a basic challenge to each adjacent rival. So should some rivals get up close and personal adjacent to try to take that control. Tile Harley can get'em all at the same time. Yes Whirly, wind, 39, em, Okay, Very nice, So she's exhausted. The round has ended Woo All right, but this is the first time we get to do the or second time we're, going to check out how many control markers are on the board Looks like we,'ve got two of'em out of three. We will take the point bell: dings Ooh, Catching up. Okay, move everything down on the cool down, Which means Robin Can be placed back in the starting area anywhere. You like Close enough to help Batgirl All right And then did you slide everything gasps C Whoa Is back on board. Oh my goodness, oh, But we get first player Sure do Ha ha ha So unexhaust our characters, Unexhaust your characters, Uh huh, All right, Whirly! Wind! Do a basic challenge to each adjacent rival: She's so dangerous Yeah And I mean okay, so normally wouldn't she also have the mallet, Not that I want her to be even more dangerous, Ha ha Technically. You're right. That is Harley.'s mallet, but the variant rules say that you can assign items to any character. You like Fair enough. She is already terrifying. Mr J took it for himself. That means that batarang could have gone to. Anyone too Sure does All right all right: Cool cool cool. All right, so we have the first player token and oh, I see Batgirl she's lying on the ground. Next, to a point, I hate this Yeah. It's a lot Yeah, So we can whip from where we are – or I think maybe well Here -‘s the thing: if we move and take the point we can't hit Batgirl I would rather So we could either try to take Batgirl out Or we can try to take the point. I would like the sure thing point. Instead of the maybe a point I like that too, because if we left the point hanging there and took out Batgirl, then Robin could just squeak in there and get that point Totally. Would squeak He looks like a squeaker Okay, So we're going for the point Yeah. So we can move two one two and then we are adjacent to take the point. Oh Whoa, Boo, we're tied, Yeah Catwoman is exhausted. After all that point taking Mm hmm, I say we move Robin up a little bit Uh huh And stand Batgirl up on her feet, Uh huh, With an assist So that she can, I think, Take the next turn. That is a great idea To wreak some havoc. She could maybe Mm hmm Head on into that center. Even Coming back out. Robin is back, He's back in the game and he is gon na keep from happening to Batgirl. What just happened to him with his second action, Solid, Exhausted, now Exhaust him Robin's exhausted, So I mean we could Harley could maybe be tempted to go get in on the action, but maybe it's better. If she just plays defense for right now and stays there and Joker takes on the Dark Knight For sure Ooh, we could joy buzzer him. We could he's right there And we could lay down a mystery box and move away. We could, but if we joy buzzer and we're successful, then we could mallet and potentially take him out Good thing. We gave him that mallet. I know He's overpowered all laughing. Let's! Do it? Okay, How about you give us a roll for three? Oh no Joy, buzzer Joy buzzer! I might have made the previous joy buzzer cost too much. Okay, Yep'cause. They only should be one Joy buzzer for one All right, joy, buzzer for one here we go die clattering. That is one success. One defense Batman successfully defends Woo. Do we want to mallet or joy buzzer again I say we maybe save that red for Harley. If she needs it, Would you rather move a mystery box? Well, mystery box is silly in a two space wide area We're, not in that hallway anymore, Ha ha ha free from the hallway Ooh Into this wider hallway It's the street. I believe Yeah there we go Yeah good play, But we could move What is Joker's. Bang Bang means blow up mystery boxes, Oh okay, So maybe that is a good one to use. Maybe we move Joker into the building and then leave a mystery box behind us To get the other control Yeah. Oh, I like, where your head's at Okay,'Kay, So oh, but that's too many mystery box includes a move Mm hmm. So I'll place this cog on two Great Move: two And mystery box In the line of sight Empty space behind us, Great Ha, ha ha ha That looks real good Shoot. Joker.'s exhausted There's. Also, this way laughs, Oh, that you could have gone that way and then group laughing Well. We could place the mystery token here, but Next turn And it must be an empty space. Yeah, Okay, Cool Joker,'s, exhausted Joker is exhausted. Goodnight! Okay, here are some options. We have Lay it on me. Flying tackle Harley Quinn Mm. Hmm Flying tackle, claim the control thing. They still have Harley's turn to try to get it back, But if we succeed in knocking her down less of an issue, So what about Batman grapple swing over to Harley Woo Choose a rival within three squares of Batman Within three, though One two three: She's five away, So he could move and then do the grapple swing. Yes And then It says just do two damage. Oh challenge. Two. Okay, Do a challenge. Two I was like do two damage. If that works, it clears the way for Batgirl to do her thing, Because if Bat Man succeeds in taking her out, she can still probably grappling hook over there knock her all the way out and claim the thing If Batman, doesn't succeed like if she Let's have him go first, Okay. I don't know if that's a good move, but let's try it All right. So we're gon na try. This Batman is gon na move, one two Uh huh, And then he going to use his grappling swing, No, Which is going to put this little blue guy on three here Ooh, And it means that we, She's a rival within three squares. The Batman can see and place the Batman adjacent to them. Do a challenge two, All right. Okay, so adjacent we wan na go just like right. Here Sounds good Doesn,'t really matter. I guess Yep And then challenge two Here. I grappling swing towards Harley Quinn. Dice clatter Two Three Aww Ha ha. Okay. Oh me, Oh hello, Mr Batman, Good thing: we have a backup plan. Now it's Harley's turn as a matter of fact Ooh. What can Harley do So? Harley can either do out of my way, which would move Batman out of the way, and then she could move up to two squares as part of that Or Harley could just challenge. Batman, which is great Or Harley, could actually feign distress and try to pull Batgirl towards her And then, if she was close enough, whirly wind and hit both Batman and Batgirl. That would be very dramatic, My goodness, But we can only feign distress to pull the target. One square: Oh And it would not be close enough to whirly wind For each success, pull the target one square Ohh. So I get to roll three dice That's nice. So we would have the chance to pull Batgirl up close and personal If we wanted to, But Batgirl is not activated yet and Batgirl is probably hoping to save those movement. Oh well, I think Batgirl's plan was to come. Take us out anyway, so whether we move her closer to us or she kick jump whatever Flying tackle Flying tackle us. It could be six of one half a dozen of the other'cause. Remember she gets that extra movement point anyway. True And flying tackle is two: It's up to three Up to three Up to three, so Oh, oh actually, flying tackle is worse. If she's close to us That's, true, Okay, So let's feign distress. Do we wan na? Oh me, oh my And hope that we can bring Batgirl over Solid, solid Playing on our soft hearts Yep. So what happens? I know what these good guys will do. We'll find out Okay, Two successes: Okay, two successes, so we move Batgirl closer two, which is exactly what we wanted: Huh. Oh, what are you all right? Hey And now so you put that on there for feign distress and now, if we wan na do whirly wind, we can put this on too and whirly wind it and challenge both Batgirl and Batman for a challenge. Two, Oh heck. Yes, That's impressive, yeah, Whoa boy, Okay, So how about we each do one attack? Okay? Who do you wan na Or no you roll two dice to attack the first character? Okay, got it got it And the chance for the second character Got it got it. Who is the first character? Batman? Okay, I will defend for Batman, Taking on Batman. First One success. One hit Two defense: Batman:'s: okay, Okay, but Batgirl. Oh Batgirl! Oh thank you for checking on me. You weren,'t in trouble at all Ha ha. I whirly wind you in the face for three Patrick groans: Zero! Nothing! Yes! Good night, Batgirl Ohhh See you in the morning. Harley Quinn is now exhausted And then on our turn, Batgirl's turn she will stand up laughing. My gambit did not pay off It. Didn't pay off, but I think we're in trouble, laughs Well, yeah All right end of the round. Let's assess control, which we will take one more point for bell: dings Mm hmm And they take the lead Slide. Everything down And everything is back on the board. So A was going over here by Mr J, Oh my gosh right by Mr J And then That's right In the little doorways all right, Perfect, Oh and B – comes back to its starting place: Mm hmm Uh, huh, Hmm, Okay and then first player goes Back to you, Nobody's, tired! No one is tired. Nobody's, tired, Okay! Oh my goodness that went exactly according to nefarious plan. Absolutely. I think I wan na use this Batman. Pow ability Yeah It's, just a challenge: three! Let's do it, But I'd like him to use it against Harley Quinn. Let's do it. We use a red thing: it's on the power two, so we're now doing pow As we so classically. Do it's a challenge, three on Harley Quinn, Pow? Three? Oh, no Harley's gon na defend for two Nope One Good night Stinker! Well, it is maybe the first time you've knocked down one of our characters. No, Oh Joker. Joker was down Right, It's, sad, We've been down several times. We are no strangers to death, But they always get back up again. Mm hmm relentless Question: You're, never gon na keep me down. Do we use our second one to flip that now do we just straight up pow again to try to take Harley out and get a point or do we grapple swing over to Catwoman? All three of those options are great. I love all of them Pick one. Let's knock Harley out, Let's! Oh, I was gon na say let's take Catwoman out, because then they aren't going to be able to help each other. Like there's, no assisting each other back to life. They would have to spend their turns to come back That's true, And she only has one defense Catwoman does So it's going to be easier. Okay, let's. Do it To take her down Yep Good thing: she's in Grappling swing. We're choosing a rival within three squares that Batman can see and then placing Batman adjacent to them. We are doing a challenge two. If we place here, then we could theoretically next turn get them there. Oh yeah, I don't know if that works at all, but Good. I like it. Okay, I got this Challenge two on Catwoman dice clatter Four points: Oh Impossible! Catwoman is down Mm; hmm, Oh, no! All right And Batman is rightfully exhausted. Batman's. Real sleepy yeah He did a little pow, maybe a little kapow and a little shazam. He did not do a shazam. He didn't do a shazam, But we can believe in our hearts that he did. That would be a whole different game. Do more expansions? Yes, Oh my gosh, just so long as he didn't turn back into Billy Batson. Not so fast, though, because Harley's special ability says I'm rubber. You're glue. When Harley Quinn stands up, she may do a basic challenge And standing up it's actually called rallying to take your entire to stand back up and she can do a basic challenge to an adjacent opponent when she does that. Okay, so let's use both our actions to stand her up: Okay, Ha ha And then basic challenge. Batgirl right in the face: Woo, okay, Batgirl's gon na defend with two You do: okay, dice rattling Come on Batgirl! Oh excuse me. Batgirl Two hits. Oh, nothing, Absolutely nothing, Nothing! Goodnight Well rolled The dice are cruel, Okay and so she's safe, But exhausted, But exhausted And exhausted, and it looks like if Robin gets close enough. He won't be able to flip that control token. This round – Oh but Batgirl, hasn't gone yet, But she's done, But she's prone. She's not made of rubber Yeah. So they can either stand up. Batgirl. Let's see your turn. We can stand up Batgirl or we can try to take out Catwoman Taking out Catwoman feels satisfying And would mean a point if we could do it A thing we want. Yes, we do want points We can also. If we want with Robin we can give Batman. Another action Either an attack or but there's, no one that he can attack. I guess Why not Well, because he's not if he's attacking Catwoman, then she'll be gone If it works. If it works So yeah, I guess we have to commit to one of those first, Okay. Otherwise we could use the set up attack to make Batman move into, And this is our last blue, so Mm hmm. What do you wan na? Try? Let's? Do the coordinated strike, so we know for sure that we're gon na get rid of her. Yes, Oh you,'re erring on the side of safety For sure For pretty sure Dice It's dice laughing. It is dice. Okay, so Fair point Amy laughing laughing Robin moves next to Catwoman Mm hmm And he's gon na do the coordinated strike, which is it's, the red on three and it's a two challenge to one defense: Catwoman dice clattering Two points. Two points I'm going to roll one. Oh we only get to roll one Yeah, but you're gon na Oh finishing moments, Yeah Nope, I said moments that's. Why you didn't So Catwoman is taken is knocked out. I was gon na say this brings us no pleasure, but Damien would definitely enjoy this. He would love it. He would feel very cool right now because he has knocked out a formidable opponent, Especially considering the recent history between Batman and Catwoman, That's an engagement that did not pan out the way it was supposed to Yeah. You guys get a point. I believe We do Yeah bell dings All right. We're tied again, We're back up All tied up, And that was his, so his second action would, in theory, have granted Batman a challenge, but Batman has no one. He can reach right now. Okay, Or I mean, does the challenge apply to the fact that he can always make his ranged attack No Okay,'Cause that is using an item. Yeah'Cause. It says partner may do a challenge two Right, So it's not yeah All right. So exhaust Robin, if you would Robin, is exhausted So sleepy, Okay, so Catwoman is off the board, So we could just use that to skip our next move and see what Batgirl does Oh Batgirl's already prone. I can tell you what she's. Gon na do Yeah all laughing Stand up, So okay, so move Joker, first claim and then move towards the command area. I think that's a great yeah. I think that's a great strategy: Sweet, okay, So first things. First, we'll. Take a point: Yay bell: dings: Oh no, We're on six And then move two. Now there is that tempting B, but I think we both liked the idea of taking this control That's perfect. Okay, great! So that's a move and a move. Yes, I like that move. Oh no! We were here Yep, Oh yeah. There's no diagonal there. So there we go Perfect Cool, dangerous, dangerous. It is He's coming for the bat signal It's. Still out turn We can't. Let that happen. I left mystery boxes for you Ooh All right, so I think Batgirl is going to get up. Yeah Batgirl stands up And stares you down That's a free action. Yes, I'm glad that she has that free action, giggling Exhausted She's real sleepy now And then So much staring. It would be. Catwoman's turn, but Catwoman is knocked out so exhausted All right end of round gasps. What a round it was Now everything will move down and Catwoman gets to go back on the board, Typically in a starting area, but tell us about her Because she's a cat, burglar Ooh. When Catwoman shifts off the cool down track, you may place her on any square. Rivals cannot see except your opponent,'s starting area, So yeah I mean we could place her right there It technically. No one can see D right now. We could place her right on D, But do we get to We get to go first next time too? Oh, Oh gosh! No Just standing on D, We could just stand on D and take it Or standing on oh B is in line of sight of Batman. Yeah Yeah right around the corner from Batman. I love it Yeah, Oh my gosh, So let's place her right on D. Oh my gosh! Oh no, All these cool downs come off All right. Everything comes down one And no one's exhausted anymore. We'll take first player No And let's review. Control of the tokens goes to the dark side. Bell rings All right, so just as a point refresher. How many points do the good guys currently have Good guys? Have five points? Mm hmm Aw man, bad guys, have seven Ooh Ha ha. Okay, we're three away from winning. Maybe we can do it. This turn, Oh, that's right'cause you win at 10, We win at 10 Yeah yeah yeah. Oh, that makes me nervous. Okay, Okay, so first things: first, let's Catwoman, No girls, grunting, Wait, interact with D. Take that point. One point: Bring it on over Eight points: bell, dings And now Eight out of 10. I think it might be wise'cause they're. Just all gon na come after'em. Maybe we just cartwheel her out of the way I love it And just get her outta there, One two three four Or maybe back on that control square back there to like Protect She doesn't really have yeah there's, no real defense maneuvers. Unless you get to go again, So I'm not sure, should we leave her back there should we move her into the center? What do you think Becca? Can we move and attack with any of her abilities? We can even the odds, is a basic challenge, but no one's within line of sight to basic challenge. Right now, Take an item Yeah that's only based. If we could see Batman that would be brilliant But that little wall nubby makes it so that we cannot at this current moment, Okay And then second chances is, if we do a basic challenge when we lose, we get to do it again, But again, no basic Challenges right now, So the only thing she could do right now is either a basic action or cartwheel. I say we cartwheel down to be in line of sight of the central control area and also kind of close to this other control area. Here Sure, Do you like it Sounds good, Okay, One two three! I do need you to flip her over. If you're, gon na, say cartwheel Cartwheel. Thank you Spectacular. Do the cartwheel! Our blue goes on two All right And exhaustion And she's now exhausted. What are you thinking here all laughing? We have some problems, We have some problems and this is one of our problems. Yep. Oh me: We need to both take her out and flip that switch. Yes, Batgirl could flip the switch right now, Yes, and then she could try to take her out. Let's try that Okay, Okay Batgirl, is going to first flip, the whatever this is Control. Token Control token, and then she is going to we wan na just do a regular attack or do the flip kick Moving. Doesn't really help us here Yeah. I think the basic attack is probably just our best bet at this point. Okay, we will do a basic attack. Then Okay, roll, the defense Becca. Oh One, One hit Three defense, Four, three Dice, Yes, Harley All right. Batgirl is sleepy Mm, hmm Wait, but that was just one action. Oh you flipped. We also flipped. They flipped it. Okay. So you currently have two control tokens. We can't let that stand. We cannot so either Joker can take this one in the corner. Yes, Harley can take the one she's, standing on right back, Oh true, Mm, hmm And then stay standing there. Oh and then move groans Yeah we've got options, We could sighs and then What are you thinking? I wish there was a way to attack Batman since Batgirl already went, but the other option is just get closer to B. To take that point, We only need two points Because two more points – and we win To take this – That's – yes, Oh Yeah and we don't even have to worry about that control. Token I mean we could take the other. We could use her movement to try to get her in here, but I just wanted to try for that. It would have been great. It would have been great if we'd knocked her out. Okay, So maybe oh, but we're not gon na flip. Take B this turn, so maybe we flip it back Do either of these have the movement to take B in one turn, No, Neither of them do right. No, and I'd love for Joker, while he's there to take that control token'cause. Then we have the farthest away corners of the board. It would be hard for them to get Yeah, so I think The other thing I'll bring up is that's kind of a sitting duck for Joker Robin and Batman still both get to go and could try to take out Harley. So let's flip it and run towards B Okay, and we only get to run two, but still that's – okay, Yeah, They're gon na have to flip it. They are and that's gon na take an action Interact and one two. So we are still within line of sight of Batman and Batman.'s grapple hook is how many line of sight Range. Two. No, the grappling hook is Grappling swing. Oh sorry, Three Three squares yeah, So we're still: okay, Oh well, then maybe we move one two. I think we're still okay there Because Keep it there just to be safe, Yeah. I like it. It's a little further away from Batman. Okay, perfect, So then Harley is exhausted. Oh good night Mm, hmm Okay, so we do need to flip that Yes, either that one or this one Whatever we can do, But we're way too far away from this. We are unless, Unless we have crazy movement Yeah – and I don't see the Had you put Catwoman in that corner, we were gon na grapple in there. She's bait. Can we here here, I think jeez? I think Batman has got ta like run in there and flip it right. If he does so yeah. I think if there's a way that we can gasps, Okay, Robin can provide backup right. Okay, So that will move him right here, which only gives him one extra movement really, but it moves him adjacent to the tile and he can flip it Yep, And then that leaves Batman's turn to something I don't know attack. Do something: Yeah. Okay Yeah, I love it. So let's Provide backup Our last blue Mm, hmm, If Robin can see his partner and his partner's within four spaces, place Robin adjacent to his partner. So I think it oh yeah, perfect Yeah. So he goes right here. Adjacent to his partner Batman and then he is going to use his action to flip this back over to the light side, I, like the cool back to back, move Yeah. It's, cool, Yeah, Patrick imitates, fighting grunting Hooked. His elbows from behind Problem is, I can't get to that one and we can't stop Joker Heh heh heh, But Yes, But it's what we got ta do, But it's what we have all giggle And now he's A sleepy Robin Mm, hmm sleepy Robin And it's on you, Okay, Joker,'s turn I will just creep in here for one ooh. Let me mystery box, laughs Yeah just for fun. Oh so move two and then mystery box, Yeah 39, cause. Why not?'Cause, why not? I agree So I'll place a mystery box on the two I'll move one two and Where you gon na put it I'll flip, oh yeah, right that's, part of the same action, So mystery box within line of sight of Two one two: Yes, so yeah it could go here here here. Maybe here is the best one. I like that plan Cool Cool cool'Cause. Then you can bang Yeah If you need to And then we'll flip. I just don't see the universe where we get back over there. Hey We're figuring it out. We are Boom All right and then Batman. What would you like to do Here?'s, my idea: Do it: They are gon na get a point for having more of these right now, because there's no way. We can stop that. Yes, Which makes them nine outta 10. Yes, Which means we need to keep them away from B, and the only way I can think of to do that right now is to walk two squares and try to batarang her. I think that is correct. Okay, I think that's, the only recourse we have So putting Batman over here – Mm, hmm And then hooking a batarang Range. Two challenge two: Do a challenge, two to a rival adjacent to the first target, which is nobody in this case. So there's. No bonus, but we do have a ranged attack. Please defend against two Just out of curiosity. What would the bonus be for the batarang attack? If there were another person standing there, we could go and ricochet gasps That's very cool To attack them Bam. That is very cool. Okay, you have to defend The batarang's. Pretty cool Thanks, Okay Feel free to switch sides Catwoman. I'm just saying One hit No says defense Woo that could easily have gone a different way: Okay, Okay, That's, all right! That was it Batman's very sleepy, Batman has in face been exhausted And it's daybreak once again for these night, walkers. Okay, Is that a bat term? I feel like that.'s, zombies, It's. Okay, Traditionally night walkers, They're up at night. All these nefarious folks Nocturnal animals mm. Hmm, Okay, so everything moves Point for control Point for control. Yes, So that is now nine out of 10. You are at nine out of 10 Unexhausted, but you are first players All right. Okay, so are we trying to I don't Win or keep them from winning? What do we do? I don't think we can keep them from winning because unless we can claim this or that by the end of this turn, They're. Getting that point, They're getting that point, So all out rush to get here what's the best we can do: movement and action economy wise. She has a free move Right so that's one two three That would be she could use her action to get there, but not have an extra action. He's got abilities to grant action, but he needs to be in a position to hit someone to do it right And he can also only grant action to his partner To Batman Who is Batman. Okay, we have a problem. We do giggling, He can grappling hook past her to get a little closer. He can grappling towards her Place, Batman adjacent to them, So he can Batman. Can wind up here Grapple here, use a movement. No, he still needs his action to do the thing Right. Okay, so So this it, This is this turn we have to score five points, Uh huh Or we lose all laughing. I just want the stakes to be clear, Yeah. Well, you could always grappling swing next to Catwoman and then what's Robin's ability where he can move So Robin has to be the one doing, Provide backup Yeah. He Oh well that's interesting Well, if Robin hit Harley, he could then grant Batman a move. This is a great point. We should do this set up attack so that, But then Batman It's still not gon na be enough. You need to split Batman,'s movement for Batman to be able to grab it, but Yeah Is there a way Robin could grab it? No'cause Robin doesn.'t have extra moves. Robin makes other people well. No, he does with the provide He can follow Batman inside, but then Batman would need to be pretty close. So if Batman can go here And he'd have to be able to see you Yeah it's still not enough And then Robin would go here. He can't see him Oh yeah, But then he has to move close enough. He wouldn't be able to see him jeez. How are these They were back to back? Yes, but the other way Other way around. Ah, Batman Yeah that's right That's right, Okay, I say: let's just start, murdering Yeah That's a good way to get points. This is we are going to try and take everybody out that we can. We will make this as close as possible. Batman is going to rush over here and attack right, Yeah. Okay, Let's have him, use the pow too. The challenge: three Yeah: Okay, let's, do it Or eh yeah, let's do it, But how? What's Catwoman's, defense, One One One chuckles'Cause the grappling swing does give us that move, and I know it. Doesn't help, but I'll feel good. If I'm close to it All right, let's yeah fine! Let's do that: Choose a rival within three squares that Batman can see place. Batman adjacent to them. Do a challenge: two: Okay, It's, gon na, be really funny. If this misses Challenge two to Catwoman Roll, it roll Becca Here hit you with all three All right stare at me: no more Catwoman's a little squishy, so we ain't No more of your chaos. Two points One shield That's not enough, But no it doesn,'t matter, Nope, doesn,'t matter, Catwoman is knocked down, But Batman now has another action. Yes, He does get the point for taking her out. Let's get the point for taking her out. If we can Batman basic challenge, Do you wan na basic challenge, or do you wan na pow? It's, our last turn. Do we need it for coordinated? We may need it for coordinated strike Yeah. That would, if Batman's, challenge fails here. He would have another shot to when we have them attack Harley Quinn, Yep, Great, So basic, Regular challenge. Yes, Regular challenge on Catwoman Wan na roll Sure Roll it. We did well last time dice, clattering, Four, Nothing! We wouldn't have stood a chance All right, Catwoman out. May we Let's get a point. I'm sorry to do this, Selena bell dings. So what do you guys have? Six? We have six. We have six, So things are tricky for us. Batman's, there C is about So Harley just can stand up and punch and no one's there. So let's save Harley. Oh wait! Unless someone got closer, We could Can Joker do any fun line of sight, mystery boxes. We can't really'cause. We're in that room, huh Yeah. I think we just need to Just move him towards B Yeah and I think, throwing down a mystery box'cause. Why not? Okay And C: let's just where does C come back into play C would spawn over here And that's all the way over there. Sorry So, but Catwoman's about to respawn That's. True! So let's not worry about C. They go first next time, Good call. So, Okay, let's just move Joker Move Joker. He's gon na move, one two And then line of sight. Maybe we just throw a mystery box, So if he does that he could throw one here, I don't know if that helps us or one two, and there already is one. Oh, let's throw no, Not with that over there. I know I wan na go towards B with our movement, So we could throw it here Sure. Okay, I like that plan. So now we're going to pay a cog to do a mystery box placement and move one two and throw a mystery box within line of sight of two Nice Putting up a wall Mm. Hmm, I dig it And Joker's exhausted. Okay, All right! Robin moving in to take out Harley Quinn, I think it's a good idea All right and we should use the coordinated no, the set up. I mean I thought No, we don't have enough blue anymore. We don't have any blue All right. Well, then, it doesn't matter. Yeah Robin is going to do a challenge. Two Hey roll, that defense, two dice clattering Two hits, and only one defense, Dang Harley, is knocked out All right. I don't feel so bad bell, dings. Yes, this is, We've got some good points, Something resembling a decent defense, So it's. Seven. Now We've got seven points. What Okay? It is our turn. Who should we exhaust? First Becca? Oh wow, choices, choices, choices Harley Harley, is exhausted All right Very. Tired she's resting it.'s fine, Now we have Batgirl We have one more chance if, we can, magically teleport to one of these sides that would be amazing Okay so she gets one. Movement for freesies She does And then she can move two more on top of that Mm. Hmm, She does not go within line of sight of and if she goes one two three she's, not in line of sight of Joker, so flying tackle doesn't get us anything. You've, completely barricaded off B Mm, hmm Ha ha ha ha. So let's see that full movement, full movement We could get towards B, but we don't have quite enough actions Now if we had one more turn, this would be a great time to gather intel because you would both wake up with intel. Yes, Cool, We do not. I'm learning laughing Yeah. We do not have one more turn. There may be future battles, Let's just make a last minute run at that. I like that Yeah, because it's dramatic, Free movement Mm. Hmm One. Two three four And she's right there. I'm in sight of the node. We are out of actions, What a dramatic way to end the movie, And then we will. We will she's very exhausted, Catwoman And that ends the round And then what happens at the end of the round. Oh, At the end of the round, we slow zoom in on Joker who, even though his allies have both been knocked out completely, he maniacally laughs as he stands in Batman's lair and takes the final point bell dings, Which for clarification we got because of The two control nodes that we have – Oh so, Oh friends, a delight, A delight, A delight indeed Good game. Yes, good game, everyone, We did it, What a villainous come back. We were so far behind. Oh, I know In the beginning I'm standing at the end. Yes, I do appreciate that they are all banded together and ready to fight. They are They're? Well positioned for the round that never came All right. Friends. Well, that is DC Funkoverse, Make sure you check out our other Funkoverse videos, and we'll, see you next time on Game. The Game. Bye, bye, upbeat, music, jaunty, music, .

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