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hey guys this is Tim here and today I'll be reviewing e-course agency which is a platform and a software to create e-courses now as you can see I already logged into the dashboard here and this is what you will get as well when you purchase e-course agencies so basically you log into this platform here and then it's going to show you how to create your courses like how to choose the right product here it's going to show you uh how to come up with product IDs personally I have to say I'm not that impressed on how to come up with the IDS for these courses but if you know how to create course yourself then you could use the software that also comes with this product and more about that a little later so the first part is just to create courses come up with IDs and how to create those courses and then it's also going to show you here how to set up your website how to monetize your website how to make sales how to get traffic Etc to your course websites but to me the most important part of this whole product is the video creator software it says here download your video course creator software now basically what they've what they've done with this product is they have added vsl Creator to e-course agency uh as a free software now that product is something that gets me most exciting because I've reviewed vsl Creator in the past and I still think that this is one of the best vsl video sales that are Creator software as in this case also you can use it to create e-courses and courses uh with this software so it's basically a video editing software which has some very nice features so I thought first let's explain what's on the inside here so you have a good idea what you're going to get and what I'm going to do is I'm now going to show you my vsl Creator review of that product that's included inside of e-course agency that you're also going to get so this is definitely worth your purchase uh as I really really like the vsl Creator software myself so take a look at the software and if you're interested then there's a link in the description of this video uh we'll redirect you to my website here where you can find more information about e-course agency and this website has been built with the HBA funnel building software that I've reviewed a few days ago so you can check out another one as well here you can see the pricing some of the available upgrades uh some bonuses that you will be getting so if that's interesting click the link below and for now let me show you the software that's on the inside in short this product allows you to create Beautiful video sales letters and with beautiful I really mean beautiful I've done multiple reviews on other video sales letter products and I can tell you that no none of these softwares comes close to vsl Creator I also own several uh vsl creators myself and I think you will be surprised of the quality of vsl Creator and what you can do with it I was really impressed when I reviewed this product I'm going to purchase it myself because this is my review access but I'm going to purchase this myself because it's so good so all right let me show you how vsl Creator works so this is the product itself you install this product on your computer so it's not cloud-based this is going to be installed on your computer and it works on a Mac and a Windows computer so both are covered I'm showing you the demo from my Mac and it works really simple if you want to create a new project you simply click on new and from here you can choose from different built-in themes so these are the themes that are built in into the front-end product and the products that you're going to purchase for 27 as you can see there are different themes in here that you can choose from and you simply have to pick one that you want to work with so let's say you like this theme then you can start working with it now there's another thing that's very cool about this software is that you can create your own theme so it says custom in here which means that you can also create your custom themes that you can use at a later point but more about that a little later but let's say we want to use this template then you can simply click OK and then the vsl Creator starts with this template now how it works is really simple when you click on this text block you're able to add multiple lines so let's say we start with once to purchase a laptop question mark and in here you have some a specific settings so you could say this needs to fly in or it needs to appear or it needs to spin in you can change these effects in here uh how your text needs to appear on the screen so I'm going to do fly in and disappear as well I want this to fly out as well and then I'm going to change the font so in here you have a bunch of fonts to choose from so let's just pick one let's say we want to use this one you click on OK and then want to purchase a laptop now you can move this to wherever you want to move this and this is your first line now let's say you want to add a second line you can simply double click on this and you can add a second line in here as well and say but don't want I want to spend your whole budget question mark and then this one let's say we want to spin in and we're going to rotate out here and this needs to be white bold font and let's say we want to use this font and say Okay so this can be you can change these with the handles as you can see here let's say this is what we want to use and as you can see you can move this wherever you want to move this and let's say we want to add an image as well make this a little bit bigger here at the top I want to purchase a laptop but don't want to spend your whole budget now we also want to work with images right and this is a problem with a lot of other vsl creators that you cannot add images on the right place not with effects Etc but look at this you can control every single thing that you add so this line can be controlled this line can be controlled and you can control the images so let's say we want to use an image then you simply click on add in here and then you can choose from a building library now this is not a huge library but you can choose from here but you can also import your own images so when you click on import image you can simply upload your own images now I uploaded this laptop in here and I'm going to click OK and I want to have this also fly in and I want to spin this out for example and click ok so this is the the laptop that we want to add in here and we can do it like this so we put the laptop in here want to purchase a laptop but don't want to spend your whole budget so we want to have an image with a budget for example then I'm simply going to images again I'm going to click add and I'm going to do something like like this this hand with this money and let's uh let's do this one shake and run them out for example I'm gonna click ok so this is what we have on our first slide right now work really simple you can click on the play button to see how this appears boom this is very fast right but you can change everything here on the left side and unfortunately I cannot zoom right now but let me show you how it works so you can drag these elements in here to decide when they need to appear in the video and you can also drag these handles so you can make these longer and shorter so let's say want to purchase a laptop we're going to make this this long but don't want to spend the whole budget in here we're going to make this a little longer and then in here uh the laptop also at the beginning of this video right so here you can change everything on your timeline and then let's say let's let's take a look how it looks now want to purge your laptop but don't want to spend your whole budget Boo and then you can go to the next slide so you can simply click on plus and then you can create your next slide and you can add your new lines in here so you can click on text and here comes your second slide and then again you can choose the font in here that you want to use you can you can say Okay I want to spin this in and I want to rotate out and say okay and then also I want to change the background so you can do another background in here where you can choose from this library and again my bonus will give you a lot more background so you can upload within vsl Creator but let's say we want to use this as a background right now then your second slide you can apply this to all slides or to this specific slides and now it works it looks like this so it ends boom it disappears and it goes to the second slide boom however this vsl creator also comes with some cool transitions so when I go to Transitions in here you go to GIF animations the front end also gives you some nice transitions like this one the paint swirl or this paint swirl let's choose this one boom now look when we apply this and the video ends you can also make this a little bit shorter if you like to drag on these handles but let's say the video starts playing again look how the transition looks to the next slide and then boom it goes away boom next slide and again you can make this longer you can make this text longer by simply dragging these handles and yeah you can you can simply edit each specific slide to whatever you like you could even do a 30 day money back guarantee for example you're going to put that in here okay go to images again add a new image and say I want to have a 30 days back guarantee there are buttons in here that you can add the characters in here their cutouts in here and let me see the social the shapes where the we have the 30 days back guarantee all these overlays you can add overlays graphics I can find it right now maybe it's in here no cutouts characters well there was something like oh here it is 30 day money back guarantee add this to your video and I wanna I wanna have this um spinning I want to spin this out gonna click OK there's my 30 day money back guarantee you can put that in here as well and look how this look like boom 30 day money back and of course you can time this all this is done really quickly what I do right here but I would give it a little bit more time between the lines but you get the ID right and then it's ending boom and then to the next slide there it is now this is one part of the software another cool thing is also what I really like in this slide is that you can do within the transitions hold on um I think it's this slide here when we click on this I think we can do please make sure the slide with transition is not the last one okay so there's no slide in here but let's say I want to add an effect also to this video you can go to Transitions in here um no I think it's images oh yeah add a new image in here these effects are also very cool like this one for example we want to add an effect here boom a swirl like this you can say okay and then you can add this swirl to your video like this is very big right now but you can make it smaller and then you can do that on on your laptop for example or on another image where you want to appear so something like this here boom you see that how cool that laptop shows up boom and these kind of things I haven't seen a video sales letter created it that is able to do stuff like this now this is just one part of this Creator because let's say we want to create a new one then we're going to say okay you can choose another theme let's say you want to do uh whatever you want to do let's say we want to do the electric something like this you can do this and if you have a script so let's say I have a script in here I can copy this script I can copy the text in here I can go back to vsl Creator and when I click on scripting here I can simply paste my text in here I'm going to press OK and look what happens boom all the slides have been created from my script this is a complete video series letter when I go over this video sales letter you can see that it changes everything everything is in here this is a typed video seals there but you can change everything you can add images to this screen again you can do all different kind of things but this way you're able to import your whole video sales letter in the script and then import it into all slides you can see these are all the slides that are imported from your text file now then there's another cool thing that comes also with the front end and that is the voice so what I can do here I can say okay I'm gonna um hold on I mean something else voice over when I click on script again and it paste my script in here what I can do here is I can choose from the language and let's say I want to do English us and I want to have this uh be spoken by Matthew the mill I can say save voice files and right now it's generating a voice over for me so let's say Tim voice I'm going to save this and now this will be saved to my computer and I can use this in my production so it should be saved to my computer right now let me check if it's on my hard drive already team voice here hi I'm Tim Verdu you and I want to welcome you to interactor the new video management software that can make all your videos interactive okay my name is not spelled correctly but I don't have a U.S name not an English name but this is the voice uh voice over that you can use in your video sales letter you can simply import this audio in here and then you can add that to your line here so you go to let me see how that works I've done it before I don't remember actually when I go to sounds yes here it is you can um enable audio tracks so you could do your voice over at the bottom and also you can use audio tracks as well I think it's in here otherwise it's at another place but you can add this voice over to your timeline and you can also add audio tracks like you're seeing right here these are audio audio sounds so like something that I did was a click of a mouse here this one so click click the the link to continue for example or click the link to purchase you could add search sound effects to your video sales letter but you can also do audio track so in here when you click on that map you see these audio tracks now honestly I don't think you're going to use these audio tracks but you can import music from your computer and one of my bonuses also 100 000 audio tracks that you can use in your video productions that you can upload here and once you press ok I'm not going to do that then it will be added to your timeline here as well and the music starts playing when you add that music now the cool thing is also uh when you do that when you add this audio so when you go back to sounds you can also fade in here and Fade Out so you're going to say I want to fade this in for the first three seconds needs the music to fade him and at the end I want it to fade out the last five seconds the audio is going to fade in and Fade Out and that's also a very cool thing about this software which I haven't seen before like this all right what do we have more the template so let's say I want to create my own template what you can do here is let's say you start with a template like this what you're going to do is you're going to double click the background and now I'm going to upload my own background now this is my Tim's blue I uploaded this myself this theme I'm going to press ok I'm gonna press OK and now this is my theme right now so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to change this to uh this is my first line and I'm going to add another text box because I want to use it like this for example and you can say this is my second line and I'm going to make this yellow here a yellow color I'm also going to do a different font in here let's say I want to use this font as a second line and we can press OK and something like this for example let's say this is what I like and of course you need to find out yourself and then this is my first line in here what you can do here is when you go to themes again you can say okay I'm going to add my own theme I'm going to say add I'm going to call this Tim's theme and what this does is now this theme has been saved to your vsl creator software I'm going to press ok and now when I go to teams and I'm going to change to this theme for example I'm going to press ok let me change this one apply so now this is my theme when I want to change this to my own theme when I create a new project I simply scroll down and I go to Tim theme I'm going to hit apply and boom there my theme is back so you can create your own themes as well so that's a very cool option as well uh let me see if I forgot something yes there's one more thing and that is your videos here when you click on videos you can import your own videos into vsl Creator as well because a lot of people going to ask the question can I import my own videos yes you can import your own videos and on top of that you can add your text lines Etc so that's possible as well and once you're done you simply go to produce and in here you have the option to save your file you can choose from the qualities that you want to export and then simply click Start and your video will be exported to a video sales letter and that is what vsl Creator is all about alright so that's it um hope you like the demo so far if you're interested again there's a link in the description of this video Simply you can get it here through this button or if you like to get a special bundle deal you can get that as well here by clicking this link uh and yeah if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below don't forget to hit the thumbs up and also subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of similar product reviews daily so hit that notification Bell so you get notified Anna thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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