Email Marketing Tutorial: How To Write Emails That DOUBLE Conversions | Day 26 Training

Email Marketing Tutorial: How To Write Emails That DOUBLE Conversions | Day 26 Training

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This week, I want to talk about email marketing. Now, writing email sequences and promotional campaigns is one of my absolute favorite things to do as a copywriter…

I will show you in today's video how to double your sales by writing high converting emails to send to your new subscribers who are looking to make money online.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Bear in mind that some of the links in this video/description are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Remember that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you.

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Affiliate Marketing – AdSense Or a Product – Which Is Better?

When most people think of affiliate marketing they think of it as promoting a product and earning a commission on sales. But AdSense is Pay-Per-Click advertising, another type of affiliate marketing, and every time a visitor to your site clicks on an AdSense ad you make a commission. So you're not really building a site to promote a specific product, you're basically selling advertising space.

How to Make Money From Your Affiliate Products, Even If You Don't Have a Website

Although it is preferable to have a website to promote all your affiliate products, it is not essential. Most merchants provide fairly good sales pages for their products. So you could easily use one of theirs.

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Create a New Income Stream

Affiliate marketing is a kind of commission sales. But you need only make your sales pitch once in order to generate thousands of sales by using the internet.

Affiliate Marketing – 5 Reasons You Should Become an Amazon Affiliate

A lot of affiliate marketers don't want to even consider Amazon because they say the commission structure is too low and you have to generate a large number of sales before it starts to add up. But there are a number of hidden benefits to dealing with Amazon so let's take a look at why you shouldn't pass up this great opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing – How Do You Become a Vendor?

One of the reasons that affiliate marketing is such a great area to get in to is because there are so many different marketing methods you can use to make money. Being an affiliate marketer in itself is great but a lot of folks eventually decide they'd like to become a vendor and sell their own products via an affiliate network. So how do you become a vendor?

Affiliate Marketing – Which Comes First, the Product Or the Niche?

It seems that there are almost as many different approaches to affiliate marketing as there are internet marketers on the web. Seldom will you find 2 affiliate marketers who will both have the same answer to your question. So the best answer I can give you for the question, “Which comes first, the product or the niche?” is – that depends on who you ask!

Affiliate Marketing – The First Thing You Should Do

If you've decided that affiliate marketing sounds like a great way to earn money online then you're probably wondering – “What is the first step I should take?” And the answer is easy. You should choose a niche – a small corner of the market that you would like to address

Affiliate Marketing – Scoping Out the Competition – Can You Beat Them?

In this day and age, it's almost impossible to find an untapped niche. You name it and someone is promoting it. However, you can still find niches with little competition, or niches that only need a new idea or two to be able to blow the doors wide open. But no matter how awesome you think the potential for sales is, it's never wise to go into any marketing arena without first scoping out your competition.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Start With Affiliate Home Businesses!

When it comes to choosing affiliate products you want to choose something of quality but also something which offers high commissions. Some affiliate programs will offer 75% commission to you for promoting and selling their product or service on-line. I would be looking for at least 50%, especially for low priced products like. For high priced products I would go for at least 30%-50%.

Affiliate Marketing – A Road Map For Success Part 1

Affiliate Marketing, for all you newcomers, is THE single fastest growing Internet industry, period! It can be a very rewarding career and allow lots of creativity to boot.

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