Evo AI Review – 24 AI tools inside 1 platform

hey guys it's Tim here and today I'll be reviewing Evo AI which is an AI platform uh with 24 different AI tools that you can use uh yeah to change images to create images to create talking hats to remove backgrounds um much much more I'm going to show you some examples inside of this platform before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video uh where you can find all the details like the pricing also coupons make sure if you pick this up use the coupons on my page especially for the bundle deal which is priced very very cheap because of Black Friday right now uh it's 167 where you get the whole funnel so that's a a good one uh and also some free upgrades if you pick this up through my link so make sure to check that out all right let's dive into this let me show you what the platform is all about so once you logged in this these are all the tools that you will see now unfortunately when you look at the tool tools you cannot see immediately what they're doing so for example AI image talk here or generate a live video um it's be made very futuristic but you cannot see a live example so you really need to open each of these images to see what it does now I've opened these tab so the first one is the aih changer so you can see here in this image that this is a young boy and he becomes old so you can upload your own image and then it becomes old now what I'm going to do I'm going to show you first all the features and then I'm going to show you some examples um of what I've created with the platform by uploading my own picture and and you can see the result as well and also I've uploaded some other pictures as well so first let's go over them so this is the first one the second one is simply an image Creator so you can type basically anything you like here uh and then it's going to produce an image for you then the next one is an ultra uh a hdai video so you can change something from a Disney cat to a puppy dog now let me show you an example here so here you can see this one changes from a uh yeah you can see that it's changing to a dog so first this is a cat and then it's changing to a dog and this is something that you can type yourself here at the left side and it will create that for you then the next thing here uh is you can do multi subject image generation so you can upload two pictures in here and then decide here what to do with the picture so a man and a man singing in the park together so here you can see Elon Musk and Mark here uh they add created the picture from those two based on these two pictures then the next tool here is an image talk this is the one that I really like so here's an example so I've done this whip myself as well so I'm going to show you that in a second uh here is you can do a uh image smell and it will create some kind of painting similar to this one you probably I've tried this with my own picture but you need to have a um a painting in order to get similar result as this then the next one here is you can uh in this case turn him into Cyborg and you can see that in here so I've also done that with myself uh you can change your image from that to this next one is you can type anything and it will create a video for you so a Pand that's playing guitar on Square Time Time Square so you can see that here a real quick video of a panda next one here you can upload an image like this and it will create some kind of better image here like this uh here you can um uh do a phase restoration so you have if you have an image like this it will create a smooth image like this on the right side same for this one upload an old image and it will create something like this for you next one you can upload blurred images and it will create uh yeah it will get rid of the blur this will not always work by the way while I tested this here you can create any kind of person which is pointed with a finger so if you want to use images yeah promoting something you can use that one uh here to get a ball cut the hair type style that you want to create you can do that um next one is you can create all of these kind of images from a single image and then in here you can have a cartoon Creator so you have this one and it creates a cartoon of a photo uh here's another one an image sketch here as you can see another one you can create a logo so in this case uh what kind of logo uh a a horse let's say a horse just create a horse logo and when when I click create you can see it starts creating this horse logo for me and we can see it uh when it's done so let's go to the next one now here is an image background remover so you upload an image and it removes the background the next one is upload an image of the subject here AI image translation not sure what this does but you can see horse here and here is kind of a metal horse then the next one here you can draw something and it's going to create an image from your drawing this actually pretty cool I'll also have an example of that uh and here you can uh yeah upload the picture and instead of having this car on normal Road you could say I want to have this in the snow for example in the snow forest and then it creates something like this for you and then final one is this you upload an image with a transparent background and you can say I want to have this on a rocky texture and then it creates something like this for you now let me show you a few examples that I've created myself here and let me start by uh showing you this boy so this was a picture that I uploaded to evoi and um yeah I've done different things with it so the first one that I did is the ball cut you know from the hair so I said okay give me the ball cut and this is what it created so this is the same boy that you just saw I said hey do a ball cut and boom you got this image which it done a pretty good job as you can see here so this was the same guy H and now it had other haircuts another thing that I did which I uh liked was the voice so the the text or the image to a speaking image that's what I just showed you so I did the similar to this boy here and look at this one welcome to the affiliate Insider your source for the latest products hitting the market I'm Tim your host and guide to All Things Cutting Edge each week we dive into the world of affiliate marketing so this is a pretty good job honestly uh and what I've noticed is you need to upload a photo with a close mouth so I did the same with one of my pictures so what I actually did is I took my picture this picture here but as you can see here I'm smiling here and you can see my teeth now when I did the same with that image it creates something like this and you see my teeth all the time when I stop talking here welcome to the affiliate Insider your source for the latest products hitting the market I'm Tim your host and guide to All Things Cutting Edge each week we dive so you can see it's it's it finished with with the smile so it works it I'm I'm impressed by by The Boy by this one welcome to the affiliate Insider your source for the latest products hitting the market but you need to have a close mouth so if you're using this feature make sure you have a closed mouth um let me show you another feature here that was from young to old so I use the same picture here and you can see here you see this same boy is getting from young to old and you can upload any picture I've tried the same with my image and let me see where that is uh boom boom boom I think it's this no that was a cyborg um let me show you quick yeah here it is this one um with my picture it didn't work that well as you can see here so somehow this totally messed up and I think this has everything to do with the background that this was a dark picture it should have cleaner pictures so it works for one picture not for another one so it's good that you see that it doesn't work always uh let me see what did we do more here so this was the other one where you could upload the drawing so I had this drawing and I uploaded it and then what it created from this single picture was this one here as you can see so here you can see the end result of the seal and here you can see this is what I draw and this is the end result so it's pretty funny next one here let me see what this one is okay so this was from an image to another image this is also the same picture of me and it creates something like this here's another one where it removed the background from the same image so as you can see this has done a pretty good job there is a little line here as you can see but when we look at the original picture it is pretty tough picture to get this background removed but it did a pretty solid job honestly and when I add this to a Photoshop file for example here you can see I can use this in my designs now it remove the background nicely and I can start using this uh in my designs uh let me go to the other one what do we have more here so this was the other one is also my picture some kind of cartoonish style created from me it doesn't look really like me honestly uh we already show this one then this was the cyborg one off the same picture of me so I create the cyborg where is hey create the cyborg version of me um and then this one I oh this was uh this was the the same haircut for my picture so you can see my picture didn't do really well uh when I tried to do exactly the same so probably you need a clear picture with not a dark background like I had otherwise you'll get a result like this uh which was not too good on ly and then the next one this was where I say hey change from a duck to a I think to a dog yeah you see so this was where I say hey start with a duck and finish this duck and create a dog from it you see so here it changes to a dog when I do it slowly you see it started changing here from a dog face to a duck dog face here you see that and it changed to a dog fully here on the final results and let me see this is already showed you this one yeah so that's basically uh some examples of Evo AI which you will be able to create with this project it works super simple you simply go here when you go to your project you can see here oh this was the horse that I created so I say hey um create a horse logo let me open this one actually database not sure there is some kind of error um here so this is the logo that it created from you so create a horse logo and there you go there you got your logo so basically how it works is um you give the order and then you go back to your projects and once it's finished it's in here so here I see another one image to sketch I don't think we have seen this one already so let me show you that one as well let me open it so that was my picture as well not too good as well so again it really depends on what kind of picture quality you upload uh and then it create that's for you so this was the photo style changer let me see if I have more here to the next page here you go yeah I think I showed you most oh yeah this was an example of the dog so this was the original image here and this was still a bit blurred as you can see it was a little better but not too good um yeah and that's basically what Evo AI is all about again if you're interested make sure to check out the link in the description I hope this give you a good idea of the output of this platform if you have any questions make sure to ask them in the comments below and uh yeah consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews similar to this one and uh yeah make sure to hit that notification Bell also hit a thumbs up if this video was useful and uh yeah thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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