FrankenAI Review (Content Automation!)

How would you like it if you could have access to a platform that creates 365 days of content for you and also post that to your social media channels. Well, today, I'll be reviewing FrankenAI which is a platform that will create content based on your website, on your files, on an audio file, whatever you like, and it will create those posts for you Uh, and, yeah, it creates it creates blog post, Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, reddit, uh, a bunch more of those posts inside of the platform. Now the cool thing is that this also allows you to create these posts you're seeing right here. It comes with calendar and everything here that it's creates those posts, schedules those posts. You can also do this for clients. So you can handle multiple clients here inside of this platform when you go here to the plans.

You can see here, for example, uh, that they have multiple plans here. Uh, for different businesses. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a full review, but before I do so, If you're interested, make sure to check out that link in the description, uh, because you can see the coupons there. You're gonna get some extra bonuses if you pick this up through my link So make sure to check out that link. For now, let's dive into this. And let me show you how Frank and AI works. So when I go to my main dashboard, you can see here some tasks like overdue tasks, today's tasks, and upcoming tasks.

And these are basically post that it has created. Now you can decide to post this manually, or you can decide to do this automatically. That's also an option. But let me show you how it works, how you can create these campaigns. So let's say my business, uh, that I wanna create content for is still city marketing like this website with a lot of information here on this website, uh, about marketing, etcetera. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna copy this URL and I go to Frank and AI, and I'm gonna create a new plan here. So I'm gonna call this Youngstown, uh, Youngstown here. And Now what you can do here is you can feed Frank and AI with your business.

So you can give a description here where you write about your business if you have content that you can put in here. Another option, what we're gonna do this time is you can put your website in here. So when I paste my link in here of my website, it's going to grab the information from my website to create all those posts. Another thing that you can do is an audio file. So you could basically record everything about your business. You can start rambling in your microphone about your business and will automatically get the content from your voice and create a blog post, uh, social media posts, etcetera, from your voice message.

And another thing that you can do is you can upload a document as well like a PDF, a doc, or a Tx T file. Now like I said, we're gonna do a website. In this case, uh, we're gonna put it in here. You can also add some additional context if you like to provide additional context to your business or how to use it. You can put that in here as well. Then you can need to decide the language, and a lot of languages are supported. As you can see here, let me scroll through. So you can create content for these languages that you're seeing right here, uh, these are the ones supported.

In this case, we're gonna keep this to English. And you need to set your starting date. So let's say we wanna start today. From then on, you need to choose your platform. So this platform, let's say we wanna create posts for Facebook for Twitter, uh, you can also create for medium, for example, or you can do Reddit LinkedIn here. You could do even emails at block Discord, Telegram, and Instagram. You could put it all in here, but let's start with with those, uh, that I just select those 4. And then the next step, you need to choose your objective. And this is optional, but you can say I wanna increase my brand awareness or maybe you wanna achieve a certain level of sales or attract new customer segments let me scroll over them so that you can see them in here. Um, you know, you can simply choose from these options in here. So let's say you wanna have qualified leads, you simply select it and you content will be generated to get qualified leads. So you do multiple, uh, you can choose multiple options in here.

So you can say, okay. Increased numbers of subscribers, for example, uh, you wanna do improving customer attention. You simply choose that in here. And then you go to the next step where you could choose how many times you would like to post. So you could say I wanna post every day or every 2 days or 3 days. When we put this to every day, it's gonna create content for every day. And you can also decide to include the weekend or not, You can say I wanna have images as well. And then also, you can automate extended task details now. I suggest to select this so that you can see exactly what does. And then from here, you simply click on proceed to next step, and now it will generate all the content for you for the coming weeks. If you wanna, uh, plan ahead of those few weeks, you can simply regenerate it and give another date to create the content for. And there you go. It's this easy to create this content. It has already created the content for the coming weeks. As you can see here, These are all posts being created by Frankenai.

So you can also see here this is for Facebook. This is for Twitter. This is for medium. This is for LinkedIn. So, basically, you create an all around presence by creating posts for all these platforms. Forms. So for example, when you go to Facebook, you can open this one, and here you can see exactly what it has created. So this is about the marketing uh, platform or marketing business that we're promoting here that we're creating content for, uh, and you can read it here. So I'm not gonna read all of the content. You can pause the video, but basically created the the content in here, and it also created the images or it suggested images.

So for example, if you like to have this image, you simply choose that, or you can browse and upload your own images that are company related if you like to. So here, you have more details. So you have a meta title description, keywords, social share message, uh, that you can use here, and it will also automatically publish this, uh, this post if you connect your social media channels. Here you can see the chart, uh, like, the read readability, the SEO optimization engagement, etcetera. And then here, uh, a cool feature here, it says clicks the thumbs up icon for the content that sparked engagement and positivity on your page. So if you like this, you can Put a thumbs up and it will create similar content.

If you don't like it, you put the thumbs down and it will not create similar content like this. Uh, anymore. So you can read it there as well. Another thing that you can do so basically, what we're doing right now is we go these tasks. Right? You also have this in calendar view here, so you can see exactly the days that are scheduled. So if you select one task, one post here in this case. So this is the Facebook post. You can also go to the task settings here. And here you can see the task settings that have been used for this specific posts. So this exclusive offer free social media audit, but you can also type something totally different here.

So for example, you could see it here, uh, 7 tips to, uh, to have success in social media marketing, and then the description created a post of 7 tips, uh, for social media marketing. To succeed with social media marketing. And then you can say, update task can hear, uh, and you can rerender this task as well. So when you go back to the overview, Uh, you can say regenerate instructions with AI, and then it will create a new post for you. So this way, you also have influence on the post that it creates. You can also, by the way, change the post. So, uh, you can simply type in here.

So you could do whatever you like. So, uh, you can make changes and adjustments to this post then when you're satisfied, you can say, uh, save the changes, and then it will use those changes as well. And if you like to publish it immediately, you can do that as well. So here's the publish button here, uh, where you can connect these channels like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, linkedin, Telegram, and Discord. You can connect these channels so that you can post it directly, or you can schedule it automatically that these posts will be posted automatically on the specific dates. So that's also a possibility. And that's basically how you create a plan here for one business, as you can see here. So let me open a few more so you can see it. So this was Facebook. Let me see Twitter in here. So this is a Twitter post.

That it created. And then again, you can choose an image. And then the next thing here of this was a medium post. So this is a little longer post that it's going to post to medium. And I think we had Twitter as well, if I'm correct, or LinkedIn here. This is LinkedIn. So this is a LinkedIn post that it creates. So that is how it creates. You have your calendar in here. Where you have all the post schedules. And if you like to create more posts, you simply click on, uh, automation in here or generate more tasks. So this is, for example, the 19th. You can say, I wanna generate more content starting at the 19th, and you can do exactly the same here, uh, for the rest of the toss. So you can also have multiple tasks on one day if you like to have multiple channels on a single day as well. And then here, you can also see the plan setting. So, basically, Uh, this is Youngstown.

This is what it grabbed from the website, and it created an an a description of that website. So it basically took that website information and it created the description for the strategy. So, basically, inside of your plan settings, you decide what, uh, FrankenAI is going to do with your content. And then there's also an option to ask for this task as a CSV So you can upload it to other platforms like Asana. Uh, you can then upload all of your FrankenAI content to Asana as well. That's also an option. And that's basically, uh, a single campaign. Now, like I said, you can create multiple plans. So, uh, here, we wanna go to plans here. You can see that I now have 4 plants, and I can switch.

So this is young time, but I can also, uh, go to DTA trains, and now I have content for this specific company in this case or plan, I can go to OLM here, and now I have the content for OLM. And I can also go to all plans, see all plans. And I can see here an overview of all the tasks for all the different companies. So the you could see basically each one as a company that you're doing the social media marketing for. So you can manage all of the social media inside of this platform. So in this overview, you can also see which kind of platforms have been used for this, uh, specific well, they call it plants.

You can also call it businesses. So for this business, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, and, uh, medium in here. So you can see exactly what's in here. In there, the plans, you can also see the most used plans. And there's also an agency function on depending on what license you have, you can also create users. For this platform, etcetera. Uh, there's also a team licensing so that you can work with a team inside of FrankenAI so that you can get access to users so that they can access all of these plants, and they can manage these plants as well. And that's basically what FrankenAI is all about. It's, uh, pretty handy platform to create all of that content for you.

And right now, it's available. Again, check out the link in the description for more information about the pricing, available upgrades, what's included inside of the upgrades. Uh, my bonuses that you're going to get if you pick this up through my link and, uh, some discount points are also on the page. So that's it for today. Thank you so much for watching. And, uh, if you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comments below. And for now, thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. I do a lot of similar content like this. Uh, so hit that notification bell so that you get notified and Please get a thumbs up if this video was useful. And thank you so much, and I hope to see you in my next video.

Talk soon. Cheers..

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