Free response quiz in HapYak – Interactive video tutorial

welcome back so in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add a free response question within your quiz applying fortunate ACK and too how to toggle on on off certain rebuttal characters within your quiz so in this example I've just got some sort of medical procedures was going on and the question that comes up is what is the major medical procedure being shown at the moment I'm not going to answer sorts this is just a ordinary alternative button that you know I adoration what you can do is it's very swooning but there is an actual debris bucket to the right of every answer that appears in a pack if you sounds that then it will move that and then you can create a brand-new input response and then here is just a free response dialog box and then when a used comes across this question they can type in anything that they just wanted to it's worth knowing however and unless somebody knows an answer that I've not picked up on you can't actually grade these questions because it's a free response quiz if you're used to working with certain score based parcels sometimes I'll let you have particular initiation commands that if it works was to mention the word dentist you for example then it would grade that as a compensate response it doesn't have that functionality and glad theme as soon as it does i'll give you guys an update on that at the moment this is just a free response to questions and then patently within the analytics you can get those asks displayed from all the different consumers separate to that you likewise have within the options panel these explanation kinds if you have a question that has more than one correct answer simply switch this functionality on now and then you can grade more than one answer is correct and then if you require the user to correctly identify all the correct answers before they continue make sure you stumbled this box as well and that's pretty much it for this tutorial if you've got any questions you run this specific feature make sure drop me specific comments in the comment box below and I'll see you guys in the next video

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