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hey everyone it's Tim here and today I'll be reviewing funnel X which is a funnel building platform that comes with a lot of templates now honestly a lot of Affiliates are going to tell how awesome this product is and that it has AI to build your funnels Etc well I'm going to give my honest opinion about this platform because I don't think this platform will work for everyone it will not work for me for example so for a few selected people this platform might be the right choice but yeah stay tuned let's dive into this and let me show you what it is and by the way in case you're interested uh there is a link in the description where you can check it out personally I think the bonuses are uh worth your purchase already so in that case you can't go wrong but uh yeah about this product I don't know let's dive into this so uh like I said there are a lot of templates that you can choose from and what you're seeing right now is the front end axis and these are all the different templates that you can choose from now basically what you need to do is you need to pick one of these templates so let me scroll through them so you can see what they are and let's say we want to pick something in the fitness Niche here let me see can we find one this one here so here you can first of all you can preview a funnel so this will be the homepage and this will be a page that you can design as you can see here it looks good it has features featured products and the name is wrong here I already told them that I said hey uh it's not products but products but here are the products listed on this page as you can see here the page looks good so let's say we want to use this theme then we say I want to use this in the funnel and from here you can give your funnel name so in this case we're going to say for examp example Fitness Fitness funnel and then we're going to give this a title and basically this is uh what you're filling out here has nothing to do with AI this is just for SEO purposes your Madea description so I'm going to do this quickly here and then from here you can select a payment system so you can connect stripe and PayPal going to show you the Integrations a little later and then you can enable a free sign up but button here on your page and what they also will say is that this is a membership creating platform they compare it to clickfunnels Etc but trust me it's way limited than that also the members area is not what you expect I'm going to show you that as well so you need to type your subdomain so hosting will be given to you you don't need any of your own hosting you will basically host your pages on the funnel x.a domain or you can enter your own domain you can set up your own domain here and they will show you how you can set up your own domain so let's say we're going to do Fitness funnel here we're going to call this Fitness funnel.

funnel x.a we're going to continue and now your pages will be automatically created so here you can see that you got six different pages so you got your homepage a pre-sell page a sale sales page an upsell page a down sell page and a thank you page so for example the pre-sell page uh when you click on edit you can edit this page so this is a pre-sell page as you can see here uh it looks like this where you have already a bunch of products on uh like this now if you like to watch another page or look at another page you can simply click on addit here the homepage for example and this will be your page and from here you can start working on this page now so far I thought hey this looks pretty good right um let me add a few extra elements so when you click on something the menu will pop up open here and you can change everything so you can type whatever you like discover your path that's exactly what you're seeing right here so Fitness is for everyone uh you can change everything here on the page uh like the text Etc but one thing that you need to know is that you cannot add extra blocks on your page so the page is designed this way and this is how it is you cannot add extra sections extra blocks so basically you work with preone for you templates now for me that's a nogo because I like to have a lot of flexibility but if you don't mind and templates are okay well this might be okay to you and then also here the products now one thing if you don't want to have products here on your homage you can click here on a product image here and you can say show height so if I click height then this whole section uh will not be shown however if you like to show it here you can click on the product here and you can select from the product list now here's a list with products that I created in the back end so I can say I want to have this t-shirt of chick here then that will be here I can go to next product I can say here I want to have this t-shirt I can click on the next product here and I want to say uh let's say this baby shirt here I want to have this one big brother and this way you can go over all the different products here and you can fill out really easily on each page uh you can say for example I want to have these products in here so this is I like how quickly this goes but let's say you want to have this you see oh this is accounting let's do one more of this you can see this is how easy you can fill out your products on your page so uh the same thing for buttons when you click on the button here you can link this directly um to the homepage to a pre-sell page to the sales page to any page in your funnel or to a custom link where you can also say I want to get the buy URL and then you can search for one of the products that you've added to your backend so you can say Okay I want to link this to this specific product and I'm going to click on update here and now this buy button will be linked to your product so we're going to click update save and continue and now we're going to preview our page and this is our page so now people can buy stuff from our website here oh I didn't fill out these two when you click on this uh you will be redirected here they can fill out their name their email so I'm going to do blah blah blah I'm going to do my email address and then when I click on submit here they can pay with card and they can fill out their card number Etc so this is how they can purchase through your site um but that's basically it like I said you cannot add any uh specific uh block walks to this page you cannot remove this section so you will always need to work with the sections that are on this page so you can change backgrounds here like you're seeing right here stuff like this uh you can change of course also the banner images if you like to have another image here you can simply go through your own Library here or you can go through pixa Bay or unsplash for example uh like you say running here you see the images of running here you can say Okay I want to add this image as a background now this will be your banner image but that's basically it now you can go through every page here and modify these pages so for example an upsell page you can change that this is design for the upsell page you need to work with this specific design that's how you work with your templat so you simply go through your templates here want another template simply say use INF funnel and then fill out the details here description payment system like stripe and it's really easy to set up a page I mean this is how you set up your page uh and then you can start working on your page so this is the homepage for another design as you can see in here so that's the funel part where you can set up your pages the templates part here and then the product management is here you can add the products to your funnel X pages so when I click on ADD product here I need to fill out my product name so I'm going to say shirt B for example I can select the currency in here so lots of currencies are being supported so I'm going to do US dollar and then the price $27 and then I found this part also a little bit strange here so you need to add a zip file in order to deliver your product so first I'm going to do a thumbnail so let's say I want to have this as my product I'm going to say okay and then I need to upload a zip file to deliver my product so you need to have a text file or something like that in zip form and then you click on open and now it can add my product so when somebody purchase it um yeah they will get the zip file as a delivery uh so this is how you add your products and you just saw how I could add those to my page when we go to the settings here this is where you can set up your email um yeah everything that will be used to send the emails from the platform so this can be done by MRE or by your own SMTP so you need your own SMTP in order to have those emails being sent uh payment settings so you can connect your PayPal and your stripe here and then autoresponders here you can connect these autoresponders when people sign up through your list uh they will be automatically sent to your autoresponder there's also a sign up form on each page um let me check here so this is your profile here and as you can see this is front end access so you can see exactly what's in the front content and then finally one thing that I forgot to show you here is inside of the funnel management is where you can see your funnels so these are the funnels that I've created inside of the platform you can preview it you can edit the funnel uh or you can add members to your funnel here so here you can see the members of a specific page you can click on add new and this will be um yeah here you can add the members with a password now how does that work uh let me quickly show you a funnel so let's say we want to do finance and accounting here let me open this in an incognito window like this so this will be the page so let's say I want to buy something here uh then I'm going to do this oh no I need to fill out my details I want to do a free product let me pause the video and come back to you yeah already know how I'm going to do it I'm going to go to my fitness funnel here and I'm going to add members to this funnel so let's say we create an email here or a name so let's say this is me my email is blah blah blah and I'm going to do the products here that I can add to this person and they will also get these products when they purchase them from my site so I can say I want to add accounting I want to do the pool shirt the baby shirt the Volkswagen here uh the chick and let's say I also want to do shirt B here and I'm going to add my password uh like this and confirm the password word here and send login details so these details will be sent to them so I'm going to copy this email address here so I can remember it and I'm going to say add member here so now this member has been added to this funnel now let's open this funnel as a customer here so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to open this in an incognito again uh there we go and let me log in with these details I'm going to log in here welcome back enter your email enter your password and I'm going to hit submit here and I'm going to log in and now you can see the products that I've purchased from this website as you can see here so like I said at the beginning they talk about membership sites Etc this is what the membership is all about so don't expect that you can create full courses and stuff like that you can deliver courses that's not true um this is what you will get this is the members area where they can download your stuff so yeah you can do a course and then you need to uh create a downloadable course or in a zip format file in a text file where they have access to your course that will be possible but it's not like you have a full training area where you can upload and create your courses uh this is what they will see um when they purchase new products they will be added to their members area like this or you can add the products yourself in the back end like a just showed you um yeah manually uh and that's basically what funnel X is all about um like I said it's it's a limited product it won't work for me because I need a lot of flexibility you know when I build out my bonus Pages for example I want to be able to add a lot of elements but if you say hey I like to work with templates uh I don't need that much maybe this will work for you uh but yeah that's why I'm happy to have showed you what the product exactly is so you can make that decision yourself again if You' like to check it out uh the details are in the description and uh yeah if this video was useful please hit a thumbs up it will help me to grow my YouTube channel uh and yeah also consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews and uh yeah hit that notification Bell to get notified thank you so much for watching I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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