How To Make An Easy ($500 – $1200 Per Day With Brand New A.r (Without Monthly Costs)

hey hey and we're live right now welcome everyone thank you for uh joining this webinar we're waiting for a few people to join so uh we just started and uh let's wait for a few people to join I already see a lot of people uh here in the list whoa some good attendance here so that's awesome let me do one more thing here you could check some things on my side as well but the yeah welcome guys we we have something awesome for you today I'm super excited to share uh something new with you something that we created that we're super excited about and uh you probably already seen something in the invite that you have received but today we're going to show you a brand new uh gpt4 powered AI tag that writes for you but also speaks like humans with emotions and um we're gonna show you some live demos of the brand new software and also I have Raheem here uh he's one of her good friends he is one of the best webinar presenters so uh in a few seconds I'm also going to hand it over to him but he's going to show you uh how you can make an easy 500 to 1200 per day with this brand new AI technology now I'm curious do you know uh because a lot of people join now can you hear me please put a one in the chat here if you can hear me loud and clear would be great to know uh if all the settings are correctly good morning yes good afternoon yes depending on where you are in the world okay it's a lot of once run here uh Jack Martin Yvette Dean also Miracles here in line done Stephen I see Dimitri sabir Rose Kirk Richards Larry Yvette Glenn a lot of people are in here so great I can see a lot of ones coming in as well so uh super excited to have here I'm not gonna make this long because we already have a lot of people in here so I think I'm gonna hand it over to you Raheem are you here to take it from here and uh to show everyone uh what you got for them today yes yes yes awesome I'm excited as well because oh man I had a look at it I played around with it guys this is something that's really really going to take your business to the next level I'm super excited uh for you uh it's gonna be an amazing training like Tim said we're gonna have an epic demo I'm also going to give you some information that's practical that you can use some insights just to bring your whole game to a new level powered by at first the market gpt4 AI so you'll literally be at the top of the food chain so without further Ado welcome welcome to see a whole lot more people joined since we got started so let me move over to the screen there we go um oh if you should be able to see my security yes so without further Ado welcome beautiful ladies and people uh um let's get started how to make an easy 500 to 1200 per day with a brand new AI without monthly costs so that's already a huge huge bonus right there even if you're a complete beginner or starting from scratch now I'm gonna get right into it most of you might be familiar with my webinar some not but in the case you aren't just know that this is going to be real transformation not just information overload like most products and webinars I'm actually going to show you how you can make money today not in 30 days or in a month or within 90 days but right after this darn webinar you can have your first paying client happily paying client and a million under one right after so I hope you're excited for that because let's be honest ladies I mean if I can be a 100 honest with you I know you just want to climb that mountain of success and make all your efforts so far worth it at least back when I got started that was one of the main things I was trying to make happen is listen I've put so many time into it I've attended a lot of trainings bought a lot of softwares I just wanted to be all worth it and finally get some good results that I can rely on uh if that hasn't happened so far we always like to say it's not your fault right on behalf of Team here uh which also has an amazing track record online I'll probably introduce a little bit more about him in a second in case you don't know him but know that it's not your fault there's just a lot of competition out there and that's also something we're going to talk about and how you can literally leave your competitors in the dust because most likely right now you're climbing that mountain of success and you're facing something that we like to call a success barrier and that's basically where um you're doing everything you're supposed to do you're taking the steps but something is holding you back and today it's our sole goal to break that barrier for once and for all with this immensely powerful machine that we have for you so you can accelerate to the top so let's dig into some key principles that you have to understand number one is that the easiest way to have a predictable high-end income is by tapping into an in-demand surface and doing it better than everyone else and that's one thing we're going to show you today as well as an in demand service people already waiting with a check in their hand for you to come and serve them we're going to show you how you can search them at the highest level and also how to find those people now the fastest way to do all of this to dominate a high in-demand Market is by leveraging AI if you're going to do this manual or try it manually or haven't even tried going or um practice participating with AI in your business so far it's going to be really hard in the long run so I hope you realize that so we're gonna equip you with the absolute best of the best and even if you're just starting out know that there's pretty much no learning curve at all and we have a beautiful demo and tutorials well without being desperate for traffic I think that's something a lot of you are going to love as I'm going to show you live how and where to find clients that are ready to pay you right after this webinar and you don't need any prior experience now like I said in case you're not familiar with the man to meet the Legend team for now himself um absolute super affiliate one of the most ethical marketers in the game I've seen um I can speak nothing but good about him nor can all the other marketers out there um absolute Powerhouse and you most likely have seen some of his amazing products some of his amazing reviews and today he has something amazing for you that I'm being blessed to be a part of the team to come and present it so after this late a live training ladies and gentlemen you will be an expert in the hardest money making AI service which will allow you to create a consistent online income now let's see if you're into winning and if you're as excited as I am uh we compare and give so let me know comment if you're staying until the end and then I'm going to make sure you guys are going to get a little attendance bonus package just for being here today send to your emails let me know in the chat box let me go ahead and open up the chat box here uh who wants us planning on it awesome Ron that's what I like to see so I'll give you about what 10 seconds to comment yes right now and then I'll let the team take a snapshot um think to the end if the length is at yes guys I'm gonna go full speed yes yes of course of course awesome you guys are on fire lots of kisses to The Bitter End says event oh it's gonna be sweet and amazing all right without further Ado guys let's Jump Right In what you came here for the three secrets I'll be sharing with you number one is the money agency right before I show you the software I need you to be aware and understand why that software is powerful and why it's going to make you a lot of money and why you need it so first I'm going to show you the money agency and allowing you to discover the hottest and in-demand services online that you can absolutely dominate with AI and if people begging to buy from you once you're we're clear on that and you see exactly how you can immediately get clients I'm going to show you the brand new first to Market AI powered by gpd4 allowing you to blow your customers and competitors away as you will be one of the most powerful in the market and that demo is going to be done by Tim which is responsible from some of the best demos out there and then last but not least guaranteed results I'm going to show you how to instantly build a profitable Agency for buyers that are willing to pay good money for your AI services so this is the game plan ladies and gentlemen let me know if you're excited let me know which of these secrets you are looking most forward to give me a one of its money agency give me a two if it's easy AI delivery and give me a tree if it's guaranteed results yeah and we have a question box all your questions throughout will be answered as well by the theme by me live perfect perfect so you see if you want Martin says one awesome awesome awesome two from Jack or is that John oh that's jock my bad brother awesome well all of these secrets are going to be immensely powerful so let's dig right in secret number one the hottest and in demand services online that you can absolutely dominate with aai and have people begging to buy from you now I'll always is something I just always love to do is trying to find new and good services to offer and ways to make marketing easier now with a sudden boom an absolute booming businesses going digital more coaches now than ever more affiliate marketers there are more agencies more bloggers small businesses info you must have seen this just from being online in the past time or the past few years it is absolutely nuts the amount of volume which is good in a sense now all you have to do the easiest way to make money online is the spot the market where there's high demand but low Supply high demand but low Supply you see the standard Services out there have mass competition I'm talking social media marketing digital advertising website creation design creation which are all great surfaces and you can definitely make money with them but it's competitive there's a lot of Supply there's a lot of demand it's going to be hard to break through now there's one particular surface that's completely being overlooked for the most part or relatively compared to all the other services and that is as well in extremely high demand as a matter of fact more demand than there is quality Supply and that is professional voice overs I cannot stress the amount of people right now begging to have someone help them I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that at the highest quality in the game right now because ladies and gentlemen content consumption and production is currently at an all-time high there are more content creators than ever businesses are focusing way more on content than before and there's also a lot of content consumption now businesses don't have the time to sit down and record their ebooks record full podcasts record everything for the sales videos they're explainer videos brand awareness videos any type of audio content they do either do not have the time nor do they have the equipment and 95 of the software's out there we've actually tested this and searched and obviously did a lot of analyzation really sound robotic and there are few good ones not bad but still since gpt4 came out there's not really a software that has been leveraging that type of power to create the most natural sounding voiceovers with that being said ladies and gentlemen all these businesses need professional audio you cannot point me to any business that does not need it so who wants to know how anyone can find guaranteed voiceover clients today let me know in the chat box give me a quick yes if you want to see how you can easily find guaranteed voice over clients today let me know in the chat box let's see if you're in it to win it I see yes it's absolutely said Ron chat is on fire I love it guys awesome awesome awesome yeses perfect okay says Jack awesome all right let me go ahead and show it first what I'd like to show you what's really interesting uh if you go to Google look this up um how big is the voice what is the industry rate for voiceover look at this 5 to 15 minutes 575 dollars sounds pretty good to me 15 minutes of work 575 sweet right if you go beyond 15 to 30 minutes we are looking at 825 and this kind of the industry average right 30 to 45 900 anywhere from 45 to 60 Minutes 1500 dollars I'm going to show you how to grab this easily without turning in hours of work or time of your own now in order to find clients they're two absolutely darn easy ways that anyone can do right now and it's all three steps number one you want to find people that are ready to pay step number one is finding an instant client step number two is they'll deliver your best sample and you you'll be able to do that with the amazingly powerful voiceover AI that we'll show you today number three they close the client wow them away with that sample I'm going to show you how to find an instant client I can do this on any social platform um I'm gonna use Facebook for now and this is going to be so ridiculously easy I'm gonna actually go ahead and bring Facebook up on the screen we're just gonna have a look together I'm going to type in voice over needed we're just gonna see live what happens right I'm as curious as you I'm gonna go here scroll down um let's see let's see let's see I'm actually going to rephrase it a little bit I need it boys over oh okay I'm gonna go to post where's post post pose okay all right need a scriptwriter voiceover and Video Maker all in one six hours ago let's see what else we can find let's let's see let's see all right I'm gonna rephrase a little bit in a second because I'm getting a lot of random posts okay boys over there we go um see that's me that's me that's me that's me that's me okay then we go to groups I'm just gonna go hey it looks like he's gone Rahim let's see yes okay what I'm gonna do first I'm gonna show you the other but I'm back yes you were going for a few seconds there we go oh here we go uh jobs I type in voice over super easy and there we go right a real looking for voice over artists right here for our YouTube channels um this is posted what two minutes ago another one five minutes ago we're seeking talented Swedish voice over artists for a one-time project uh 29 minutes ago again we're looking for voice over artist 53 minutes ago we're looking for voice over artists there's so many darn people all day long right looking for voice over artists for so many different jobs it's a podcast whether it's a YouTube video whether it's a sales video a piece of content now honestly you can use voiceovers for your own business as well to help you grow but you can use it to serve any of these people left right and center you can literally message them right now they posted literally just now and send them one of your best samples that you'll easily be able to create using the powerful AI that will show you in a second now anyone can go to any of these sites and look literally pick up any of these jobs all day long with ease especially with the amount of quality you'll have it's going to be so easy for you to wow the MMA and have them pick you over and over again now there's so many up for grabs where you can have um let's see hiring voice over arts for YouTube channels uh Spanish voice over again for YouTube channel and it's going to take you absolutely zero time to put in a script and get the most natural sounding voiceovers back here's one a budget of 400 posted four hours ago come on guys do you see the amount of money that's up for grabs when it comes to voice over work let me know in the chat box let's see let's see yes it's yes sure sure awesome awesome because all you have to do is literally go to any freelance platform type in voiceover look at jobs and every single minute every single hour you'll see people begging left right and Center for someone that can come and help them with voice over work I'm going to show you a few more in Social in a second because I think my social settings are a little bit off because over there you'll see people every day posting I need someone I need help on my YouTube channel I need someone for this work I need someone for my agency I want to show you how to grab a lot of clients there as well now with that being said ladies and gentlemen all you have to do is follow these three steps every time you go ahead and see those jobs which there are 24 7 you go ahead and deliver a sample meaning a natural amazing sounding piece of voice over work that will show you how to create with the demo in a second send it over to the client wow them away and have them clear the invoice now again ladies and gentlemen businesses do not have time to record all of this themselves and that's why they need you so with that being said my question is knowing that traditional voice over artists and Freelancers take number one way too much time over a week to produce any type of VoiceOver impossible to update once they record it takes a lot of work to re-update if things need to be changed and they have to pay extra and it takes hours editing tweaking with understand satisfactory results if you choose a manual person on Fiverr or any other platform which people are doing right now with voice motions what I'm about to show you next the simple web-based application you can produce voice overs in as little as one minute you can update the content of your voiceovers any time without paying a synth and no need to learn complex audio editing or sound design skills now you can use this for clients and businesses all day long and you can use this to enhance your own work if you want to start a podcast if you want to drop YouTube videos if you need voiceovers for your sales videos education educational videos value videos case studies trainings left right and centered now knowing this ladies and gentlemen let me know in the chat box do you see why a business would rather pay you good money to do this for them over anyone else over going to a regular person out there that will take way too long and it's going to be really hard to edit and work with over time let me know in the chat box if you can see that let's see let's see let's see yeses yes sir jocks is yes absolutely it takes away make fever that as well a hundred percent right awesome awesome awesome so with that being said ladies and gentlemen for secret number one if you want to tap into something that is extremely low in competition yet there are people every day just like you should uh have seen upward just now which is just one of the many platforms out there people asking I need someone to fix this job I need a voiceover artist for this I need a voiceover artist for YouTube channels left right and Center if you start a money agency powered with voice over AI you have clients standing in line every single day now here's the Beauty Once you delivered your work if you have any other surface that you can offer maybe you do marketing Services maybe you do web design or video creation as well any other surface that you can deliver is now an easy upsell to that same client because they're already satisfied with working with you and buying from you so it's the perfect foot in the door to find easy clients to work with over and over again let me know in the chat box if that makes sense ladies and gentlemen and I can't wait to go to secret number two and show you the powerful powerful AI that's going to make it happen for you let's see let me go back to the chat perfect yeses Jack Jack can't wait to see how good it sounds oh I can't wait to have you here man awesome I think this is great perfect Phillips all right so with that being said let's head over to easy AI delivery brand new first American AI powered by Jeep et4 to blow your customers and competitors away because indeed one of the biggest problems when it comes to AI voiceover is that it sounds robotic right it just sounds really unnatural on human sounding which is why people are forced to pay a lot of money to real people which again slows down the process takes a lot of time requires a lot of editing work but if AI quality could sound even better quicker and it's high quality then honestly they would prefer that now I'm going to show you again first the market AI That's powered by gpt4 meaning there's nothing like it out there ladies and gentlemen who wants to see the First Market gpd4 powered voiceover AI that will make you 500 to 1200 per day in just three steps let me know in the chat box and then I'm gonna go ahead and queue an amazing demo that we're gonna have really fun watching let's see let's see if you guys are ready let me open up the chat box absolutely yes please show me show me well we can't wait awesome all right one for Martin okay what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go ahead and play that demo let's go here all right hey welcome to this demo video of voice motions AI Now voice motions allows you to create voices with different emotions like joy happy cheerful but also sad angry maybe Whispering all of that is possible with voice motions Now voice motions comes with different options like the AI text to speech and with this option you're able to create multiple blocks inside of a dialogue Creator so you can have different voices inside of each block if you like to create an audiobook with a single speaker you can simply click on create audiobook and then you can paste your text in here and you can choose one of the voices here at the left side and then you can create the audiobook Yeah by pressing a single button the AI content writer allows you to write all different kind of content with a few keywords only so you can write an audiobook and then use that audiobook in the text-to-speech option but you can also write e-commerce listings e-commerce e-commerce features blog IDs email contents Facebook posts uh Facebook ads Instagram ads Etc uh and an extra option also is to transcribe option or you can upload a video or an audio file and then it will generate an SRT file automatically that you can upload to video services I'm going to start with the a text to speech where you will be able to create a dialogue between different voices now first of all you can paste your text in here so for example this is a text that I'm having here now this is a very long text but actually I like to add different emotions to different parts of this text for example or I want to have different voices for each text then what I can do is I can click on import text and now I can paste my text in here and when I click on address in here I can choose the voice that I want to use now as you can see here uh voice motions comes with a lot of voices that you can choose from now you can also choose from a lot of styles here like cheerful chat sat assistant customer service newscast angry excited friendly and many more Whispering hopeful all of these are available and you can also filter them by language so for example I want to have English United States then these voices are available for English United States and I can also choose a gender here so let's say I want to do a female now I can use these females here and as you may notice here is an icon which says Pro and that means that the pro voices allows you to add different emotions so the one that do not have a pro logo do not have the different emotions but these are very good voices as well I'm going to show you that later as well in this case if you like to listen to voice you simply click on the play button hi I'm Jenny I can convert your text to a human sounding voice or hear another PRO voice hi I'm Arya I can convert your text to a human sounding voice sounds pretty good right and then we have Jane hi I'm Jane I can convert your text to a human sounding voice so let's take Jenny here and let's click on close now we have copied our text here in this block I'm going to click on import look what happens for each line the new block has been created here so let's delete the first one and now for each line I can do different emotions so for example this is the default voice hey guys today I'm going to show you how to multiply now let's say for the second block you want to have something uh very cheerful multiplication is a basic arithmetic operation used to find the result of repeated addition so that sounds pretty good right now let's choose another one let's say friendly multiply two numbers simply multiply the first number known as the multiplicand by the second or maybe you want something else let's say we do um set multiply two numbers simply multiply the first number known as the multiplicand by the second so as you can see you can choose all the emotions from here a newscast all these different emotions are available Whispering here and by the second now let's say for the third block you want to have a different voice you can do that as well so in this case one of the voices that I really like here is from the United States it's a male voice and it's Stefan listen to Stefan hi I'm Stefan I can convert your text to a human sounding voice so Stephanie's perfect example for a teacher for example to teach things in a teaching video listen to him here for example to find the product of three and four you would write three times four is equal to 12.

so for each block you are able to choose different voices foreign Davis this means that 3 multiplied by 4 equals 12. so let's say you're happy with the result then you're also able to add background music to your voice over from here you can choose from the music library that's built in so let's say you want to have the Aspire here you can listen to the music so let's say we want to use this audio file then we can change the volume in here so let's say we do this at 0.2 or you can also upload your own audio now let's hit save and click on generate we give our project a name click on submit and now the voice will be generated for us and there it is in this dashboard you can preview the voiceover by clicking this little play button so listen to the result hey guys today I'm going to show you how to multiply multiplication is a basic arithmetic operation used to find the result of repeated addition so that's how you create audio with the dialo Creator now let's say you want to do an audio book then you go to audiobooks here you click on create new audio book and then you can paste your text in here so let's say this is our audiobook then we can choose a voice from the left menu here so in this case we also want to have English and let's say we want to use English UK and listen to the voices hello I'm Amy I can convert your text to a human sounding voice so let's say we want to use this voice then we simply click on generate and now the audiobook will be created for us of course you can also use this to create podcasts or blog posts and here you can see that the voice has been created ladies and gentlemen welcome to the success stories podcast where we bring you inspiring stories of individuals who have achieved extraordinary success in their so the next option is our AI content writer now here you will be able to generate content based on a few keywords so let's say we want to create an audiobook and we click on audiobook and we give this audiobook a title in the description you write what you want to see in the audiobook select the tone in this case we're gonna do friendly and click on generate now the audiobook will be created for you and there you go here is the story so once upon a time there was a small mouse named George who lived in a cozy Borough deep in the forest and you can see here is the story so you can copy this story and then you can go to audiobooks for example click on create audiobook paste your text in here and then choose one of the voices so in this case let's go by Steven here click on generate and the audiobook has been created for you once upon a time there was a small mouse named George who lived in a cozy Borough deep in the forest of course you can also write other content here by clicking generate new content and choose one of the other options so let's say you want to create a Facebook ads click on Facebook ads describe your service and here we describe our product [Music] and we choose the tone all right professional and click on generate and as you can see here the Facebook ad has been created for us so like I said you can generate all this content inside of voice motions with the AI content writer based on a few keywords and that's in a nutshell what voice motions is all about wow wow wow ladies and gentlemen let us know in the top box did you just enjoy that powerful demo and did you see the possibilities that are produced by this powerful AI let me know in the chat box let's see let's see let's see and earlier um as I was going to Social and actually go back to sharing my screen remember I was going to shows and I was like Hey I'm going to show you how to get quick clients and I was scrolling I couldn't find any man it's because I had the key words wrong so I'm going to show you how to do it right this time I'm gonna do it over again because I promise you're going to get clients with this right after this webinar because there's an extremely high demand and such a low Supply so what you want to do the mistake I made is when I searched on Facebook I type needed voice over with a space between voice and over apparently that changes everything so what I want to do is just put them together boom press enter now that being said if we now go down you immediately see I'm looking for American accent voice over need a voice over arch for multiple advertisements need a female voice over artist for YouTube channel medium budget long term please DMV guys this is three days ago right it goes on and on and on all day long urgent requirement um actually if I take over this one here as well there's so much I need a voiceover Creator you can record your own voice or use AI both are suitable we have around 1 000 words if you're interested in earning revenue from the videos as well we're posting them on YouTube guys there are so many people left right and Center every day looking for voice over artists now don't make the mistake or the requirement that I made of not having the keywords put together because then um you're not going to find these people right vemo voice over artists A lot of them will be people that have like a YouTube channel and they are looking uh for someone to kind of do the voiceover for the videos need a professional voice over artist for crime documentaries voiceover service in English please contact with samples guys you will have the best samples in the game so with that being said let me know if you now see how easy it is one quick search and make sure you put voice over together um and you see people just in the past 24 hours begging searching for anyone that can come and help them out and that's not even the entire I didn't even scroll down all the way or even search properly in the post section I just did a very public search and I see tons of people waiting so let me know if you love that demo and if you see how you can easily dominate the market and pick up all the money that's up for grabs using voice over a odd see people saying that's powerful the potential for dialogue creation is really powerful yes you can even like create entire interviews and that's amazing that's powerful I see whoa cool most definitely awesome awesome awesome now with that being said guys I really really do not want you to think you need to be tech savvy in any way or form because at the end of the day it all comes down to three easy steps one you enter any text you want to convert the speech or simply use our power text import option next you just select from over 200 voices in 40 different languages guys did you notice when I did a quick search right for uh voice over you saw people I'm looking for this time I need English I need uh some people say in Hindi some people say Russian all types of people for all different voices you can serve them left right and center and walk away with the money at ease an easy 500 bucks a day at bare minimum doing this all day long now again if I do a quick search I'll I'll drag it in for example um let's see I need a voice over here here um let's see what this says right I need a middle voice over orders for e-commerce Brands to make product review voiceovers one if we go a little bit up again let's see what I need an Indian male voice over artists for YouTube videos so you'll have over 200 plus voices in 40 languages you can approach any of these people and say hey a notice in the last 24 hours or a couple of days you were looking for voice over artists you want me to send over a sample here you go and it's done you settle on the pricing terms and you deliver guys let me know if you see how easy and Powerful that is right now in the chat box now you can use the editor to add emotions page delay and so much more to make it such more a real and have that real experience and natural human sounding effect and the last one at least you preview it a limited times to find the perfect voice emotion and pitch and simply export it when you like it it's such a fun process but also such a lucrative process at the same time now I know I'm stressing the fact that you can use this to make so much money by delivering it to all the people that are desperately looking for someone for their e-commerce for their YouTube channels for their marketing but you can use it for all your own sales assets as well if you wanted to start a podcast if you want to have an audio form of your ebook if you want to have audio for any videos you put out let me open up the chat box let's see if you guys are loving it looks so easy easy peasy nice demo the dialogue in particular is interesting awesome awesome I love it I love it I love it and ladies and gentlemen let me give you a little a spill of The Bean on what you're going to get here today we're actually going to provide you with a live training as well on how to generate six figures with voice motions AI so all of you that grab this today are going to get an additional training shown you specifically how to make money with this hot and Powerful software and literally take the market by storm all the people that I showed you that are begging and looking for voice over artists what are an upwork whether on Facebook whether on LinkedIn show you exactly how to grab them and wow them away with those motions AI so that's it for secret number two let me know if you enjoyed that in the chat box easy AI delivery three simple steps the brand new First Market AI powered by gpt4 to blow your customers and competitors away let us know in the chat box if you absolutely enjoyed secret number two on number one a first explained the business why it's so powerful and number two I showed you the powerful tool that will enhance you and will allow you to do this for clients at the same same time let me go ahead and have a quick look at the chat box and then we're gonna dive into secret number three John says I'm really excited to get going with it awesome runs thanks yeah yeah awesome best one for the job I will believe it will be very effective they are 100 Phyllis Perfect all right so that takes us to number three guaranteed results how to instantly build a profitable agency for buyers that are willing to pay good money for your AI Services because again there are people out there right now waiting for someone like you that can come along and just bulk volume deliver all the work they need to get taken care of they're producing YouTube videos every day they can't sit behind the microphone every day and talk they can't go and hire a person all day long to put in all the text and wait weeks for them to deliver before the next video they need someone that's quick quality and effective and they have no problem paying that person and you saw someone even saying hey I can give you a revenue share as well while we're at it there's so much opportunity I'm going to show you how to grab it with secret number three so let me ask you a question that question is the following what if we helped you with all of this what if we gave you access to the money agency you will have the easy AI delivery meaning you'll have access to voice motions and everything that comes with it and all the necessary marketing assets and tools to make sure you have a wildly profitable agency and again you can use this for yourself and others if we hold your hand and show you how to get any business owner to give you money and skill your own business using one of right now relatively low competition compared to any other service out there do you see yourself getting tons of extra income if you start doing this today and again remember if you sell any other surface all the clients you get you can immediately introduce them to any other service you have let me know in the chat box do you see yourself getting tons of extra income if you start doing this today let me know in the chat box fantastic says jog Phyllis is great idea for all of us yes please yeses awesome awesome lots of yes is coming in and if you said yes ladies and gentlemen who's ready to see everything you're getting today as part of the special webinar only deal you've put together a package that will literally make your jaw drop through the floor because it's filled with stuff that nobody outside of this webinar will be able to get their hands on and specifically because you're here today you were smart enough to attend this live that we made it in a way that number one you don't have any monthly costs and number two you'll get access to things at such a heavily discounted rate you can immediately go out there and make an instant profit so let me know if you're ready to see the special webinar bundle deal that Tim has put together I see that says bring it yes awesome awesome let me go ahead so exciting there and by the way I see some questions Ryan we will answer those at the end of the webinar we see questions coming here we will handle those questions at the end awesome there you have it ladies and gentlemen uh if you have any questions and you're waiting for it to be answered like Tim just said uh sit tight they will a hundred percent be answered and with that being said let's dive right into the amazing and stunning bundle package that will literally turn you into an expert overnight and put you at the top of the food chain with one of the most powerful AIS today I'm going to drag this onto the screen we're going to go over them one by one so first of all you're going to get access to voice motions AI commercial license now this includes over 200 lifelike AI text-to-speech voices 40 plus languages supported a dialogue style audio generation guys like you've mentioned this is absolutely out of this world multiple speakers supported in one single audio so with most a voice over solvers out there it's just you have one person that's talking and if you select that one it's done you can kind of mix and match and kind of create this whole sequence where there are maybe five people talking at the same time right so multiple languages supported in single audio create audio books with human-like voices subtitles and transcripts in creation Ultra fast text-to-speech creation auto text import commercial license included an additional 12 uh emotions such as friendly children sad and angry unfriendly Whispering shouting terrified excited just to give that extra spark um to that voiceover emotion based AI content writer guys this also is truly powerful multiple emotions supported in one single audio as well so if you have an audio it doesn't have to be all angry or all friendly but you can mix again and that's what a lot of AIS can do they can just they might allow you to just select different emotions but they can't have you then alter it throughout so you have different emotions in one go now customize the page the delay the speed and the emphasis of certain words or sentences create podcasts with human-like voices guys this is one of my favorites any one of you can right now start an easy podcast is powerful create projects clone projects you can export them as an MP3 file and you get priority support and when I say priority support I mean absolute priority support anything you need everything you need taken care of now that's just the start on top of that ladies and gentlemen since you're here live with this we're immediately going to upgrade your account to the pro unlimited you definitely do not want to be capped so we're going to give you 400 additional lifelike AI voices you'll be the most Wanted voice it's over artist in the game on top of that unlimited characters per voiceover you can apply unlimited emotions unlimited previews unlimited podcast exports a limited audiobook exports 60 plus language support and guys this is really where the money's at this is really where the money is at because it's hard to find a person that does name any language right maybe Portuguese maybe Hindi maybe uh um a particular type of American or or uh British like you might find standardized English voice over artists but if you need a really specific voice a really specific language for a specific video it's gonna be really hard now if we've noticed there's a lot of demand for four languages as well and there are not a lot of voice over artists out there or up-to-date professional voice over software to produce high quality foreign language voiceover now you'll be able to grab that money from the table over and over again with ease on top of that unlimited projects unlimited audio books five team members that you can have added unlimited downloads and regular monthly updates again guys regular monthly updates without monthly invoices now let me know in the chat box are you loving this offer so far give me a quick heads up in the chat box you put a lot of time of effort and effort to put this together for you so let me know are you loving this offer so far thumbs up from Ron Frank says yes sounds interesting since Rose awesome awesome sounds perfect for my needs this Jack vinay says yes oh my God guys you're gonna dominate especially especially in the YouTube Niche where people are just dying to have voice overs uh especially those faceless YouTube channels man they're going to eat you up a lot Phil is saying yes sir awesome right it gets even better so Stephen bear with me here we go on top of that we're gonna give you AI fomo clips now here's what that is you're going to get 50 plus ready to use templates to create scroll stopping videos for your social media if you need to put out more content on social and you know it but you don't have time to sit down maybe you don't have a good mic good lightning uh maybe it'll come from in front of camera or you just don't want to do it and don't have time overall but you know video content is powerful especially if you're not leveraging stories reels that stuff that right now is going viral and that the algorithm favors you will have access to scroll stopping videos powered by fomo Clips fear of missing out that you can use in accordance alongside voice motions AI immediately bringing your marketing to a whole new level you can create the most high converting ads and you can even sell these as well 50 Plus premium templates you can create 3D characters to wow your audience custom treat the objects with animation to Skyrocket your sales Instagram Facebook Snapchat WhatsApp pump stopping story Creator guys I can't kid you not stories right now is the easiest way to get eyeballs to put your offer in front of people just put stuff in your story because the social platforms if you use any one of them they're gonna tell everyone that you follow everyone that follows you that hey this person just put something in their story giving you free traffic now every day you can have powerful stuff in your story and on your timelines whether on your business page or your profiles you'll always have scroll stopping content attention is the currency now you can create personalized videos e-commerce showcase videos which is also really high in demand uh 50 built-in premium music tracks 3 million plus royalty-free stocks a huge font Library upload your own images and videos as well AI powered background remover full HD videos completely cloud-based nothing to install and of course step by step video tutorials so each and every single one of you can create the most powerful content because if you're not creating content out there right now that is actually attracting your ideal client making them stop and pay attention to you you're gonna have a hard time now we fixed that problem today to give you access to fomo Clips while we're at it so let me know if you love that one as well ladies and gentlemen and it still gets even better on top of that we're also going to give you a highly requested one which is the reseller Edition allowing you to have your very own software business with ease you can start voice motions agency in seconds no overhead no dealing with programmers no startup costs server cost support costs one click to add new clients to your account who can easily manage all the accounts you can delete clients if they don't renew you can sell one time or charge them monthly you have support from us so we provide all the customer support if there's anything we take care of that you get the product support from us as well you have access to all updates and Bug fixes as we actively maintain the product and no hidden charges so immediately own a piece of software it's right now powered by gpt4 which is hot everybody's trying to get their hands on things powered by gpt4 right now now you can give accounts away as a bonus sell it charge monthly charge one time is making money left right and centered now on top of that we're also going to give you access to re video Edition uh the re-video Edition now what this does you you can turn any regular video that you have for a video that you have from your offer or an educational video value video and turn it into a mesmerizing video so one that absolutely turns your clients attention full force to what you're doing right now now you can have ai to transcribe any audio into subtitles generate Audio Waves for any video 50 Plus premium templates to choose from uh your videos can be created for Facebook insta YouTube Tick Tock Snapchat podcast and more and again you can also do this for clients uh because if they left your voice over they'll love to see anything else you got that can help them out and make their operations easier meaning more money for you it's a win-win now produce video in any format for real stories ads posts and more upload your assets with media library integration over 3 million stock photos and videos to search from audio video clipper and editor included and this is such an easy one to work with I've worked with a lot of audio video Clippers uh and they were paying this is so easy brand assets to personalize videos in one click commercial license to use for your clients and keep 100 of the profit you can do 100 videos per month three minute video links all resizing options available ready to use templates clip video logo upload branding toolkit Auto subtitling Custom headline SRT file access Over 20 Languages and any format video converter if you have a video right now that maybe is not performing or your clients have a video put it through re-video and Watch What Happens now guys I asked it before I'm gonna ask it again are you loving this offer so far you're getting access to the reseller editions the reveal the most powerful fomo clips and the full unlimited access to voice motions AI along with the commercial license guys you'll be at the top of the food chain being able to go ahead and make money right now right now and we're going to give you a live training to show you where to find Clans how to find life how to operate it's going to be a piece of cake to bring clients in for your own offers or just make money with voiceovers alone or take your own business to the next level with voice overs I see yes it says he love it love it awesome awesome now with that being said ladies and gentlemen we're also going to include some amazing bonuses only if you grab this on this webinar right now uh one of them being our high ticket training which is a practical back-end training on how to create a six-figure income with voice motions Ai and we're going to show you the whole nuts and bolts every little mouse button you need to click to start making money because we don't just to be honest what I see with a lot of softwares out there is that hey you have a great software good blog and you go and try figure it out and then and feel to right or you get distracted procrastinated because there's no results we do not want that to happen to you what we're going to do is we're going to make sure you know exactly to the T how to make money with voice motions AI so you can immediately become our next success story problem back the character behind the scenes on how to create a six-figure income using the potentials built into voice motions AI you simply watch over our shoulder as we explain every step of along the way so you can copy and paste this process for your own success normally we charge 997 to attend this training you won't have to now on top of that we're going to give you the X convert Pro application these are 14 additional sales boosters that can triple your sales and clicks on any website but just copy and pasting one line of code it's really powerful once you're on the inside you're absolutely gonna fall in love with it and normally we sell this for three hundred dollars now on top of that you're also going to get access to X social Pro app allowing you to have a full social media marketing suite and kit allows you to easily Auto post schedule Instagram posts along with Facebook Twitter and any other social platform you can think of it also and it just all the social networks schedules all of your posts increases your traffic engages your audience you just upload the media you either create with a photo Clips or Voice or voice motion Ai and then have X social Pro take care of it so you run a fully Automated Business your marketing is on Peak your clients are paying you you have high quality content out there and that is what your business needs to stand out and actually make money now we're also going to give you something really interesting which is apps Builder Pro allowing you to convert any website or your website into an IOS and Android app and send push notifications directly on mobile tablets and desktops in one click with over 95 over rate is something we've actually tested so you can take any website and turn it into an actual mobile app patient super powerful we're gonna give these things away only here on this webinar for the people that take action today now I have so many so many beautiful testimonials uh Dave saying voice motions AI has been a game changer for my podcast production realistic emotion-filled voiceovers have boosted listener engagement like never before uh as a marketing voice AI saves me both time and money when creating promotional videos the persuasive high quality voiceovers keep my viewers hooked from Michael um my man Steve saying voice Motors AI has revolutionized my YouTube channel the relatable and engaging voices have significantly improved audience retention and then Amanda saying I've been using voice motions AI for my animations product guys we have so many people left right and Center I can go on and on they absolutely love voice over AI now if you were to go to any other particular uh uh voice over type of software one they're not updated to the latest gpt4 uh on top of that they're not powered with all the marketing that we're going to provide you with to go go ahead and easily make money and you'll pay way more way more than what you'll do today plus you'll pay monthly which is something you won't have to if you take action on this webinar so once again with that being said ladies and gentlemen do you see yourself getting tons of extra income if you had access to our help our training the software and everything in between right now let me know in the chat box roses love it awesome awesome yes yes yes now look at the job says it looks as though I made for Life there you go that you want to be at the top of your game right now that means you need to be aware of the software of the tool that's going to take you there first what something that allows you to immediately go ahead and get clients with little to no competition so you can build your own pool of buyers right you can go and try the really extremely competitive stuff but it's gonna take quite some time to maybe get any results at all I know for a hundred and twenty percent everyone that grabs this today you're gonna have a voiceover client because they're out there on their knees begging for someone to help them with their YouTube channel with their podcast recording with their ebook recording just go to upwork or typing voice over needed on any social just like we did on this webinar today and you'll see people left right and Center is please send me a sample I need someone today because they want the work done the sooner the better so the sooner you grab this the sooner you can collect the money from anyone out there with the most powerful voice over machine voice over AI that you'll have access to as the event saying impressive for sure I see Gary saying Hells yeah uh awesome awesome awesome right so with that being said normally you know with the webinars we do a whole price drop down it's this it's this it's that all I will say is ladies and gentlemen um there's gone a lot and I'm talking a lot of software and development costs research r d the whole nine yards into it so it's only normal that this would be anywhere above a thousand dollars I mean come on you're getting old for 400 voices you're gonna get consistent updates without paying monthly fees at least in Thousand Dollar Plus price point is Justified and even that we're not going to do here today because you're on this live webinar we're gonna do something special first we figured all right let's make it just absolutely crazy and just drop it down all the way to 297 initially just for the webinar special getting you everything as promised fomo glitch re-video things nobody else out there has access to right now but you but then we said we want to create some epic success stories today we're going to show you as I said on a high ticket training immediately how to make six figures with voice Motors so for the first ones that take action right here right now we're actually going to drop it down to 257.

if you want to take advantage of this absolute crazy price point with no additional monthly costs common link in the chat box right now and I'll have the team make the special link just for you up here on the chat comment link in the chat box and in the meanwhile as well all questions will be answered uh while we're at it I see Phyllis asking for the link as he jog saying I want it please Gary's asking for the link Thomas asking for the link uh Steven wants to link door seems like they're ready for the link yeah yeah yeah I think Joseph Larry right so what I'm gonna do uh let's see we have the offer section there we go I'm gonna make the offer visible for all the people that come with the link so um I'm gonna put it on the screen there we go I think it's is it on the screen now here on the screen yeah it's on the screen can you guys see it okay above you'll see a um coupon code you see a coupon code that says voice bundle 40.

That is only available right now if you take action on this webinar now just do give me a heads up if you can see the or maybe team you can do it can everyone see you offer on screen yeah they you just show them I can I can do it again here let me see her uh full screen okay perfect let's spin it to the top here so there you go okay I've also dropped the link in the chat so people should be able to uh to visit it now perfect perfect oh there we go awesome guys if you have any additional questions as you can hear Tim is here with us live um we have a team as well so drop any questions you have I would hate for you to miss out on this because your question didn't got answered but what I can tell you is you will never nowhere find something so affordable at a one-time fee that is of this amount of quality that helps you so much with your marketing even if you're not going to use it for clients which I know for a fact a lot of you pretty much all of you will because there's just so much easy money the amount of Leverage you'll have in your own business with these gpt4 powered AI tools is out of this role now again the link is in the chat box I'm actually gonna go ahead and uh visit it as well on the screen and uh show you how it goes now so when you go to the link it takes you to the site I'm gonna go ahead and full screen um you should have copied the coupon code if not you can copy it on the website right here so I click copy then you click on get instant accent it Scrolls down you see everything you're getting today is prominent humble at a crazy insane webinar only discount including the bonuses which are only available here right now you click on the Big Orange button and in case you missed it guys for those of you that are on the fence there's also a 14-day money back guarantee now I know for a fact all of you can make an insane Roi but in 14 days just by picking up some of the voiceover jobs that are out there up for grabs every single day now all you have to do here is put in contact email you go here put in the coupon code click on apply and boom AC today's price includes a 40 discount plus a single payment guys this is just crazy any other person would have charged you monthly we're going to give you consistent updates tweaks and support huh I'm just at a loss for words so with that being said let me know any questions that arise I see the Warren asking well perfect that will be answered brother for those of you that got in um as I've shown on the screen this is how you do it then you put your email in uh click on PayPal and you're done uh meaning you also secured by PayPal you also have our money back guarantee if you're in let us know in the chat box so we can make sure your account is all set up we can roll out the red carpet welcome you to the voice motion family can't wait to have you watch the training that's going to show you exactly how to dominate and build a six figure business using voice motions was honestly right now is one of the easiest things to do online in comparison with any other surface out there awesome awesome awesome so what I'm gonna do is open up the chat um okay you aren't asking some really good questions so I'm seeing it being answered by the team perfect awesome uh so for Joe all you have to do so like like I've shown you here just click on the orange button use the coupon code and it drops it down to 40.

You can see if you actually click on the checkout then you'll see the pricing uh as mentioned that's for you my man uh I see jaw cutting jog this is a match made in heaven for you as you know um especially the dialogue right it's going to be super powerful for a lot of you so uh jock first of all congratulations super proud of you man on top of that I know you've just positioned yourself and your business to a point where it is just inevitable to make tons of money your content is going to be way better clients are going to be begging and hanging by your feet for you to produce voice motions or maybe even videos as well since you have access to some of the most powerful video tools to create specific stories reels and any other type of content that people need in their business all day long you'll have an amazing and Powerful agency that you can leverage to sell any other service and that's how it's done if you want to break through a competitive market have an offer first that is less competitive to just draw inclines so you can sell them a competitive surface which is now easy because they already borrowed from you once Henry wants to link as well and if the team can every now and then uh uh re-post oh it's pinned to the top either way up perfect so with other platforms you have to repost it because it disappears Thomas is jumping in as well Thomas congratulations brother uh let me know if you were able to get access I will say we'll only have this here on the screen for the time that we're live after this there's a good chance you either won't find it at the same price point or do not get access to all the bonuses so you do want to grab this while you're watching this so if you're watching this right now you're seeing this offer in front of you go to the page try to coupon see if it works and it should work it deem activated it and grab it with both hands and again if you're on the fence there's a money back guarantee but what I do not want you to do is leave all the money in Roi that's up for graphs on the table by building one of the most easiest agencies and here's why it's an easy AC ladies and gentlemen there's not a lot of core courses out there that promote start your own voice over agency there's not a lot of training through gurus or mentors out there that preach start a voice over agency most of them for you to do like a Facebook Ad Agency social media uh digital advertising digital marketing web design uh other types of uh competitive freelancer agencies which is kind of the norm there's not a lot of courses specifically on a how to build a six-figure voice over Empire the reason because they're not a lot of gurus and coaches and courses out there that are really widely known it's not this sexy topic it's a reason why the people that were smart enough to see that opportunity are making the most money so I hope that makes sense I hope you see that and as well as you need professional audio in your own business as well either way so I see Ron asking a question I'll have the team answer that yeah so Ron asks how many let's see with the bundle what reseller do we get you get 100 accounts run you can sell 100 accounts wow 100 accounts well let me know if that's good enough for you man that's a lot right man that's more than enough that's more than enough guys you can easily ease like I said sell sell this for a monthly right give people access as a monthly give people access for one time maybe do from a little favor giving them like a little bit of access for some time and then charge them or give an access away as a bonus maybe you're selling an affiliate offer that's the possibilities are endless you are in control you have a hundred accounts that you can use as you please and the Dominator he's also asking is out front and listen okay yes Front End plus Ojo is in the reseller account so how long details is another question oh my God it just keeps yeah how long for login details they should be emailed immediately Stephen the login details so you receive the details immediately after your purchase [Music] oh my God guys it just keeps getting better like I've seen a lot of softwares that give away you know reseller access but it's just like to the very limited account which is then uh hard to pull off because yeah your clients will be limited in any way or form but you're getting re a hundred reseller accounts now only to the front it's perfect because that gives your client everything they need to fall in love yes sir I'm from amazing amazing again yes Ron it's Front End plus Oto Pro foreign let me know if that answers your question brother if you have any other we're here we're live and even once you're in and you still might have questions we're also there right on the webinar before the webinar after the webinar you'll have top-notch support all around and for those of you that are getting in guys congrats freaking relations you guys are going to be the next wave of six figure earners um keep letting us know I love seeing people saying I'm in I'm in I'm in I'm just so proud of you um as I know what's going to happen next right you might not still be aware but I know what's going to happen next the market you're going to tap in the ease you'll experience of people saying the moment you message them hey I notice you need a voiceover yes okay please send the sample like that's an experience like wow someone actually wants to hear from me wants my work um that's that's a great feeling and then if you just mention gpt4 to people they're me really interested either way especially with retail yeah uh uh Tim let me know if you wanted to answer any other question yeah let me go over them I'm just answering one question because Steven didn't cut this look in detail so I'm dropping uh the support Link in the in the chat Steve please check check or uh contact us there so that we can help you with your login details they should have been emailed automatically to you let's see if there's a some other questions here because a lot of chat is coming through here uh is there this is another question here uh let me see here uh is there a character limits um let me see if everything is go correctly not sure I lost him but is there a character limit no there's there's there is a limit of 15 minutes that you can create for the voiceovers so if you need longer boys those you need to create uh two voiceovers for example uh let me see here um then it's basically unlimited you just create every time you hit the 15 minute Mark exactly so you can create unlimited voiceovers so it's it's not limited it's only limited 2 to 50 minutes per voice over exactly let me see here as you here's another question here uh jaxis um is it a gbt based on our API subscription or is included in the app so it's it's included in our app you don't need to connect any API to GPT or or whatever uh connection we we all provide that for you so you don't need to to have any other subscription than purchasing our bundle deal and then you got everything included there you go Man team just rocking these questions back to back to back um what I think what I think we should do well Tim do you mind if we played a demo just one more time sure people ask for it so we can play the demo again you can put it on questions as well guys would you like to see the demo that Tim created the in detail demo just one more time uh especially for the people that wanted to see it once and kind of see on the inside once again know that might also answer a lot of questions other than that I see a lot of people already picked it up because they immediately see the amount of power and how they can use this in their business and guys you are rock stars for sure uh for those of you that would love to see the demo one more time let us know and I'll uh Play I See Frank saying yes yeses there you go and what I can also do is do a few comparisons so um let me actually go to the website I know you guys have a lot of comparisons as well so if we would go ahead and kind of do a few you know drag this in here maybe it's more fun than the demo a regular um AI you know a little bit uh outdated and kind of robotic voice and the reason why people would not want today or your competitors are using voices like these I'm just gonna play let me know if you guys hear it as well but then you can see kind of the script uh or the script crisp sound and Clarity Crystal Clear clarity of the power that you have access to and what you can deliver to your clients and for your own business so I'm gonna play uh this one first thank you come on all right that's bad that's just bad right you you you would hate listening to that all day long now let's go ahead and listen now this sounds a lot yeah we don't hear it sound we don't hear it here rain I don't think people hear those things I don't think they hear that from the website no because I couldn't hear it so not sure why ah damn it but they can listen to it those demos are also on the page if you like to to hear the difference [Music] between gotcha okay no worries I would love to have kind of made you hear that difference live here uh but I mean this one is really like robotic there's not there's no real uh like emotion it's very really scripted and this one obviously first of all look how good this looks that's one it feels like a real humanist being just from the visual but on top of that the sound is just so amazing right now you can actually you can also see there's also I think voices that you can play live right here um so guys you're set which is so much money to be made into the Spanish Market as well Hindi Market we saw that live and there's some money oh now I don't know is if you don't grab this right now especially the bundle deal out eight so um hope that made sense I would love to make you hear um in life but that's okay let's see yeah let me go ahead and bring this back here so guys you definitely want to take access on the bundle package which includes the whole nine yards I'm gonna go ahead and kind of walk through them in short one more then would have been or will have been your last chance to take action let me go ahead and open up the bundle page that all of you should have seen by now so right here 55 off you don't want to be capped you don't just want the front end even though that is amazing and Powerful you do want to make sure you have all features to make sure you can wow away your clients expectations and serve them left right and center and make the most money and Market your own business in the best way possible so this one gives you access to the commercial license 200 life like a is 40 plus languages and you do get these standard Services which is dialogue style audio creation multiple speakers multiple languages now on top of that we're giving you the unlimited version which it mainly bumps you up to over 400 lifelike AI voices a limited of everything so everything you can do before you can now do at an unlimited rate plus 60 plus languages support and regular monthly updates guys you do want this right if there's an update you want to have it that's what you're paying for right you want to make sure you're always at the top of your game now on top of that fomo Clips again you do not want to go without this take your video marketing out of this role by having scroll stopping content that's what it's all about so scroll stopping content the person that is equipped with that will generate the most attention if you're struggling out there online getting people to pay attention to you getting people to to click on your links to engage with you to you're putting out the content you're putting out effort you're showing people what you have but nobody's really stopping to see what you're doing or how they can take advantage of it this is what's going to help out big time that's only included in this bundle on this webinar now on top of that you're going to get the reseller Edition so you can give away as we've heard a hundred accounts and charged people one time or monthly with ease and they get access to the front end and they're limited with that and you get the re-video Edition which allows you to create some epic videos either for yourself or for your clients for all platforms stories and reels left right and centered if you take action on this webinar specifically you're also going to get access to the bonus where we're going to show you how to create a six figure income with voice motivations AI X convert Pro to make sure you uh triple your sales using some unique features that will show you inside super powerful software ex-socials Pro app to manage all of your social media especially now that you have voice over Ai and some amazing video content creation and the apps Builder to turn any website with the click of a button into an app which is really cool and Powerful now tons of people are already tested it it's Provence we wouldn't present anything if we didn't do taru back and forth battle testing see if it's if people willing to pay for it if people are making money with it if clients have no problem with it if the reseller accounts are all good if people real world people are using it and are getting traction and everything it has to be bullet proven for you all you have to do is pick it up and immediately bring your business to the top of the food chain so with that being said ladies and gentlemen this is your last and final call to grab this today I'm seeing Richard is waiting to buy but his question hasn't been answered yeah I'm scrolling through anyone to see this question absolutely yes um let me see okay uh can you tell me how many UK voices of the 15 available have the emotions available to them so the emotions are mainly focused to the United States voices um I think there are two voices in the UK that have some emotions uh but they're mainly focused on the United States voices let me see if I can see this quickly here um yeah here so I have two voices that have cheerful and chat as extra emotions for the UK voices Richard so hopefully that answers your question um I have another question as well let me see um when can we sell the reseller account or how soon we'll be will we be able to resell this this can be done in about seven days then everything will be ready and you will be able to resell um voice motions yourself uh let me see um let me see some will see the demo I wanted to see the demo uh also some oh yeah here yeah Ron said can we import text we've created outside of your program and have it converted into voice motions AI um yeah of course you can paste any text inside of the of the builder of the voice build so we have we have two things we have the audiobook Creator where you can simply paste all of your text and it will create an audiobook for you immediately with one single voice and also we have the conversational Creator where you can also paste your texting uh and then you could choose different voices for each line so the import Works basically that you are importing one line uh of voice over and then for each line you can give a different voice or simply keep the voice that you wanted to use for that specific voice over so yeah you can definitely for example you you could that's also what I showed in the demo video you could use the text writer for example and you copy the text inside of the AI Rider and then you can paste that inside of the voiceover tool to create the voices for it so you could take any text and make that a voice over so here um let me see here someone also asked again what's the amount of character limits the the limit is um 50 minutes I'm not sure how many characters that that is let's say a word is uh embedding but it's a lot of words for 50 minutes you can put a lot of words in um let me see here Frank Barth I'm all in got it awesome thank you appreciate it and uh and enjoy your purchase it's really awesome we got some very good positive feedback of people that have uh beta tested this software um let me see here yes there is a webinar discount uh Jack because the webinar discount also first of all gives you the discount but also gives you all the additional bonuses that are being offered during this webinar uh Raheem showed all those bonuses uh let me see here you don't have to connect another one you don't have to connect another API everything is included so you can write content simply by filling out a few keywords and then we'll write the content for you that's included as well no apis needed let's see is there more and we also have to continue because we have got another webinar running as well so we can't keep this open for too long foreign unfortunately that's not possible um not sure if that will be in the future but right now it's not possible to use your own voices let me see if I can see more um Joe says here if I post a piece of text in English can it be translated into other languages or do I have to input Germany if I want a German voice uh yes you have to put it into the language that you'd like to have the voice over for you need to put it in that language inside of the voice editor however the text writer is able to write in other languages as well powerful powerful now I think we've answered a lot a lot of questions I see we're still answering questions in the chat as well um as team just mentioned we do not have a lot of time left I see Jack a question that came up on the screen as well doesn't support ssml or similar control I've asked this and yes uh this will be added so you can it is supported they told me yes tell them it's supported so to answer that question the answer is yes perfect perfect now um if there's anyone still on the fence and they're maybe waiting for the question to be answered to move forward um go ahead and either re-ask that right now uh other than that if you haven't gotten access yet this is your last call to grab the entire bundle at a major discount including some of the most powerful bonuses instead of 297 oh go back here instead of 297 it will only be two five seven only if you take action right now after this webinar there's no guarantee that this will still be available at that price point with that amount of bonuses so the link is available for you you should be able to see it it is painted in the chat if I'm correct go ahead and click that takes you to the site leverage the coupon that's available right now if you have any other specific question um we're still here for a little as four more minutes to answer any of them I'm actually going to go ahead and put a little timer on the screen foreign make sure we don't go over time so there we go I'm gonna just drag this in here meaning you'll have four minutes left to take action and take your business to the next level to a whole new level and serve a lot of people while you're at it get a lot of clients while you're at it having access to one of the most powerful reseller a hundred reseller accounts in the game right now powered by gpt4 supporting the front end and pro version for anyone that gets access so if there are any final questions we'll have them answered right now um and other than that for the people that are on the fence it's now or never remember the best way to make a decision is by having a look at the inside the only way to have a look at the inside is by getting access right now [Music] all right yes yes yes other than that I have a question for uh you guys let me know if you enjoyed today's webinar let me know if you enjoyed today's webinar if you got a lot of value out of it if you enjoyed the demo if you see or or your eyes have been opened to the power and the market of voiceovers that is up for grabs and ready to be dominated by any single one of you um let me know if you got a lot of value if you learned a lot and if you enjoyed this amazing presentation especially this amazing software that will help you grow your business I see Jack by the way also jock jock Posen asks if are there voices for children yes there are also children voices the maximum length well we already discussed that it's 15 minutes not sure medical Fields I need a voice of someone in pain I don't think that's that's available in pain let me check quickly [Music] foreign along with the angry emotion as well um to give that realistic feeling of a person in distress exactly so um yeah there you go right there's so pain is not yeah it's a definitely an emotion but I think you can orchestrate that by leveraging the sad which is really realistic and along with the angry which also a little bit of shouting type um and then based on the script you can easily tell all right this person is clearly in some sort of pain so uh there you go [Music] and remember guys you can blend multiple emotions multiple conversations multiple voices um so that's it's insanely powerful the amount of of variety and creativity that this app this AI allows you to have for any situation for any script for any video for any piece of content or for any client you'll be able to deliver exactly what either you want or they need [Music] um what with that being said about 30 seconds left on the clock let me know if there's any question um that hasn't been answered yet I would hate for you to miss out because some sort of question was left on the table um Brad says if you slam your door on your fingers then you have big pain well there you go um so guys let us know if you have any final questions there's literally less than 10 seconds left I'm gonna count down from five four and three and two and one and zero wanna first of all congratulate all the people that got in you made it very wise and profitable decision and equipped yourself with one of the most powerful ai's first to Market AIS right now for all the people that are still on the fence the link is still available in the chat box it's your last call and last chance um I don't know if team has any closing words that he might want to add as well yeah someone says uh friends to says how fast can I start well immediately so Ron got it as well Ron congratulations so uh yeah we're gonna close this webinar and thank you so much for joining and for giving your time and for those that picked it up uh yeah I really uh appreciate it and uh yeah we hope you enjoy this software we really enjoyed this so for ourselves and uh yeah go create some awesome voices some awesome books audiobooks and uh enjoy the software and uh yeah for now thank you so much and also Raheem thank you for presenting today appreciate it and uh if you have any questions feel free to reply to your emails that you've received you can reply to the people that you got the questions from you can reply directly to us you have our email address now or our support desk you can ask any questions and thank you so much and uh yeah we hope to see you in the future again awesome awesome it was an absolute pleasure presenting amazing hats off to came in the entire development team and guys you as well give yourselves a pat on the back for taking action here today for investing your time here today you're an amazing crowd and I can't wait to see your amazing voiceovers and your success stories have a good one link is in the chat see you on the inside bye-bye cheers guys

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