How To Make Money With Pinterest (TrafficWave)

hey guys it's Tim here and today I'm here with Demetrius and if you're looking for traffic if you're looking for Content that's being generated for you and the traffic you can redirect that to that content and make sales then this is definitely something for you I just had a two-minute talk with Demetrius and he was so excited I said keep this excitement because we're going to talk about this and uh Demetrius it's awesome to have here we're going to talk about your brand new product um what is this about Demetrius tell us more about it before before I continue I want to break the ice a little bit because I've got this cup that I there's no other cup in the drawer okay and it's got these ear flaps okay and that wait it's it's really pissing me off yeah so this is this handled water here and then whenever I try to drink oh this the wrong side and then I try to from this side and I'm asking my wife how are you drinking your coffee from this freaking cup anyway so you you need to buy another cup you need to have cups like like this just round no problem I I I have them but they they're not clean I have a yeah anyway so yeah wel hi um I'm Demetrius and I'm here to share with you something really amazing okay and I was very excited before we got on the call because I do get passionate about something that I really believe in or I can see the power of or uh I've seen results with okay so I'll start with that little introduction right now okay I don't know yeah wait waiting for you to ask me I don't know did you ask me something oh I need to ask you something well I I I asked you tell us a little bit more about the software so what's the name of the software what exactly does it because I say you know you can D if you need traffic you're going to get traffic if you need post creation it's going to create post what exactly is it I mean it's a mist well it's it's not a a full mystery it's the fact that okay let me put it this way my wife was doing Pinterest marketing for the past since covid hit okay so when since that time hit and she started getting clients she started driving traffic uh using her methods which is uh doing pins and doing titles and descriptions now this requires a lot of time and that requires her going in researching The Niche going in researching what competition is doing uh designing how to design templating doing creating templates for that Niche building on that and keep on posting posting and there's ways of doing it with SEO and titles and descriptions but you need to keep on posting and posting and posting on Pinter on Pinterest now why Pinterest well Pinterest is a selling machine there's a lot of buyers on there and uh the amount of sales that she's been able to generate for her clients one is a sofa uh company another one is a vinyl mats business um there's different niches that you play around with she's generated $100,000 for one another one was around 30 uh around 10,000 a a week for vinyl mats or something like that proove just from Pinterest traffic from organic traffic not paid ads we have the results as well inside train that I have where we have the proof because these are Karina's clients that she's been doing the exact method that we kind of like automated this is where the magic came from creating this software and the magic was removing the time eliminating the time of research the eliminating the time of creating uh any type of template uh creating any type of pin uh creating the titles descriptions done with a click of a button okay and to me uh it was magical when I did see it in in the works and we started seeing the traffic just coming and right before we finished the interview I was telling you oh let me open up my uh my Pinterest account yeah and then I opened up my kind of like test account because this was the account where I was creating the training for the software that you're about to check out yeah and uh and I told you that in the training you you see numbers a lot lower than what it was because I was just setting it up and then a week later I'm seeing 1,000 views uh whatever people engaging yeah anyway that's a different story so so is it is it did you create the software because your wife was doing this and said hey we need a faster solution for this is that how you came to to develop the software I wasn't really I'm very selfish so I wasn't really thinking about her I was thinking about uh about like okay look at the visits that you're getting and the clicks that you're getting okay so what are you doing again this is the second time that I was checking what my wife is doing because the first one was with my other software called pinbank which was another software driving traffic it's about more about building your accounts properly SEO using a software blah blah blah forget that yeah not even this this is even better because this actually with a click of a button a URL actually give me any URL you you have any URL any keyword and I'll create content for you for a month just by clicking a button and I'll prove it to you w it's amazing okay and then not only do I create the content I'm also attaching your affiliate links to it your offer links to it your website links to it and we're talking about a platform with 459 million daily users okay that that there are scrolling Pinterest putting the keywords that you put that you want to create that you want to be seen that's what my software does it goes out creates grabs images grabs titles descriptions creates it on the template that we have for Pinterest and it schedules it wow so I can for for a whole month one with with a click of a button and show it us want me to prove it to you I'll prove it people like to see what they're what they're buying okay so uh are you seeing my screen right now yes we're seeing your screen now okay so uh let's see uh I've got okay so first of all first of all uh ignore this this is a a different thing so this is adding my account first you come here you add your account it takes two seconds to add it second of all we need you to set up a couple of API keys that we're getting third party so we can get it going our software works with third party apis that helps you generate the images the pins that we're going to be creating which we calling waves now I'm going to show you some cool things here today okay because there's a couple things that's going to make you go oh wow okay so that's I'm gonna you're going to hear it I'm going to hear it from you I hope and there's going to be two instances you're going to see the oh wow factor okay okay the first one is going to be me showing you how this works okay because I told you I'm very excited so give me something do you want me to promote I don't know let me um just just a product of random product random product give me I don't know a dog Niche cat n yeah I like I like golfing huh golf playing golf gol golf perfect perfect okay we're going to start start off this is going to be my campaign for golf okay now what do I want I'm setting up my wave campaign right here by telling it how many pins and in how many days do I want this to run okay so I want it to run for maybe seven days a week okay I want a campaign to run for seven days and for each day I wanted to pin maybe five pins a day okay yeah this is not the wild Factor this is Easy Wave this is already cool if you could schedu this on automation wait here we so we're giving you wave search settings okay so this is where we have you the system going out and creating the images for you from wherever we set up the apis and blah blah blah blah so we'll just leave it on basic search for now so I can show you how it works then we just going to put golf yeah uh I'll put golf as a keyword okay so it's gonna work with going out and finding images and stuff for golf is there anything else I should add maybe another keyword that you would like to go with it uh I don't know maybe it's up to you it's optional I don't care no let let's just keep it with golf I'm not good at English words for golf so uh perfect you add your your Pinterest account let's say you have a Pinterest account for golf okay your all everything is around golf you build your account around golf you you fix it so I don't have one I'll I'll just put another one mhm then you choose uh a Pinterest board again I don't have a board for this Pinterest account doesn't matter we'll just use it for this m now here comes the other the first magic part okay so I'm going to click this and I'm going to put golf okay and do you have a URL of maybe a sales page of something that you're selling or maybe you have a Blog with a that you want to share with me so I can put it here could you do that to golfis counter.

NL what is it golf Discounter NL so that's a Dutch website okay just an example right we'll see I don't know we we'll test it out okay and give me some context for it no where you could purchase golf gear a place where you can purchase your your golf gear okay yeah so it's golf Discounter NL yeah yeah correct okay let's see because uh this is what you would do I would guess all right so what I'm doing now is allowing my system to create with buil-in AI obviously it's chat gbt but it's building now a 100 titles 100 descriptions for this okay I'm hoping I hope it doesn't I hope it nothing breaks here let me let let me check the site as well it could be the site thing because right now it was do it but as usual something might always but it should and it should just give it some time sure I mean try and drink from this cup but I want to check the site as well just in case maybe maybe need a www uh maybe I don't know but I I'll I go yeah po post your link let me just I can I can post the link uh let me let me send it to you on messenger we're good we're good you're good we're good we're good get me back to sharing are we here okay so now it gave me can you see yeah okay so now it just gave me pin titles it gave me a 100 okay so here I'm gonna do the same thing for the descriptions so it's going to give me 100 descriptions different unique descriptions for your uh your your creation your campaign look this is a game you're going to be playing games with this you're gonna love building for I tested this for a high ticket offer I'm G to show you some some clicks that I tested it on and I'm still getting clicks I'm waiting for that high ticket commission to come through okay it I'm telling you is I created a magic push button so it's going to create the titles it's going to create the descriptions and then it's also going to get the images for you it's going to create the whole thing for you wow and then when I'm done I'm gonna just upload a CSV file into my account and I'm done I'm done W the the the pins are scheduled the the file contains all the information about when they should pin your pins okay and that's it you're done now it's taking a little bit of time and then we go done now here is this area right here this is where you put your affiliate links yes this is where you put your website links so are you promoting something with golf uh I don't have an affiliate link for golf but I I get the ID to put your link in here this could be a the golf Discounter DOL link for example exactly so you put your affiliate links here okay so I would put my golf links here exactly okay my links here so that we we don't condone you doing direct linking from places like ClickBank for example we don't like doing that we do show you how to take them to a bridge page it's better but but you can still do it yeah there's other people that do it and there's another thing I'm going to show you in a bit about this and we're gonna follow you you have a whole training around it as well yes but I have other cool features in here that's going to help you see what other people are doing as well so we added our links okay and you can put multiple links so you can put multiple links taking them to multiple sites okay so then then it will divide the links over the different uh pins exactly okay then we have ADD slug to pins which means pin does Pinterest doesn't like spam links so if you have the same link being pushed over with images 100 images or throughout the thing they're going to be like what's going on here so you have the ability to add a slug which creates a unique link for you you so you're safe as well and plus we have been approved from Pinterest as well that's the next phase of this software okay let's move on okay so we're done with that now the next thing that we want to do is create a template or use one of the templates that we have the templates is are uh whatever we have inside we you can build your own templates and what are what are templates are those just the sizes of the images or images designs uh that we have okay and what happens is these templates that we have for example we have a mock image in one area and we have a text image in this and then we have a different font here and all these are showing the system that if I want you to create and put an image where we have the mock image here we want you to put the text in the mock text here Etc so you can build your own templates or use the templates that we have already okay so I'm done with that and then we just also do a quick click of a button to get some template text um for the pin template settings and then when I'm done I'm done and that's it that's it I'm done I'm done and I'm going to show you how beautiful this looks and how it works because I'm getting the traffic I'm getting my clicks the images creating that we're creating is generating the the engagement okay Pinterest is full of Engagement it's not B Bots there there are no robots it's real humans they if you play the game right and the right Niche sorry yeah yeah so everything that you're getting from those pins are are just organic traffic for people that are searching for in this case golf gear for example and then your pins will appear they click on it and that's how you get your sales at the end this Niche the golf Niche is probably one of the best niches to even play around in Pinterest you yourself you can go on Pinterest and start looking for golf stuff and you see so many items but wait till I show you because this I'm going to show you I'm I'm done here and I want you to see the you're gonna do the first oh wow okay I'm I need to hear it from you you gotta be okay there we go I don't how you say it in in the Netherlands we say the same what do you guys say in Netherlands how do you say it the ohow oh wow we just say the same okay all right so what this is basic basically going to do is basically going to go do what we did here with okay it's F it's fixing my pins right now it's generating my pins you see it here is generating pins can you see me or is it in the middle am I in the middle okay um it's right here uh generating pin yeah yeah generating pins yeah I removed you from the generating the pins okay so basically what is it doing it's actually going out and it's creating and a good example because we're playing with different niches it's going to do this okay so this is another offer that I have yeah that I did that I was testing out and I let me zoom in and I'm zooming in now the the the pixelated because I'm zooming in but basically what it did was it went out and for a specific offer that I'm doing it created uh and the the different designs for it okay this is for dogs okay so this is like it it fixed up give your pet the ultimate play time give your dog the gift so it created the images with the designs the images and the text inside the images and the images inside the the images and also the design template that we have you can see that we have this type of template where we have this type of uh fonts or this type of template with this image and the thing or this type of okay so it as we're scrolling we then we did this template with images like this and then text here text here image like this and it has to do with the offer as well yeah yeah okay so what are we doing here all these images have our links attached to it okay all these have links attached to it which takes them over to your offer like the golf one so let's go back to the waves this is still generating by the way but let me uh okay the golf finished finished so see what we have okay so here we go wow look everything that has to do with look it even has the site for them you already created for your client here we go your client wants some traffic boom uh and what I do here is basically take this CSV file okay and upload it into your Pinterest account as simple as that okay and that's easy to do it's it's you come here you go to settings oh I don't see it I think let me show you yeah bu create pins and yeah you're in a different you're in a different tab now I think we can we can see this sorry here we go so in your uh Pinterest account you go into your settings you go to bul create pins super simple but you need to export it so I'm not goingon to upload it because this is a different understand but it's super simple the idea is behind this because it basically does work okay you start seeing traffic almost iMed mediately but wait this is the first I know you did say wow I think heard I think I heard I mean that's it is pretty amazing that everything is being created for you I think I heard it because you know what designing and creating all these pins with the descriptions and the Everything Is Magical yeah and it's looking good and you can control that now let's do something else okay let's do something else okay let me share this tab hold on here let me share this like I said this is magical you have ready made pins with your links depending where you put your affiliate links too so let's go to the offer search now check this out let me go to add campaign and put golf let me submit let me go to pin and let me put again Golf and search okay uh don't give me this now okay so basically hold on I'm gonna have to uh there might be need uh let me try something else I might need to either clear my browser cache yeah uh I'm stuck hold on hold on let me try something else the thing is uh sometimes because I've been playing around with the software so long um I get cashed in with a couple things and it causes uh some issues okay so hopefully that's what it was if not and I've done this on a live episode where I even contacted Alex live and he fixed it it's Alex is the developer and we have a we have an influx of customers I got to put that out but I will show you examples of what it does because if it's not picking it up now it's there's a reason behind let me try a golf new golf I think it's a cash caching issue you're in another tap now right trying okay let me go back okay so let me try something else that I found using my software in the past so basically what it would do sorry but we have we do have a launch right now it works for the user at the end yeah it it happens anyway always live it's always goingon to happen but look putting woodworking for example came out to search and it went out to find uh other Affiliates or what other people are promoting I've got a ClickBank offer here I've got an Amazon product here and I'm going to talk about Amazon in a second because that's the second there actually it's going to be three ahas and WS okay so here we found with woodworking there's another are you showing something now Demetrius oh sorry yes there we got all right all right so we have this place called offer search okay yeah and what this does it comes in and spies on your competition so I put Woodworking and it comes out and it searches all the the Pinterest on who and what are they doing with this offer woodworking or something close along the lines yeah so by putting woodworking for example I see that there's an Amazon affiliate for this there's a possible affiliate for something else a click Bank affiliate here so if I click on the ClickBank one okay this guy is doing exactly what we're doing but even it's crap it's not even you know whatever but if you click on here it takes you over to this page yeah it's another it's another page again right and takes them over to a ClickBank offer okay so it takes you over to a ClickBank offer once you click you can see it all that stuff so uh this landing page was found using uh the search function okay using the search engine that we have and we've added for it to know if it's from ad combo from ClickBank JV Zoo Amazon admin D Store max Bounty Max web ad Bloom share so we're trying to co cover any Niche who whoever is doing whatever like this guy's promoting Amazon stuff now look at the Amazon thing okay this guy's uh promoting some Amazon stuff okay I'm going to show you the Amazon tool that we have also inside so you can be excited okay so this here I just took you sorry I'm sharing the screen as well okay back to here yeah I came here you see look at this image okay and this is Amazon if I click on it it takes you to this and it's a some kind of site if I click on it it takes you here and this person is basically selling stuff on Amazon somewhere okay like if I scroll down there's all these different links that takes you over to all these places okay so all these links will take you over to places where you would buy furniture exactly Etc and from here anyway it's an affiliate that will make money you know it we know it it's all here blah blah blah okay and he has a links on the right side of his screen yeah yeah has yeah you i000 exactly so it's not only in their blog post is somebody is promoting heavily on on something right here okay this is what they're selling buy the traffic is coming straight back here yeah check out okay this this is Panda woman the panda woman is selling it's selling a lot of stuff okay so we know what she's doing so we can reverse Market what she's doing ladies and gentlemen using our software so what can you do go and create another account for Pinterest work on that woodworking thing that she's doing here the eight ways of whatever put a couple articles and you're ready to go put it on Google sites you're ready to go Pinterest loves Google sites okay uh yeah so sorry yeah your screen disappeared yep here okay so Google loves uh Google sites we show you how to do train uh promoting ClickBank offers and stuff then we have a tool where you can find more keywords so you can use okay so you can put like Golf and then it finds and then it pulls all these different types of keywords that you can be using this is used in Pinterest and uh basically if you're a freelancer we also have the agency option where you can add users subusers Etc Okay so this is uh basically the templates area okay and this is where I told you that we have mockups you remember there was one pen that would look like like with a lot of golf stuff and then there was writing well this is what it was it picked up the different stuff that we created and build it on its own and then you can create your own template like by adding templates you come here and you build your own template that you can create very easily uh using the different types of stuff that we have here and then this allow you to create your own unique template for your clients okay that's also possible yeah so you can add it into the list of templates that we already have for you here nice okay so we have all these different options basic options whatever so this is this is what it does very nice so how many accounts can you add to uh to traffic wave the front end we have two price options the front end has one account is a 27 and five accounts at 37 one time price you don't pay monthly we are going to be doing this probably monthly or we are going to be bringing the price up heavily up because a lot of people are telling us you guys got this way too low yeah yeah it's it's amazing and then you also got some upgrades available upgrades we do oh one of the upgrades is the Amazon pro Associates Pro man this is this is such a magical tool can I go back to searching I'm going to show you again okay let's go back to waves okay you see my excitement I believe you can see it's genuine okay so this is an Amazon example it's crazy so this is the Amazon feature if you don't have the feature it's an upsell and once you have the upsell this will get unlocked it's called the Amazon feature okay so basically what you can do here is a couple of things there a one the fourth things the first one we can build pins for you based on one keyword MH I'll put golf clubs okay I'm going to put it in my shop if I store I'm going to choose I don't have a thing but I'll put wellness and fitness and I'm not going to do pin titles I'm not going to do that I'm not going to do pin descriptions I don't need to do that I'm just going to put my affiliate ID for Amazon mhm I think it's something like this it looks something like this okay I could put multiple yeah account number two and I can put another one account number three so let's say I have five Amazon accounts put them all there who cares it's all good okay so I'm just going to put one all right and I'm going to choose a a group so I'm going to put like uh I'll choose this one and I'll choose oh you do I have to put it in this one I don't have to yeah for this one I don't have to and that's it I'm done wow and now it's going to create all the pins for uh Amazon but what is it doing it's creating pins from Amazon products attaching it to your affiliate links when they click takes them over to Amazon to the product with your affiliate links attached discreetly yeah discretely yeah and everything they buy they don't even have to buy that product right on Amazon everything they buy you're going to get a commission from amazing okay that's that's that's the O wow three uh wait so it's fixing it let's go to another one let's go back to waves Amazon 2 now go back here Amazon search by Amazon category go to Amazon right now get me a category URL go to categories M uh get me a URL help me with this one go to Amazon let's go to uh hold on actually we can do uh you have Amazon NL yeah we have NL let's do Sports and out door yeah it's it's I don't know what kind of URL you need but I just need the categories URL you go put golf clubs open the category and give me that URL well let's say I'm I'm having a URL here this is um hold on I have so many Taps over I mean I'll I'll do it I'll do it I mean there's no no issues FY jyt it's just got to go to this kbp KP there we go okay so let me let me show you share share this tab golf uh balls okay golf balls all right I'm in I'm I'm in this category let's say I want the the five star results four five anyway I'll take the cop I copied the browser you can just copy any URL any URL of the category put it in there okay and then this is going to go and create oh you need switch steps that's it uh yep let me put that one and put that one and boom I can see it uh you still on your Amazon yeah I did it yeah well I I I all I did you basically added the URL yeah yeah so right now it's generating the pins for that URL with the products on there it's creating pins with your affiliate links attached so that when it's done it's still fixing it but it's it's it's still running I mean this is super easy this is the yeah the the golf one we did before yeah okay so yeah uh and then you just upload it and you're done and it schedules it and you're done and you're done awesome that's it that's it that's it that's all you need to be doing that's all you do that's that's it I've been doing it for okay let me show you one more thing one more thing one um and this is mostly for people that are doing affiliate marketing in your list okay this is perfect for affiliate marketers this is perfect for affiliate uh affiliate uh Drop Shipping um Shopify stores this is perfect for uh uh it can be for any business it can also be for your own business I mean it creates all the images right so good for these niches that are out side of the money making Niche yeah that's another thing uh like honestly if if somebody took it serious to the to the to the way of uh uh of using it for specific Niche they will make a lot of money on it and I know this 100% from my wife's results she plays I like to play with my Niche so my Niche is hard and let me show you an example of what I mean by heart uh let me share your screen okay here we go so I'm promoting this High ticket offer okay uh and I wanted to test it out to see how good is this traffic okay and I'm I'm testing it using a specific link that I'm using hold on just so I can show you the the the idea behind it and this was done like a week ago when I was it up and testing it out hold on give me a second still showing you you can see that here a tid here yeah yeah that it says traffic wave generator click there's a reason why yeah that's from Pinterest yeah okay so in my account I have it as a pretty link and it's this one right here M mtw and if I come here and edit you can see that this is the click here TI okay so this this link here I set it up for a campaign that I'm running okay which is here so my campaign is uh refresh is I think this one right here you see no that's to my site hold on it's further up uh hold on I think it's this one here okay this is it okay so this is my link I just want to match it up so you can see that it's uh it's my specific link that I'm using uh no not this one hold on I gotta find it for God's sakes hold on I'm sorry about this it's always when it's live I can never find what you did a lot of demos a lot of demos a lot here I think ah map I was looking at the wrong one looking at traffic wave I'm looking for the map one this one right here I was looking for the wrong one okay so map tww okay you see it this is the campaign I created so I created it for my Pinterest boards I created the titles I did everything that I showed you just a minute ago and I let it run for seven days from uh whenever it started on the 13th okay so we go to map and since that time when I set it up okay let me put 100 entries minimum date let me put 13th I cannot see your screen now uh ah sorry sorry here yeah I'm in appap and I'm I'm putting these dates or whatever okay see these see these clicks yeah okay these are clicks from the software that we've uploaded all the look at that the pins the pins look for all these clicks wow and how much work did you have to create it excuse me how much work did it cost you to create that campaign sorry hold on look at this this is when I uploaded it 13th on the 13th wow few days ago Campa on the 13th and then H wait wait let me keep on going wait and this is where we started it this the time when it started wow and it's still doing it yeah yeah still doing it I didn't do anything else I did it once and look it's still bringing me traffic look y today 18th 18th it's still bringing me traffic still bringing me traffic so imagine having an offer that makes sense for somebody to click on to buy this is free traffic going on since the time I said it yeah and it's going to be bringing me traffic every day for for the next three and that's that's just one campaign right one campaign yeah the one I showed you and let me show you the campaign hold on let me show you the campaign and I've got it as a map here's map here's a campaign here we go here the pins okay yep one of these pins has uh join the rank of maps I'm getting clicks guys I'm getting clicks okay no more list sabotage protect your leads with map the hell is that I'm going to click on it back earn 75 commissions join now look at that and it it ties in with the Mee nice and the cool thing is that this is all automated right I mean all automated you just create a campaign you upload it and then it's automated did I say it in my sales page you yeah put your keywords two click the button and three upload done exactly I didn't do anything you saw me with one hand I was clicking I could hold my new B newborn on my left hand and and click I'm showing off now that I have a newborn I mean it's pretty amazing is there something else you still want to show or uh I mean if if that doesn't peque your interest yeah then I agree I agree I I do have traffic proof inside I don't think I need to show you I showed you I mean it's it's uh it makes sense let me show you actually I should show you because uh this is this is what this is what this what makes this uh unique uh in terms of as a software that it actually brings me traffic it's just I logged out now again hold on hold on let me find it I got so many account ah here yes okay so if share your screen yeah yeah yeah gotta find it and so many windows here hold up F God ah yeah this one okay so for example in this account that I was doing all these tests I mean okay the last 30 days I've seen a big spike in my Impressions okay that's a huge Spike because I wasn't really look I wasn't really doing anything until we put it to the test and then when we put it to the test it just keeps on growing and the beautiful thing is that we're seeing this you're seeing it happen while I'm doing the teaching in the training yeah okay that's that's what that's what you said you first you first had a few few and then at the end of the training you see it Spike up like like there we go and it's like to me it's like oh what a satisfying feeling because the other person that's watching it is like and this is exactly what I'm getting from everybody that's joining and sending me messages saying oh my God Demetrius I want to promote it please uh it's so good I already seeing the traffic they're excited because yeah traffic is real yeah absolutely and let's be real traffic is one of the most uh important things to have if you want to make sales I mean I still can remember the first days when I got started my main issue was always well I can't get any traffic I don't know how to drive any traffic right so this solves a huge huge problem uh simply the first thing that you need traffic but let me put it this way my my wife uh was being a little bit snobbish about this tool in the beginning she didn't understand what it does fully my my own wife this is based on on that and the funny thing is yesterday she asked me to set it up for her because she saw that oh she actually saw my demo for the first time she never watched my videos not even the setting up I have to set up the videos but the funny thing is she actually saw the PO because I tried to tell her babe you can take this and create your own templates because the one thing that she was using is canva and Cana she's got her own templates that she creates every day I always pass by her office and I'm like how does she do this every day doing the same thing some people love doing that same that that that move that the it's the same thing I can't do it I I'll I'll cut my wrist right at the spot there's no chance of me doing that but she's okay doing it yeah but now with the baby I think I'm like look you can do this for clients that are not very she's about her serious client she she wants to be very specific about the different design design goes a little bit a different level she can still do it with this this is what she didn't understand or realize and I'm like look if you go in and play around with it you're gonna say oh oh it's just a matter of configuring the correct templates for her yeah exactly yeah that I mean I'm like you're doing the same thing in canva You're Building templates right there you can do the same thing here you can upload your images as well you can put your she's like yeah but there's specific clients that want specific fonts this is what she said specific fonts I'm like what every client needs specific I've got you all the fonts that you have in t for crying out loud like no no no no she's like they still there's clients that they give me so I can upload my own fonts I'm like okay so I talked to Alex I'm like Alex is there any possibility you can allow somebody to add their own fonts is like that's a good idea we could do it I'm like oh good to add for later on just saying I don't know if we have it yet but yeah I'm just you it's so uh we can work around things it's brand new but it's something that a lot of people gonna be using Freelancers are gonna be using it you're gonna be using it 100% 100% oh you got me you got me excited if if you don't get clicks I'm gonna ask my daughter to set up some money back I don't know what money but I'll give you your money back but I'm just saying I I get that I mean you can easily give that guarantee because clicks are definitely going going to happen from what I've seen I mean I think it's genius what you've created honestly you know um it's it's fully automated and and it's using AI which makes things so much easier and like I said I think Pinterest stuff I'm just wanted to put it out there it doesn't affect uh Pinterest in any way it doesn't doesn't communicate with Pinterest in any way no because you upload the content yourself and you upload a CSV file that is given to you by Pinterest to upload exactly like we we got that from Pinterest like we're giving them the information they want so you're not doing anything the only thing that you shouldn't be doing is the direct linking from to places like uh ClickBank they don't like that okay we don't like that and if you do link cloaking then everything's okay yeah if you can exactly so it's either making sure you're not spamming and we're trying to make sure that you're not going to be spamming through the Slugs that we're adding as well inside that we showed you but other than that this is a tool that's actually approved by Pinterest we're going to get the badge as well because we want to then we want to integrate it you see there was a way of integrating it but there were too many steps involved and I said no no no no not gonna do that ain't happening it's gonna be a lot of people who know yeah but I mean how simple is it to create five or 10 or 10 campaigns and then just simply upload that it will cost you five minutes uploading Max and people will pay you a lot of money for what you're about to do for them okay amazing that's we're talking about you think about it creating a a specific template branded for specific client and spitting out a 100 type images on autopilot you say here you go sir Now give me my 500 bucks give me my 000 and it took you what two two seconds you got to think outside the box with this it's for your business or for you as a freelancer or for you as whatever you want to bring traffic to your clients exactly yeah awesome man so uh the offer till what day is officially running uh 21st we close our doors midnight I believe I think that's the last day before we bring the prices up or we take it monthly we haven't decided yet to be honest this is supposed to be monthly it should have been hon well it's it's absolute steal if you grab this right now and uh I think we're going to wrap up this interview as well not I think uh I would ask you next interview you do and you're wearing the same sweatshirt that you're wearing add a little uh Star Trek pin if you can find one right here Star Trek yeah you you look like uh the officer I if you look at the part from here and up you look like you you just need the pin I'm telling you I'll just do another sweater or something else I guess hey Tim thank you so much man uh I hope you enjoyed the the the show sorry absolutely was broken for a second I need to that's a glitch that's a glitch in The Matrix trust me no problem that that always happens when you do things live and uh it does work though it does work yeah I I appreciate your time it's always fun to be with you on a call and uh if you're watching if you still made it till the end make sure to check out the link in the description it will redirect you to the the product page where you can get access and uh yeah right now it's a steel make sure you grab it before it goes monthly and make sure you don't buy coffee cups like Demetrius does no flaps no flaps it doesn't make sense all right thank you so much Demitrius everyone thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe and like this video and uh talk to you soon cheers bye bye bye bye

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