How to remove YouTube branding from your videos

if you or your customers have YouTube videos on there or on your website you may lose a lot of sales why because YouTube is distracting don't get me wrong I love YouTube I'm using it all the time for my business but when you have YouTube videos on your sales pages on your product pages Etc people will click the video and there will always be a YouTube logo where people will click on I promise you that I do that myself all the time as well and they get lost to YouTube and you lost your customer right another thing that you will have when you have YouTube videos on your website you see those suggested videos at the end of the video or when you pause a video you always see those suggested videos at the bottom sometimes even of your competitors uh which is something you don't want to have right now if you want to have full control over your videos where you don't see all of this then I got something very cool for you because tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

uh there will be be a pre-lunch webinar of a brand new product which is called video with a double O that allows you to get rid of all of this and even more you will have full control over your video player by using your own YouTube videos even unlisted videos now you will be able to add those URLs your YouTube URLs to video with dou O and control all of it you can even customize your video player so your YouTube video won't be uh available won't will not be shown uh also no related videos or suggested videos you will a be able to fully customize your video player so you can change the colors you can add also pulsating buttons a play buttons on top of your video lots more you can run ads on your video you can add call to action buttons on your videos you can even add sign up forms to your videos that people first have to fill out their name and email address in order to see the the rest of your video which is great if you want to uh build your list through video marketing lots more options will be available uh I'm also going to do a review later so you'll see that as well but if you want to be one of the early ones that get access to this software and if you want to get a free copy as well because everyone who joins the webinar will get a free copy as well it's a limited copy uh but you'll get free access plus a free screen recording software as well then make sure to join the webinar where you get that free copy plus you will also be offered a bundle deal to their product now normally when a product sells uh you will get a front end offer plus you will get multiple upgrades as well and during the webinar you will get a discounted price to all those upgrades because you purchase it as a bundle so that means that you can create unlimited videos no limitations you got the pro options etc etc and that will be offered during the webinar you will even be able if you get that bundle deal to sell sell 300 accounts as well to other people and you can ask what you like a monthly price uh onetime price whatever you like all is included into that bundle deal plus most important you can ask all your questions during the webinar directly to the product owner or the product Creator so if this sounds interesting to you make sure there's a link below where you can find all the details uh and also if you join the webinar you purge it through my link you're also going to get some extra bonus as well they're listed on the page uh so check it out and uh look forward to see you on the webinar talk soon cheers

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