Imajely Review – All-in-one Design And Animation Tool

hey guys it's di here and today I'll be reviewing imag which is a design software that you can use to create designs for your Facebook YouTube Instagram a website wherever you need to design you can design it with imag now I'm going to do full review but in case you're interested there is a link in the description of this video where you can pick this up it will redirect you to my website where you can see more information about the pricing also some upgrades if you pick this up through my link and some coupon as well make sure to use those coupons in case you pick it up uh yeah in the description all right let's dive into this let me show you how you can create designs with imag so right now I'm logged into the dashboard and as you can see here uh you can see the designs that I created with the software you can see some latest templates some popular templates Etc but basically it works really simple you click on create new design and from here you can start creating or picking one of the templates plates and start designing so uh you simply go over the left menu here where you have all the different categories so for example webinar or typography marketing here when you see this when you scroll down you will see all the templates that you can use for marketing story uh YouTube covers General here uh podcast business so as you can see here there are a lot of categories that you can choose from here um yeah if you want to create your design home and living for example uh well this is a single image so some categories have more than other categories but yeah this is how it works so let's say we want to create a YouTube cover then you can see here all the different templates that you can choose from so let's just pick one and yeah go with that one so let's say we want to use this one you simply select that cover and here you can see this is the design that we could start modifying now this is the editor that you're seeing in in here and it works really simple so we start at the top here you have the top bar where you can add all of your elements so for example if you want to add an image you click on image and from here you can search for anything so you can say uh make up here for example and it will show you a database of images royaltyfree images that you can use for your designs and if you like one you can simply pick one you click on accept and then it will be added to your design and you can start uh yeah designing the rest of your design here now also you can add text Elements by clicking in the text there's even a countdown if you want to add a countdown to your to your uh design so basically how it works is when you export your designs you first need to save this uh you have the option here uh to export this as an mp4 an animated PNG a g uh giell uh PNG and all these other formats so there is an option to um add timers like this and also animation to your designs as well now let me remove this to show you all the other things because here we have the other design tools as you can see so you can draw on your picture so you can literally uh make your own drawings if you like to and then you can remove move these drawings and you can even change the colors as well so let's say you want to have this drawing another color you can change that in here as you can see um I don't like to draw uh but it is an option if you like to you can add horizontal lines if you need that so that's nice for different kind of designs if you like to add that you simply select it and then you draw on your design and you can move that wherever you like to have that uh and of course also change the colors Etc of that design here let's say we want to have this a little bit pinky here we can do that apply and now this has become a pink a pink one apply should shoot let's choose another color uh yellow no it doesn't work for for these ones for the separat so these key will stay black what I wanted to show you actually is the layers part so right now this image is on top of the text here uh but you can drag these here in the layers uh when I scroll down here I can move these down here and look what happens now the text is on top of this image so it has all the layers in here and another option that you will find here is let's say we select this layer in here what you can do is you can go to this layer here and you can click on this icon here and then you will be able to add animation as well so when I click on this plus icon in here I can say for example I want to start this at uh at at the start at zero seconds and it needs to uh the duration needs to be 1 second and then I can choose from different animations in here so for example if I want to do a zooming entrance for example I can click on Save and now uh this will be animated when I export this as a video or a gift file so when you click on play it should animate here let me try that again well probably that will be in the export then but you will be able to animate these elements so that it zooms up if you like to um these are the options now this is one of the options uh here's another one which I like I like this in here because this allows you to draw nice elements yourself when I click on here for example look at this I'm going to set a point in here a point in here look look what I'm doing here and now I'm hitting escape and look what what happens I created this small design here but what I can do actually is I can set a stroke here and let's say I want to add a white stroke let me applied it now you can see there is a white stroke in here and let me set the background color here here to transparent now look what happens when I apply this it actually fits these design do you see that so this has been created for me already but you can design these yourself as well you can draw these things yourself as well into your designs which makes it uh really nice to create some nice designs now you can also add uh these elements like a round here you can do that and you can change the colors obviously as well so if you want to make this white you can do that uh add this to your design you can move some things around here let me remove this one actually because we're not going to use that and then here move this part move that part and let's put that round in here so that we have this circle little bigger here so you can see you can add this all these elements so also a square if you like to add that you can do that as well simply draw wherever you would like to use that then you set the color and then you can move these things around in the layers part in here so if you want to move this one uh more to the bottom here let me see where this one is oh this is the path it's on top of course you move this to the bottom here you can see now we move this to the back now don't mind my designs they don't look very nice here it's just to show you the available options so that's all in the top here now another thing that you can do here is you can go to the libraries in here where you can also animate elements so as you can see here it wobbles here you have all these different things so when you select an element you can say I want to apply this to this image as well you can say apply and now this will be applied to this image another thing that you can add is video FX here these are also moving elements so when you click on this it will be added to your design and yeah uh wherever you would like to add this you can do that as well in this case I'm going to remove this and also different kind of shapes that you can use here so if you want to use arrows you can add and apply these arrows to your designs here uh and all these things can be changed so when I go back to the rboard I can change the color of this Arrow here if I want to make this yellow I apply this and now this Arrow becomes yellow want to make it Pink no problem apply this and now it's a pink Arrow so these are all these options in here and again on each element when you click the right button you can also flip this for example let's say we want to flip this horizontally Boom the arrow points the other way way around here you can also add these other options like this and uh yeah that's how you modify the designs now here at the right side you have all the other options for each element so if you click on something you'll see that you have the different options like line height the effects like opacity woble the blur so let's say you want to blur text you can do that as well as you can see here it makes it blurry but if you want to blur an arrow you can do that as well so the arrow becomes blurry here and you can do this with photos with everything everything you like so if you want to add Strokes you can do that as well you see that you're adding a black stroke to your designs in this case I can better make it white something like this or maybe a little harder pink like this um you can add that so all these effects can be applied Contours here if you want to have something like this and then again you can change the color as well choose this one uh and simply apply all these effects to your these designs now when we go to the main menu here you also have some other add-ons one that I like here is make QR code so for let me go over them you have color gradient if you like to you can animate a layer you can mask pack find colors as well so when I click on find colors for example and I click on C colors uh I first need to select an image so let's say I want to select this image in here get the colors now it's getting the colors from this specific image uh that I can use so right now not sure color copy these are not really good colors so let me select this one let me go to add-ons maybe I need to have a a better picture here so let me try to add another image in here so let's say we going to add this image here quickly and I'm going to go to addons find colors get colors so I've used it before and then it was is working perfectly yeah so it is some kind of you see these are the colors that are being used here uh in this image so you can apply that to your design so if you're working with a little bit more yeah this is a colorful picture so I'm not sure why this is not working find colors let's see let's try one more time here well it comes up with these colors so that doesn't make sense so with some pictures it probably works with others it doesn't work uh what what I wanted to show you actually here is the make QR code so let's say you generate an ad or you're creating an ad design you can say https and you can say Tim for example and now I'm going to click on generate here and what that will do is it will add a QR code to my design that I can add anywhere so let's say I'm going to add this to the right top here um now when everyone scans this QR code it will redirect them directly to my website so it's that easy uh it's a nice add-on here you can do that in here also when you go to Windows here you can show or hide the sidebar here show hide their property here at the right side so now I only have my canvas you can move those windows and if I want to have them here again I can show them I can also work full screen not going to do that right now because otherwise my recording will mess up you can show hide to player so if there's a player here uh you can move that as well and uh yeah that's basically um what imag is all about let me go to modify here so you can trim some stuff in here addit undo redo so that's not very exciting uh but yeah you Simply Save Your Design click on export and then you can decide how you want to export this and this is what the front end is all about uh everything that you've seen is included in the front one thing that I haven't showed you by the way um and probably I need another design for that so let's go back and pick another design here uh from the templates so I think um let me see let's say yeah we can use this one is that it comes with AI it's a little bit uh hidden here it's called remix and when I click on remix it allows you to remix the text now I'm already through my credit so that's probably why I haven't showed you that but when I click on re remix it will re remix the text in here it will create something different for you it will write something different for you when I click on remix the same thing is for images I can do the same thing when I have an image in here for example uh I can click on the image and I can say remix as well and then it will remix other images for me that I can use as well the same thing is for images uh I can generate images as well so for example I want to have a u uh makeup artist for example I can do that I can click on generate and then it will generate the images for us now I think if I'm correctly you're going to get uh a quot quot of five on the front end per month uh which per I think per image or per text is 0.2 so that's basically uh five 25 credits what you're going to get per month so that's not a lot um but yeah I needed to show you that because it is included it is an option where you can uh yeah use that content writer you can do the same thing as well remix here you can write content so you simply ask what to write and it will write it for you so that's a nice extra feature uh but it is limited so that you know so yeah again uh that's what imagely is all about in case you're interested check out the link in the description also please hit a thumbs up if this video was useful consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews similar to this one and for now thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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