KlickTree Review & Live Demo

foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] thank you [Music] hey guys it's Tim here and thank you so much for joining this YouTube live if you're joining right now um I didn't send a notice out too quickly but uh yeah great to have you here what I'm gonna do today is I'm going to review a product that's being launched today it's called The Click tree which allows you to do a lot of things that's why I thought let's do this thing live if you have any questions you can also ask them live right now so this is not a pre-recording stream live this is 100 live right now so what you can do with click three is a is a lot of things here so let me actually put my Pro mouse on um because with click three you have all these options you're seeing right here and we will go through them one by one uh and again if you have questions you can ask them right now and during this live review but basically what click 3 allows you to do is to generate mobile websites mobile optimized websites like you're seeing right here and if you send this to a mobile phone this looks actually pretty good and these pages are super fast so when I do a Reload of this page you can see this loads super fast here's another one that has been created with click three but you can actually do a lot more things with this product you can create QR codes you can create short links with this product you can even have a Content writer AI content writer with this tool um so many more things that I think the best thing to do is to just go through this here and show them one by one on what this product is capable of as it contains so many things inside of the account now what I'm going to show you is the the front end product so you can know exactly what's included here uh so the first thing that I'm going to show you are the link Pages because that's the main product and everything is built around this and what you can basically do is create these Pages you can see I already created three pages in here and you can create this link page so when I click on create page you can give your own URL here now as you can see here this is hosted on clicktree.com uh if you get the first upgrade you can also Host this on your own domain as well so if you like to do that we're also going to discuss a little bit more about the upgrades a little later so you can see what's included and not and we also bump into that while we're creating things but basically you can create your site right here so I'm going to call this review uh template so that you can see what it is and then from here you can select the theme so you can decide to do coaching restaurant Fitness so when I open these you can see the templates actually here let me do another one pet store now right now they're not loading somehow let me see here content marketing yeah here it shows an example of this template so you can choose one of these templates on the inside here so let's say I want to do creative Studio here this is a nice one I can preview the teams when I open this I can see actually how this tune will look team will look like and if I want to choose this one I simply click on create bio page link and now I can start creating and designing my page so you can do this in two ways so you have two steps here step one and step two so the first step here is where you're going to set up your page so like the customization here like the background here these are general settings so you can change this on the fly as you can see here you can change these designs here these background colors and this is simple gradient so we can switch between all these gradient backgrounds but you can also switch this to abstract gradients in here so you can switch this here as you can see these are a little bit different or you can say I want to do a custom gradient so if you have your own colors that you love I always like those blue to purple Pages like this and then the second color is kind of a purple color that's what I always like here and then this page will look like this or you can choose a custom color so this is simply one color background or you can upload your own image or video as a background now for this case I'm going to do a simple gradient I like this color here and here you can set up the rest so you can set up your favicom here is verified honestly I'm not sure what verified means I haven't found out yet but you can set up the branding now this is one of the upgrades as well if you want to get rid of the click 3 branding you need to First upgrade for this now you can set the SEO parameters so like the page title for your SEO you made a description your open graph image everything can be modified in here and then uh the same thing for for these uh items here so this requires an upgrade but the fonts Etc you can set up so you can say for example I want to have a ferdana font on my website you can do that as well now protection is one of the upgrades if you want to create password protected pages and then in the advanced here you can add this to one of your projects so if you create multiple projects inside of clicktree for example this is for myself I could say this is for Tim fridao and now I can update this so that this will be added to my project and by the way if you have questions make sure to ask them live I see them all here so I will answer them uh straight away for you now that's the first thing where you set up the main things for your website then you have the second thing which is step two which are all the blocks now as you can see this page contains blocks here so this is a Blog the video is a Blog this button is a block so you have all different kind of blocks you can add to your pages and you can also move them around so for example people if I want to have this schedule your shoots here to the top it will move this it will move this up so let me see here now it's on top you see that on top of the video so you can move these things around here now you can also add blocks yourself so you want to go to this button app Block you can add all these elements to your pages and these are a lot of elements as you can see so um yeah you can add links you can add headings paragraphs avatars SoundCloud music pieces email collector if you like to grab emails so let's do that if I want to add an email collector I simply click on it and I'm going to say uh get my guide for free for example and I'm going to submit that in here and now this block has been added to the bottom here get my guide for free so what that means is when I go to my page and I scroll down to this page get my guide for free they can fill out their email address and their name and this way I'm able to grab their email addresses very easily by adding this extra block now like I said many blocks here so you have images socials uh Vimeo twitch YouTube Spotify Tick Tock PayPal so you can have PayPal buttons but also you can add products so when we scroll down a bit here you see this markers where you can also add products to your pages which people can directly purchase from your pages you want to scroll down here now you don't see anything that's because we need to configure this Market block here so when I go to edit here I can change all these settings so this is for example where they need to fill out their phone number their name and add to cart button and then the currency dollars uh you can change the text colors Etc and then the data collection in here the email address you can add a web hook and then you can add your products in here so you can literally create products inside of clicktree so this way you need to edit photo so in this case let me quickly let's simply take this image as a as a product it's not a product but just for this demo purpose you can say for example this is coaching from Tim and the description here as well coaching from Tim and this is 499 dollars for example now when I update this and I preview my website again now look at this at the bottom it has added this product here do you see that so you can add multiple products to your page here you can say add to cart and people can purchase this directly here so now they can order this and they can purchase it straight away from your link page now this way you will be able to create these Pages very quickly and here you can see uh also the statistics of this page where you can see okay these are the counters now in this case I'm from the Netherlands you can see the reverse the the devices desktop here operating systems you can see all of these details in here like entries countries cities refers devices operating systems you can check out everything for each page so when I go back to my dashboard and I go back to my link Pages you can see here all these link Pages here you can go to these settings to the statistics statistics Etc now one of the cool things is if you have a website like this that we just created you can also create QR codes for these specific websites you want to click on QR codes this is what you can create in here so you can modify these QR codes and then you can share these QR code even if you scan it right now I'm not sure if it's created before I created it but let's click on create here you can scan this code and it will redirect you to the site you can do this even right now on your mobile phone and you can change everything so the URL in here so in this case I'm going to say let's say for example I want to have this to um Tim for that let me go to my page click three click tree review let's say I want to link this to this website I can do that as well if I want to redirect this to another website or in this case I of course want to redirect this to this current website but you can redirect it to any website and you can do that with the custom QR codes as well in this case we're going to keep it the way it is right now because we want to redirect them to this uh website right so you can change the colors in here so you can say for example I want to have this uh to have blue colors and you can change this on the fly now I'm not sure what this is index invalid or out of range probably I need to save this first update let me save this finish this and now let's update this one let's see what happens now when we go to the colors here it should update the colors or the foreground type let's see here because I already played with this now somehow it's not changing in here so let me actually show that in the QR code generator so I'm not sure why it is not changing but basically you can also change every color inside of a QR code but probably that's possible with the QR code Builder manually so this is a QR code to your website but I'm not sure why the colors are not working at this moment let me see here yeah so it's simply not changing let's try it a little later with the QR code generator so back to the dashboard these are the link pages that you can create um and yeah so you can do QR code you can duplicate your page if you want to create a quick duplicate of your page that's possible as well and uh yeah very easy to manage as you can see and this is just one part of this whole click tree product this is everything front-end that you've seen so far so when I go here this is the link page I can also go to link tracker Now link tracker allows you to create short links for your products so let's say I want to create a short link to a review I click on create link tracker I paste my URL here so this is my click tree review let's say I want to create a short link for my click 3 review I can say here click tree and again you can also have your custom domain with the first upgrade and then you have your domain name slash clicktree and you can shorten your url so it already exists because I already created this so let's say I want to do click trade through to here and now it's successfully created so now when you click on this link it will directly uh redirect you to my clicktree review page as you can see so one of the options you also have here is you can also do temporary URLs so let's say you create a short link you can also say I'm going to schedule this link between the start date and the end date so let's say it starts today and I want to end this tomorrow the 15th for example and then I want to redirect this to another page let's say you're too late a page where you have a time offer that expires as at a specific time you can redirect them to a page that says hey sorry this offer has uh is not no longer available so that's an option you can also do a click limit so you say the first hundred people that click this link will have access to so these options are all available inside of your clicktree account now you can also do protection that's one of the upgrades where you can password protect your links targeting is possible so you can say for example if somebody is from a specific country let's say somebody is from uh here somebody comes from Albania for example you can redirect them to another link and then you can say now for example if somebody is from Tunisia here you can redirect the tuna link so for one single link you can redirect them to all different kind of pages and then you can update this and then the link will redirect depending on where people are visiting your link from I cannot save this because I need to add URLs in here but when we go back here to the link tracer you can see here uh that these pages are working I click on it and boom it redirects me to another page and again you have all these options in here as well you can copy your clipboards you can edit this one you can see the statistics you can create a QR code you can duplicate this uh so let me show you the statistics in here where you can see all the statistics for a specific Link and Link shorteners are super useful I use them all the time myself as well you can see that in my YouTube videos and my emails I always use these short links and I have to say that this is very useful if you do affiliate marketing as well because a lot of autoresponders today I talked to one of my buddies uh and we talked about autoresponders and affiliate marketing his account was banned because he sent an affiliate link now if you cloak your links with these kind of links your autoresponder will never see that you're sending an affiliate link so that's a good way to always cloak your links before you send them through email Etc so that's the second option so we discussed the link Pages the link trackers and then the next one is a file link now this is also a very cool option inside of clicktree because now you can create links where people can download your files so let's say for example I'm going to choose a file from my computer in here so let's say I want to have this modern background that I've used for my YouTube video I upload this in here and now I can say here backgrounds so when you go to clicktree.com background when I create this file you can download this specific file and in this case it's a zip file but you can use any kind of file so it says you have exceeded the limits of your current plan so I'm not sure why that is I've done this before when I go to the link here um probably I need to check this with Denny because he reset my uh my permissions so let me go to my plan we can see that in here so it's the Pro Plan let me see here bio blocks projects pixels it should be in here as far as I know it was called let me see here it was called the foul let's search for that file okay this is the upgrade so the upgrade allows you to create files so this explains why I'm no longer able to access it because I said hey Denny I want you to downgrade my account to the front end so that everyone can see what's included so the file link is in the first upgrade here where you can create files like this so this is another one here let me see what the actual URL of this one is so that you can check it out yeah if you go to linktree.com and then slash laptop slash compressed you can download this file and it will download directly on to your computer so this is one of the upgrades but I'm happy that I could show you that you can still create these downloadable files in here so that's the third thing that's one of the upgrades now then we have the vcart link which is also very cool you can add these V cards to your websites as well let me show you that first so let's go back to the link Pages because you can add the cards to your website let's edit one website in here and go to the step two blocks so if you're just joining this is how you create these link Pages mobile optimized I want to click on ADD blog I think there should be a v card in here as well man there's so many to choose from where is it let me see v card v card v card there it is v card here so when I say uh contact uh contact Tim here contact contact him when I submit this look what happens here I can edit this and I can add a vCard to my website so when I do vCard settings I'm going to do uh Tim and then verdao and then my email Tim at timfordau.com what happens now is when I save this block when somebody clicks on this image here contact Tim it will automatically open a vCard on your mobile phone so that you can store your details to your phone so let me show you that inside of the vCard so you can also create vcart links here a vcart link here when I create a vcart link so let's call it if you go when I finish this to clicktree.com Tim you can access my vCard so here I can say my first name is Tim and I'm going to say verdao and my email is Tim at timverdao.com my website is https and then timvredau.com and my company is uh Tim International and my birthday well we can do everything so let's say affiliate uh affiliate marketer you can fill out all these details in here I can add my phone numbers not going to do that right now I can add my social so I can add my YouTube Etc um let me show it so you can see what it is I can schedule this like I showed you before I can add protection password protected but let's update this link and now when you go to clicktree.com click three with a K slash Tim it will open a free card on your computer now let me actually go to the QR code in here when you scan this code let me create this one when you scan this code you can use your Mobile I hope that you're not watching on your mobile right now but when you scan this QR code you will see that this vcart will be automatically opened on your mobile phone so you can try it right now if you're in your computer scan this image right now and or go to if you're in your mobile and then make sure you come back to this review uh go to this link here what's the link I think it was clicktree.com Tim um let me see here edit uh what was the link I forgot well I said it before then you should have visited it but then it will open my v card it's actually pretty cool and then you can save that to your contacts so this is very easy if you're you know if you're uh talking to someone and he says Hey can I have your details you can even send this on WhatsApp or on messenger or you know you can text this message very easy to create those V cards you can create multiple as well and it's cool you can create this for clients as well so that's the next thing so we only discuss three things now link Tracer link page and the file link and the vCard 4 actually then the next thing what you can do is you can create events inside of Click three so these are calendar events that you can also send out so you can add this to your emails Etc so let's everything create it's called clicktree.com Tim one create this URL and now I can say my event name so let's say we're going to call this click tree review a live review and then we can do the location is online and then the event URL this could be my website or actually this should be on YouTube so I should I should go to this YouTube video actually so let me see if I can grab that link here because this is live right now that link yes let me grab this link so actually we're live on YouTube let me close this one go back to where we were here event URL is here notes uh join me live and then start dates we can say this is starting uh right now let's say this is in the future this is at the 21st here I can set the time here as well and then I can say here oh so this finish on a specific date here so this is also finishing at 16 o'clock here 16 here and then again we have all these other options that we've seen before I can click on update and now when you go to click3.com Team One it will actually open this and now it has downloaded to my computer but if you're a mobile phone it will automatically add this calendar uh this event to your calendar so you can set this into emails as well so that people can create or create the events automatically by clicking that link so that's also an option inside of clicktree then we have the next things what do we have so V cards we have events then we have the QR Builder now here you can create QR codes or QR templates very beautifully so when I give this a name so let's say this is my review um review QR codes and then I can add this to my project in here I'm going to say this is Tim rudow and this is a URL because I want to redirect this I'm going to say I'm gonna redirect this to my YouTube video for example and I can change the colors in here so let's see if it works right now so let's say I want to make this red yes there it is so here you can change these QR codes colors and I actually like these gradient colors where you can create two different colors here you can create this one blue and then you can say for example I want to create these two red and now you've created this beautiful gradient QR codes you can also say I want to have these to be dots or maybe you want to have these rounds here in the background you can change that as well you can change the eyes inner color here as well so let's say you want to create these blue as well then you can create that here this becomes blue so you can modify this to your own needs and then when you click on create the QR code has been generated and you can download this here as well as a SVG a PNG A J back file or a web foul and this is how easy you create QR codes when you click on or when you scan this code it will redirect you automatically to this review so these are also stored here QR codes all these URLs are stored here inside of your account and that's all part of the front end that you're seeing right now then the next thing this is a separate page that will be opened it's called AI projects which allows you to do spin rewriting text you can create page ID and outlines page sections you can create reviews write reviews so basically this is an AI content writer it allows you to write page titles page description page keywords Etc so that's all possible so let me show you how it works let's say I want to do a page ID and outline if we want to create this then I'm going to say for example I've played with this so let's say I want to do an Infusionsoft Fusion soft review because that's a known product here and I want to have a page ID and outline I can also change it in here to text spinning or a page section or reviews or page title description here or social media bio you can choose between these options but let's say I want to create a page ID in an outline of an Infusionsoft review and this needs to be in English and all these languages you can not see it right now but it is also Japanese Telugu turkeys Marathi Hungarian Romanian Italian Ukrainian polish Greek Sweden Czech Siberian Bulgarian and Croatian is also outside of the view but let's say we want to create this in English I can click on Create and it will write a page ID and the outline for me that I can use and I can write that as well so I can use this on the pages that I create look at this so blog article a comprehensive review of infusesoft is right is it right for your business outline an introduction Part One features and benefits of Infusionsoft part 2 pricing and packages part three so let's say I'm going to copy this so this is what it has created what I can do here is I can go back here to AI documents and I can say for example by the way these are all the documents that are created inside of my account so I can always access them when I want to create a new document I can say for example I want to have a page the script or page section of features and benefits of Infusionsoft that's what we were writing right so I can say create and I'm going to call this the same and now it's going to write this for me it's going to write about the features and benefits of Infusionsoft so I can use this tool this AI tool to write the content for my click three pages if I like to so as you can see here it has created this content Infusionsoft is a powerful marketing automation software that helps blah blah blah here you can see what the options and the benefits are of this product and I can copy this and add this to my website so the same thing is for all the others when I go to my documents I can say I want to create a new one I can say for example I want to create a review for Infusionsoft and now I can say uh Infusionsoft review and let me copy paste that in here and let's create this review and it will write a review for me that I can post to the Infusionsoft site if I like to add this review to your site or you can add this to your own site so I recently started using a few stuff that I'm so impressed with the software it has helped streamline my business and you got a review here inside of clicktree well I can show you all of the documents I don't think that makes sense otherwise we will be online for a very very long time but you can choose from all these options page title description page keywords social media bio and tweet generator if you like to generate a tweets let's do that one more time infusion soft oh in Fusion soft is cool let's make it like this and then let's create a tweet about Infusionsoft and we can use this here infusions of this so cool it's the perfect tool to help businesses streamline process and increase efficiency of course you can use this for your own products so that you can write tweets for your own products and that's all inside of the AI documents the next thing that's included is also AI images so you can also create and generate images inside of Click three so when I click on generate an AI image it will create an image for me so let's say a beautiful beautiful flower uh flower flower let's say purple flower purple I love the color purple purple flower uh in nature and then high quality super super high quality and I think we all know these tools by now and let's set this as an image description from here you can choose the art style so there are lots of art style to choose from a deep 3D render pixel sticker isometric cyberpunk vaporware with a steampunk you see all these different let's say pencil drawing if we want to do a pencil drawing it will create a beautiful purple flower in a pencil style so you can also choose the artist in here like Vincent or all the other ones let's say Tim Burton and you can choose the lightning as well so let's say I want to do a a dramatic style in here and I can say I want to have this 1024 by 1024 you have even advanced settings where I'm gonna say I'm gonna I want to have four different versions and I want to add this to my project team vidao and if I like to I can create a new project as well now when I click on create look what happens it's going to create these four images for me as you can see here in a few seconds takes always a little while for the AI engine to create those images but here you can see images are loading and being created what has been created so I'm really curious to see what kind of purple flower it has created for me um and one time it will go better than the other time but this is one example here you go it's still creating the image and this is in this specific style you can create these in all these different styles as you as you've seen but this is one of the examples here we got another example here of the purple purple flowers a little bit more blue actually but this is a nice one actually that's been created here this is looks like a very funny painting as you can see in here but you can create all these images uh for yeah wherever you would like to use these on your pages so we got here the AI documents the AR-10 images and the projects that's something where you can create these projects that you just saw so you've seen Tim ridau they've showed you where you can add your projects to so you want to go to Tim fridao here you can change the color of your project you can add multiple projects so here this can also be customer customer a so you can store everything inside of this customer here and when you go here you can edit this or delete this as well so here are the projects not sure what these fields are you can also filter if you have many projects in here as well and then you can also you have API settings in here not sure what this is this is an API key that you can use uh not sure why you will need that right now and one thing that I wanted to show you and you can go back here to your clicktree accounts so I need to actually log in again is that in the settings here so we've I've showed you this everything right now here till the AI projects inside of the tools section you have also some extra things so DNS lookup SSL lookup personally I don't think you will ever use this it's a bit yeah maybe the paper link generator where you can create a PayPal link here when you add your PayPal email the title and the price you can send this link so that people can pay directly um honestly I'm not sure if you're going to use this maybe a signature generator where you can draw your signature in here and then you can download your signature digitally so you can send it to uh yeah if you're gonna need this somewhere or maybe you can upload it when you need to upload your signature you can use that but I'm not too impressed by the tools section to be honest I think what I like more here is all the first things that we've seen that I've showed you at the beginning of this video and if you haven't seen the beginning make sure to re-watch the beginning now here you have these extras now these are part most of them are part of the upgrade so here you can connect custom domains as well so that you can create your click three pages to a custom domain actually everything that you create in here can be connected to your custom domain so when you want to send a file link you can send that from your own domain when you want to create a short link you can create that from your own domain and you can add these domains in here so what you've seen today's is front end another thing is if you like to add pixels to your clicktree accounts you can do that in here this is included in the front end as far as you can see so you can see I want to add these pixels for example so that I can use these on my pages and everything that I create you can create these pixels in here then the next thing is data so in here I'm not sure because this is grayed out right now so probably this is one of the upgrades I already created this data before Oh no this is not great uh grade it great great house this is what you will get when people fill out the details on your page so here was my name that I filled out Peng Chang here 499 name Pink chain so probably this someone of you did this because this was not me some somebody already tested out this page where you filled out these details uh and here you can see this was me Tommy so all these details will be gathered in here when you go to your uh data so here this data will be stored and you can download this or you can filter this type of data in here for specific projects as well so if you want to see for a specific project let's say Tim fridao here you can filter that and then the data for that specific project will be shown so this very handy if you do this for multiple clients as well so you can manage everything on the inside uh projects already showed you that Integrations so there are a lot of Integrations with clicktree uh all these are integrated MailChimp aweber get response activecampaign send Lane uh well you can see them yourself on the screen right now so that you can connect these and you can grab their email addresses and send them directly to your mailer Lite to your kivia kvo meet vo all these autoresponders are supported as you can see in here so yeah that you can connect them to your clicktree account um let's see here uh job finder this is one of these things that I think well it's it's kind of useless let's be honest uh you know I don't know why I should use this inside of my clicktree account I cannot search for something here pinned projects as 30 results and when you go to bit uh here a bit on this it will simply open freelancer so I don't I don't understand why something like this is in the software but no it does not harm anything but uh yeah in my opinion it's it's not very useful and then we have here our accounts where we have our settings of our account here where you can also set your time zone your name Etc you can even do two-factor authentication if you like to you can reset your password you can see the current plan that you're part of as you can see in here so not everything is enabled because this is front-end you have your logs your API and let me see if we have more in here I think I've showed you most of it so let's go to the pricing and in case you haven't seen this from the start you will be able to create link Pages all of these things that we've went through so make sure to re-watch this video and if you have any questions if you're watching this make sure to ask them um and no question so far so I think everything is clear uh regarding the pricing it is available in about an hour from now so um here you get the pro version here of clicktree for 47 and if I'm correct um there is a coupon when you go there is a link at the description of this video if you're on YouTube or you can go to go to tim.com clicktree when you go there it will go to this website here where you can see this review this is actually my life right now uh where you can purchase click three Let me refresh this because it should add a coupon here yes so for the bundle here you get 50 coupon discount and when you click on this click three you get the front-end version and the coupon will be on the sales page if not make sure to use coupon here three eight so that way you will get a coupon of Eight dollar discount so that probably brings the price to 39 if I'm correctly they will sell the front end for 39 and everything that I showed you today is the is the front end then you also have the ultimate which gives you your own domain and all the other options uh that I was not able to show you there's also a reseller version of 197 uh to 297.

There's a marketer and the marketer is actually here when we scroll down uh marketing kit so this is a marketing kit with all-inclusive package designed to bolster your marketing efforts um here you can see this done for you visel done for you a client getting website contract template invoice social media marketing Suites full media branding kit logos mock-ups PowerPoint Etc so that's the marketing kit um and if I'm correctly with the bundle here I think it's even already available the bundle because it redirects me to the bundle page when you click on the bundle and you apply the coupon you get it for 247.

and uh this will give you here let me see here yeah the bundle with the 20 reseller right so you can resell the product to 20 other people and keep 100 of the profits so yeah front-end version is everything in here so you can pause this video I'm going to scroll uh very uh slowly here if you're reach watching this video you can pause this video but you can also check out the sales page where you can see everything uh here's the ultimate version so this is the upgrade so the ultimate version builds up on the front and adding Advanced features so this version gives you the availability to use your own domain utilize custom branding and gain more control over design and layout so the ultimate version removes also The clicktree Branding ensuring your landing page is truly reflect your branding and identity so um yeah honestly I think if you want to get rid of the branding I don't like to have branding so uh this is an upgrade that I recommend you to get and if you like to resell then of course the the bundle package is more interesting for you I think that's in not a nutshell because I think how long are we reviewing already 40 minutes into this review so uh this is what clicktree is all about it creates these beautiful Pages let me show you actually a few pages I also have them here so these are Pages created by members so this is a page created by members here and these are all mobile optimized as you can see here so this is a mobile optimized page we have another one this is actually from Greg this is one of the people that I know this is one of my friends here he created this page and also here you can see vertical video AI course creator AI you already added this as in add to cart as a product two is Click 3 site as well another one world-class speaking coach is also being created with click three so as you can see he has a yellow gradient team to Black created this also with products on this page here as you can see uh what do we have more this is another one created by a user so this is a ladies one in pink and then this is Kimberly Kimberly Scott not sure why I cannot show this one let me copy paste this and this is from Kimberly itself this is the vendor so as you can see here um very nice site and all mobile optimized so yeah if you're interested in getting this product check out the link in the description I don't I haven't seen any questions so far so uh I'm just wondering if you guys like to see these Live reviews that I'm doing right now as you can see these are way more extended than I do normally um honestly that's my question you know do you like those extended reviews I'm really thinking about you know what what do my what do my followers want do they want to have those short 10 minutes maybe 15-20 minutes reviews or do you like those very extent uh extended reviews where you can literally see everything inside of a product that I've done today so let me know what you think if you like to have those longer reviews um yeah probably I will do them in the future as well this was just an experiment to see how people will respond to these Live reviews uh so yeah let me know if you're still seeing this what you think if you like these kind of reviews and yeah for now thank you so much for watching uh I see it here let me see what it is uh I for one do enjoy the extended review thank you Tim you're welcome happy to hear that so that's good to know um I had someone responding also to my videos that said hey you know I like to see everything inside of a product instead of rushing through the products um yeah so depending on what the responses will be uh I'll decide what I'm going to do in the future but thank you so much for watching thank you so much for your comment and I hope to see you next video talk soon cheers

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