Latitude Method – Making money with NFT’s

Latitude Method – Making money with NFT's – Crypto's new baby Brother

The Latitude Method is the first crypto-based income system developed by a 12 year old. This system is easy to use and William has no online marketing experience. Anyone can do this if they are capable.

It's sad, but true that 95% of online marketers are broke even in 2021. Sure, online marketing can work. However, 9 out of 10 people who try online marketing never succeed. This stat hasn’t changed in over 10 years. Traditional online marketing is a losing proposition. A steep learning curve. High prices. Extremely dangerous. Takes HOURS per day. There is a lot of competition, which has risen dramatically since the pandemic. The bottom line?

Online marketing aims to convince people not to spend their money.

This is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. What's the secret to making 12 year old William $1000 per week in just minutes? You'll be in direct contact with money that is already being spent. This is one of the most exciting industries in the last 2 years. It's not affiliate marketing, eCom, or course creation. Not any of those oversaturated online methods that people continue to fail at. Instead, William just follows the money. And now you can too: You can imagine the most exciting market of all time with absolutely no downsides. You can make unlimited profits with crypto without buying or trading any coins. Investors are desperate for one thing, and that is driving up prices. For unlimited financial rewards, there is one thing you can easily give them:

The 2021 Biggest Profit Opportunity.

As exciting as cryptocurrency is. For most people, it's very difficult to make a profit. Crypto has given us a new type of digital asset. NFTs are basically “digitized art”. Investors can't purchase them fast enough right now. There is not enough supply to meet the unlimited demand. This means that everyone on the ground floor can make unlimited profits. Introducing Latitude Method.

This is exactly how the Latitude Method works in just 3 steps:

STEP ONE – Access William's Latitude blueprint, where he will guide you through the entire process. Latitude Method is a direct-income model that you can get up and running in minutes.

STEP TWOActivate the software and get free traffic. The 330 million buyer traffic source and free software automate 99% of the process. They detail the steps required to optimize each for optimal results.

STEP THREE – Relax and let the buyers find your product. It's that simple. Buyers in this market are so hungry they look 24/7. This is why many new users see results in minutes.

You don't have to settle for low commissions. Now you can keep 100%. There is no need to plead with customers to purchase from you. The buyers have their credit cards at the ready. You don't have to worry about disturbing your competitors. Latitude Method offers unique NFTs with no competitors. Amazing! You can make job-replacing income in just minutes per day. You have 100% control of what you do. It's priceless. Get Latitude Method Now.



Over The Shoulder: “Look Mom, It Really is This Easy” Video Training: Learn how to replicate the Latitude Method blueprint which makes us $1000s per Week. You will learn every trick to quickly flip NFTs fast, from ‘minting to listing'. From A to Z, 100% beginner-friendly

Get free traffic from over 330 million motivated buyers: Forget about paid ads, Facebook or YouTube videos. This is where the money is. Learn how to leverage a top authority platform full of buyers looking for NFTs. Best part? It can be plugged right into the Latitude system.

DFY Software To Scale & Automate: This is how they make money from other people's art. This software allows you to create multiple things at once, so you don’t have to draw every single thing. You can use pre-made artwork to create your own NFTs with this powerful and free software. This is precisely how they are able to scale up to $1000s so quickly.

Five-Figure Case Studies from Scratch to $1000s in Real Time: Latitude Method is about getting results. These case studies will show you how. William reveals the exact steps that he used to generate pure profit in thousands of campaigns starting from A-Z. The exact tools he used will be yours, so copy-paste is easy!



  • 15 Minutes a Day System PROVEN WORKABLE by beta testers & creators 12 years old
  • Get free buyer traffic from a top influencer platform with over 330 million buyers
  • Free Software
  • Ground Floor Profit Advantage in the fastest growing crypto market (NFTs), but without the risk!
  • FAST: They can't legally give any information about your results. They can say that all beta testers made at least $1,000 within 24 hours of their starting!
  • GROUND FLOR: NFTs, the most popular crypto-driven profit opportunity online at the moment, are called Ground Floor. A small percentage of people are aware of what Latitude Method is all about: how to cash out from an unlimited market.
  • PURE PROFIT MODEL – You retain 100% of the revenue from this. You can also do this with no monthly overhead costs. The Latitude Method allows you to make more and keep more.

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Latitude FE – $12.95 (Act now)

  • 5 figure per month push-button system
  • This is the 12 year old who developed and tested it. You've never seen anything quite like it!
  • Software free
  • A leading platform offers free buyer traffic!
  • You can cash in on the crypto explosion with no risk or investment
  • There is absolutely no boring, saturated online marketing crap
  • 10,000% Beginner Friendly – If a 12-year old can do it, why shouldn't you?
  • Guaranteed results or your money back

Latitude OTO 1: Latitude PRO ($37)

Latitude Pro is the hands free way to make money with this system. This package teaches you how to easily flip NFTs of others for huge profits, without having to create anything.

Latitude OTO 2: Latitude Deluxe ($47)

This upsell offers you advanced training in digital art collection leveraging to increase your income by 10X.

Learn how to build or assemble collections, manage the heavy lifting and make life-changing profit.

Latitude OTO 3: Latitude Elite Insiders Club ($97)

This offer gives you direct access to the exclusive club for NFT players who share their most recent strategies and shortcuts. You can also join the private list to get early access to the most profitable NFTs.

Latitude OTO 4 – Latitude Unlimited Traffic (97)

This product is the best solution for traffic. Your pixels can be placed on every sales page for 365 days to get direct access the huge audience of ad words.

This is an easy way to build a massive traffic source for targeted prospects.

Latitude OTO 5 – Latitude Ultra Reseller Rights Bundle ($47).

You will have access to the top-converting offers and can keep 100% of each product within the funnel.

The bundle also includes full reseller rights for:

  1. Latitude
  2. Gemini
  3. Javascript Commission Bot
  4. TweetX


Is it really beginner-friendly? The most user-friendly method they have ever seen is Latitude Method. This method was created by a 12-year-old with no online marketing experience. His results are obvious. There's no stopping you from seeing them!

What if I don’t know much about crypto or NFTs. It's not necessary to know! The training will teach you everything you need. This training was so simple that even the most inexperienced beta testers were amazed at how easy it is.

Are there any requirements to draw my own drawings? You don't have to make any drawings, but you can do so if you wish. Both options are available with Latitude Method. A software program that allows you to use pre-made artwork for your own profit will be provided to you free of charge.

Do I need to have a budget for traffic? Not at all! They will walk you through exactly the buyer traffic source that they use, with more than 330 million users. You'll also learn how to tap into all of the traffic you need, without having to buy a single advertisement.

This is how easy it is to make money. Numerous beta testers have told us that this is the easiest way to make money. Although they cannot legally guarantee you will get results, they have shared their results and those of others on this page. You can try the method for yourself and if you aren't happy, you can get your money returned with the 30-day guarantee.

Get it now before the next price increase. 

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