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hey guys it's Tim here and today I'll be reviewing Marshall which is a product that allows you to protect your websites against hackers now it also comes with a lot more options like an ADA compliance widget a privacy compliance Creator an SEO and performance uh checker on your website a website and security scam local business checklist and more so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you all the details but before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in description of this video it will redirect you to my website where you can find more information also about the pricing here for 37 dollars you can get access to this product it has some upgrades as well you can check them out on my site there's a bundle deal where you can get all of the upgrades for a discounted price and if you pick this up through my link you're also going to get all my free upgrades as a thank you as well so let's dive into this and let me show you how martial works so normally when you log in this is the dashboard that you will see and here you can add all the businesses to your dashboard so you can run this for clients as well so when you click on add new business you can fill out the business name the business email the website of the business that needs to be scanned and the business region now if you have a here the United States or you can do the European European Union uh or an online business does not apply now if you do United States here and you choose for a local business Niche then you will also get an extra checklist that I'm going to show you now I already added businesses to my dashboard for example here one two one Studio which is a hair salon it's and then you're going to get this dashboard here now first of all what you're going to get is a plugin that you can run on your website that will protect your website against scammers now when I go to my website I already install this plugin and this is for WordPress websites this is what you will get so you get a dashboard in here where you can see which parts are enabled you can see here the threats to your website that has been detected by this plugin and a lot of options here at the left side so protection here each tap has its own options as you can see where you can enable or disable options in here you can have a white list for example where you can whitelist or Blacklist IP addresses as well system restrictions uh it comes with so many things here a server overview HD access axis of editor Port scanner IP black at least lots of things but basically when you install this plugin it protects your website now I have to say I'm not an expert in security they say that this protects your website so that's what it needs to do and you got some manual options in here as well as you can see so this is what you can install on your website to protect your website now inside of Marshall you have some extra options like for example uh when you run a scan here when you add a website you will see what you're seeing right here so this for example ADA compliance this is complete when I go to this check here I can see all the options for this ADA compliance widget so here I can modify a widget for my website I can set the trigger I can choose the icon for example if I like to have an icon like this I can add that where I want to have these positions also on mobile I can say I want to have this at the right position so here basically you can set up this whole widget and you can go through each module here as well that's included inside of this widget where you can enable or disable certain parts of this widget on your website and when you go to your website it will look like this so here you have this widget here at the top of my site and when I click on that it will open this accessibility Center uh yeah where people with disabilities can enable or disable things so they can do content scrolling for example they can do this highlight titles or highlight links or text magnifier maybe they want to have bigger fonts all the options are in here to become ADA Compliant for your website so that's one of the parts and when you click on installation in here this button you'll get a simple code that you can add to your website and this code is specific for this website that you've added to Marshall now this is one of the options that's the ADA compliance the second option here is the Privacy compliance when I click on privacy compliance here I can make my website compliant as well by making it gdpr compliant here so hi and welcome to gdpr and I want to go here you can see the right to be forgotten is handled via the Marshall WordPress plugin so this is also included inside of that plugin the same for data access the same for data rectification here you can enable this that this is enabled on your website now you can also enable this cookie consent on your website and that makes it so let me reload this page in an incognito screen for example then it will add this to your website as well as you can see here Boom at the bottom you can see this website uses cookies and then they can accept it and they can further browse your website so that's also inside of Marshall here and then you can enable this if you have that on your website as well so basically when you enable each part in here you will see the when you go to the dashboard here you can see that this compliance is completed and this privacy compliance is in progress because we're still working on it and the more buttons you uh enable here then it will be at 100 once you're finished now it also comes with a privacy policy Creator so by default it has already a privacy policy in here so you can preview this so it has not been marked as complete okay so first you need to generate this and once you've generated it you can also edit the current one so you can go over each aspect in here so here you fill out the website you fill out the website name the business region and you can say this is a business or an individual website then you continue and here you fill out the details like Which social media providers do you use does your website app have restrictions to use below the age of 13.

So you fill out these details in here and you simply go through each step which is uh which applies to the website yes or no so you can enable or disable these things on this Creator and then save and preview and once it's done this is the privacy policy that you can add to website now you can copy and paste this to the websites or you can simply go to the privacy and compliance here and you can use this Link and Link websites to this privacy policy if you like so basically this is a quick way to add privacy policy to your website the same thing is for terms and conditions you can generate this and you can add this to your website as well now then the next thing is the SEO Creator so let's say we have the Monaco Salon in here uh we want to do an SEO performance check for this website then you simply click on start run an audit check and now it will run a SEO check for this specific website and it will show you the results within a few seconds so as you can see here this has a very slow page load of four seconds you can see here it has no keywords on the site made a description tag is not on this website these things are on the website you can go through each part here so when we go to Links you can see it has 121 links you can see everything about this website you can see internal links external links jump links uh images so you can see if the images on the website has alt attributes yes or no uh so this is as you can see here these are all the alt attributes that it found of this website uh the content in here so you can see how many H1 texts it's using um and then you can use that for that business when you reach out to that business you can say hey I want to improve your website and you can also run a report for this as well now what I'm going to do like I said you're also going to get my bonuses one of the bonuses is a local sea agency Suite which gives you more advanced reports that you're seeing uh right here in this report so you're going to get that as a free upgrade as well so when we go back to our dashboard here you can also run a website Security check now when you go here you can decide here you can see this WordPress plugin that you can install to your website and you can also say I want to run a scan I want to run the full scan the fingerprint scan and SQL injection all these scans are able to run on this website so when you click on full scam and you click on scan it will run a scan on this website to see which vulnerabilities are on this website I already done that with another website like uh here when I switch business you can switch businesses and I go to the other hair salon in here you can see here for this website Security check here you can see here the details of this check so you can print this report or download this report and here it will show you all the findings so here you can see some things that are red marked here so this is probably a problem here where you can see cross-site request 4G is an attack that forces and end users to blah blah blah blah and here you can see the result that it found and then in here you can also see how to fix this now if you know how to fix this yourself you can do that but you can also hire external businesses to fix this and if you do this for clients you can send these reports to clients and say hey we want to fix this for you your website at this moment is not secure and we can fix this for you so at the start here you can see um on the dashboard you can send generate report here and then it will generate your full report for you that you can send to clients as well now if you selected a local business here you can click on local business and then you have a checklist for this local business as well so I've selected hair salon so here uh it says you've no doubted the name for a salon since it was merely a Daydream blah blah so here it needs some requirements in some states for example so if you check this if it's correct you can confirm this and now this is compliant so you have all these check marks these checklists that you can go over uh to see if a business is fully compliant so you can offer this as a full package and if you like to you can also add new items on the checklist as well and uh yeah that's basically what you can do for each business so this is a specific business with all these options in here where you can run all these checks where you can install the plugin on the website that you're just scanned uh and then also add this ADA Compliant widget to the specific websites that you're working on and you have a dashboard here where you can manage all the businesses that you've added to your account and that's basically in a nutshell What marshall is all about uh if you're interested there's a link in the description of this video it will redirect you to my website and my website will redirect you to the sales page where you can find more information uh about Marshall uh but yeah this was a quick overview so you have a good idea of what Marshall is all about and if you're interested you can pick it up and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below also give a like to this video if it was useful consider subscribing if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews so hit that notification Bell so you get notified each time I upload a new review and for now I want to say thank you for watching and I hope to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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