MAVAS Review | A Virtual Assistant for Streamlined Daily Tasks

hey everyone it's Tim here and uh today I'll be reviewing mavas uh which is here as you can see a dedicated super VA designed to efficiently manage all your marketing tasks now basically what it is it allows you to use all these super vas to finish some jobs now I'm going to do full review going to show you everything about it before I do I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video in case you're interested it redirects you to my website where you can find more info about the pricing available upgrades and also some extra bonuses if you pick this up through my link all right let's dive into this and let me show you and explain you what Mavis is all about so uh this is the dashboard that we're on right now you got some quick links here that will make sense later but yeah the most easy part is click on this link let's get to work so when you click on this button here you get all these super vas to to call it so but basically what this platform is it's chat GPT with a layer on top of it uh that you can use and you can store all your information inside of Mavis you can search for images on Mavis you can search for videos on MAV you can write content with Mavis Etc on inside one platform and you can also create multiple workspaces so for example this is a workspace but I can also say I'm going to add a new workspace here I'm going to call this demo and my subd is called demo and I'm going to say okay I can give this a logo as well and I can work in another workspace right now inside of a demo and here let's go there you can see I have a brand new uh basically a brand new account I'm going to skip this tutorial and you can store store all of your information inside this account so basically you can create different workspaces for different businesses now when you want to go to work inside of your business you click on let's go to work here and then you choose what kind of work You' like to do so you have the super VA here uh you got media so the media is for images videos gifts Etc email marketing ad creation uh landing pages uh I'm going to scroll through it so that you can see all the available options if you like you can pause the video because it's too much to mention here uh basically what you're going to do is you're going to pick one so let's say we're going to choose landing page I'm going to click on let's work here and this will open the prompt for me and it says hey Tim f i mavas you're super VA and I have expertise in landing pages too how may I help you so it starts here by using prompts pre uh loaded prompts now here as you can see here you got different categories so you got AB testing visual content guidance storytelling elements addressing object objections uh you can see here all different kind of um proms here that you can use so these are all all categories that you can go through and then on each one that you click here you get the extra options in here so for example here uh when I click this one it says craft uh messaging that Taps into the emotional needs of and desires of and in your target audience so you can also say um of online marketers for example and then it's going to write a specific part for that for your sales page now I have to say that the thing I like less about this product are the prompts that come with May of us uh because they've not finished yet I said to the vendor you know uh these prompts are not finished yet I'm going to show you why here when I go to copywriting for example so at creation or landing page creation was good but when I go to these prompts here for example um it says prompt like this how can copywriters use a b testing and other analytics to continuously refine and optimize their headlines and sub subject lines over time so I can put this this in here and then I'm going to get advice from mavos on how to do that but actually uh I want to use mavas to write an AB different copy for me if you understand what I'm saying so that's also what I say similar for SEO for example when I go to the SEO option here let's type I want to search for SEO uh and I want to write an SEO optimized article what I expect Here Is AO tools and analytics here that it says uh write an uh a keyword optimized article about and then my keyword and a 500w article for example but here it says write about the emerging Trends in SEO tools and analytics for 2023 so you know these prompts are not very useful in my opinion the way it is right now unless you want to learn about these subjects I rather have prompts in here that says write a 500 Words article SEO article about subject ABC with the keywords blah blah blah you understand what I'm saying right so a lot of these prompts are the way I just showed you and they they promised me we are improving all these prompts where we working on them right now so that's something that you need to take in consideration if you purchase this that the prompts are not all that exciting but let's go back here to uh landing page for example so we had this conversation here now what you can do inside of a conversation here is you can store the information here uh you can copy this and paste it into another document but you can also save this work to your workspace so I'm going to say save to work done and now you can see I have a folder system in here and as you can see this is a brand new account do you see that so I can say new folder and I'm going to say for example landing page copy and I'm going to create this folder and now I'm going to store this inside of this folder and now this chat has being saved inside of that folder this specific chat that I'm having right here so mavas helps you by organizing all of your chats that you're having now another thing is you can start here when you go to the right top you can say I want to have a new conversation here and then the conversation is being cleared here so what you can do here is you can you can rename this conversation here so I'm going to say for example uh this is uh SEO going to update this and now I can also choose how I like to write specific things so uh for example I like to write w witty or uh formal or playful or um nostalgic you know urgent you can select this and then it's going to write uh what you selecting here so let's say I want to do informative because it's SEO and then you can also choose the language in here uh and all these languages that you're seeing right here are currently supported so they're probably going to add multiple as well but these are the ones that are supported right now in this case we're going to do English and uh now I'm going to click on new and this will be my new conversation here and you can store all of the information I'm going to switch to another uh account now to my default business in here uh because here I can show you in the work done you can see all the folders that are created so for example uh also images and videos about drones here you see that these videos have been stored inside of this folder and when you go back to the folder system like emails here are all the emails that are being stored so when I click on this I can view the email that I have been written with mavas as you can see in here so all the conversations are being stored as well so these are all the chats that you have done with the chat chats so here you can see these are all chats and you can rename all these chats because now they're all titled as chat one um but here you can download or you can go to the specific chat you can go back to a specific chat again and you can continue to that specific chat um yeah and again from here you can save this to your work or you can download this as well you can start typing from here you can use the prompts again Etc so let's switch back to the demo here because this is an update version when I go to let's go to work here I can also go to media and I want to show you that as well uh because here you can search for images here images videos and gift files so let's say I want to search for images you're working for a specific client and you're going to say you know uh I want to have uh I always like dog training uh dog training dog training videos here and I'm going to search for dog training and now you can see here I'm getting all these kind of images about dogs so let's say I like this one here I can preview this by clicking on the plus button I should be able to see them now with the images you see them already with the videos you can preview them and now you can store them in here to your folders so I'm going to say okay dogs here dog folder create this folder and then I'm going to put this in this folder going to save this and now this image has been saved I can do the same thing I can go here and I want to have videos as well I can say I want to have uh dog video about dogs here and now it's going to search for videos about dogs here so now when I click on this plus you can see it's showing me that specific video and I can click on more here and it will load more videos for me and these are all royaltyfree videos so here let's select another one I like this one very cool I can say click on the plus here I'm going to add this to my dogs folder going to hit save and now I can go to this folder again uh and I can download all of my stuff here so I can say I'm going to download this and I'm going to download this or delete or rename this so you can basically work with different uh workspaces here and inside of these workspaces you have your work done with all of your folders and in each workspace you have all of your conversations listed in here as well so that's how it works you simply click on let's go to work and you choose one of these categories so if you want to have something about Facebook here you select the Facebook VA and this VA helps you with your Facebook task you can type your own prompts as well so write a Facebook uh write a Facebook uh post about um well my 7-Day dog training here and oh this is a double ey here I'm going to hit enter and uh train now let's see what what he comes up with and what he's going to write about this uh 7-Day doct train and there you go here exciting news just completed 7-Day dock training program here uh so it messes up a little bit here of the Emojis so I'm going to tell them at well that that these should be supported as well I don't know if you pay these on Facebook if they will work let me check that actually so let's say I'm going to do this I'm going to copy this I go to my Facebook here uh boom one second yeah there we are uh let me set this to only me done post let's see what it comes up with okay so this is not good supported here we need to uh I'm going to inform them about this so uh let's go back here but this is basically it comes with hashtags Etc and again you can store this conversation here you can say I'm going to save this to work done I'm going to Poe this to docs as well so I have everything about that docks in that specific folder now then the next thing here is it also comes with a chatbot here so you can create a chatbot uh that you can add to your website you can give this chatbot a name so I'm going to call this demo bot here and then you can choose your language you can see this is the image of the bot that will be used uh actually here as you can see here it will be used this is the image uh you can upload your own profile picture here that will be used in here uh you can select the language again the same language that we just saw you can change the theme color of the chatbot so if you like to have this blue you can change that you can select the background so you have a few backgrounds in here if you like to have it something like this you can do that or when you click on the plus you can upload your own screenshots your own backgrounds uh and then you need to select your a respon B here uh that you can connect here with your Integrations and you need to select your list and then you can add this to your website now keep in mind that this is not a smart bot this is just a cat GPT bot on your website that will be able to answer general questions so not specific about your business this is not a bot that you can train this is just a chat GPT bot uh that you can use as a lead generator because it will ask for your email address and I cannot show you that this right now because if your autoresponder is not supported you cannot use this chat bot you need to keep that in mind so that's within the Integrations part in here uh these are all the autoresponders that are supported so if your autoresponder is in here then you don't need to worry uh then you can simply use the chatbot system on your website by adding the code to your website also here these are supported webinar this is supported so these are the supported uh tools that can be connected then one more thing what I want to say to you is that it comes with credit so as you can see here for every 50 characters you are using One Credit One credit is 50 characters now let's say you've used all the 10K characters uh this comes with the front end uh 10K if I'm correct then what you can do is when you go to content provider here you can go to recharge here so you can purchase new credits here so KK 10K extra credits is $10 or uh 20K for 18 or 20K uh for 18 or that's the same another thing that you can do here is you can connect your open AI key here uh which will be way cheaper than when you purchase credits from recharts and this is very easy simply type on Google open AI key and you can create an account and add your own key and this is so crazy cheap uh that you can add that to your account and that's basically what MAV is all about um it stores information proms really needs to get upgraded they're working on it uh and again if you're interested there is a link in the description below go check it out uh pricing available upgrades also that you can see what's included in the front end and the available upgrades um and yeah that's it for today so if this video was useful please hit a thumbs up uh I would appreciate that also subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't done yet I do a lot of product reviews and uh yeah I hope to see you in my next video hey talk soon cheers

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