My Thoughts on Letterman AI (Review)

when I looked into this software I was like wow this is pretty amazing and I'm going to show it to you I'll be reviewing Letterman AI this product that you're seeing right here and this platform I think it's it's the easiest way now to create newsletters I mean I'm going to show you what impressed me most so stay tuned in case you're interested there's a link in the description I'll dive into it immediately right now so you can see what you can do how easy it is to create news letters with this platform so as you can see this is the dashboard here you can see three newsletters that are ready to go out and one has already been sent out uh but first to create these newsletters you need to create Publications and when I go to Publications here you can see that I have three Publications and within each publication I can create unlimited emails so for example this is for baseball this is for few Formula One so what we're going to do now is we're going to add a publication now the cool thing about this software is that when you create a publication it's going to use that information this information that we're putting in right here it's going to use this information to write the content for you based on this information it's going to remember it uh and even more you can create your own avatar your own writing Avatar that's going to be used in the emails I mean it's it's incredible let me show it to you so first let's go through this process so I'm going to upload my logo here and then the next thing is my publication name so let's say this is the PGA Tour I'm going to do PGA Tour then I have a URL in here so let me grab that and paste it in here so my main topic here uh is golf right and um the tag name is Golf and then I need to give a description here so the only thing that I need to do here is I can say for example uh the latest golf news and then I need to select when I would like to send out my email newsletter so I can say Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday or maybe one day Wednesday Monday Wednesday Friday and then in here I set the time so for example I'm going to say they need to be sent out at 2: p.m.

For example here I choose my categories so there are different categories in here in this case this is sports and then my audience is almost all M mainly male a mixed female almost all film so this is mainly Mill and then the audience range let's say 18 to 24 this is the audience range and then the audience income level so let's say it's 20 to 50 50 to 75 uh let's say this is uh the income level and then I add my publication now you can see here my publication is being added and I can start writing emails here so I can say add newsletter now here's where the fund begins so when I click on ADD newsletter you can see that my logo is already there now the first thing that you need to do is to set up your branding and it's going to remember that for all your emails so here you can choose uh your logo for example you want to make a little bit smaller like this this logo will always always be on the top you can also show a top bar if you like to in a specific color so let's say you want to also have a red bar at the top you can do that as well here for the PGA to newsletter for example and you can also say here at the bottom I want to add a footer logo and let me switch to the left bottom here so you can see it better so you have your logo wi in here your footer logo and you can also set the footer logo WID so let's make this a bit smaller and then from here we can start creating our emails so for example uh here those four blocks these are impressing me especially this link teaser for example so let's say we drag and drop a link teaser in here then the only thing that I need to do is need to click this button here set content and then what I can do here is I can set a link to summarize so let's go to a gol website so for example here the we have news articles in here so what I can do here is I can copy this news article here I copy this link address I go back to my newsletter and I paste that in here and then I can create an article so let's do that first now look at how easy this is Boom uh this is the first thing so here write the article for me David Davis Riley secures first PGA Tour victory at Charles swap championship and then David Riley wanted Charles swap Championship but the cool thing is that it doesn't copy the article so when I open this you can see here uh the title here is completely different than the title that's in here so it's doing a summarize of this article here and then also it's going to add a link so when you click on this here uh on the addit Block here you can also set in the main settings here um so first of all you can choose how many words you want to have in this email then you can also say the prompt content so this is the outo title here include the words and place CTA this is what I wanted to show so you can add a CTA a call to action which is read more at the end of this email now this is just one thing but let's say you're an affiliate and you want to create affiliate emails you can go to for example Amazon and let's say this is a product that you want to promote as an affiliate you have an affiliate link you grab your affiliate link of this product you can go back to the newsletter and here you say include words so you could say for example here you could say golf balls or you could say the actual Pro product so you could say Pro V1 here and then you could link this to your affiliate link now when I update this section in here it's going to rewrite this article for me inside the mill and look at this Riley used the prov1 gold ball on his way to carding nine birdies the day so now Pro one is in included in my email and it will redirect to my affiliate link now this is just one of the things that you can add to your emails really quickly so let's say you want to do a few articles you go back to the website here oh let me continue you take the second one you copy this link you go to your newsletter you say link teaser here second link teaser and you put in that information and you say create article and then the next article is being created look at this boom now you could add different elements so you could do for example a SPAC or between those if you like to have more space between those now the cool thing that I like and which also blue me away is the third option here so here uh it's it's the fun it's it's totally cool now look at these you could add trivia questions and trivia answers let me just put in a few things so that you can see what excites me so so much so for example when I drag and drop a trivia question in here look what happens remember we set up the profile at the beginning it remembers my profile is all about golf now look at this trivia question the term birdie in golf comes from an American slang term for what you know that and it says answer at the bottom of the newsletter so what you're going to do is you're going to drag and drop the answer to the bottom of this email and look at this the answer a bird is specifically a bird that is under a par so that's the answer to this to this trivia question now this way you can add multiple things so you have the trivia the next thing for example is the quote of the day now look at this I'm going to drag and Dr drag and drop the quote of the day into my email look at this success in golf depends Less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character Arnold Palmer I can do this easily look at this and then I can say I want to add a border for example I'm going to add the code within a border now look at how easy I creating an email now I'm doing a news article I'm doing a quote of the day I'm having other news article but the next thing here I can also do a joke of the day so I can drag and drop a joke of the day and this is all about golf again so why did the golfer bring two pair of pens in case he got a hole in one so I mean I think that's genius so let me remove this one so I can show you the next thing what I really love interesting fact so you write your email here and then you put an interesting fact in here so look at this it's going to ask an interesting fact about Golf and then interesting facts golf is one of the few sports that has been played on the moon you know that in 1971 so it doesn't matter what kind of email you write this can be for any Niche for formula formula 1 for baseball Etc and it's going to add baseball quotes it's going to add Baseball trivia questions inside of your email and I I'm like this this blows me away because it's all around a specific business that this is being created you could do a Q&A question so when you drag and drop this in look at this it's going to give you this part so what is a birding golf a a birding golf is a score of one stroke under par on the hole how many Clips are golfers allowed to carry in their back uh golfers are allowed to carry maximum 14 clubs so you have Q&A answers as well then you have the tip of the day so let's say we want to have golfers and we want to give them a tip of the day as well we simply drag and drop that inside of an email tip of the day practice hitting chipped shots with different clubs to improve your feel and distance control around the greens so do you see that I didn't have to do anything about this and I'm putting a bunch of value inside of a newsletter because I configured it around a specific business so I'm blown away when I see this right now this is just one area I just only showed you how to do a link teaser now let's say you want to write about a specific subject then we're going to do to do an article review so I'm going to drag and drop an article review in here I'm going to set the content and here I can set my prom content so let's type something in here so in this case I do best putting tips best putter how how to make birdies and again I can include words if I like to do that and also the special features in here I can also decide the mood that I like to write in so I can say optimistic motivational encouraging uh you could set the tone in here so authorative informed experienced uh the education level uh all that kind of stuff the creativity minimum average of Maximum the sentence structure you can decide all of that I'm going to keep you the way it is and I'm going to create an article it's going to write an article now one thing it's a short article now in here but look at this mastering your putting game tips for improving accur uh accuracy and making birdies on the golf course that were the keywords that I set and then the topic discusses VZ putting tips and techniques to improve and then it also highlights additional the oors so you need to work a little bit because this is more like describing about the thing but you can also let it write actual I should put in a different prompt so let me retry it again so here I did it again uh I just did did Putter and uh best best Putter and here it says choosing the right putter for improved puding performance selecting the best putter for the game of golf is cre crucial for improving putting performance factors to consider include the putter as design alignments different players May perform better with blade Putters it's important to test different puts uh putting it uh is a key aspect so that's one part also when you drag and drop that in what I wanted to show you here you can also go to the main settings here this is 100 words but you could also say 300 words for example uh if you like to have a longer article inside of your emails now also you can uh design your Emil so in here uh you can go to the edit section in here you go to the setting styling where you can change the colors here bolt colors you can align you have to different font size if you want to make that bigger or smaller you can add padding uh font weight text decoration Etc you can do that all in here so that's the link teaser and that's the article review the next thing that you can do is an AI article so basically what that will do is you can set the content in here and you can rewrite articles as well so if you have an article on a specific subject that you've read and you really like that article you can do that as well for example when we go to the Golf website and you have a site like this you say 10 of the best golf tips for beginners you can simply again copy this URL in here you can go back to your newsletter and you put that in here you set this for example to 300 words and now you're going to create the article and it's going to rewrite that article in your sty now what I'm also going to show you how you can create your own avatar inside of this software but look at this improving your game so here you got the the the tips for this a newsletter I think it's pretty cool and if you combine this with these trivia questions the jokes the q&as I think you can create some pretty amazing stuff now also there's e-commerce products so you can drag and drop your e-commerce products in you can set this and from here you could add your product URL here you can set an image and you can also create products inside of the software and when I upload my image I click on create image uh create article it's going to write this here uh this article about this provie one ball here look at this and it's linking to my affiliate link again so this way you have your products as well inside of your email so that's the next part let's go over you to these blocks so we've had these four blocks super easy to create emails the next block here so you can add all these so like text headline single line uh images but also vide so let's say we want to add a video you simply drag and drop that in here and when I click on set video I can set the video URL so let's take a URL from YouTube so we take this video here we're going to copy the URL we go back to the newsletter we paste that in here and from here you can choose the image icon round and solid so you have different kind of uh options in here the video title so you could basically uh copy this so you could say Davis Riley cruises to Victory and then you could put that in here as title and we're going to say here update section now look what happens here it automatically adds a thumbnail here to your newsletter I mean how genius is that and then also here this link so you could show or hide the title um and then the styling section you could change the things in here as well so that's how easy it is to add videos as as well now you have these other things here so let's say you want to add bullets you can also add bullet points really easy uh you could say add a bullet one 2 three buet two so this super easy to add content as you can see then we go over that we've had this and the next thing here now what I want to show you here is it says default ghost rid so there's no Ghost Rider in here so um before we close this we can say here the status needs to be approved so if you're working with a team a team and you go to the dashboard here and to Publications you can see here that these are approved but here um let's see which one was it here uh PJ tour it's approved no hold on let's go back need to set it to need approval in here and go back you can see it here needs approval so if you're working with a team they can click on this need approval and it will see all the emails that needs approval so your team can go in or you can go in yourself and it can say okay this is revised or you can say this is approved and once it's approved it automatically goes out here on the day that is scheduled so today these go out on Monday it's automatically scheduled this day so if it's if this email is planned on Tuesday you will not see it in your dashboard uh but when it's Tuesday you will see that newsletter here hope that that makes sense so the next thing that I want to show you here is the Ghost Rider option so what you can do here is you can click on ADD Ghost Rider and you need to choose your publication so we working on the PJ tour newsletters right so I can say I'm Tim row and I'm a a golf freak and I'm we're going to create the Avatar around me so what we can do here so once I created this I can click on this added button again and from here I can say Niche or Marketplace so I can say here GF and then it says additional details about your Ghost Rider so I'm going to say something like like this I'm a golf expert a PGA Tour expert I'm a golf freak I love playing golf I love playing golf here and then I'm going to click Start so now the AI is going through the process of creating an avatar so here it says I want to create an avatar who specializes in golf and golf expert PGA Tour expert golf freak blah blah blah and then the AI says yes I understand you want to create okay next step okay to achieve this you would typically follow these steps and then it's going to instruct the AI how to Pro program itself so when you click on expand here and then okay it says the next step so you can walk through these steps in here uh step by step so gather the 10 uh best YouTube channels on Golf and then who are the top 10 best golf experts in the in the world and it's going over these tabs here and let me show you the end result so do you see this it has created multiple extra lines let's create an inp profile for our Avatar uh what else would our readers want to know about Tim fow to better connect and the AI is giving me all the responses and here you got it a personal background Tim fow originally from a small town in Midwest discovered his love for golf at a young age while watching his father play on the weekends blah blah blah it's creating a whole Avatar for me and I can save my Ghost Rider now the cool thing is when I start creating a new publication here I go to publication I go to golf and I go to write at newsletter what I can do here is I can select my ghost writer Tim fow for this specific uh publication for all the publication so you can add multiple ghost writers for uh golf for this golf newsletter and what it does it's writing it's writing based on this Avatar so when I do an article review for example here I can say here set the content I want to write about something let's type in here and let's say I want to break 65 I want to write about break break 65 here and then uh words can be let's say 250 here and create the article let's see if it is working on this one because I don't know if it's going to use it every single time but look at this so let's see here look at this growing up in a small town in the midwest his passion for golf flourished as he haunts his skills at the local driver range so he knows exactly where I'm working so he's going to create content around this Avatar I mean that's pretty amazing right so that's the ghost writing part in here now if you want to publish um if if you want to publish your newsletters you can do this in your own email platform so your own autoresponder so uh the pro upgrade allows you to um to connect it so you have all the integration here so want to go to Integrations let me quickly go to this there we go so here you have the Integrations that are available so you could connect these crms here in Fusion soft pipe Drive big Commerce high level go high level hpot uh SMTP so you could send with these SMTP provid directly from within Letterman AI um also here lead entry so these platforms are also connected and you can also send with your own autoresponder here and these autoresponders at this moment are all supported now let's say you want to use this directly so you have created your newsletters and this is the day to send out and let's say we want to send out this uh PGA uh email what you can do here is you can send an email here so there different ways to do this but this is the way you need to do so when you edit an email you can go here and copy the hdil put that in your uh email provider but the recommended way to do this is to go to this point here and say send email so what this will do is you can type your subject so PGA news updates and by the way oh I'm typing it incorrectly I didn't type in the field but what you also can do let me show you that quickly is you can also go here to subject and preheader so here it writes automatically the subject and the preheader for you if you like to and you can change this as well and let's save this and now let's go back to the dashboard so when I open this now in here I can say send email and now you can see the subject is also in here the preheader is in here and when I hit copy and send here it means that you tell the software I have sent this email so I click on copy and send and I save this and look at this now now the email has been sent so what it has done is it has copied the HTML to my uh clipboard and what I can do in my email platform so this is my email platform I can open the HTML here I can paste that in here and close this and look at this there you go it has put the email inside of my email and I can start sending it right away from my email platform and that is how you create and send emails with letter man Ai and there are many more things I've seen extra things in his software as well probably a few of the upgrades I cannot show you that right now uh but ma'am I was blown away when I saw this and creating these emails I mean it's it's super simple so in case you're interested again check out the link in description for more information uh to get access right now it's at a special launch price uh for the coming few days and uh if you have any questions ask them in the comments below uh hit a thumbs up if this video was useful and uh yeah if you have any questions let me know and uh looking forward to see you in my next video talk soon cheers

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